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The Sharpe Way

The Sharpe Way

By The Sharpe Way
Our country's political landscape is polarized to the point that we rarely hear each other.

Larry Sharpe has traveled the country, and has personally visited every county in New York, listening to people's concerns. Larry is launching The Sharpe Way, a show where answers, solutions and common ground can be found so that together we can forge a way forward.

The Sharpe Way is the way to mutual respect, where no one has to convert to be heard, because you can be as liberal or as conservative as you want, as long as you aren't forcing your beliefs on others.
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Handling Anti-Asian Street Violence? Larry Sharpe Reacts
What is happening with street violence? Why? What should we do? Those questions and more.
April 1, 2021
Crisis on the border? Are both sides are wrong? How bad is it?
How bad is the southern border crises? What should be done? Who is right? Answers to those questions and more.
March 31, 2021
John David McAfee
John David McAfee is a British-American computer programmer and businessman. He founded the software company McAfee Associates in 1987 and ran it until 1994, when he resigned from the company.
May 2, 2020
The Sharpe Way Dec 9, 2019: with Batin "Ashante" First on Personal Defense
Dec 9, 2019: Ashante is the founder of Fitness, Fuel & Fire, a Tactical Firearms Training company. They specialize in Fitness & Nutrition for optimal Power, Performance and total mind/body alignment. They provide Firearms Education and Training for the whole family, from children 5 years old to seniors. Larry and Ashante First talk about self-defence as broader than training to use firearms, situational awareness, preparing for the unexpected emergency, youth awareness and shooting competition teams, NY’s practice of adding fees/fines/tolls and things that don’t sound like taxes to address their overspending including NY’s projected $6.1 billion budget deficit, the role of nutrition, how information overload can lead to people to lose awareness and critical thinking, analog vs. digital learning, learning about topics like technology and firearms that can be used or misused, and more.
December 14, 2019
The Sharpe Way: Dec 2, 2019, Larry Sharpe talks with callers about the impacts of prohibition and regulation of voices.
Dec 2, 2019: Larry Sharpe talks with callers about the impacts of prohibition and regulation of voices. Topics covered include: how the War on Drugs is a cruel and ineffective way to deal with drug addictions, pros and cons of incrementalism as an approach to changing policy, black markets, how schools currently prepare high school students for life and jobs, the bans on vape flavors reward the black market, impacts of making consensual adult sex work illegal, government monopoly and addiction to money from gambling, why sin taxes are relatively popular vs. other taxes, and more.
December 13, 2019
The Sharpe Way 11-25-19: with You on "The Liberty Movement After the 2019 Election"
Nov 25, 2019: Larry Sharpe talks with callers about the Liberty Movement after the 2019 Election. Topics covered include: incrementalism in the liberty movement, the importance of all voices to reach people in all positions in their journey to liberty, the pros and cons of the Libertarian Party as the vehicle for advancing liberty, connecting liberty concepts to solutions to issues that matter to voters, how to respond when someone says “voting for a 3rd party is a wasted vote”, Libertarian influence on policy changes even when a Libertarian doesn’t win, and much more.
December 1, 2019
The Sharpe Way 11-18-19: with Jason Stapleton, Entrepreneur
Nov 18, 2019: Jason Stapleton is a massively successful Entrepreneurial personal brand builder. He launched Trade Empowered in 2009 and it quickly grew into one of the biggest and most well-respected trading education companies in the world. He is also host of “The Jason Stapleton Program” podcast with over 30,000 daily listeners. Larry and Jason talk with callers about the role of failure in success, the definition of “fairness”, how to address when someone says a third party vote is a “wasted vote”, responsibilities and realities of media vs. consumers of the media, two parties...and President Trump...and impeachment, the tendency to want people in power to do more of us than they are qualified to do, personal responsibility, legislation creating generations of people dependent on the government and the negative impact on families, and more.
November 30, 2019
The Sharpe Way 11-11-19: with you on "The War on Terror, Defense, & the Military Industrial Complex"
Nov 11, 2019: Larry Sharpe talks with callers on this special Veterans’ Day show.  Examples of topics covered include some suggestions for more effective support of Veterans on this day and throughout the year, the domestic and foreign impacts of the War on Terror, the real level of fear about terrorists, innovative alternatives to dealing with people who threaten the US, the use of security theater in defense, the negative impacts of the TSA, foreign aid role in war and jobs.  What nation is actually going to invade the US? Instead of the focus of our current military industrial complex, what are the three areas on which we should focus our national defense?
