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The Original Vegan Business Talk By Shane Jeremy James

The Original Vegan Business Talk By Shane Jeremy James

By Shane Jeremy James
Shane Jeremy James brings you some of the world’s brightest vegan entrepreneurs who are creating sustainable world change with their revolutionary business mindsets and strategies. On the podcast episodes the compassionate vegan entrepreneurs will discuss the personal journeys, the ups and downs of operating a vegan business and they will share ways the grow and adapt to a fast paced industry.
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Episode 9: A Vegan And Gluten Free Food Product Company With Stephanie Baudhuin

The Original Vegan Business Talk By Shane Jeremy James

Episode 31: A Sustainability Revolution In The Supplement Industry With Maria Cebrian
Meet Maria, CEO of Terraseed; a nutrition brand that is leading a sustainability revolution in the supplement industry with vegan and ethical supplements that come in the world’s first biodegradable pill bottle. Maria is passionate about entrepreneurship, environmentalism, veganism, technology, personal transformation, yoga and mountain running. A doer with strong determination and love for life will further motivate you with her inspiring journey! Terraseed CEO Maria Cebrian highlights and discusses: • How important it is to be aligned with the right investor who shares the same mission • The importance of gaining control thru manufacturing and packaging • How her previous business experience allowed her to jump out of her comfort zone
August 22, 2022
Episode 30: Conscious Alcohol Free Drinking With Christos Kalaitzis
Meet Christos, Founder/CEO of OPUS; an obsession for the perfect cocktail experience. A specific brand of high quality, hand-crafted and incredibly detail-oriented recipes is something that OPUS hopes will help guide the hospitality industry and cocktails to a higher standard. An alcohol free beverage with conscious alcohol free drinking. Quench your thirst with this exciting new podcast interview! OPUS Founder/ CEO Christos Kalaitzis highlights and discusses: • How he went from Barback to Barista to current ownership by following his passion for the beverage industry • The mission to create a safe, sustainable environment for both alcohol and non alcohol situations that will share in the same experience • Business challenges in educating the consumer about zero calories, zero sugar; replaced with organic stevia leaf to create a guilt free beverage
August 22, 2022
Episode 29: Organic And Sustainable Period Care With Linda Biggs
Meet Linda, CEO/Founder of Joni; Canada’s 21st century period care brand working to make organic and sustainable period care available to everyone who menstruates. Linda is passionate about moving period equity forward in Canada, globally, and believes strongly that 5 years from now, period care will be just as accessible as toilet paper. A budding social and conscious entrepreneur making a positive difference in the world with her sustainable product. Joni Co-Founder/Co-CEO Linda Biggs highlights and discusses: • The challenges of obtaining bamboo material for manufacturing in order to stay sustainable and true to the brand • Brand strategy in order to resonate with the Joni brand like you would with a shoe company brand • The importance of industry education while facing the decades old way of stigma discussions related to female hygiene with her period care company
August 22, 2022
Episode 28: Saving 35,000 Pounds Of Food From Going To Waste With Adam Harris
Meet Adam, CEO of Slow Bottled Sunday; BC's harvest in rich and unique condiments. Their vegan, gluten-free, low sugar, low sodium flavours are loaded with whole food and help all with a taste for adventure plus savour summer's bounty year round in every meal while reimagining BC-grown food while reducing food waste. Together, with their customers, they’ve saved 35,000 pounds of fresh food from going to waste in 2021 alone and continue to add to those impactful numbers. A truly satisfying entrepreneurial journey making a positive difference in the environment. Slow Bottled Sunday CEO Adam Harris highlights and discusses: • A fateful encounter with a lifelong chef and food entrepreneur created a farm to bottle business model • How to “survey the foodscape” and what foods to add value while factoring in seasonal waste • The product challenges and ensuring the first ingredient must always be whole grown fruit sourced locally
August 22, 2022
Episode 27: Vegan Baking Products Picked-Up By Major Chains With Marie Brossard
