"When the Cards are Stacked Against You...Bite Down, Push Through."

An episode of ONE:

By Shayne Veramallay
Authentic Individuals. Inspiring Stories... It takes a single drop to create a waterfall. An individual can change the course of history. This is the power of ONE:
“Wicked Smaht... Filmmaking for Emerging African Artists.” - Nimo Mathenge
Filmmaker and Executive Producer shares her dreams and mission to elevate African artists in independent film.  Hear about her journey and the projects she has worked on.  An inspiring woman who has beat the odds... and she's just getting started.  Wicked Smaht... from Harvard.
May 6, 2019
"Find Those Opportunities to Work When that Other Man Isn't Working." - Hakeem Valles, Arizona Cardinals Tight End
A Haitian growing up inner city with the passion to excel, learn, and unleash his physical and intellectual potential.  Traumatic injuries, lessons leading to self-awareness, and almost murdered after being hog-tied and blindfolded lead to the re-birth of Hakeem Valles... Tight End for the Arizona Cardinals and a young Real Estate investor.  A life now leaning toward impacting youth and elevating education of how to hedge yourself and build wealth, confidence, and skills from an early age.  Learning how to lose, how to succeed, and bending yourself so you can thrive.  Dope interview, and an even more impressive soul.  If you are in NYC, join us for the CARBON & Operation Water Challenge "22andYou" following World Water Day starting March 22nd.  Details to follow at
March 11, 2019
"When the Cards are Stacked Against You...Bite Down, Push Through."
ONE: Co-Host, Jason Wang, son of immigrant parents and a student hungry for learning, pushes his limits in and out of the classroom.  An aspiring financier and Investment Banker, tells his story leading up to his current years at Indiana University.   Always willing to further his experiences and shape his world.   
February 27, 2019
"A Student. An Immigrant from Guyana. - His Quest to Wall Street...and Beyond."
Aqib Mohamed, a Sophomore at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN and Co-Host this media series ("ONE:"), talks about his challenges of growing up in a small town, overcoming a disease, racial barriers, and his drive to excel as he pursues his passion of working on Wall Street and politics.  
February 20, 2019
"Last-Mile Resourcing using Technology and the Shared Economy" with RATAN AGARWAL, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of CARBON
Ratan Agarwal, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of CARBON ( talks about using technology to enable last-mile resourcing and tapping into the shared economy to allow all of us to contribute our time, resources, capital, and skillsets to create impact.
February 18, 2019
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