November 24, 2019
The Sharpe Way 11-04-19: with Mike Vass on "Upstate vs. Downstate NY Politics!"
Nov 4, 2019: Michael "Vass" Vasquez is a political commentator with a special focus of the 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment and Immigration. Mr. Vass is owner of MV Consulting Inc and its podcast “NO Soundbites Allowed”. Larry and Michael talk about how a black, Puerto Rican man originally from the Bronx and a family of all Democrats changes to Republican, and other topics such as splitting New York State, eminent domain with Downtown Hospital project in Utica, 2020 Election, vaping flavor bans, and more.
November 21, 2019
The Sharpe Way 10-28-19: with You on "Empathy I: Race"
Oct 28, 2019: Larry Sharpe talks with callers about empathy and its role in race. Examples of topics include: cultural and environmental impacts in perception and communication between races, the unfair but healthy burden of being the “other” in any given environment, you don’t have to “get it” or fix things to have a conversation, slavery vs. apartheid, reparations, a unique characteristic of American slavery, how the War on Drugs destroyed black families, how Democrats and Republians affect the black community, ownership and entrepreneurship, immigration communities, asking intent vs. attacking in conversations, “cancel culture is real...and it’s really stupid”. Listen for this and more about race.
November 21, 2019
The Sharpe Way 10-21-19: with Vinoo Varghese on "Criminal Justice"
Oct 21, 2019: Vinoo Varghese has experiences with all sides of the Criminal Justice System, including both prosecution and criminal defense. CBS News, Fox News, HLN, and MSNBC all call on Varghese for his legal opinions. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Law Journal, and Law360 have quoted him multiple times. Larry and Vinoo talk about how the son of a taxi driver becomes a successful criminal defense attorney who has beaten the IRS, the consistency of the law vs. the differing cultures of the District Attorneys in each district, TV prosecutors vs. real courtrooms, the massive failure of the War on Drugs, jury vs. bench trials, jury nullification, jury duty, the United States Federal criminal system is designed to convict, defense of defense attorneys, the court of public opinion, law enforcement insurance for violence, involving corrections officers in changing the system, “stop and frisk” for guns and the loss of trust in police, safety surveys, and more.
November 18, 2019
The Sharpe Way 10-07-19: with Maj Toure, 2019 Candidate for Philly Councilman At-Large
Oct 7, 2019: Maj Toure is running for Councilman At-Large in Philadelphia. He is a Hip Hop artist turned activist, and founder of Black Guns Matter. Philadelphia Weekly once referred to Toure as "the Prophet of Philadelphia." Larry and Maj talk about translating liberty to the hood, the role of family and friends in political affiliation, Maj’s suggested reading list to open your mind, how a bad system can make people behave terribly, forgiveness and healing, the soft bigotry of low expectations, immigration, the servicing aspect of government services, voluntary socialism, and more.
November 18, 2019
The Sharpe Way 10-14-19: with Debra Altman, NYC Council Woman
Oct 14, 2019: Debra Altman is the first elected Libertarian in New York City. Altman is the Councilwoman for Citywide Council District 75 Schools. Larry and Debra talk about Debra’s experience as an entrepreneur trying to support herself in NYC, how the welfare system isn’t meant to help but to maintain people in poverty, the value of cash in poor communities, how property tax is causing elderly people and low-income people go into foreclosure and making home ownership more like rental than ownership, the current state of Individual Education Plans (IEP) - special education plans, why Debra broke out of the stereotypes, taxes are an inefficient way to get services to people who need them, cyber security and self-reliability, variety of programs within each school for best results, many more topics related to education, and of course, the process and advice for running for office as a Libertarian.
