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She Rises

She Rises

By Giovanna Capozza
Relationship advice, spirituality, and more. This podcast will inspire you and empower you to live life on your terms!
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She Rises

Giovanna Capozza - This is Not Goodbye
Hey, everyone, welcome back to another episode of She Rises. I'm your host, Giovanna Capozza, and today I'm here with a pretty special announcement, a little emotional announcement, actually, and that is with regards to this show. On March 8th of this year, 2020, on International Women's Day, She Rises had its four-year anniversary, and man, oh, man, when I think about that, it just feels like it feels like it was ten years ago. It has been four amazing years on this show. It had me really look back and reflect. In fact, I've been reflecting on this show since the holidays, since just before the holidays, actually, on what I want for the show, where I want it to go next. What guests I want to have on and what I want to do with the show, and really what I want to do with my work and my message. Last year was a big year for me. It was a big year of soul searching, so as I approached the four-year anniversary of the show, I really got to reflecting even more and more. And I made a decision over the holidays that I hadn't yet announced on the show, partly because I thought, well, maybe I'll change my mind, and the other part was because sometimes it's really hard to let things go. You may or may not have guessed so far that what I'm about to announce is that She Rises will be completing for the spring season on this show. In fact, this is our very last show. Now, four years ago, just last week before this show airs, on International Women's Day, was the launch of She Rises. And I had started doing the planning the December prior. It was sort of interesting on the timing of when I got the intuitive hit and really the guidance that it was time to move on from the show, was the exact same time of year, four years later, that I had the idea and the intuition to start the show. It was quite interesting. The timing was quite interesting. Again, it had me really reflect back on four years, and where was I four years ago? Well, four years ago I was living in San Diego. I was working with Rich Litvin, who is the co-author of The Prosperous Coach. I had just moved to San Diego, actually, having lived in Santa Barbara for a year and a half prior to that. And I had set off on a month-long Mexican vacation because I had been so, so stressed. In fact, I was battling the very same autoimmune things and adrenal fatigue that have come up for me recently. For those of you that follow me on social media, you’ve read a little bit about what's been going on with my health and stuff I've been battling with, and that was up for me then, too. I needed a break, so I had gone away to Mexico for a month. That's my happy place. I had this intuition and I knew that I wanted to start something. I knew that I needed to use my voice and that I loved having conversations with people. In fact, I love the fact that in the last four years, with the excuse of the podcast, I have had amazing conversations with some people that have been mentors of mine, people that I've followed and admired, authors of books that I've read and just really enjoyed. It’s been such a privilege to have this as a backdrop. Four years ago, when I thought about this concept, really it was about, well, how can I use my voice? How could I facilitate and have these amazing conversations with people? And then how can I do it in such a way that I share it with people so that they, too, can get a little bit of education and a little bit of insight on their own lives? In fact, prior to starting the podcast and to this day, I am a podcast junkie. I don't know if that's because I'm a Gemini and I love learning all the time, but I am just such a geek. I like geek out on topics and nerd out on things all the time, and podcasts to me are such an amazing way that we can do that. We can learn. We can learn from our greatest mentors. We can learn from people we've never heard of before. It's such a great tool for delivering messages, and again, education. With that, I decided I wanted to dive into the podc
April 01, 2020
John Schinnerer - Your Best Relationship
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes John Schinnerer, author of How Can I Be Happy? and host of The Evolved Caveman podcast. His areas of expertise include from stress management, positive psychology, anger management, high performance, and helping others to create happy, thriving relationships. Together Giovanna and John discuss: What to look for in someone that you're dating What to completely avoid in a potential partner How to understand yourself and your partner better The ins and outs of how to navigate conflict How to express what you need in a relationship better The importance of creating conscious relationships Visit or to learn more about Dr. John Schinnerer.
March 25, 2020
Danielle Macleod - Lead Like a Queen
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes Danielle Macleod, Co-Founder of Remarkable Women and former Customer Service Director of Sky in the UK (leading 10,000 people). As a Qualified Eating Psychology Coach, Certified Dare To Lead facilitator, and the author of 'Remarkably Easy', Danielle is dedicated to guiding women in living a life of impact and joy, whilst avoiding the perceived costs of health, relationships and wealth. Danielle shares her perspective and wisdom on: moving from a warrior attack way of living to a queen leadership way of living the value of moving from convincing and dominating to compelling and inspiring the principal of ruthless compassion the principal of profound service the principal of slowing down to speed up the importance of living in masculine and feminine balance being discerning where your energy goes, the tasks you take on, and the people you spend time with the value of living a life you love, including the work that you do creating a nurturing environment for others instead of one of attack choosing impact over ego, and recognising your ego as the voice of fear and self-doubt understanding that you are the asset in the equation and learning to treat yourself as valuable and deserving of nurture, care, and support learning to ask 'What would my Queen choose?" in every situation You can learn more about Danielle and Remarkable Women here: Remarkably Easy is available from Amazon, link below:
March 18, 2020
Laura Tucker - The Ugly Side of Self-Help
Today on SheRises, Giovanna welcomes Laura Tucker, leadership coach, transformational speaker, and the host of the Free Your Inner Guru® Podcast. As a survivor of the fatal 2009 Sedona Sweat Lodge, Laura is committed to transforming the self-help industry and to ensure that self-help is conducted in a truly safe and empowering way.  the good and bad of the self-help industry  the importance of going within for answers and trusting yourself  how your inner wisdom is not always easy or simple to access  the value of sharing your own words instead of those of others  the love/hate relationship with self-help in the coaching industry  the search for your own inner guru  the value of conscious active self-care versus passive self-care  the importance of being a healthy sceptic  recognising when your intuition is operating through a filter  how what you respond to in someone else is a reflection of yourself, good or bad  how there is no cookie-cutter shortcut or magic bullet and that life is about the experience To access Laura's Free Your Inner Guru Guidebook, go to: You can learn more about Laura Tucker at: Free Your Inner Guru® episodes are released bi-weekly at
March 11, 2020
Kitty Waters - How to Find Your Calling
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes Kitty Waters, a Success and Business Coach who helps others create their dream lives via her Dharma Life Programme. Together, Giovanna and Kitty explore: the concept of Dharma, being the right path of action how following your passions in combination with your unique gifts and talents is living your purpose how your purpose will continue to evolve as you do how to get quiet and ask the right questions of your soul how we need to know what we want and not worry about how it's going to happen You can find out more about Kitty Waters and the Dharma Life Programme at the following links: As a special gift to listeners, Kitty is offering a 20% discount on the next Dharma Life Programme, starting in April 2020. To take up this exclusive offer, PM her on Instagram @kitty_talks.
