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Shameless Ky Speaking

Shameless Ky Speaking

By Keila Batista
This podcast is all about transparency and forward movement. Life is full of blessings and bullshit! We can either sink in life or we can learn to swim. I choose to dive deep into everything, boldly and unapologetically unafraid of the consequences. Sometimes I mess up, but I always end up on top in the end. And I know what you're thinking, it's not luck. I've just learned how to navigate through all the bullshit. I found my inner peace that way. And this is all about the reckless, hilarious, and inspirational stories about how I got here and where I want to go.
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The Rebirth
After Shadow Work comes The Rebirth. After the Ego dissolves you awaken to the falsities you've been living in. It's your job to take charge and start actively living in the purity of your own essence. Now that you've uncovered all of the mess that you've created for yourself, which caused you to feel unfulfilled, how are you going to show up for yourself? How will you stop the patterns of generational trauma? How will you lead the younger generation? How will you stay unique and true to you when everything in our world these days wants us all to be the same?  This is my story, this is what I'm willing to do. This is my Rebirth. Want to showcase your art? No matter what your creative outlet is I'm willing to celebrate you and show the world your uniqueness. We're all Shamelessly living our lives and unapologetically making BOLD moves for the betterment of our generation and younger generations to come. Lets Collab and Show OUT! Contact me on any of my platforms and lets do this! PERSONAL IG: @SHAMELESSKY STORES IG: @SHAMELESS_AVE WEBSITE: WWW.SHAMELESSAVE.COM (MERCH AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE) EMAIL: SHAMELESSAVE@GMAIL.COM HIT ME UP AND LET ME KNOW YOU CAME FROM THE PODCAST AND YOU WANT TO COLLAB!
June 18, 2021
Shadow Work? Ky, wtf you talking about now?
The truth that I discovered, is that even if you wear a mask, you are still actively living in your truth. It just so happens that your truth right now is that you’re a liar. And the only one that knows it is you. And the only one who can fully represent you is you. So lying is just doing a disservice to yourself, not anyone else. So the question is, what are you going to do? I decided to take mine off and look underneath.
April 23, 2021
Dear Diary, I admit, I may or MAY NOT have some control issues. But listen! I can explain! There's a method behind this madness, I swear! Before you start shaming me, hear me out...... Story Time!
April 9, 2021
When you want control, you lose it. When you release the need to control, you gain it. I AM on the path of becoming unbothered. A path of being Unfuckwithable and Unforgettable. I have gone through so many cycles in my life and have finally come to the realization that I AM who I believe I AM. And I can do whatever I believe I can. And I AM just getting started. The only one that can stop me is ME and SELF won't let that happen. And what's more important is, I AM completely aware of all of it. I AM aware certain things are for ME and me only. While other things, SELF and I, won't let slide. This is Part 3
March 26, 2021
This episode is all about how I first became aware of mySELF.  After leaving my victim mentality, I began to look at the world and its people completely different.   As a result, I began to detect toxicity in the people who were close to me. And in the habits I developed. I started to peel the masks off of everything and look at its true essence for what it was. I went from sadness to grace with focus and pure intention. And this episode highlights several of those hard moments I overcame and lessons I learned.   Grab a snack Loves and push play!
March 19, 2021
A part of ME was so nervous a while ago to talk so openly about my mistakes and misfortunes. I was self-sabotaging. Playing the victim, learning valuable lessons, receiving blessings and immediately tainting them with negativity. I was stuck in a ME role. Many of us have experienced this at one point in time. Some of us have learned our lessons and improved, some are still in denial, while some might even see themselves for the first time after listening to this. The point is, you CAN change, you CAN evolve and YOU WILL SUCCEED! Trust YOUR process. Part 1 of 3  Me, Self and IAM It's about the journey.
March 12, 2021
Sacred Ave
We're all in this life together carrying with us different opinions based on personal experiences. Which leads to so many of us staying divided because of those beliefs. Well, I'm here to fuse all that together for you in yet another Shamelessly Speaking kind of way! There's no need to be divided. We can be different and still thrive together. We all have questions like, is God real? Do you think aliens are amongst us? How would they look? Do you think the Egyptians were on to something? Hell, I do! I have tons of theories. Come on in and sit down, I'll tell you all about it.  Want Sacred Ave Merch? Go to Sign up to my newsletter to stay updated on New Arrivals to the store and podcast uploads! Don't forget to follow me at Instagram As always, Thank You so much for your support! You guys are bomb! If you would like to help support my podcast you can do so by clicking this link, 
March 7, 2021
Dream like a child but appear as a grown-up.
I constantly receive dms about my method(s) about maintaining a positive mindset. Well, in this episode, I'll tell you a few of my favorite go to methods. Methods so easy, it'll make ya mama feel queasy! 
February 25, 2021
Girl, why?
Surprised to see my face on a podcast? Me too! It's kind of attached to a goal I'm working towards. Being Shameless. This episode is all about, WTF I'm doing, and how I'm doing it.
February 23, 2021