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The Shavaughn B Podcast

The Shavaughn B Podcast

By Shavaughn Baker
The Shavaughn B Podcast amplifies the stories of entrepreneurs that reflects our diverse experiences building businesses and thriving local economies. It's important for us to highlight entrepreneurs building startups of all stages from ideation to growth. We'll be sharing new aspiring perspectives, ideas and narratives of upcoming players within in the startup ecosystem.
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An important conversation about designing spaces in the wellness industry for Black people
In this episode of The Shavaughn B Podcast, we sit down and talk with Social Entrepreneur Rahwa Neguse. Rahwa is an Executive Director of Healthy Black Families, Inc. a Berkeley, California based non-profit organization that educates, engage and advocates for holistic growth and development of diverse Black individuals and families. Rahwa recently launched Gereb Living, a holistic health and healing wellness company. Gereb Living empowers people to live their best full life of health wellness and vitality. A life where people are balanced emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. For Rahwa, building a wellness company goes beyond health and lifestyle. We unpack topics that range from the lack of positive trends in Black health to key indicators that are driven by social development, economic programs and policy changes.
February 10, 2021
Isis Asare's startup created a digital space for independent authors and book enthusiasts to dialogue, connect and share.
Building a business around community is no easy task. Starting an online bookstore requires an in-depth knowledge of e-commerce business models, creating a personal brand, and developing relationships with authors and distributors. Founder, Isis Asare has built one of the fastest growing, digital literary spaces in the U.S. centered around Black literature. The brand even made it to’s Black-owned bookstore list. Sistah Scifi is more than just an online bookstore, it is a community. Isis has managed to build an incredibly unique brand that pays homage to the likes of American Science Fiction author Octavia Butler, including comics such as Vagrant Queen by Magdelene Visaggio and Jason Smith. Sistah Scifi is the perfect balance between escapism, community and Black literature. Book enthusiasts who have a deepen appreciation for afro futurism, mysticism, science fiction, magical realism, and horror can share, congregate, and discuss their favorite genres and authors. In this episode of The Shavaughn B Podcast, Isis lays out the steps she has taken to grow the Sistah Scifi brand in this $10 Billion a year industry.
December 18, 2020
A comprehensive approach to stabilizing, restoring and rebuilding small businesses
Small businesses are the bedrock of American communities, accounting for 99 percent of all business establishments. The health pandemic rocked economies to their core, as a result some small businesses partially or permanently shut their doors. Black businesses were hit the worse, with 440,000 closures. With a comprehensive resiliency strategy, we could save our local economies. Shavaughn B discusses an expanded focus for stabilizing and the restoration of Black owned businesses.
December 3, 2020
Juwan Bepo Founder of Curly Tips
Juwan Bepo Founder of the beauty tech startup Curly Tips is building a community where Black women are encouraged to love their hair in its natural state. Curly Tips combines community and marketplace in a uniquely innovative and creative way. The digital platform will serve as a space for Black women to communicate about hair care, topics include the best products for various hair types, how to minimize tension, and affordable protective style options. In the future, the beauty tech startup will enable brands to connect to consumers and influencers, creating brand partnership opportunities for Black women. Learn more about how Juwan aims to leverage the ever-growing natural hair movement to empower Black women.
November 13, 2020
Jimmy Woodard Co-Founder of Cloud Castles
Cloud Castles makes renting a vacation home as easy as booking an Airbnb. Jimmy delves deep into how the startup aims to use technology to streamline the process of purchasing, investing and vacationing in rental homes.
October 15, 2020
Shavaughn B: The story behind how I built the Corporate Concierge
Our motto is simple: We build to uplift marginalized communities through entrepreneurship with the goal of building sustainable, thriving economies. My story is rather unconventional, but very much purpose driven.
October 15, 2020