March 04, 2020
Shelley Paxton - Living with Soul
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes fellow soul sister and Chief Soul Officer, Shelley Paxton. Shelley is an international speaker and coach, and author of Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide To Finding Your Best Life. Together, Shelley and Giovanna talk about: - What it means to be on a Soulbbatical, and why that is important- What it means to have alignment in your life around your soul- The importance of making the time to reconnect with your soul instead of waiting for some day- Practical exercises to begin the work of rediscovering ourselves- The value of taking small steps daily towards a more aligned and fulfilled life You can find more information about Shelley Paxton Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel's Guide To Finding Your Best Life is available to purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bam!, and Indie Bound.
February 26, 2020
Marlo Ellis - Lessons from an Uncommon Woman
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes Marlo Ellis, founder of The Uncommon Woman and Success Coach, who is driven to share her message of healing and empowerment with women across the globe. Marlo shares her story, and her perspective and wisdom on: - the way we unlock healing through owning, releasing, and sharing our stories- the power of sharing your truth and pain as a tool for healing and helping others- the divine feminine as a way to reconnect with our innate nature and step into empowered leadership- the importance of honoring the divine feminine in working with other women Find out more about Marlo Ellis and The Uncommon Woman at
February 19, 2020
Giovanna Capozza - The History of Love
Welcome back to She Rises! Today on a special Valentine's episode, Giovanna shares the interesting history and purpose of Valentine's Day, including: - the origins of Valentine's Day as a day celebrating love- the romantic intention of Valentine's Day- the value of celebrating love regardless of your relationship status- the powerful practice of writing a love letter to yourself
February 12, 2020
CrisMarie Campbell & Susan Clarke - The Beauty Of Conflict
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes CrisMarie Campbell and Susan Clarke, co-founders of Thrive Inc, and authors of The Beauty of Conflict and the Beauty of Conflict for Couples. CrisMarie & Susan share their perspective on: embracing conflict in relationships instead of fearing it learning to tolerate the tension to move through it how to calm yourself in the midst of conflict the value of voicing what you don't want to say dealing with your own and someone else's defensiveness You can connect with CrisMarie and Susan at
February 05, 2020
Teo Alfero - Practically Dreaming
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes friend and teacher, Teo Alfero. Teo shares his incredible wisdom and experience on topics including: using dreaming to access other worlds and knowledge how to move from unaware to intentional dreaming the differences experienced between a deep meditative state and intentional dreaming creating your life in dreaming as a means to create your life in your waking life what it means to have an ego and navigate being a spiritual being shifting perspective to see the value and purpose of the ego in our lives Resources: You can find out more about Teo on the following Teo Alfero's book is called "The Wolf Connection: What Wolves Can Teach Us about Being Human" More about lucid dreaming:"The Art of Dreaming" by Carlos Castaneda
January 29, 2020
Gay & Katie Hendricks - Conscious Relationships
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes Gay & Katie Hendricks, bestselling authors and pioneers in the fields of body intelligence and relationship transformation. Together they share their wisdom on conscious relationships, including: The importance of developing and maintaining a lifelong balance in our relationships between time together and time alone Ways to discover and access our body intelligence to know when we need time alone or together Learning to shift from criticism to wonder, and how to express the three underlying emotions people find most difficult to express in relationships The joy of being able to be fully yourself in the presence of someone else For the first time, this podcast is also available on YouTube at: You can find out more about Gay & Katie Hendricks at Their books include: Conscious Loving The Big Leap Conscious Loving Ever After: How to Create Thriving Relationships at Midlife and Beyond The Joy of Genius
January 22, 2020
Giovanna Capozza - New Year, New You? Maybe Not.
Welcome back to She Rises! Today Giovanna welcomes you as we start the new year and decade, and talks about: the pressure of being a new you at the start of a new year the value of honoring exactly where you are today the importance of focusing on intentions as you move forward treating yourself with kindness and love Giovanna also shares that SheRises will be available on YouTube as video interviews this year as well. Link to YouTube channel
January 15, 2020
Giovanna Capozza - How To End A Decade Well
Welcome back to She Rises!  Today Giovanna shares some questions to help you review the past year and decade, and to move forward into 2020 and the new decade with clarity and intention. These include: 1.  The decisions I made in 2019 that really worked for me were ... 2.  The decisions I made in 2019 that created not-so-good results were ... 3.  If someone left me a billion-dollar inheritance, I would ... 4.  If life were limitless, I would ... 5.  If the universe were limitless, I would ask for ... 6.  In 2020 I want to create ... Link to apply for Giovanna's special gift to you: Happy Holidays!
December 23, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - Have You Ever Lost Yourself?
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking about the idea of losing yourself when you are in a relationship. Has this ever happened to you, or you felt like it did? There are three types of attachment styles and we all fall into one of them, secure, anxious and avoidant. These styles are largely formed in our early years, yet have ever lasting effects on us. Join me, in this quick but powerful podcast. Giovanna talks about attachment styles Giovanna discusses what it really means to lose yourself Giovanna emphasizes the depth of who you really are Resources: Lovesick to Love Healed Attached
November 12, 2019
Sarah Coxon - What's Pulling Your Heartstrings?
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Sarah Coxon. Dr Sarah Coxon is a mentor, facilitator and guide for wild women wanting to reclaim the feminine and experience more ease, freedom and flow. She is the founder of Limitless: The Academy, where she teaches women practical wisdom on how to embody their feminine power and experience liberation. She also mentors women in roles of leadership, helping them to powerfully lead, serve & succeed. 5 years ago Sarah left her unfulfilling academic life in the UK to follow her purpose & create freedom on her terms. She now lives in Portugal with her Italian fiance Mauro, where she teaches yoga, writes, mentors, hikes, cycles and does whatever keeps her happy and at ease. Sarah talks about the blueprint of who we really are Sarah discusses what happens when we are in struggle Giovanna emphasizes the reaction when you are operating in fear Sarah and Giovanna talk the struggle of ME and WE
November 06, 2019
Dr. Marni Feuerman - Ghosted & Breadcrumbed
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Dr. Marni Feuerman. Dr. Marni is a licensed marriage and family therapist and licensed clinical social worker. She maintains a private practice and offers workshops focused on relationship problems, marriage, infidelity, dating, and divorce. As a nationally recognized relationship and marriage expert, she has contributed to countless online media outlets. She lives in South Florida with her husband and twin daughters. Find out more about her work at Dr. Marni talks about how we are better together… Dr. Marni discusses how vulnerability is the way that we can connect to one another Giovanna emphasizes having needs doesn't make you needy Resources: Ghosted & Breadcrumbed Lovesick to Love Healed
October 30, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - As Good As a Man?