Meet Marie, CEO/Founder of Lulubelle & Co; a certified Bcorp and Women Owned company with a mission to create delicious gluten-free baking products to delight the whole family! Lulubelle products are vegan, gluten-free, nut/hazelnut-free, soy-free, palm oil-free plus free of artificial colors and flavors. Proudly local, where products & packaging are entirely developed and manufactured in Canada. Tantalize your taste buds with this mouth-watering interview! Lulubelle & Co. CEO/Founder Marie Brossard highlights and discusses: • How she was able to address vegan, gluten, wheat, and lactose intolerances while creating baking products to please all dietary restrictions • The incredible story behind the Lulubelle name of her company • How to “never give up” in business and how hearing “NO” is just the beginning of a conversation
July 26, 2022
Episode 26: Three Farmers A Revolutionary Company With Natasha Vandenhurk
Meet Natasha; CEO/Founder of Three Farmers - a family owned and operated business based in Canada. A real deal family business with THREE FARMERS and TWO SISTERS at the heart. Bonded by a shared desire to connect consumers to the farmers who grow their food while being committed to healthy and wholesome food with natural, quality ingredients. A can’t miss family journey celebrating and engaging with community and neighbors. Three Farmers CEO/Founder Natasha Vandenhurk highlights and discusses: • A community story on how 2 daughters and their father partnered with 2 neighboring farmers to create this revolutionary company • How they leveraged co-packing, pricing, players, and channels required to get from point A to point B in the most cost-efficient way possible • Created the brand around the farm to fork concept as the current whole bean leader in Canada, with a future 10-year plan to be global
July 26, 2022
Episode 25: Power Sister Duo from Denmark Helps Revolutionize The Female Fashion Industry With Anya & Arina Woron
On today's show, we welcome Anya and Arina, founders of Woron, a Copenhagen-based collaboration between two sisters that creates sustainable and comfortable clothing, made by women for women. Both ladies, after finding their niche, have since been able to build out their brand by sticking to their values. Growing a supportive and inspired community worldwide. And expanding to make their products available and represented all over the world. As well as being able to ensure that everything they create and sell is ethically made and vegan approved! Highlights from this episode: • Anya's personal experience with heart surgery and the original inspiration to create bras without underwires • Arina's experience in fashion design provides her with the skillsets to sell and market their new and expanding product line • Both explain how evolving systems in their business procedures have helped both women avoid stagnation and grow in their personal lives alongside their company
July 11, 2022
Episode 24: Award Winning Supplement Company Marphyl Shares Sustainability Secrets With Benjamin Achache
Join us today in welcoming Benjamin Achache from Marphyl. They are an award winning supplement company based out of Vancouver island that create products for both humans and plants! Their materials have been sourced sustainably from the sea and they use phytoplankton to create incredibly nutritious compounds. Highlights from this episode: • The incredible benefits of phytoplankton explained • Creating a brand and sticking to strong values • Understanding the life cycle of phytoplankton and how to farm it sustainably in the ocean
July 11, 2022
Episode 23: The First Ever All Vegan Toffee Company With Lesley Jeavons
Lesley Jeavons and her partner Corin have turned their childhood love of sweets into a vibrant vegan toffee business located in Brighton UK. Coming from humble beginnings making products in their home kitchen, the Jeavons have been able to slowly scale their business. Building a base of loyal customers in the process who love their products and support their mission of providing cruelty-free treats to the world! Highlights from this episode: • The realities of being a relatively small business in a big market • Recognizing their personal strengths as they expand and grow their business •The pride and drive of being the only vegan toffee company!
July 08, 2022
Episode 22: The UK's First Frozen Vegan Pizza Company With Mike Hill
In this episode, we dive in with Mike Hill from One Planet Pizza. Since his early teenage years, Mike has been a vegetarian, learning about Buddhism, and gaining greater compassion for animals. His initial inspiration for crafting a vegan pizza company came from his family's frequent pizza nights. After perfecting his pizza recipe over the years, Mike and his son Joe, also a vegetarian, partnered up and have been growing their business through strong vegan and family values ever since. Becoming the first frozen vegan pizza company in the UK!  Highlights from this episode: • The journey of creating one of the world's best vegan pizzas • Using pizza as an agent for change. Converting the masses to vegan alternatives. • Food realities from the future: exploring the possibility of expanding vegan options and eliminating the need for meat.
