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Magic Blood

Magic Blood

By Shankarah A.K.A The Parakeet Storyteller
One strange summer’s day will change the lives of everyone involved, leading to an adventure, personal growth, and the supernatural. Beginning with the arrival of three uniquely powered sisters, their older medical student half brother, their mischievous aunt, a witch, and her ex-cop partner, tasked with a mission. Will they be able to handle their next challenge? Uncover the unique nature of their blood.
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The Magic Blood Teaser

Magic Blood

The Magic Blood Teaser

Magic Blood

The Magic Blood Teaser
In this teaser, get a quick breakdown of some of the central and future characters while explaining some of the lore of the world.  [Note: All of these characters are made by me. Discord Server: ANY FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED. ] Disclosure: Hello to those who listen to this podcast. I just wanted to inform you that this is technically the trailer for this podcast. I had it redone since I did not like the first draft. I  hope this helps you understand the world better. I also wanted to give you some other information. These episodes take a long time to produce because I have to write the script, get the voice actors together, then rehearse, and many more. So expect a slow-release of episodes. I don't want to drop the series since this is something I have had in my mind for a long time now. At most, I will try to finish the first season or get to a specific point in the first season, which isn't that long.       P.s I know that in the intro of his video I called this episode 1: Hello? that is an error on my end. This is episode 0: The Trailer.
June 28, 2021
Episode 1(Hello?)
Episode Summary: A strange group appears to handle a supernatural disturbance. The girls of the group go to the town’s carnival. [Note: All of these characters are made by me. Discord Server: ANY FEEDBACK IS APPRECIATED. ] Introduction: Welcome everyone to Magic blood, where the past and future are paved in blood. I'll be your host. Today you'll meet a set of characters pursuing personal desires meeting strangely for the first time. Are you ready for an adventure? If you are, stay in tune.  Remember to like, comment, and share this episode. Any support or feedback will be appreciated, and follow us on discord to be aware of when the next episodes will drop or discuss your thoughts. The information should be in this episode's bio. Are you ready to uncover a mystery as thick as blood? Without further a due, Magic blood episode One titled Hello? 
May 03, 2021