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Shay Over Wine

Shay Over Wine

By Shay
Hi, I’m Shay. It’s nice to meet you. I’m a regular girl from Brooklyn sharing my discoveries and experiences with wine.
In this podcast, I’ll be sharing my journey to getting more familiar with wine and all it has to offer, as well as bringing this joy to some of my closest friends, some of whom have never experienced wine the way I have.
I’m not your typical wine enthusiast, and neither are my friends. I’m here to bring wine to places it’s never been, over conversations that aren’t usually had.
I’m a budding connoisseur enthusiast, still learning, and still growing in my new hobby. It’s way too much fun to keep to myself. I want everybody I know drinking a glass at every dinner, having intelligent conversations about wine, and having a damn good time discovering wine.
LadySteele Over Primitivo
Back at with LadySteele of Love, Peace, and Slander! Touching on a broad range of topics like developing the palate EARLY, #selfcare, and the art of the BigUp 👀👀👀. Still bringing the knowledge with a banging ass Primitivo from Puglia! #fortheculture **Currently searching for theme music, so help a sista out!*
November 21, 2018
Zetty Over La Belle Vie
 My good friend Zetty and I get a little weird about Insecure, Hurricane Harvey, maintaining your identity while being a single mom, and other randomness over the very yummy, very okey La Belle Vie by Apryl Wines. 
September 17, 2017
Sharpe Over Whispering Angel
 Step into the barbershop where we talk about Hurricane Harvey, them damn kids, dogs as family, and so much more over Whispering Angel rosé. Special appearance by Cousin Jay. 
September 8, 2017
Shay Over Riesling
 Allow me to reintroduce myself, alongside a gem from my Winc box! 
August 22, 2017
Rum over Trebuchet
 Me and my boyfriend, Rum, discussing 2 bottles. 
August 22, 2017