July 08, 2022
Episode 21: Vegan Shoes And Cruelty-Free Methods With Maximilian Justus
Meet Maximilian Justus; Founder of Grounded People - with a mission to establish a company that would create high-quality, ethically sourced sustainable clothing while combating the global fashion industry that produces over 92 million tons of waste. Helping to reduce these detriments by working together as a community, doing their part, and contributing to be part of a solution to fast fashion. Grounded products are indeed helping to be part of the solution and also helping to save the earth. A Grounded story for ages to come! Grounded People Founder Maximilian Justus highlights and discusses: • Education on animals plus the environment and the steps Grounded People is actively taking to make “sustainable stylish” • Cruelty-free methods are indeed fashionable, and compassionate, and ensure that “every step matters” • Team effort + Community = Greater goal accomplishments
July 08, 2022
Episode 20: Nuts For Cheese Leading Plant-Based Dairy Manufacturing With Margaret Coons
Meet Margaret; Founder and CEO of Nuts For Cheese – Canada’s category leader in artisan, organic, plant-based dairy manufacturing. Vegan from an early age, Margaret developed a passion for plant-based cuisine becoming a vegan chef and experimenting with nuts and seeds to create deliciously creamy plant-based cheeses. With a decadent line of organic, cashew cheese and butters, Nuts For Cheese is proving plant-based options no longer cater to vegans alone; they cater to everyone! Nuts For Cheese Founder & CEO Margaret Coons highlights and discusses: How the benefits of being a vegan chef years ago allowed her to both experiment and evolve her expertise into a thriving business. Her personal journey from farmer’s market in 2015, to explosive growth at over 4000 locations across North America with products available at national retailers like Whole Foods, Loblaws, Sobeys, Metro and Farm Boy. The importance of recognizing the efforts & roles of all team members to ensure that that all individuals thrive alongside the company as it grows.
July 07, 2022
Episode 19: Combining Family, Culture And Community With Rushd Khan
Meet Rushd; Founder of Barakah Eats- a family owned and operated business based in Surrey, BC. The company manufactures frozen, gourmet, South Asian influenced, ready to eat meals that can be warmed up in minutes. The product line includes vegan and gluten free options, with spice levels ranging from mild to hot for the whole family to enjoy. Combining family, culture, and community is what makes this unique family story a wonderful journey you won’t want to miss! Barakah Eats Founder Rushd Khan highlights and discusses: How family, permits, labelling, regulations, and customers all lined up to create a successful business. The evolution of the family business; growing from one restaurant to three, to a catering truck, and to an eventual production facility. How attending Farmer’s Markets and Expo events were pivotal to meeting the demands of both the consumer and the community.
July 07, 2022
Episode 18: Revolutionary Sushi Restaurant With Akiko Otsuka
Meet Founder Akiko Otsuka of COFU – Originally opened in September 2021, she created a truly revolutionary restaurant business specializing in pressed sushi where half of the menu consisted of fish while the other half of the menu consisted of only vegetables. She has decided to abandon the stereotype that sushi = fish and continues to thrive in her game-changing business. Truly a wonderful cultural journey you’ll learn from! COFU Founder Akiko Otsuka highlights and discusses: How her personal journey overcame both Covid challenges and language barriers to create her unique business. Her revolutionary business uses years' worth of experience, to then help create new cutting-edge plant-based sushi cuisine. How culture and further years of research helped to evolve her personal and business passions.
July 07, 2022
Episode 17: A Revolutionary Business With Lisa Merkle
Learn how Co-Founding sisters Lisa and Cheryl from Imagine Farms strategically fulfilled their dreams after reaching a crossroads in their lives. Their revolutionary business is an indoor vertical hydroponic farm located in Little Haiti, Miami utilizing technology and vertical space to grow a wide variety of lettuces, herbs, and microgreens on a compact footprint. You won’t want to miss the many ways they discuss contributions to the environment, the ecosystem, the community, and all of their exciting plans moving forward! Imagine Farms Co-Founder Lisa Merkle highlights and discusses: Steps taken on how they created a viable business while giving back to the community. How their revolutionary business continues to sustainably contribute to the environment. Learn about indoor vertical hydroponic farming and how to grow product in a controlled environment utilizing shipping containers as grow rooms.
