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By Shazna Jai at Urban Wisdom
Urban Wisdom presents Mastering the Moment. Our master interviewees are funny, knowledgeable, wise, creative and transformative. They will assist you in your awakening path. It's the relaxed ease that will move us faster to our collective awakening.

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EXPAND your time with Spiritual Principles
This episode will give you the encouragement to bless yourself with the expansion of time.  Contact to see the details on programs offered plus Bios, Credentials, Blogs and Video Channel.
May 05, 2022
Urban Wisdom talking about Mastering the Moment with Kirsten Liegmann
Presence….living in the moment… is not just a nice spiritual concept. It is is the very foundation of the journey of evolution. You cannot evolve and wake up if you keep repeating the same experiences. To shift into the Now opens up the portal to experiences, feelings, and states of being that are essential for happiness, fulfillment, and truly making a difference as leaders and pioneers of a new paradigm. Living in the moment means you shift out knowing something as a memory to knowing it with full embodied wisdom. That is where true liberation, empowerment, choice and awakening lies. In a very precise, no fluff and clear manner Kirsten lays out how you can find the joy, expansion and magic that is the gift of presence. Contact Kirsten at Mastering the moment gives us Choice, consciously. Come and find out how with Kirsten Liegmann in her view tells stories and gives some teachings that will move you to a higher vibration and happiness in your life. Can we embody the spiritual path Now?
April 12, 2022
Misa Hopkins and Shazna Jai accept the challenge of Mastering the Moment
Living in the moment is truly one of the single most challenging things to learn.  Watch this inspiring interview with Spiritual Healer Misa Hopkins who puts it simply and with her profound twists.
March 29, 2022
Conscious Breathe 3 mins to Balance
If you would like to have a quick simple way to balance your energy - this is the key.  I use it all day and it works!
March 29, 2022
MTM with Dr Tom Garcia #3
Timely, you must see this interview before the next full moon, in September 2021.  Dr Tom is inviting you to experience his yet unnamed program that will bring you into the sacred fire of your own life.  He calls it life changing,  Check it out.  Subscribe below for free.
September 16, 2021
Meditation for Sleep Now with Shazna Jai
Meditation, breath and focusing the mind on the body is a great way to fall into rejuvenation mode.  Letting go of your day knowing that tomorrow you will wake fully refreshed and available for the day is exciting.  Your body will rest deeply and revitalize itself without you doing anything more.  Just let go and rest.
August 19, 2021
Mastering the Moment with Gwendolyn Terra
The masters live within us.  Once we access them, we thrive and those around us move into happier more grounded places.  Gwendolyn offers her wisdom on how to use movement, 5 very special tips on sacred relating and another 3 tips to inspire you.  See her at: or contact her at  Feel free to subscribe to this Channel
August 01, 2021
Mastering the Moment with Sage Pridemore
Our talk centers around Mastering the Moment that affects many facets of our lives like manifestation, self reflection, our vibration, loving ourselves and so much more.  Listen and comment below.  You can contact Sage at  Subscribe to this channel, it's free.
July 23, 2021
Mastering the Moment with Patrick Wise, the Wise Guy'D
Mastering the Moment comes alive by sharing what we are guided by impulse, or the voice of guidance in any form, with others.  Right now we are going through a growth phase collectively.  It's important for us to gather in groups and hold that frequency that propels us to make changes, within ourselves and our world.  We together can do this and Patrick and I talk about how.  Get some answers here.  You can contact Patrick at, or search for his podcast at Wise Guy'D.  Subscribe to this channel, it's free.
July 23, 2021
Dr Kyre Adept and Urban Wisdom Talk about Psychic Energy, Who's Toxic?
We have expanded to more topics that relate to Mastering the Moment. This discussion we are focusing on a hot topic that comes up a lot with my/our clients -  Is there such a thing as psychic energy? What is toxic energy?  What about places you visit?  It's not just people! it's free to subscribe to this channel, click below
July 01, 2021
Urban Wisdom Talk with Master Cleanser Tom Woloshyn
Tom Woloshyn inspires us to keep our body clean by cleansing as often as you feel with the right information. Tom's expertise will show you how to take your health to the next level.  Watch and see for yourself.  and remember it's free to subscribe to this channel below.
