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The Whostorian Winterly

The Whostorian Winterly

By Shannon Lush
A companion podcast to 'The Whostorian' (, featuring guests, stories, and reviews not found in the original, you might say! Shannon Lush brings 30 plus years of Whovian fandom to bear on topics drawn from across the multiverse of 'Doctor Who'. This podcast can be enjoyed on it's own or as bonus material alongside the original. This podcast will be active during winter months. Recorded in St John's, Newfoundland, Canada.
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The Whostorian Winterly Episode 9: I Want A F#CKING Costume! (w/special guest STEPHEN WINSOR)
Season two begins! Shannon once again makes a Marvel Team-Up with his good friend Stephen Winsor. They discuss the 2003 'Daredevil' film starring Ben Affleck, Colin Farrell, Jennifer Garner and Michael Clarke Duncan. How was this film the SECOND live-action appearance of the Man Without Fear, despite being the FIRST feature film of ol' Hornhead? Who could have played Daredevil instead but opted for another comic book-style hero with vision issues? Why was Bullseye so over-the-top cartoony? What was the best elements of this film, what were the worst, and what was just confusing? All answers revealed in this 2 hour geekfest! Note: during recording of this episode, we reference the 2021 Canadian Football League (CFL) Grey Cup Championship game was being played as we did so. Ultimately, the winner was the Winnipeg Blue Bombers over the Hamilton Tiger-Cats 33-25. Congratulations to them.  Karen Christie's digital art portfolio: For 10 years of podcasts, videos, and blogs about 'Doctor Who': Find Shannon at Twitter: @Marshalllush Find Shannon's book reviews on Goodreads: Search 'Shannon Marshall Lush' Find Shannon's video reviews on Youtube: Stephen's digital designs and printing Twitter: @WinsorPrint Rent/buy 'Daredevil' on Youtube: The badASS 'Daredevil' original soundtrack, highly recommended, on Spotify:
December 13, 2021
The Whostorian Winterly Episode 8: 2021 Mother's Day Special! (w/special guest GERALDINE RYAN-LUSH)
Shannon closes out the 2021 season of the 'Winterly' with an extra-special episode to celebrate Mother's Day! The season began with his family, and ends with it...episode 1 featured his little brother Barrie, and now episode 8 features their mother, writer Geraldine Ryan-Lush, making her 'Whostorian' podcast debut for the first time in over ten years of shows!  Often credited as the first and most fundamental influence on Shannon's own writing career, Geraldine Ryan-Lush is a prolific author, with 19 books published. On this engaging and fun appearance, she recounts her rise from a working mother of two and teacher to a quick success as children's author, review journal contributor, adept public speaker and paranormal encounters documenter. Delving into multiple genres, from young adult, fiction, poetry, and serialized novels, she demonstrated that tenacity and self-confidence in one's own talent outshined any doubters.  Join Shannon and his mother, chatting about the strange tales of self-operating typewriters, the time a former 'Whostorian' magazine contributor stumped a computer salesman, the power of fashioning relatable narratives with universal themes, the best retro writing programs, writer's offices that were as ever-shifting as TARDIS rooms, and the behind-the-scenes stories of the popular 'Haunted Towns' series of true ghost stories that expanded to two volumes in quick success to meet demand! LINKS Geraldine Ryan-Lush on Youtube, featuring video previews of 'Haunted Towns' stories: Geraldine Ryan-Lush - YouTube Twitter: Geraldine Ryan-Lush (@GRyanLush) / Twitter Facebook Fan Page: Author Geraldine Ryan Lush | Facebook Amazon Author Page for digital/physical purchases: Geraldine Ryan-Lush: Books, biography, log, audiobooks, Kindle Chapters/Indigo (Canada's largest bookstore sellers) for digital/physical purchases: geraldine ryan lush: 14 Books available | Barnes&Noble (United States' largest bookstore sellers) for physical/digital purchases: Geraldine Ryan-Lush | Barnes & Noble® ( 'The Pearl' newspaper article on 'Haunted Towns' Volume 1 book launch: Spirits at work? — The Pearl ( 'Saltwire' (Atlantic Canada newspaper services) '20 Questions' article: 20 questions with Newfoundland and Labrador author Geraldine Ryan-Lush | SaltWire This podcast is available on most podcast apps and streaming services, just search using RSS feed or under the title 'The Whostorian Winterly'.  Shannon's Twitter: THE WHOSTORIAN WINTERLY WILL RETURN IN 2022! Find more at