July 07, 2022
Episode 16: The Keys To Building A Business With Chara Krangle
You’ll satisfy your hunger with this podcast interview! Created by two Vancouver local, health-conscious women, Chara and Vanessa have taken their individual business backgrounds and created Oat of the Ordinary; a high protein, low sugar, oatmeal supporting those with a busy lifestyle and high health standards! Hear how their combined business and nutritional backgrounds were key to building their business including market research, recipe testing, sample surveys, and how every single ingredient was required to fill a purpose. Oat of the Ordinary Co-Founder Chara Krangle highlights & discusses: Balance in business; how to replace burnout with passion and fun. How incorporating daily self-love practices contribute to owning your day for optimal results. Entrepreneurial tips on how rejection is redirection.
July 07, 2022
Episode 15: Opportunities That Lie Beneath Our Oceans With Desiree Dupuis
Did you know that not only is seaweed climate-friendly, but it is also rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and is extremely beneficial to our health. Desiree, from Kove Ocean Foods is passionate about living a life of purpose and making an impact in the world by creating permanent sustainable change while using her voice to advocate for animals as well as the planet. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that lie beneath our oceans and see how Desirees’ making global change partnering with the community! Kove Ocean Foods VP Desiree Dupuis highlights and discusses: How Indigenous partnerships have been key to continue culture and environment sustainability. The ways displacement of water and mother nature contribute to everyday ocean farming challenges. How minimal demand on resources can make a huge impact on the planet.
July 07, 2022
Episode 14: Expansion Into A 70,000-foot Facility With Kimberly Chamberland
Big news and big dreams! Mother-daughter owned-and-operated Big Mountain Foods continue the vegan evolution with an expansion into a 70,000 square foot facility. Led by Kimberly and Jasmine, the natural vegan food manufacturer has made exciting distribution partnerships with retail chains such as Kroger and Loblaws which, paired with their local success, helped facilitate the move into the sprawling new facility. Just one of many key elements of an inspiring family entrepreneurial journey that you won’t want to miss! Big Mountain Foods Owners Jasmine & Kimberly highlights and discusses: How working as a mom/daughter team evolved into a 5 star relationship. Leading with compassion is how their company has been able to help with both allergen and health conditions. How a back to basics approach is the key to industry education and a happy customer.
July 07, 2022
Episode 13: From Family, To Planet, To Business With Stacy & Markus Naugle
Conscious level thinking is part of everything Stacy & Markus incorporate into their vegan led lifestyle. From family, to the planet, to business; they are luminaries of lifestyle medicine who work with excellence-driven people to generate the vitality necessary to sustain long-term success in all endeavors. One conversation at a time and a lifelong commitment is where these conscious health coaches lead and inspire future generations to come. Your Vegan Family Founders Stacy & Markus Naugle highlights & discusses: Keys to robust & happy living stemming from physical, mental, and business success for all generations. How thriving and living a plant based lifestyle is no longer a secret to peak quality of life. Why we all as humans are hard-wired for compassionate change for both ourselves and the planet plus the steps we can all easily take.
July 07, 2022
Episode 12: A Game Changing Network That Offers Hundreds Of Free Documentaries With Jane Velez-Mitchell
Don’t miss the impact of award winning journalist, author, and TV host Jane Velez-Mitchell who brings her decades of experience as the founder of UnchainedTV. A game changing network that offers hundreds of free documentaries, cooking shows, news updates, talk shows and music videos, all with a focus on a compassionate plant-based lifestyle to combat the climate crisis, improve human health, reduce world hunger and animal suffering. This truly is MUST SEE TV! UnchainedTVs Founder Jane Velez-Mitchell highlights and discusses: A successful 40+ year career run in the news & journalism industry and how she then started her own network to utilize those skills to then help animals in need. When you exhibit compassion for yourself, for animals, and for the planet; WE ALL WIN! The importance of eating vegan not only for improved health but for the wonderful bonus that it also tastes better.
