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Build. Reach. Teach: It's Time to Refocus

Build. Reach. Teach: It's Time to Refocus

By Shanina Draughn
Learning to navigate life after coronavirus has been a challenge . However, this is an opportunity for us to refocus, rethink, and restore the way we see our world.

This podcast will give a voice to teachers, school leaders, community members, life coaches, parents, students, mental health workers, business owners, and church leaders to come together to discuss the ongoing issues impacting our communities.

Come join us on this journey to learn about healthy and effective ways to navigate and create a road map that will guides us to building stronger communities.
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It's Okay, Let's Talk....
Join us on this podcast as we talk about the ups and downs of our educational experiences in the past three months. Learn about some ways to overcome the challenges we face together. Please share and I would love to hear your comments and feedback! Learn more at
December 28, 2021
Lessons Through Wisdom
Join me as we talk about lessons through wisdom! Every Wednesday, in the month of July on Instagram (10 am), we are talking about the lessons that keep us growing! I hope you join me! Please share this episode with someone!  Booking appointments now to support you in the fall!
July 11, 2021
Mental Fatigue? You are not alone.
Join me on this podcast to talk about ways to fight mental fatigue. We are all stressed and overwhelmed at times and need tips on how to reset our minds. To learn more go to www.  Continue to join us on Sat. May 15 at 10 am for the Teacher's Learning Series Session: Where is your parent? Creating a Parent Involvement Toolkit. Sessions will be Livestream on Youtube and Facebook accounts @ build.reach.teach  
May 06, 2021
Education Impact: Our Learning Experiences!
Join me for a powerful episode with my special guest Antonio Myers. Both were put into the special education programs at an early age for learning and social disabilities. I had ADHD and struggled to focus in the class at times. He was diagnosed with Autism at an early age and struggled to find his way in the education learning system. We talked about our struggles and the broken system that miss the mark with working with special needs students at times. Check out his podcast show at TonioTimeDaily.
March 08, 2021
Planning Period App- Teacher's App Special Episode 2021
Join this special podcast to learn more about the Planning Period App for teachers! You can join me on Thursday, January 21 at 6pm on FACEBOOK LIVE to learn more about the app and download it. Please share this podcast with other teachers and educators.  The Planning Period app is designed to socially, emotionally, and professionally provide teachers with effective and meaningful tools to address their everyday teaching challenges. Where teachers plan with purpose and care: Teachers will learn how to avoid stress, work in teams, and plan their time. Teachers will calm their mind and reduce anxiety in a matter of minutes with a handful of proven techniques to reduce stress. Teachers will plan with purpose by using the Planning Time feature to meet the needs of their classrooms and professional goals. The app will offer a 1:1 Coaching virtual learning session with Mrs. Shanina Draughn, the teacher will have an opportunity to develop and focus on specific goals and strategies. Teachers will be inspired by listening to the mindfulness Empower Me audios and Inspire Me videos to encourage them to keep going on their toughest teaching days.
January 12, 2021
HELP! Virtual Learning is Stressing My Family Out..
Join this free webinar: This Thursday, November 19, 2020, at 5:30 pm. Parents, Teachers, and Educators feeling overwhelmed with virtual learning? This 1-hour webinar will give 5 powerful tips to help parents, educators, and teachers to prepare and manage virtual learning while at home. Sign up at www. 
November 16, 2020
Education & Coronavirus Crisis: Virtual Learning Experience : Guest NicoleB: "Parent Perceptive"
School has started back for our students! Join us as we talk with Ms. NicoleB our special guest.  As a mother, buiness owner,  hair stylist, and football mom she is going to give us some insight on the virtual learning experience.   To learn more about NicoleB, please visit website:
September 17, 2020