May 10, 2021
The Whostorian Winterly Episode 7: We Are (Batman) Family (w/special guest RICK POWER)
Shannon catches up with an old friend, the former (and perhaps future?) independent wrestler 'Downtown' Rick Power. Rick details turning his early love of watching 'Maple Leaf Wrestling' into reality as one of the most well-known wrestlers of the Newfoundland independent scene of the 1990's. Along the way, he reveals he still feels he has 'one more match' left in him, to close out his career on his own terms. A lover of the metro St. John's local music scene, Rick details his memories and reviews of now-legendary bands and artists from the boom period of the 1990's, and offers recommendations to those who would like to catch up on the eclectic mix of music on display in that era.  The pair revel in a mutual love of the classic CBC TV series 'Switchback' introducing 1980's kids locally to the glory that was 'Batman '66' with the late, great Adam West, and Bat-Facts abound! From Rick's collection of DC's 'Batman Family' anthology series to reviewing the latest DC Animated Blu-Ray release 'Death In The Family', thoughts on Netflix's 'Titans' series and Nightwing, the love and passion for comic books and superheroes is on full display here. Rick discusses cosplaying as one of DC's most underrated characters, Hawkman. Plenty of geek love in this episode, ending with an earnest and heart-felt message from Rick for all of us to stay safe and try to avoid depression during this Covid period.  LINKS: Vintage DT Power wrestling match from 2001 (credit: Cutting Edge Wrestling), vs Catastrophe: Vintage 'Switchback' clip of 1980's, Stan The Man and Rufus The Dog tour St. John's, Newfoundland: Vintage 'Danger: Falling Rock' Compilation album of bands Rick mentions in episode: Legendary record store Fred's that supports and sells Newfoundland music (shop and buy local!):
March 20, 2021
The Whostorian Winterly Episode 6: If You're Lying, I'll Be Back (w/special guest STEPHEN WINSOR)
When a mental health issue derails a planned guest, Shannon once again calls upon his good friend and Whovian mentor 'Trenchcoat Steve' Winsor, for another action-packed episode! In 'Doctor Who' news, the pair break down what major UK award the Jodie Whittaker Era of the series has recently won (and why winning 'any' awards in the last few years isn't a GOOD thing for the long-term creative health of the series!). A wonderfully charming and captivating short-film starring Sylvester McCoy, 'The Last Conjuror', is reviewed (as spoiler-free as possible, as it's really worth seeing!). The passing on March 4th, 2021 of former classic series guest-star and Big Finish Productions' own Celestial Toymaker voice actor David Bailie is discussed. Candy Jar Books' 'Lethbridge-Stewart' and 'Lucy Wilson Mysteries' spinoff ranges are featured.  In our main event, the 'Movies For Whovians Who Like Movies', they provide entertaining commentary with a focus on trivia and plot-holes of a double-feature that is sure to be a favourite film series of the Daleks themselves: 'The Exterminator' and 'The Exterminator 2'. Representative of the early-to-mid 1980's timeframe in which they were made, both films follow lanky 'everyman' vigilante, John Eastland. He's a Vietnam vet who seems to have his PTSD triggered whenever someone paralyses his loved ones...and yes, it happens more than once! Donning a motorcycle helmet (OK, 'once'), and then a welder's mask (mostly in re-shoots with a stunt double), Eastland leaves a pretty incriminating trail of death and destruction in his wake as he vows to clean up New York City (an occupation he seems to take breaks from for extended periods!). Join Steve and Shannon as they document two very different movies starring one very forgettable actor...oh, and Samuel L Jackson was in one, but neither host could ever 'find' him!  LINKS 'The Last Conjuror', starring Sylvester McCoy (HIGHLY recommended!): 'The Exterminator' (1980), unrated director's cut (FREE!): 'The Exterminator 2' (1984), Blu-Ray Quality (FREE!): Candy Jar Books' free stories site (also, more in 'downloads' section of the site):