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking about the notion of being "As Good As a Man". As women we constantly tell ourselves a story that we need to be As Good As a Man, when really we need to be as good as OURSELVES. This isn't a man hating episode, this is an empowering and quick little chat, where we dive into the power that is YOU! You don't want to miss out on this episode! Giovanna talks about the power of who we are as women Giovanna discusses how we sell ourselves short when we try to be "as good as" Giovanna emphasizes how this mindset effects our relationships Resources: Lovesick to Love Healed
October 23, 2019
Lama Palden Dromla - How to Transform Suffering
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking with Lama Palden Dromla about How to Transform Suffering. Lama Palden is the author of Love on Every Breath. A licensed psychotherapist, spiritual teacher, and coach, she has studied Buddhism in the Himalayas with some of the most preeminent Tibetan masters of the twentieth century. Following a traditional three-year retreat under his guidance, Kalu Rinpoche authorized her to become one of the first Western lamas. She subsequently founded the Sukhasiddhi Foundation, a Tibetan Buddhist teaching center in Fairfax, California.    Lama Palden dives into how to feel our pain and move through it consciously  Lama Palden talks about being open to what is Lama Palden discusses why Love on Every Breath is a mediation that changes your experience in the moment   Resources:   Website: Love on Every Breath:
October 16, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - Why Love Yourself First is B.S!
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking about why the notion of Loving Yourself First is B.S. As someone who has been tricked into this new age manta of reaching some level of "complete", Giovanna will talk about how she changed that and why you can't get it "right". Giovanna used to think that she must be attracting certain qualities and men because she didn't love herself enough in certain areas. This is a falsehood that we tell ourselves. You don't want to miss out on this episode! Giovanna dives into the spiral of self love to get what we want Giovanna talks about being in a healthy relationship and what that took Giovanna discusses finding what your personal values are and how that will create the shift Giovanna emphasizes your value proposition Homework: What is your value proposition? Write down everything that is valuable to you. Everything you bring to a friendship. To the world. To life. If you struggle to do this, call a friend, call family, call someone who knows you well and ask them. Find an avatar for yourself. Someone you admire, their life, their relationship..and ask you love yourself 100%. If they are honest, they will probably say no...that they (like all of us) are a work in progress Resources: Lovesick to Love Healed
October 09, 2019
Sumi Krishnan - The Art of Living Whole
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Sumi Krishnan about how her artistry and activism have led her to a life where she is living her dream. Sumi is most widely known for founding and growing K4 Solutions, Inc. — a multi-million dollar government contracting company she started in college. After growing a team of more than 200 people and serving large public programs from TSA to Medicare, last year Sumi graduated from Harvard with her Masters in Public Administration. In 2019, she officially stepped down as President of K4 to pursue the dream she’s carried with her since she was a little girl: to make music & perform. Now located in Nashville, TN, Sumi is pursuing her love of singing and songwriting through the Love Revolution, a socially conscious community of people who are doing what they love, embodying love, and waging love for a better world. Sumi dives into the struggle of following a path of your dreams and the expectations of the world Sumi talks about what is going on with your heart and the story you have told yourself Sumi discusses finding the common theme in all of your passions to create a path forward Giovanna emphasizes following your passion Memorable Quotes: Follow your heart. Follow your passion. Get Quiet. Receive the message. Follow the butterfly. Give yourself the permission! Take the first step. Do the thing you find scary.
October 02, 2019
Simona Ksoll - Doing the Inner Work
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Simona Ksoll on the power of Doing the Inner Work that we all need. Simon is a Personal Mentor to Entrepreneurs & Creatives. A former Marketing Executive at Sony Pictures working on big global campaigns for blockbuster feature films like Spider-man, Django Unchained and Terminator as well as hit television shows like Breaking Bad, Outlander and Better Call Saul, Simona became a transformational coach helping her clients change what they believe about themselves so that they can confidently step into their next chapter and make their big inner vision their reality.   Simona dives into the subconscious and changing our belief system from an unconscious level Simona talks about how changing our perspectives will change our lives Simona discusses drilling down to the root of the issue and healing from there Giovanna emphasizes that our beliefs create our circumstances   Memorable Quotes:   It is all about the root cause. You can transform anything if you are willing to take a step forward. When you are being called to your next level, it is easier to stay comfortable.
September 25, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - Me Too & The Narcissist
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to about the illusion of perfect love, recycling the old issues in new relationships and the relationship that made her hit rock bottom. Giovanna will take you on her journey through what she realized was a toxic relationship, how she changed after that relationship and when she decided that she needed to cut that person completely out of her life. Giovanna explains how she was ashamed at what she had "allowed" to happen Giovanna talks about the work it took after the rock bottom relationship, to become who she is today Giovanna discusses three different ways the narcissist shows themselves Giovanna emphasizes the process it takes to regain who you once were Memorable Quotes: Narcissism has a spectrum. From the friend who only talks about themselves, to the pathological narcissist. The rollercoaster of being in a relationship with someone who builds you up...only to tear you down. I became a shadow of myself. Society has given us an illusion of perfect love. An illusion that keeps us in a lovesick cycle. Resources: Lovesick Quiz:
September 18, 2019
Amy Smith - How to Say No Without Being a D#@K
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Amy Smith about boundaries, standing up for yourself and the hurdles that women face with you don't want to be labeled a bitch! Amy is a certified confidence coach, masterful speaker, and personal empowerment expert. Founder of, Amy uses her roles as coach, writer, podcaster, and speaker to move individuals to a place of radical personal empowerment and self-love. With acute focus on helping people “find their voice”, she is highly sought after for her uncommon style of irreverence, wisdom, and humor and has been a featured expert on Fox 5 San Diego and   Amy explains how she grew up in a family of faith and fear and the disappointment she was to her family Amy talks about the moments when speaking up for yourself matters Amy discusses how we are wired to please Giovanna emphasizes to let your YES be a yes and your NO be a no   Memorable Quotes:   You are worthy. You are enough. You are responsible for your intention, not your reception.  Don't apologize for who you are...but you might have to apologize for your delivery.   If you want a part 2 with Amy, please send us specific questions on how to respond to situations that we can help you with! Please email questions to   Resources:   Free Ebook:
September 11, 2019
A Big Announcement
Welcome back to a new Season of She Rises! We have a new look and feel to both the podcast and our website! Check it out! Today, Giovanna is talking about the changes she made this summer, the effect it had on her work and a new fall program, launching the end of October! You won't want to miss this. Giovanna explains that overwhelm is an option, but it is not one you have to choose Giovanna talks about the pressure to be always on social media and the stress that causes Giovanna discusses changing her mindset and changing her focus   Memorable Quotes:   Overwhelm is an option, but you don't have to choose it.  Allow yourself be a better doer.   Resources   Lovesick Quiz: Lovesick to Love Healed:
September 06, 2019
Phoebe Mroczek - When Your Dreams Change
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Phoebe Mroczek about unbecoming as a daily practice and what unbecoming is for her! Phoebe is a podcaster and marketing strategist who helps online entrepreneurs create a profitable business that is a reflection of who they are and what they want most. She is the host of the Unbecoming Podcast, a show that helps entrepreneurs release judgment, expectations and past conditioning to redefine their metrics of success and live a fun, free and fulfilling life. Phoebe explains the practice of releasing who you aren't and stepping into a life of who you are Phoebe talks about the box of expectations that society has placed you in Phoebe discusses focusing on the habit and not the outcome Giovanna emphasizes using your feelings as your compass rather than your destination Memorable Quotes: You are not just a mom. You are not just an entrepreneur. You are not just _________. You are so many things and you are capable of so much more.  Don't rush the process. Be here in this moment. Get what you need to get now, or you won't be able to get to where you are going.  Own who you are and communicate it in a transparent way.