Special Episode: Teaching after Covid-19: How to adjust to this new normal in education?
Alert! Join me on Tuesday, August 18 @ 1pm (ET) for this free webinar.  Learn on this podcast -what you can expect to hear on the webinar and hear some powerful words of encouragement.   Please leave comments about podcast and share with someone.  Please sign up for Build. Reach. Teach, webinar @  There is limited space!
July 30, 2020
Part 4: Education During the Coronavirus Crisis Series: What do our students think? - Special Guest Marlina
Join us as we continue this journey to learn more about our students' thoughts on coronavirus and education. My very own daughter, Marlina- will be giving her insight about returning to school in the fall and things we all need to think about. #Sharepodcast #Weinthistogether #Protectourstudentsandstaff
July 12, 2020
Part 3: Education During the Coronavirus Crisis Series: What are the mental health factors to consider?: Guest Speaker Ms. Ashley Gray
Join us on this podcast to discussion how to meet the social and emotional needs of our students, teachers, and staff during this crisis. Learn more about Mrs. Gray mental health consulting company at
June 16, 2020
Part 2: Education During the Coronavirus Crisis Series: How do we move forward this fall?
Join in on this powerful and meaningful discussion with my Special Guest, Ms. Stephannie Nimene to explore ways we can move forward in the fall. She gives some meaningful insights and important things to think about as we preparing for our students, parents and staff to return to school.  As community, we can grow, heal and work together during this crisis.  Learn more about Ms. Stephannie Nimene  @ #SHARE #Togetherwecan #Education #teachersmatters
June 13, 2020
Part 1: Education During the Coronavirus Crisis Series: "Where do we go from here?"- Special Guest: Mallory Aferi
Join in on this powerful discussion to learn about ways we can forward with education during the Coronavirus Crisis. The Coronavirus disease has devastated and destroyed lives around the world.  Our special guest Mallory Aferi, a School Leader who works in communities that have been hit the hardest with the Coronavirus disease talks about ways we can work together to rebuild our Education systems during this crisis.  #sharepodcast #weinthistogether #wewilnevergiveup #educationleadership
June 11, 2020
I Can't Breathe: "Race in America" - Special Guest: Joshua Young
Part 3: As we complete the series - come learn more about Race in America. Join me and my special guest Joshua Young as we discuss the ongoing issues of Race. Yes-Race matters in this country , but why? Joshua Young discuss the impact of Race in America and how it has shaped him as a Black man.   #SHAREPODCAST #BLACKLIVESMATTERS *do not own rights to music* Sources to check out: RACE IN AMERICA
June 01, 2020
I Can't Breathe: Growing Up in Minneapolis: Special Guest- Levi Bradley
Part 2:  Continue to listen in about the ongoing issues with Minneapolis, Police Department. Join me and my guest Levi Bradley as he discuss his personal experience with Minneapolis, Police Officers.  We discuss as a community how we can support each other and stand together to end inequalities and injustices in America.    Thank you, Levi for coming on and sharing your experience!  #SHAREPODCAST #BLACKLIVESMATTERS #LETHEALTOGETHER *do not own the rights to the music*
May 31, 2020
"I Can't Breathe": LIVE From Minneapolis: We are fighting for our lives! Special Guest- Alex Leonard ( Minneapolis, Resident)
PART: 1-Learn more about the Minneapolis/ St. Paul, MN Police Department and its LONG history of ongoing issues that has caused this city to go up in flames! Alex Leonard has been a long time resident and community activist for years in Minneapolis.  On this podcast , he give us some important factors and information to consider as we see the ongoing issues unfolding in Minneapolis! THANK YOU, Alex for your serve and support to your community! #SHARE THE PODCAST #Blacklivesmatters #WE ALL MATTER
May 30, 2020
Introduces "NEW" Build, Reach, Teach: It's Time to Refocus
Come join us on this  journey to learn about ways we can build a stronger sense of self and community during this difficult time in our world. Learn more about this podcast and its purpose to provide meaningful and powerful discussions on how to effectively navigate our lives after coronavirus.
May 24, 2020
MOCK Intro
Introduces to Build, Reach, Teach, podcast
May 24, 2020