March 13, 2021
The Whostorian Winterly Episode 5: Your Move, Creep (w/special guest STEPHEN WINSOR)
Forced to become part man, part machine, all Zoom host, thanks to pandemic lockdown restrictions, Shannon called on his good friend and Whovian mentor, Stephen Winsor, for a long-distance chat. Stephen discusses shedding tears at the sight of a childhood hero once more wearing the Seventh Doctor's garb in the teaser trailer for the 'Sylvester McCoy Season 1' Blu Ray set. The duo compare and contrast the suggested retail prices for the 'Doctor Who' Blu Ray sets. They detail their contents and decide whether or not they are worth the 'brown notes' (that's $100 CAD, for those outside the Great White North). Shannon gives a brief review of the 2009-10 Big Finish Production's 'Cyberman' 2-series box set, and the duo discuss the design aesthetics of the original 'Mondasian' Cybermen and whether, just perhaps, it remains still the most creepy and effective version. Then the main event..from every film and TV appearance to comics and animated series, to even the squared circle (!), the 1987 SF classic 'Robocop' and the ups and down of the 'Robocop franchise' are discussed. Frank Miller takes a LOT of body-blows in this one! Join Stephen and Shannon as they get swallowed up by the repetitive 'Jaws' re-releases, discover what's connecting Jean Claude Van Damme with...Optimus Prime (wha..?), what happens when the Atlantic Satellite Network censors violent 80's action movies for mild-mannered Canadian audiences...and who can possibly beat Robocop AND his partner a wrestling ring! YES...Robocop was a wrestler!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. LINKS: The teaser that made Stephen cry: Karen Christie's digital art portfolio: For 9 plus years of podcasts, videos, and blogs: Find Shannon at Twitter: @Marshalllush Find Shannon's book reviews on Goodreads: Search 'Shannon Marshall Lush' Find Shannon's video reviews on Youtube: Search 'Marshall Lush' Preview/buy Shannon's book:
February 28, 2021
The Whostorian Winterly Episode 4: Peddle To The Metal (w/special guest ADAM PEDDLE)
Shannon sits down with former independent wrestler and occasional on-air commentator for Newfoundland wrestling federation New Evolution Wrestling (N.E.W), Adam Peddle. Parlaying a childhood love of wrestling into being ranked #494 of 'The Pro Wrestling Illustrated' magazine's 'Top 500 Wrestlers' list in 1999 before the age of 17, Adam has brought a level of passion to every facet of his various fandoms. A retro-gaming podcaster, he reviews the 'Doctor Who' Expansion pack entries in the Lego 'Dimensions' video game, and the duo discuss the 2017 BBC Books 'Doctor Who Paper Dolls' book. Adam also tells of befriending a very young future podcaster the world would come to know as... 'Stylin' Steve Lake.  From having his wrestling gimmick allegedly stolen by WWE alumni Tommy Dreamer, to being summoned specifically by the 'homicidal, suicidal, genocidal' Sabu,  to a never-ending online feud with Hasbro Toys and forcing an exasperated Walmart Canada to block him on Twitter, Adam pulls no punches!  LINKS: Find Adam on Twitter: @ConsoleCulture Adam's Youtube reviews page: N.E.W Wrestling dedicated Youtube channel, including Adam's on-air work: Tell Walmart Canada they messed with the wrong guy on Twitter: @WalmartCanada Cut a promo on Hasbro in Adam's name on Twitter: @Hasbro Follow us on Facebook: For 9 plus years of podcasts, videos, and blogs: Find Shannon at Twitter: @Marshalllush Find Shannon's book reviews on Goodreads: Search 'Shannon Marshall Lush' Find Shannon's video reviews on Youtube: Search 'Marshall Lush' Preview/buy Shannon's book:
January 12, 2021
The Whostorian Winterly Episode 3: The Whostorian Historian Part 2 (w/special guest STEPHEN NOLAN)