July 10, 2019
Dr. Heather Bartos - The Healthiest Sex of Your Life
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking to Dr. Heather Bartos. oin Heather Bartos, M.D. is a leading voice in the field of women’s health and wellness, combining care for the mind, body, emotions, and spirit to help women live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Fascinated by how what we think about affects how we feel, Dr. Bartos teaches women—and women’s families—how to thrive, no matter what stage of life they’re in. Heather explains the five why's and how she uses them Heather talks about mind-shift medicine and how our emotions effect our physical body and health. Heather discusses the shame and blame of sex we learn as children Giovanna emphasizes the powerful force behind a woman's sexual drive Memorable Quotes: We are responsible for our own pleasure. Get out of your head! Orgasms are healthy! They release all that is good in the world.
June 26, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - Everything is Relationship
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is talking relationships and not just romantic ones. If you think of relationships from a macro perspective, everything is relationship. From where you sit in a room, to familial, work, self, source and romantic. We are in relationship to the spaces we fill, the people we communicate with and ourselves. Join Giovanna as she talks about the two primary foundational relationships in each persons life. Source and self.  Giovanna explains the foundational relationships Giovanna talks about the relationship to others Giovanna discusses getting it right, when there is no right Giovanna emphasizes kindness in relationship to self Memorable Quotes: Am I cultivating capacity, resiliency and trust? Or am I looking to get filled from the outside in?  Are you not getting this thing called life right? When every area feels meh...
June 19, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - Guilty Pleasures
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna is diving into something personal for her but knows there are so many that relate. Guilty Pleasures. Guilt when you take time off. Guilt that others are working and you are enjoying life. Listen in as Giovanna talks about her own experiences with the guilt monster and some tips on how to over come it.  Giovanna explains the culture of being busy Giovanna talks about the should's and could's Giovanna discusses unconscious guilt Giovanna emphasizes how to make a change Memorable Quotes: Take a breath. Notice what is happening. Learn to be present.  Unconscious guilt will wreak havoc on your personal life and your health. Don't glorify a busy life. We make peopl
June 06, 2019
Carly Pollack - Feed Your Soul
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks with Nutrition expert Carly Pollack. Carly Pollack is the author of Feed Your Soul and is the founder of Nutritional Wisdom, a thriving private practice based in Austin, Texas. A Certified Clinical Nutritionist with a master’s degree in holistic nutrition, Carly has been awarded Best Nutritionist in Austin five years running and has helped over 10,000 people achieve their health and happiness goals. In Feed Your Soul: Nutritional Wisdom to Lose Weight Permanently and Live Fulfilled (New World Library, February 5, 2019), she presents her unique understanding of body science, brain wiring, and spiritual principles to facilitate real, long-term change. Carly explains we teach what we most need to hear Carly talks about how we need to nourish our whole self Carly discusses deprivation and how it works against us Giovanna emphasizes that it is not just about behavior modification Carly explains the two current schools of thought Giovanna talks about how boundaries are a positive thing Memorable Quotes: You can't hate yourself skinny. Love creates change, not fear.  Thoughts drive Emotions. Emotions dictate change.  Body shaming is a waste of time. If people don't have the tools, they will never make a permanent change. Resources:  Feed Your Soul Conscious Eating Blueprint
May 22, 2019
Ellen Grace Obrian - Being Spiritual and Prosperous
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks to Ellen Grace Obrian. Ellen is the author of The Jewel of Abundance and director of the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment in San Jose, CA.  Ellen is a yogacharya (an esteemed yoga teacher), a radio host, and an award-winning poet who weaves poetry into her teachings on spiritual matters, pointing to the mystical experience beyond words and thought. Join Giovanna and Ellen as they talk about the mind, body soul connection and the split that has occurred.  Ellen explains that the greatest wealth is soul wealth Ellen talks about the four universal goals  Ellen discusses how we live our full life and not divide it up Ellen emphasizes purpose is the blossoming of your divine self Ellen explains that if we can't find joy, we are missing the purpose Memorable Quotes: Teach us how to know the truth of what we are. we are not confined to the body or the mind.  The great trying to be spiritual (the mindset) the farther we get from our essential being. Because we are already spiritual beings.  We want our work to be a harmonious vehicle for those qualities.  Our vocation can be an avenue to express our higher purpose.
May 08, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - Where Are You on the spectrum?
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks the spectrum of Love Sick.  Love sickness is simply a lack of love somewhere in our lives, this could be romantic love, but doesn't need to be. Often if we are trying to fill a void on the inside, we are more comfortable looking for that love on the outside, this is love sick.  Giovanna explains Love Sick Giovanna talks about how we are all some where on the spectrum Giovanna discusses how we experience attachment energy Giovanna emphasizes that we are not at fault for our love addiction Giovanna explains the paths to recovery Memorable Quotes: We compensate with fantasy to escape the pain of the real world relationships we are in. When we go into manorexia, we shut ourselves off from romantic love, to control the situation. This doesn't fulfill us, we still come up dry.  What are you risking for love?
May 02, 2019
Dr. Heather McKee - Breaking Your Habits
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks with Dr. Heather McKee. Heather is the UK’s leading behaviour change specialist, lecturer, speaker, and consultant. Having studied behaviour change psychology for 10 years her mission is to offer an evidence based sustainable alternative to an industry saturated with quick fixes and health fads. Heather works as a habit change coach to help support her clients in building healthy habits they enjoy and importantly that last a lifetime.She is well-versed in what it means to be brave and loves helping women get their brave on! Heather explains our barriers to change Heather talks about how change is both messy and hard Heather discusses deprivation and how it works against us Heather emphasizes that willpower is a muscle Heather explains implementation planning to be successful Giovanna talks about planned imperfection Heather talks about making small changes and repetition Memorable Quotes: We had all these amazing resources, yet people couldn't get their goals to stick. The more you resist, the more you persist.  We make goals a huge mountain to climb because we are suffocating from our perfectionism.  Skill power not will power. Planned imperfection! We will imperfectly achieve our goals.
