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The Family Fix Podcast with Shannon "Icanlady" Battle

The Family Fix Podcast with Shannon "Icanlady" Battle

By Shannon Battle
Family issues are in the wallet, purse, and heart of every breathing person. There is no such thing as leaving your problems at the door unless you do a heart transplant. Shannon is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor with over 20 years experience working with some of the toughest problems a person can imagine. Whether she is counseling, mentoring, or training people to personally develop into a full mental rehab, she is inspiring minds with jolts of wisdom to see immediate success in your lives. Join her each week to tackle real life problems and uncover real life solutions.
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Ep15: How to Know if Your Perception is Telling the Truth
Have you believed a story that was told to you for so long and later found it to be a lie?  Someone may have convinced you that kissing makes babies  so you thought by avoiding a kiss, you wouldn't come up pregnant.  We learn to believe based on past experiences, knowledge, and regret.  Our beliefs guide our behavior.  If you are not careful to assess the content of how you come to believe a value or truth, then you could likely live your life with a truthful reflection of a lie.  You're truth may not always be the full story.  Learn how to understand what shapes your reality by uncovering your unhealthy habits that shape your beliefs.  
October 1, 2020
Ep14: How to be a Worry Specialist
What if you could learn how to worry without causing anxiety?  It's natural to worry about situations that impact change in your life.  As a parent you worry about the well-being of your kids.  As a spouse you worry about the lasting love of your marriage.  As a friend you worry about the happiness of the those you love.  Worry becomes your enemy when you evolve into a person who feels trapped in their minds and lost in their ability to experience peace, assurance, and confidence that you will win.  Let's talk about making the mindset shift of being a Specialist in charge of your worry.  As a specialist you are properly trained and know how to access the right tools to attack your worry with working solutions. 
September 23, 2020
Ep13: Why it Pays to be Late: The Struggle with Being Patient
It's hard to be patient when you need something to happen now.  You can try to navigate and find angles around your situation but it may not get you the best solution.  You may have to acknowledge that you will have to wait until it's the right time.  It is very challenging to wait and see others blossom into their success.  It makes you feel forgotten, dissatisfied, and unsure about yourself.  I want to encourage you to stay the course and grow stronger as you're waiting for your time to shine.  You will do better and have longer success if you are prepared.  If you are unprepared and get the job, house, spouse, or the business too may not have the other skill sets to sustain it.  Remember, it's better to be late because you patiently waited rather than early only to have a short and bitter experience.
September 16, 2020
Ep12: What the Devil Doesn't Tell you About your Mistakes
We are are going to make mistakes and fail.  My daughter sent me a motivational interview today and it featured Denzel Washington as the commencement speaker.  He said many profound statements, but what captured my attention was his statement about making mistakes.  Why do we believe that perfection means excellency?  We will experience times in life that even on our best day, our best effort, maybe our best moment that there was still some deviation of mistakes made.  Your mistakes are the pivoting point to your miracle.  Your mistakes are your ingredients for development of essential traits that will carry you higher in life.  Let your mistakes develop your character and not drown you in despair.
September 8, 2020
Ep11: Your Daughter is not a WAP-Music and your Children
Danger Alert!  If you know the way you think conditions the way you behave, then how does music help develop your child's learning?  Being a busy parent is not an excuse to dismiss your child's online interactions.  Do you raise your child to do what everyone else does because it is socially acceptable?  Take a moment and listen to your child's playlist and imagine YOUR child acting out the lyrics in the song.  Is that the person you want them to become?  
September 2, 2020
Ep10: Navigating Through Enemy Territory
You have the knowledge, you've prepared, you networked with the right people, so how is it that you get deceived by people who have claimed to be loyal to your vision?  Everyone that executes plans of greatness will have enemies.  When your mental drive is narrowly focused you may find yourself a victim of your own circle.  Be careful who you allow to get close to you.  We uncover the "N" Navigation of the 4 Step ICAN Plan to  drive consistent momentum to achieve daily success.