July 07, 2022
Episode 11: Learn How To Start With Nothing With Melissa Mills
Today we have Melissa Mills. She has some serious “veg creds” and has been in the culinary space for years brings us Spread’Em Kitchen. Starting with nothing more than a blender, a kitchen and $500 in 2014 this episode is truly inspiring. She knew she wanted to be contributing to something meaningful, something that focused on sustainability. She wanted to inspire others by doing as much good as possible, but she had no idea what that would look like. Little did she know that her dream job was so close she could taste it. Spread’em Kitchen co. Founder Melissa Mills highlights & discusses: Spread’em kitchen co. prides themselves on delivering high quality foods. It might take longer to make but its higher quality and worth it. Learn how to start with nothing but a good idea and good attitude!
July 07, 2022
Episode 10: Building 13 Plant-Based Restaurants With Nicole Marquis
One of a Kind is certainly one way to describe Nicole as a purpose driven entrepreneur who wears many purpose driven hats for both her family and community. Nicole is a plant-based industry pioneer plus Founder and CEO of 13 plant-based restaurants in the Philadelphia area, Washington, DC, and New York. They include the fast-casual HipCityVeg, with 11 locations, and two full service restaurants; the award-winning cocktail lounge, Charlie was a sinner., and Bar Bombón, a Latin-inspired restaurant reminiscent of Old San Juan. Hang on for Nicoles’ inspiration, purpose, advice, and commitment to leaving a legacy for all to enjoy! HipCityVeg Founder & CEO Nicole Marquis highlights and discusses: How building purpose into your business can impact climate change plus sustainability while creating a positive culture for both employees and customers. From grad school, to nutrition, to environment, and how one book changed her life both physically and emotionally toward her vegan journey. How her daily mission will inspire a new norm of leaders in the vegan industry.
July 06, 2022
Episode 9: A Vegan And Gluten Free Food Product Company With Stephanie Baudhuin
Are ingredients from the land and not from the lab important to you? Then, you’ll indeed want to catch this podcast interview with Stephanie! As Co-Founder of Crummies, a Vegan and Gluten-Free Food product company in Northern Colorado, she knew the importance of being there for not only Vegans and Vegetarians but also the Reductiarians that find plant-based eating somewhat intimidating or out of reach. A health-conscious lifestyle can indeed be an easy solution to a healthy way of eating. Crummies Owner & Co-Founder Stephanie Baudhuin highlights and discusses: How risk, timing, growth, and experience are all part of entrepreneurial growth and how to overcome the challenges. The importance of attending countless Farmer Markets that continue to be pivotal to both business and community growth. How R&D, Quinoa, walnuts, and many other key ingredients became the recipe to success in both her personal life and in her plant-based business.
July 06, 2022
Episode 8: Empowerment And Business Redefine What it Means To Be Vegan With Jennifer Stojkovic
Want to learn fast how to get educated and get involved in the Vegan Community?! Meet Jennifer Stojkovic; a food-tech leader, founder of Vegan Women Summit (VWS), and author of The Future of Food is Female. In 2020, Jennifer founded Vegan Women Summit (VWS), a global media and events platform focused on empowering women to build a kinder, more sustainable world. It’s growing immensely, building community, and making a HUGE positive impact globally! Vegan Women Summit Founder Jennifer Stojkovic highlights and discusses: Advocacy for humanity of all aspects to include humans, animals, and the planet while evolving along the way. How the Vegan Women Summit is truly for everyone and how even men plus non-vegans can be involved in the vegan space. How personal choice, empowerment, investment, and business redefine what it means to be vegan.
July 06, 2022
Episode 7: Treating Animals Equal To Humans With Brett Christoffel
They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this Dallas region-based company is definitely big on treating animals equal to humans plus ensuring top quality plant-based ingredients throughout their lineup of Jerky based products. All Y’ alls Foods CEO Brett Christoffel highlights and discusses: Why it’s important to go plant based for your health as plant-based fiber is not only amazing for you, but highly sustainable without any harm to animals. Most proud of proceeds going to local sanctuary while having strong support for vegan/plant-based farmer advocacy. The meaningful human/animal relationships where he treats a cow equally to his own dog.