April 17, 2019
Giovanna Capozza- What is Spiritual Surrender?
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna spends time focusing on spiritual surrender and what it actually is.  She discusses the flow of life, relationships and business all come from the power decision of surrender. Listen in as Giovanna talks about setting her EGO aside and letting surrender occur. Giovanna explains surrender and submissions Giovanna breaks down why we confuse the two Giovanna discusses the energy in which we do things Giovanna talks about EGO, otherwise know as Edging God Out Giovanna explains how to cultivate the skill of surrender Giovanna emphasizes that if you keep hitting roadblocks, there is a reason Memorable Quotes: Surrender is an innate way of being. It is the undoing of you being in control. We confuse 'Thy Will be Done' with submission, when it is really surrender. The first step in surrender is cultivating the relationship with Spirit. Asking, Who Am I?  It is important to understand the energy in which we do things. The energy behind our words.
April 03, 2019
Baljit Rayat - Recognizing Your Soul’s Purpose
For this episode of She Rises, Giovanna welcomes Baljit Rayat. Baljit is a spiritual teacher who works in energetic and etheric levels to help others who want to become unstuck in their current realities. She explores an even deeper level by reading Akashic records to let people know what areas of life to focus on and improve. Keep your mind and heart open as Giovanna and Baljit dive into this unique topic and learn more about Akashic records, becoming a conscious co-creator, and being open to a universe full of possibilities.           Baljit shares her past healing crisis and experience with a homeopathic doctor.   Baljit discusses how she met her mentor and learned about Akashic records. Giovanna defines energy medicine. Baljit explains Akashic records readings and how it taps into your soul’s purpose. Baljit talks about the difference between psychic readings and Akashic readings. Baljit shares how realizing our universal truth in Akashic readings allows healing to occur. Baljit explains what a spiritual bypass is and how it can mask the truth. Giovanna talks about how emotions get trapped in your body and can cause illness. Baljit discusses being a conscious co-creator instead of a subconscious co-creator.   Baljit shares how Akashic readings help people from all walks of life. Baljit advises to honor your boundaries by listening to your gut intuition and to be okay with saying no.   Memorable Quotes: When you’re working with Akashic records, there’s no such thing as time and space. You can heal simultaneously because our past life runs parallel to the present. If you have a block—physically, mentally, emotionally—you’re not going to be able to manifest what it is you want to create. When we choose to deflect our awareness, resistance happens. That resistance is suffering and where we experience pain, and we hold onto it like a security blanket. You will not heal if you avoid your emotions. Connect to your body and emotions on a deeper level and allow yourself to heal. Practice listening to your intuition. Create space for alignment to your actual purpose. Resources Mentioned: Baljit Rayat Giovanna’s Blog
March 20, 2019
Giovanna Capozza- Radical Responsibility
Welcome to another episode of She Rises! A lot of people often confuse taking responsibility with taking blame, and today Giovanna explains the difference and what radical responsibility for your life really means. She shares different ways to take radical responsibility, what possibilities it will create, and the radical change you will experience!   Giovanna explains the difference between responsibility and blame. Giovanna discusses the nature of creating your own reality. Giovanna defines radical responsibility and the choice you have for how you experience your life and events in your life.     Giovanna talks about 3 benefits of taking 100% radical responsibility in your life. Benefit 1: Removes you from being the victim. Benefit 2: Empowers you to make the next right move. Benefit 3: Increases your ability to trust yourself and your decision making in all areas of your life.   Giovanna gives suggestions for how to take radical responsibility for yourself. Giovanna warns about “over-responsibility” and the toxic side of taking responsibility. Memorable Quotes: We create our reality from our perception. When we have a filter over it, we experience our reality from that filter. Taking 100% responsibility for your experience is the only way you can sit in the seat of your own power. Step back and ask yourself: “How am I behaving now as a result of _____? Am I feeling life a victim or am I stepping into healing?”    If you’re not waiting for external circumstances to change, then you’re in the driver’s seat of your life! Watch yourself when you’re taking responsibility and make sure the word “should” is not in there along with shame or guilt. Resources Mentioned: Giovanna’s Instagram Giovanna’s Facebook
March 06, 2019
Jena Rodriguez - Are You Brave Enough?
Welcome back for another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna talks with Jena Rodriguez. Jena has endured an incredible journey that involved transitioning from being homeless to having a great job, to a business owner, to $700k in debt and bankrupt, to now generating over $1.2M as a Brand & Business Strategist. She is well-versed in what it means to be brave and loves helping women get their brave on! Jena shares her entrepreneurial journey. Jena discusses listening to the “spark of curiosity”. Jena talks about the stress of overwhelming debt, taking risks and making decisions. Giovanna mentions the bravery required to know when enough is enough. Jena explains the difference between quitting and giving up.   Jena discusses how to move from curiosity to action in 4 steps. Giovanna discusses flow, doubt, and decision-making. Giovanna and Jena talk about the power of the universe over our shallow ego voice. Jena shares the meaning of brave by survival and brave by choice. Memorable Quotes: Bravery is cultivated in the act of doing the thing that scares you. It’s brave to go for what you want, but it’s equally brave to know when to call it quits. Remember to breathe into the excitement. What’s right behind it is the fear when you hold your breath. You won’t know what’s possible unless you ask questions and discover your options. We all have a loud ego and when we get quiet, we find our inspired voice. Bravery isn’t just about being fearless. It’s about fearing less. You’ve always been brave and you’ve always had fears. Fears do not go away and bravery is always a choice. Resources Mentioned: Jena’s Brave Masters The Brave Entrepreneur Podcast Jena’s Facebook Giovanna’s Blog
February 20, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - Are You Trapped in the Drama Triangle?
