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Manic Mysteries

Manic Mysteries

By Shaun Cashman
Manic Mysteries is a comedic detective series set in Freedom City, an urban metropolis blending film noir, steampunk, and a touch of fantasy. The stories follow the case files of the Dick and Jane Detective Agency with the gruff and no-nonsense Robert Stone and his eccentric partner Styx. Together, these two detectives-for-hire unravel unusual mysteries of murder, magic, and mayhem.
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Manic Mysteries Ep. 7 - "The Case of Dick and Jane"
All great stories have to begin somewhere and this one begins with a simple job. Robert Stone must find two missing accountants in order to earn his detective license. The only problem is that they are also wanted by the mob. Stone must dodge government agents and hired killers in order to find the elusive Dick and Jane. Welcome to the first case file of detectives Robert Stone and Styx and the story of how the Dick and Jane Detective Agency began.  
August 2, 2020
Manic Mysteries Ep. 6 - "The Case of the Troll of Wallstreet"
High stakes are on the line as an expensive painting has gone missing from the Wishing Well Stock Firm. Robert Stone finds himself alone on this case as Styx takes a break from the detective game to play a game of a different sort. However, both of our detectives each find themselves in deep trouble in two unique tales of Freedom City. How will our plucky gumshoes handle murder, a possessed toy, and a rampaging troll? Find out in this episode.
July 1, 2020
Manic Mysteries Episode 4.2 - The Case of the Suitor with One Blue Shoe (Super Romantic Version)
Hello everyone. Due to a virus outbreak that will remain unnamed, I have been unable to get all of my actors together for recording. I should still be able to put together a new episode either later this month or at the beginning of next month. In the meantime I have re-edited episode 4 "The Case of the Suitor with One Blue Shoe" so you can still get your Manic Mystery fix. I've included some extra music and audio tweaks to make it even more ridiculous. Hope you enjoy.
June 1, 2020
Manic Mysteries Ep. 5 - "The Case of the Ghost and the Rubber Chicken"
On a dark and stormy night, a mysterious young lady arrives at the door of the Dick and Jane detective agency with a terrifying tale. Her brother has been murdered and she's afraid his ghost is calling out for justice. It's a comedy of terrors as our skeptical detectives find themselves at a haunted house in the middle of a thunderstorm. Will Styx and Stone unravel the mystery of the Blackraven Haunted House and Joke Shop or will they join the ranks of the ghostly denizens?
May 1, 2020
Manic Mysteries Ep. 4 - "The case of the Suitor with One Blue Shoe"
A beautiful visitor calls on Stone late one night with an unusual case. Elanora Swan is a wealthy socialite who has met the man of her dreams. The only problem is that he's been kidnapped. The distraught lady employs our two detectives to track down her missing paramour and the vile villains who have captured him.  To solve this case, we must journey to the quiet hamlet of Bramblebee where things aren't quite as they seem. Mistaken identities, dastardly potions, and vampire pirates are just a few of the twists in this odd tale of love and loss. Who is this mysterious Brandon Birmingham and why is our only clue, one blue shoe.
April 1, 2020
Manic Mysteries Ep. 3 - "The Case of the Killer Banana"
A series of murders have shocked the residents of Freedom City. The police are baffled. They aren't sure how the victims died or why. And yet each of the bodies were found with a piece of fruit clutched in their cold hands. When Robert Stone receives an anonymous gift at his door, he becomes caught in a tangled web of treachery and revenge. An old skeleton emerges from the past with a vendetta. Will Stone survive the killer banana? Will Styx find love in alchemy? Who is the Cat? Find out in the third episode of Manic Mysteries.
March 1, 2020
Manic Mysteries Ep. 2 - "The Case of the Dead Parrot"
It's a hot summer day in Freedom City and foul play is afoot. The estate of the late Augustus Dohrwald is in an uproar as a seemingly worthless item has turned up missing. Who stole the dead parrot and why does everyone want it so bad? Find out in this second case of the Dick and Jane Detective Agency.
February 1, 2020
Manic Mysteries Ep. 1 - "The Case of the Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
Welcome to Freedom City, an urban metropolis filled with magic, steampunk, and mystery. Manic Mysteries follows the adventures of two private detectives named Robert Stone and Styx as they navigate an urban jungle inspired by the works of Dashiell Hammett and classic film noir. In this first adventure, the wealthy owner of a fast food franchise has been murdered and its up to our resourceful detectives to track down his missing wife whom the police believe is the murderer. There's plenty of thrills and a dash of humor in our first mystery. Please note that we are not professional voice actors and we made this for our own amusement. We had fun making it and, hopefully, you'll enjoy it too. A new adventure will be published each month.  
January 1, 2020