July 06, 2022
Episode 6: All-Inclusive Vegan Concierge Lifestyle With Dominique Side
Not only is she nicknamed Queen Vegan, but Dominique Side is so passionate about all things vegan that she created and lives an all-inclusive Vegan concierge lifestyle. As the leading authority on the luxury vegan lifestyle, Dominique has her vegan pulse on the ins-and-outs of elevated living. From founding a vegan grocery boutique, to operating a vegan studio, media complex, and production facility, all while living her most compassionate life. Vegan. Artist. Boss. CEO Dominique Side highlights and discusses: The importance of educating someone looking to understand so much more about the vegan lifestyle while leading with a compassionate heart. Once educated on a vegan lifestyle, where to then start…whether food, clothing, and events while learning where to shop and support. Vegan business in general…how wearing the shoes of every person in every department can help or hurt you regarding business decisions and successes.
July 06, 2022
Episode 5: Journey Of The Largest U.S Vegan Search Platform with Jia Dadabhoy
We’ve all heard to always Be Kind to one another, but now we’ll introduce you to Jia so she can discuss the importance behind being vKind. Playing a significant leadership and community role with vKind App, Jia shares the inspiring company journey of the largest U.S. Vegan search platform soon to launch on a global scale. vKind App, Partner & Business Development Manager Jia Dadabhoy highlights and discusses: Why connecting the vegan business community can and will indeed create global sustainable change via their platform. Vegan advice, business growth, APP development plus social media importance in today’s covid landscape. How the future of the vegan industry continues to grow to include a brand new and revolutionary Vegan cooking show competition .
July 06, 2022
Episode 4: Making Waves In The Vegan fashion Industry With Casey Dworkin
You’ll never view luxury fashion footwear the same! Thanks to Casey Dworkin, Founder, and Designer of Plant-Based Luxury Footwear Brand Sylven New York. Apple cider “leather-based” products are just one component of this wonderful and unique company making positive sustainable change in the vegan fashion industry. Sylven New York CEO Casey Dworkin highlights and discusses: Being fully vegan and the journey of her fully plant-based shoe company. Apple leather-made material derived from organic apple food waste. Sustainability for longevity is critical in the fashion industry and the importance of treating staff/ labourers fairly while expressing her love of people, animals, and the planet
July 06, 2022
Episode 3: On A Mission To Make Plant-Based Food Easier To Access With Nil Zacharias
Meet the man of many hats, Nil Zacharias; an entrepreneur, author, and podcaster with a passion for food systems change. Nils’ years-long passion in the food systems industry evolved into his current Plantega business; a social impact start-up that’s on a mission to make plant-based food easier to access everywhere. He shares his incredibly unique and fast paced business model that’s equal to the hustle & bustle of New York city! Plantega Founder & CEO Nil Zacharias highlights and discusses: Vegan culture, vegan mindset, and vegan taste buds are easier to shift than most think. How to enjoy vegan meals without having to think about the vegan lifestyle. The right foods combined with the right food support system creates a sustainable community.
July 06, 2022
Episode 2: Self Love, Animals, family and Community With Hema Reddy
Meet Hema from Crafty Counter, a consumer products goods company on a mission to make plant-based eating a WUNDERFUL experience with nutritious crafty foods that are mindful to the body and the planet, with whole food ingredients powered by science and cutting-edge technology. Her inspiring journey covers compassion for self-love, animals, family, and the community. Crafty Counter Founder & CEO Hema Reddy highlights and discusses: happy + healthy = you can run through walls with the right prepared mindset for protecting our bodies and belief systems. the lonely path and commitment required for any entrepreneur while taking care of your personal mental health. the importance of raising much more than initially projected capital in order to help scale a growing business
July 06, 2022
Episode 1: Making A Dream Reality With Chef Nasya & Tsadakeeyah
Chef Nasya & Tsadakeeyah make an amazing team as husband and wife owners of Majani. Incorporating the love of their African heritage is what they passionately bring when sharing uniquely talented vegan and pastry skills with their customers. Their inspiring journey has been 17 years in the making with a visionary dream to continue to impact the vegan world with sustainable diversity. Majani owners Nasya & Tsadakeeyah Emmanuel highlights and discusses: driven commitment to bring strong health and community together how to start in business, how sweat equity is key to relationship building, and how to overcome challenges along the way a true American dream story that included quitting a job, driving for Uber, purchasing a Kitchen-Aid mixer to then follow a dream
July 06, 2022