November 18, 2019
The Sharpe Way 09-23-19: with Matt Welch, Editor-at-Large at Reason
Sep 23, 2019: Matt Welch is an American blogger, journalist, author, and libertarian political pundit. Welch is currently an editor-at-large at Reason, the libertarian magazine of “Free Minds and Free Markets.” He served as Reason's editor-in-chief from 2008-2016. Welch is also a co-host of two podcasts: “Reason Editors Roundtable” and “The Fifth Column”. Larry and Matt talk about the current political climate vs. the 70s, how similar Republicans and Republicans are in NY, the focus on national politics when local politics affect voters more directly, the impact of a strong alternate party, increased urbanization, how consumers can improve journalism, immigration over the past few decades, symbols in heterogeneous cultures, Gary Johnson, Bill Weld, and much more.
November 7, 2019
The Sharpe Way 09-16-19: with Lincoln Chafee, former Governor of RI
Sept 16, 2019: Lincoln Chafee has been Mayor, a Senator, and a Governor.  He also points out that he has been a Republican, a Democrat, an Independent, and now a Libertarian. Listen now to hear more about what has caused Lincoln Chafee to make these changes throughout his life as well as conversation on numerous subjects, including unnecessary wars, vaping bans, restaurant tips and more.
September 19, 2019
The Sharpe Way 09-09-19: with Michael Tolkin, founder of Smart Cities
Sept 9, 2019: Michael Tolkin is a tech entrepreneur, innovator, former Democratic candidate for Mayor of New York City, and the founder of Smart Cities.  Listen as Michael and Larry talk about Michael's past run for Mayor, Artificial Intelligence, city-oriented approaches to solving current problems, retail business trends, and more.
September 15, 2019
The Sharpe Way 09-02-19: with You on "Backlash: Unintended Consequences"
Sep 2, 2019: Larry Sharpe talks with callers about examples of unintended consequences caused by government policies.  Examples include the Americans with Disabilities Act and obesity, Cannabis and the War on Drugs, FEMA and flood insurance, guilty until proven innocent, school shootings and the 2nd Amendment, zero tolerance, population control in China, and more.
September 9, 2019
The Sharpe Way 08-26-19: with Howie Hawkins, 2020 Presidential Candidate, Green Party
August 26, 2019: Howie Hawkins is an organizer, activist, former teamster, former US Marine and proud long-time member of the Green Party. He has run for office multiple times, from local city council to Governor of New York (along side of me) and now he is running for President. Howie and Larry talk about the history of how Howie joined the Green Party, free college, ballot access for alternate parties, what is a libertarian socialist, definition of capitalism, automation and trends in labor, and more.
September 7, 2019
Special Announcement - News About The First Call-in Show
Big news on our first live guest and first live call in show!
August 21, 2019
Episode 2 - What Do Mass Shootings Have To Do With Happiness?
The mass shooting epidemic is not a gun problem; it is a happiness problem. Let's make happier people, not stricter laws.
August 4, 2019
Special Episode - The Sharpe Way July 2019: with 10 Guests at FreedomFest
Larry Sharpe sat down with multiple guests at FreedomFest 2019 and talked all things liberty and freedom. 00:00 Dan Fishman, Executive Director, Libertarian Party. How to talk about Libertarianism to more people. 13:40 Jeff Kanter, Founder Your Freedom Hub. Healthcare vs. healthcare insurance and healthcare reform. 22.22 Wolf Von Laer, CEO, Students For Liberty. How is the liberty movement growing with Millennials, when ao many Millennials want socialism?  29:40 Boomer Shannon, Libertarian Political Strategist. Different approaches to get Libertarians elected. 35:35 Jason Cozens, Glint. New gold-based debit card launching in the US. 43:19 John Lott, President Crime Prevention Research Center. Research on guns and crime prevention and the impact of laws. 58:30 CJ From Deplorable Choir. How a group of stay-at-home moms started a choir focused on Trump and conservative entertainment. 1:03:43 Jim Babka, President Downsize DC. How to get legislators to write fewer and clearer laws; how to move toward the right kind of government. 1:16:05 Nicholas Sarwark, Chair Libertarian Party National. Prospects for the LP with the 2020 election. Role of respect and human dignity for all. 1:31:00 Patrick Brown, President FeedMe. A new app that consolidates feeds from many sources into a single feed that can also be segmented into mini feeds of targeted content. How does this impact the bubbles of information vs. exposure to more ideas?
July 29, 2019
Episode One - What Is The Sharpe Way?
What is the Sharpe Way? What do I hope to achieve? What will you help me to make it. Looking forward to something big!
July 27, 2019