In the second and concluding visit to the podcast named for the renowned magazine he co-founded, Stephen Nolan dives right in with thoughts on the New Series. When last we left the pair, Stephen and Shannon in 2005 fretted over the future of 'Doctor Who' with the abrupt departure of Christopher Eccleston. In an engaging and freewheeling chat in 2020, the duo look back at the developments of the last 15 years; what worked, what didn't, what stories and actors stand out, and most importantly, which actors made the best people to meet! Convention devotee Stephen relates stories of Paul McGann needing a hug, introducing John Barrowman to Newfoundland Screech liquor, former pop star Billie Piper's surprising warmth to fans, and the pros and cons of introducing overt socially relevant themes into the Jodie Whittaker era.  Note: due to prevailing weather conditions impacting the editing process, this episode does not have an intro by Shannon. It simply begins seconds after the conclusion of Part 1.  Basically, when a podcast has 'winterly' in the title 'and' is produced in Canada during winter, folks, you have to play with the deck Mother Nature deals!  LINKS: Follow us on Facebook: For 9 plus years of podcasts, videos, and blogs: Find Shannon at Twitter: @Marshalllush Find Shannon's book reviews on Goodreads: Search 'Shannon Marshall Lush' Find Shannon's video reviews on Youtube: Search 'Marshall Lush' Preview/buy Shannon's book:
December 17, 2020
The Whostorian Winterly Episode 2: The Whostorian Historian Part 1 (w/special guest STEPHEN NOLAN)
In this long-awaited interview, influential Newfoundland 'Doctor Who' fan-club co-creator Stephen Nolan makes his debut on the podcast named for the iconic magazine he was instrumental in conceptualizing. From his earliest days as a primary columnist and contributor, to overseeing the growth of a fan club that would grow to encompass 60+ members with publishing, advertising, independent film and audio divisions, and an expansive social presence locally, Steve did it all.  Now, nearly a decade from the birth of the podcast that serves as the spiritual successor to his creative efforts, Steve sat down with Shannon for an engaging, in-depth chat that provided the 'Who's Who of Who', detailing the efforts of himself and a cast of characters with love and passion for 'Doctor Who' that became inspired and united in common cause: to spread fun, joy, and good humour in the mutual pursuits of all things 'Whovian'. Whether commiserating with Catherine Tate over lost Lotto earnings, sticking up for Sarah Sutton in the face of bad reviews, or buddying around with John Barrowman, Steve has a plethora of stories, insights, and merchandise to show for a lifetime of devotion to The Doctor.  Part One of Two.  LINKS:  'Tristam Island' retro video game demo, with concept art and packaging created by Stephen Winsor (@WinsorPrint): Friend of 'Whostorian' Gary Scott Thomas (@gstkrty953) podcast: Follow us on Facebook: For 9 plus years of podcasts, videos, and blogs: Find Shannon at Twitter: @Marshalllush Find Shannon's book reviews on Goodreads: Search 'Shannon Marshall Lush' Find Shannon's video reviews on Youtube: Search 'Marshall Lush'  Preview/buy Shannon's book:
December 09, 2020
The Whostorian Winterly Episode 1: Jenny From The Block (w/guest BARRIE LUSH)
The debut episode of the companion podcast to 'The Whostorian'. Shannon Lush discusses the BBC TV Series 'Doctor Who'. In this episode, topics include reviews of the Big Finish Productions box set audio offering 'Jenny: The Doctor's Daughter' Series 1; Episode 1 of the BBC Youtube animated series 'Daleks'!; the breaking news of Covid delays affecting the 'NuSeries' Season 13; tidbits related to Titan Comics' 'Doctor Who Comic Day' annual event celebrated every November 21st; partial reviews of feature and bonus material found in 'Jon Pertwee: Complete Season Four' Blu-Ray, and previewing a future review item, the Puffin/Penguin Books Eleventh Doctor novel, 'System Wipe' by Oli Smith.  In part two, archive audio from May 2012 presents Shannon's little brother Barrie, for the first time on any 'Whostorian' podcast.  The brothers reflect on meeting NHL and Team Canada superstar hockey players, discuss Barrie's sports collectibles, and relate amusing stories of personal interactions with inebriated 50-goal scorers. Note: part two contains some explicit material, and reflects opinions from 2012; times change. Originally presented as Episode 12 of the podcast 'Route 21'.  Follow us on Facebook: For 9 plus years of podcasts, videos, and blogs: Find Shannon at Twitter: @Marshalllush Find Shannon's book reviews on Goodreads: Search 'Shannon Marshall Lush' Find Shannon's video reviews on Youtube: Search 'Marshall Lush' 
November 21, 2020