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna spends time focusing on a particular psychological aspect of relationships called the Drama Triangle. Different from an infamous love triangle, the Drama Triangle is subconscious in nature and something you need to be aware of and address in order to keep your relationships as drama-free as possible!   Giovanna explains “breadcrumb relationships”. Giovanna breaks down the 3 parts of the Drama Triangle: Victim, Rescuer, Perpetrator. Giovanna discusses how to move patterns of relating from unconscious to conscious.   Giovanna talks about moving among the 3 roles but recognizing your dominant role. Giovanna explains how to stop the cycle of assuming the role of victim, rescuer, or perpetrator.   Giovanna emphasizes the need to recognize where your needs are not being met and to express those needs more positively.     Giovanna discusses the importance of non-judgment and curiosity when trying to address and change your relationship situation. Memorable Quotes: Once you recognize how you relate unconsciously, you can reprogram and reshape the way your nervous system responds to relationships. Reflect on your relationships. If there’s conflict or clash, can you find which part of the Drama Triangle you’re acting out?    Notice when you are in it. Name the role you are playing without judgment. Take radical responsibility. 100% own your part in creating this situation and your reactions. Start cultivating the practice of surrendering and letting go by asking: What can I let go of? What can I release? What can I be?      Resources Mentioned: Giovanna’s Site Giovanna’s Blog
February 06, 2019
Ilana Ben-Ari - Using Play to Teach Empathy
On this episode of She Rises, Giovanna talks with Ilana Ben-Ari. Ilana is a female entrepreneur who is creating innovation that changes the way we learn soft skills like empathy, how to fail, and how to be a better human. She shares how her empathy toys are impacting schools and offices across the world and how she is able to make miracles through the simple act of play. Ilana shares her background and educational history of design.   Ilana explains how her toys mimic real-life scenarios that address patience, frustration, and creative communication. Ilana discusses why she insisted on using the label “toy” instead of “facilitation tool”. Ilana mentions how toys can lead to programs like “21 Leaders” that have seen an 85% reduction in students being sent to the office for conflict and bullying. Giovanna discusses the importance of teaching empathy and failure to children AND adults.   Ilana shares how “breaking the rules” can lead to creative confidence. Ilana emphasizes how so many big businesses like Google and Microsoft are acknowledging the value of creativity and emotional intelligence. Ilana explains how the creation story of kindergarten inspired her to use specific materials to draw attention to the value of soft skills. Giovanna discusses how innovation pulls from previous building blocks and helps us re-prioritize lessons we’ve already learned about how to treat others and work together. Memorable Quotes: Being good at school has nothing to do with being good at life. Empathy toys are valuable because they brings up conversations that make invisible skills visible. Toys are not necessarily frivolous. They can teach important skills and lead to valuable insights. The goal of a really well-designed product is to leave room for someone else to come in and own it, change the rules, and use it to learn and teach others. The skills we valued and learned in kindergarten are now the key skills we need to excel in our work.   We’re getting back something we lost by returning to the basics and simplicity of play.    Resources Mentioned: Ilana Ben-Ari Twenty One Toys: Toys that teach Empathy World Economic Forum Future Jobs Report Satya Nadella—Microsoft’s CEO’s Book Froebel Education Maria Montessori Caroline Pratt
January 30, 2019
Giovanna Capozza - What the Heck Happened in December?
Happy New Year! For this episode of She Rises, Giovanna reflects on December 2018. Although 2019 is underway, it’s always important to assess our past so we can let go of what no longer serves us.    Giovanna explains why she chose to focus on vulnerability for December. Giovanna shares her experience with acute pancreatitis.     Giovanna discusses what it means to be the observer of your life. Giovanna talks about the stories and junk that surface in moments of vulnerability. Giovanna discusses what it means to be a stubborn learner. Giovanna shares how we hang on to the uncomfortable and create a new normal. Giovanna explains what it feels like to let go and have less background anxiety.   Memorable Quotes: You can develop the skill of becoming the observer of your life. Observe what happens to you and around you. The universe will give you a whisper. If you miss it, you’ll get a little nudge. If you miss the nudge, you’ll get a brick in the head!     We often hang onto the comfortable uncomfortable. Instead of doing something about it, we get used to it. We sit with our discomfort.    What old beliefs are you stubbornly holding onto that you can let go? Let go of what needs to be let go!     Don’t wait for the brick! Start fresh. Start this amazing, brand new year FREE of all the things that have been binding you.   Resources Mentioned: Giovanna’s Blog
January 09, 2019
Linda Graham - How to Be More Resilient
On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza talks with Linda Graham, author of Resilience: Powerful Practices for Bouncing Back from Disappointment, Difficulty, and Even Disaster. Giovanna and Linda discuss the power of resilience and the fact it is trainable and recoverable. The world constantly throws obstacles at us that make us feel like we will break, and today, we find power in knowing we can survive by practicing simple exercises to retrain our level of resiliency.   Linda shares her definition of resiliency and different levels of disturbance.    Linda discusses how people respond differently to different events at different times in their lives.   Linda explains where resiliency lives in our brain and exercises to strengthen the capacity of our brain to increase our range of resilience. Remembering one moment where you felt safe can activate the release of oxytocin and decrease blood pressure, which allows your body to find a sense of ease and calm. Linda talks about the power of giving yourself permission to breathe in fully and exhale fully in order to reset the nervous system.   When we understand something, we’re more likely to do it. When we experience the benefit, we’re more likely to repeat it and make it a new, active habit. Linda discusses fight/flight/freeze responses and exercises we can do to physically change our reaction to each. Linda explains how to notice the shift in your nervous system and build your response flexibility.   Linda discusses the addictive quality of positive stress. Linda shares the power of mindfulness and mindful movement. Memorable Quotes: We learn resilience from experience. We have the power to choose experiences now to strengthen the brain to make ourselves more resilient. Little and often; small practices repeated many times is how the brain learns and rewires itself for resiliency. We’re learning how to pay attention to the experience in our bodies and deciding how we want to respond and how we want to channel energy. If we can relax our attention and let the brain come up with its own answers, that’s where our insights and intuitions happen. Shit happens, but shift happens, too. Resources Mentioned: Linda Graham’s Book Flow
December 19, 2018
Alexia Vernon- Are You Using Your Voice?