August 28, 2020
Ep9: Family Fix-How to Play Big Without Killing Yourself
Are you doing too much too soon?  It's great that you have a vision but it's dangerous to launch an idea without preparation.  Your preparation is key to your achievement.  The more you prepare, the greater you build your character and excellency.  We talk about how to Become so good you can't be ignored and you using your "A" Achieve in your 4 Step ICAN Plan.
August 26, 2020
Ep:8 Family Fix: How to Command your Dates with Destiny
Many days you are never going to feel high on the achievement scale to conquer your day.  Most days you will not have the energy or positive attitude to get out of bed.  If the battle is a struggle in your thoughts and emotions then you have the answer.  We are learning how to implement for 4 Step ICAN Plan and we are activating our "C" Command.  Convince yourself that you are set up and prepared for a fulfilling day.  Your journey may be tough, but there are blessings with your name on it.  Don't sleep away your opportunities.
August 25, 2020
Ep: 7 Position and Purpose
Today we begin the 4 Step ICAN Plan.  "I" Identify Your purpose is not your position, but rather what you can do in the position you are in to accomplish a purpose.  You can make a great impact right where you are.  Let your life circumstances be your your compass.  You don't need to wait for something to happen to be great in your current position.  Your focus is using what you have and making a great impact.  That is your purpose for today and this week.
August 24, 2020
Ep: 6 Counterproductive Behaviors
Do you set out to try something and do the opposite of your intention?  In this episode we examine the areas in our life that are counterproductive.  Maybe you're in a relationship that doesn't give you the best results.  Remember this is not the part of life where mistakes happen.  This is the part of life where tragedy occurs because of your choice to remain anchored to a weighted person, idea, or situation, that doesn't help you to produce fruit in your life.  Get your life back and make the right decisions that allow you to see and measure progress.
August 21, 2020
Episode 5: Face off with Fear
Fear and being afraid are the likely culprits of what stands in your way of doing your next great thing.  In the clinical world we look at how people respond to fear in terms of fight or flight.  Are you fighting to win or are are you always running for your life?  Today's challenge is about facing those fears and developing the tools to become strong and courageous.  Strong enough to get ready for the fight and courageous enough to get in the ring.
August 20, 2020
Attitude of Gratitude Day 4 of the 21 Day Business Detox
Problems will crowd away your visibility to see the good things happening in your life.  Yes, bad things happen no matter how good you are as a person.  However, bad things should never completely eliminate the good that takes place during your life.  Afterall, you don't have to think back too far to find a reason to be thankful.  Don't wait for Thanksgiving Day, start now by training yourself to reflect on the good in your life to shift your focus from the toxicity of problematic focuses.
August 19, 2020
Think Big Day 3 of the 21 Day Business Detox
Imagine the impossible and set your intention on seeing yourself accomplish it.  Expand your mind and take off the limits.
August 18, 2020
Journey to Self Discovery
Everything you do is probably hinged on the tasks of meeting other people's needs.  Whether you are a boss, parent, caregiver, or pet likely have been inducted into the life of care-taking or people pleasing.  Well it's time to be selfish and find yourself.  We talk about how to examine what has been getting in your way from being your best self in your 6 quads.
August 16, 2020
Introduction to the 21 Day Business Detox
This Detox is designed to help you get your mind back on track using the 4 Step ICAN Plan. 1.  Learn how to overcome self-sabotage 2.  Gain crystal clear clarity 3.  Understanding what you bring to the table. 4.  Key Practices to Shift from Doubt to Self Confidence
August 16, 2020
Ep:1 How to Deal with Difficult People
Why do people have to be so mean?  Why can't they just leave you alone?  Welcome to a life of disruptions.  Stop avoiding what you can control.  This episode will guide you on ways to put the difficult person in your life in their place.  
July 24, 2020