April 27, 2021
Urban Wisdom and Marguerite Rigoglioso
Marguerite can transport you deeply into your sacred self.  Her work for spiritual women is growing and her knowledge of Mary and the virgin birth is truly eye and heart opening.  Watch this interview to see what inspires you.  and remember it's free to subscribe to this channel below
April 26, 2021
Urban Wisdom and Shaman Kelly Rogers
Kelly Rogers is a shaman and ascension master helper.  Her views on Mastering the Moment will take you into a higher vibration.  Hold on to you seats.  See more about her at:​ and, remember its free to subscribe to my channel below
April 23, 2021
Urban Wisdom with Dr. Tom Garcia on Spiritual Leadership
Spiritual Leadership, discerning what kind of a leader you are in your community and in your own person life.  Remember it's free to subscribe to this channel
April 18, 2021
Urban Wisdom with Ralph Steiner
Ralph Steiner is a transformational artist and activist.  His visions and philosophies for humanity are a wonder, so listen well.  You can see more of his talent here: Remember it's free to subscribe to this channel below.
April 18, 2021
Urban Wisdom with Astrologer Isaac George
Isaac always brings some new insights.  This chat moves from the collective consciousness wants/needs to the (true) beginning of the new year which starts in Aries on the New Moon. Listen in to receive some good juju.   It's free to subscribe to this channel, thank you.
April 09, 2021
Urban Wisdom with Dr.Tom Garcia on Awakening, Sacred Fire and the Calling
One Heart Mission has opened the door to many invitations to discuss what the needs of humanity are in this moment.  Dr. Tom Garcia and I had a whirlwind discussion that ran the gamut of awakening, divine connection and knowing your own truth.  We both gave a blessing at the end. Not to be missed.  Remember it's free to subscribe to my channel below.  Thank you.  Share if you feel called.
April 09, 2021
Misa Hopkins chats on Mastering the moment
Misa Hopkins is world known for her sacred healing, shamanism and ceremonial programs for women who have been sexually abused.  She is strength and softness all in one.  Listen for yin awakening as her next step. You can see more of Misa at​  Remember it's free to subscribe to this channel
March 21, 2021
Urban Wisdom talks with Dr. Tom Garcia
This conversation brings up many new ways and ideas to live in the moment as Tom shares his powerful story of awakening and how he works with the sacred fire.  Make sure to stay until the end to receive his blessing.  Contact him at  Please subscribe to my channel below, thank you.
March 06, 2021
Urban Wisdom Podcast talks with Sarah Sparks
Sarah Sparks is true to her name, she sparks light wherever she goes.  We had a fun and interesting twist to the mastering the moment conversation.  Hope you like it, and catch her at:  And remember to subscribe to this channel to hear more interesting interviews, thank you.
March 06, 2021
Urban Wisdom Podcast talks with Michelle Howe
Mastering the Moment has challenges and blessings.  Michele makes a perfect distinction about Authenticity and Being in the Moment.  Listen to  this stimulating conversation to see what you get.  You can make comments below.  You can reach Michelle at Please subscribe to this channel for more interviews on this subject. 
March 06, 2021
Urban Wisdom Podcast Talks with Melissa Glorieux
Mastering the Moment is a practice that may have become more prevalent in 2020.  In this interview Melissa shares what it's been like going from a extremely busy "I have no time" attitude to the blessing of living in the moment with plenty of time and a new discipline to have more freedom in her day. If you like what you hear here, please subscribe.
March 06, 2021
Urban Wisdom Interviews Julia Desmond
Every Moment is a blessing when you live in the Moment, says Julia.  Hear our conversation on how the shift into a higher vibration may effect your life.  See Julia's website at:​ If you like what you hear here, please subscribe, thank you.
March 06, 2021
Mastering the Moment Interviews Isaac George
Mastering the Moment with a hilarious and historical twist.  Isaac is full of wisdom from the ages and his take on things will bring you into a new perception.  Watch to see for yourself.  Subscribe to this channel. See more info about Isaac here: Subscribe to Urban Wisdom Podcast channel
March 06, 2021