Welcome back to another episode of She Rises! Today, Giovanna Capozza talks with Alexia Vernon. Alexia is a speaking and leadership coach and author of the book Step into Your Moxie: Amplify Your Voice, Visibility, and Influence in the World. Alexia has committed her life to show women how to “step into their moxie®” and has delivered transformational keynotes and corporate training for Fortune 500 companies, college campuses, professional associations, the United Nations, and delivered a TEDx talk on the future of feminism. Alexia understands what it’s like to be terrified to speak and shares practical ways to shift this fear. She discusses her own experiences of using her voice and what it means to connect with others in a way that inspires change. Alexia presents a soul-stirring call to action for women to speak up for themselves, their ideas, and the issues that matter most to them.        Alexia gives a glimpse into her struggle with finding her own voice.   Alexia shares how she learned to shift fear and step into greatness. Alexia explains the benefits of role-playing and preparing for public speaking. Giovanna talks about the differences between being prepared and winging it. Alexia discusses why visibility is a responsibility and not just an opportunity. Alexia explains how visibility helps us connect with others more, even if you don’t have a huge platform. Alexia shares how she cultivates her own voice and message. Alexia discusses the difference in focusing on the source of an issue instead of the symptoms. Alexia talks about point of view and how to hone in on what message you want to share. If you’re not a little disruptive, you’re not helping others have a profound shift in their life. Alexia explains compassionate confidence and unapologetically speaking your truth. Giovanna and Alexia emphasize the need for responsible communication. If what you choose to speak about aligns with your values, and you’d be out of integrity by playing it safe and small, be ready to rise through discomfort and rise into leadership.   Memorable Quotes: Learn to be with discomfort. Use meditation and powerful visualizations to enjoy and be grateful for experiences that make you nervous. When a lot of people saying something similar, it’s a sign that the world needs that message.     Would you rather be liked or would you prefer to have impact? When we are in our truth, those who really need us will raise their hands and those in our communities will show up more powerfully.   We are fortunate that we can have a voice and that we can step out and speak up.     Resources Mentioned: Alexia Vernon’s Website Alexia’s Book: Step into Your Moxie
December 05, 2018
Giovanna Capozza - How To Find Your Way
In this special episode, Giovanna dives into a topic near and dear to her heart: The Hero’s--or Heroine’s--Journey. Sometimes we get to a place in our lives where we feel stuck. Maybe we feel like we are in a cave; we have no energy or inspiration. Or maybe we’re actually in an upswing and there’s lots of inspiration. The challenge is that sometimes we can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel or we even believe there is no end to the tunnel. Understanding the heroine’s journey as a model of looking at the cycles of your life and where you are in your world, and what the next phase for you is, can be very calming and helpful.   Giovanna explains what the Hero’s (Heroine’s) Journey entails. Giovanna discusses her “Ordinary World” and her “Call to Adventure”. Giovanna challenges listeners to determine what stage of the Hero’s Journey they are in. EVERYONE gets a call and many people “Refuse the Call” or ignore it. Giovanna talks about her experience of  “Meeting the Mentor”. “Crossing the Threshold” is scary because it means you’re leaving the Ordinary World and entering the Special World. Giovanna shares what challenges arise after Crossing the Threshold. “Entering the Cave” is where you go within and into the deepest darkest parts of yourself.   Giovanna talks about “The Ordeal” and the “Dark Night of the Soul”and feeling completely alone. Giovanna shares her own experiences of “Reward” and “Resurrection”. Giovanna explains “The Greater Becoming” and why “Returning with Elixir” is required to help others.    Giovanna relates the cycle to fear and failure and what keeps us from our “Greater Becoming”. Tweetable Quotes: Recognize that your situation is temporary and that there’s a way to ALLOW yourself to be here.   Leaving the old behind and understanding you’re stepping into the unknown can be scary but is necessary in your journey of becoming. Pause and reflect: Where are you in the cycle? Just knowing where you are in the cycle can be reassuring. When there’s understanding, we can dissipate fear. We often get stuck in parts of this journey because we judge our failures and our fears. What if we understood that it’s just a cycle? It’s not going to serve you to do what everyone else is doing. What if you’re meant to pave your own path? To go your own way? To answer your calling?   Resources Mentioned: Joseph Campbell: The Hero’s Journey
November 21, 2018
Ruby Fremon - How Not to Give a F@#$
On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza talks with Ruby Fremon. Ruby is a coach for the new generation of thought leaders and her no-bullshit approach ignites true transformation, while flipping fear into actualized ambition, and doubt into absolute confidence. Ruby works with leaders, from artists to entrepreneurs, who are ready to rise above their limitations and amplify their message. Coaching hundreds of clients, she is a catalyst for change and is hugely successful at helping her clients embody radical resiliency and an unstoppable mentality. Her bold, no-nonsense approach to help leaders rise up, fulfill their missions and make their voices heard. A warning that we will swear on this show and some f-bombs will be used! So, settle in and get ready for this really frank, open, honest, and down  to earth conversation with someone who admire for her ability to not give a F***!! Ruby shares her past struggles with depression and addiction and how she got to her “F*** it” place. Giovanna discusses the power of self-expression and vulnerability. Ruby explains why her nickname is the “Voice Catalyst”. Ruby shares what it means to express yourself and learn how to open your throat chakra. How to navigate fear and judgement and understand that failure is going to happen. Ruby encourages others to face their fears and know you have the choice to keep going. Giovanna discusses the power of being in touch with yourself. Ruby talks about the value of creating your own container and category for yourself. Ruby shares what step will help overcome fear and allow for more self expression. Ruby explains conquering bullshit with CPR: courage, persistence, resilience Tweetable Quotes: There is such a potency to truth because it bridges a connection to others. It’s not about what’s outside of us; it’s about tapping into what’s within us and finding freedom to express ourselves. Purpose outweighs bullshit. If you’re in touch with your purpose for the expression, that in and of itself will take you through the fear. We are anxious because we are denying pieces of our f****ing truth. Whatever the one tiny piece of action you can take today that will put you on the other side of fear, DO IT. Do it today. The only way through is through action. Take ownership of your actions and know that you are the only thing holding you back.   Everyone is dealt the same amount of courage.     Resources Mentioned: Ruby Fremon Conquer Your Bullshit with C.P.R.
November 07, 2018
Mandy Lehto - Stop, Drop, and Rise!
On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza talks with coach, writer, and speaker, Dr. Mandy Leto. She is a champion of people seeking more, which typically includes more light, more peace, more purpose, and more authenticity. She works with high achievers who are ready to redefine success without taking the off-ramp into self-help oblivion. Mandy herself is a high achieving woman, a type A personality, and she has found a way to live a life that is more balanced and more supportive of her personal health. Mandy and I both discuss our real-world, real-life, rock-bottom moments. We dive into what it looks like to ignore burnout, what the early signs of burnout are, and what it feels like to hit the burnout wall. We go into Mandy’s personal story and the lessons she received along the way, and the ones she imparts to clients in and out of the corporate world who are ready to live a life that has more balance, purpose, and peace. Mandy shares her journey and how she normalized symptoms of burnout. Mandy explains how she looked for quick fixes to keep holding herself up. Mandy discusses what it means to over-identify with achieving and lose your identity. Giovanna shares her own struggle with chronic fatigue and burnout. Giovanna discusses the difficulties of being instead of doing. Mandy shares her gratitude practices and ways to feel more embodied. There is this wisdom, there is this being in our bodies, there is this being able to embrace a whole new era with excitement and anticipation. Practices to slow down and to practice gratitude. Mandy discusses what it means to over-yes and over-give and the need for boundaries. Remember to put yourself into your life. Mandy encourages people to not listen to the negative “2AM voices” and recognize them as a symptom of burnout.      Memorable Quotes: “Life tells you nothing. It shows you everything.” Who am I when I don’t have to be “somebody”? I can be who I want. I don’t need to hustle for worthiness or be somebody for somebody else. Be grateful to be in this vessel, be in a constant state of marveling about what the body is able to do and what we put it through. It’s a tremendous piece of machinery that we own.    Resources Mentioned: Tribe of Mentors by Tim Ferriss
October 17, 2018
Megan Llorente - What’s Your Dharma?
