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Shan Boody Sex and Love

Shan Boody Sex and Love

By Sex/ Love/ Shan Boody
Shan Boody gives unfiltered sex advice, recommends the perfect song and gives everyone homework- every day
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Porn Addiction Affliction
Porn addiction
September 27, 2017
What to do if you're ugly
If you believe you're unattractive but also believe you're born to win
September 17, 2017
Can Long Distance work?
Long distance relationships
September 5, 2017
Breaking Up with Friends
What to do when you're going through grief from a friendship breakup
August 28, 2017
Are 1 Night Stands a Good 💡?
One night stands - are they a big no?
August 24, 2017
Erection Issues
What do you do when your sexual partner isn't experiencing sexual arousal and erection in the standard way?
August 22, 2017
Sleeping in my old bed
I'm back home in Toronto here's what I've learned
August 10, 2017
Why You Suck at Dating
Why haven't you succeeded yet?!? • Bruh I'm lonely af • This is why you suck at dating • This is why you suck at dating • PURE TROUBLE • Your homework • Homework: my bad golf swing • My Past Shitty Golf Swing • Be optimistic • Shut the f/ck up! ...your homework
August 4, 2017
Small Penis Problems🤔
my selfconsiousness is stop me from losing it • He thinks his dick is small but that's not even the REAL problem • Get a powerful penis. Play this song • Your homework..what makes you the bomb in the bedroom? • Homework: this is what I think • Channeling more confident and comfortable versions of myself
July 26, 2017
How do I become a sexologist
How do I become a sexologist?
July 24, 2017
Can we go back to how it was?
Can't we just go back to how it was • Can we go back to how it was? • Is love a game we are destined to lose? • This is YOUR homework
July 20, 2017