On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza interviews Megan Llorente, a female-led entrepreneur and transformative coach taking people deeper than themselves to uncover their dharma. Megan’s created a personal growth organization called Women in Dharma. Megan talks about her She Rises story when she realized she needed to reinvent. She explored a lot of opportunities but landed on coaching. Megan explains what the Enneagram is and what it’s for. We have all nine of the Enneagram energies within us, but one usually rises to the surface. Megan compares the Enneagram to other personality typing systems such as Myers-Briggs. The Enneagram doesn’t define you, you choose what is and is not a healthy or unhealthy state. Megan introduces the concept of Dharma - the energy of being aligned on the path that the universe has set you on. When you’re in Dharma, the abundance flows effortlessly. When you’re in Dharma you learn to start living with the flow of your own life. We are multidimensional and you don’t have to choose one talent or focus. Megan talks about how her Dharma has shifted and changed over the years. Take one step at a time, you don’t have to accomplish it all overnight. Tweetable Quotes: It takes stepping back and looking at your own self deep within, we’re used to looking externally for the answers. The Enneagram is to understand yourself and give you a deep understanding of others. At the end of the day, the Enneagram is a tool, it doesn’t define you. I only want to spend my time on things that are Dharmic. Resources Mentioned: The Enneagram Institute
September 18, 2018
Yvonne Tally - Breaking Up With Busy
On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza interviews Yvonne Tally, author of Breaking Up With Busy, she leads meditation and destressing programs for corporations, individuals, and private groups in Silicon Valley. She’s an NLP Master Practitioner, co-founder of Poised Inc. and the founder of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Scarves. Yvonne shares her story of breaking up with busy. After a panic attack due to her busy lifestyle, she realized she needed to help people. We’ve turned the leisure life into the busy life, it makes us feel important and connected. Yvonne talks about how she went from an anxiety attack to mindfulness. How can women identify themselves as overscheduled, and not “lazy.” Business has a big impact on every aspect of our personal wellness and relationships. Yvonne explains the difference between being busy and being productive. Taming time is about choosing to make priorities and thinking of time as a resource. Yvonne explains the role of silence in combatting the busy life. Everything in this world comes from human imagination, even nature. Shift your energy and thoughts toward what you want to create instead of what you fear. The three things you can do to become aware of the pace you’re in each day. Tweetable Quotes: We wear being busy as a badge of honor. In our culture with social media, we fake happiness. The brain can’t multi-task, so the things we’ve been doing are in conflict with one another. If everything is important, then nothing is important. If we’re too busy we can’t even set our priorities. Resources Mentioned: Breaking Up with Busy: Real-Life Solutions for Overscheduled Women - book by Yvonne Tally Sisterhood of Traveling Scarves
August 30, 2018
Julie Simon - When Food is Comfort
On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza interviews Julie M. Simon, a licensed psychotherapist and life coach with over 27 years of experience helping overeaters and author of When Food is Comfort and The Emotional Eaters Repair Manual. Julie tells the story behind how she arrived on the topic of overeating. Body shaming and exposure to perennial dieting kickstarted an unhealthy relationship with food. At an early age many children are taught that food is comfort and children are not attuned to their emotions. When our brain is forming, we need consistent and sufficient emotional nurturance. The logical and soothing part of the brain need to be properly wired to the emotional part. Caregivers need to be well tuned in to themselves and those they care for. Julie goes over the emotional eating checklist from her book. Julie talks about ways you can fix the damage done during childhood. The inner nurturer can step in and regulate and attune you. Your inner nurturing voice will provide hope. Overeaters resist the practice of having a nourishing voice and having dialogues with themselves. How to talk to yourself in an emotionally kind way and stop resisting nurture. Tweetable Quotes Over time I found all of the imbalances that underlie our relationship with food. There’s got to be some difference between people who get addicted to substances and people who don’t. Emotions point us in the direction of our needs. Resources Mentioned
August 14, 2018
Amber Runyon - The Power of a Dream
On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza interviews Amber Runyon, candlemaker and storyteller. She founded Legacy and Eleventh Candle Co. to bring hope to women in the U.S. and Ethiopia. Amber saw women in Ethiopia being sold to brothels in broad daylight. How do we go from raped to redeemed and move women to a place of wellness? Discuss how you can make a pledge to help victims and survivors. Share the story of the entrepreneurial side of your business. Amber discusses the importance of mentoring and being mentored. They’ve built a team and taken their business from $250 to over $1 million in revenue. Amber now has the ability to know that if she’s not healthy the company isn’t healthy. What Amber is learning and still has to practice daily it’s that one is enough. Discuss the list of values on the Eleventh Candle Company website. The four core values are to redeem, restore, empower, and equip in that order. Begin to dream like little girls again because the world feels really dark right now. Amber explains where the Eleventh Candle Co name came from. Tweetable Quotes If we teach broken women to dream like little girls again, it will be a force that the world has yet to see. A lot of people think of human trafficking as something that happens “over there,” and not in our own backyards. People need three things to thrive - safe place, safe people, and purpose. I’ll never stop working until everyone has the ability to have a safe place, safe people, and purpose. You are the only thing that you are radically responsible for. Resources Mentioned Eleventh Candle Co.
July 31, 2018
Tina Alexis Allen-Hiding Out: Drugs, Deception, and Double Lives
Actress and playwright Tina Alexis Allen's audacious memoir, HIDING OUT: A Memoir of Drugs, Deception, and Double Lives (Dey Street Books, On Sale: 2/20/2018, ISBN: 9780062565679) unravels her privileged suburban upbringing as shaped by her formidable father—a man whose deep Catholic faith and dedication to his large family hid his true nature and a life defined by deep secrets and dangerous lies.  Imagine it—the moment many closeted young adults dread—when your stern, devoutly Catholic father discovers you are gay. The youngest of thirteen children, Tina Alexis Allen grew up in 1980s suburban Maryland in a house ruled by her father, Sir John, an imposing, British-born authoritarian who had been knighted by the Pope. Sir John supported his large family running a successful travel agency that specialized in religious tours to the Holy Land and the Vatican for pious Catholics. But his daughter, Tina, was no sweet and innocent Catholic girl. A smart-mouthed high school basketball prodigy, she harbored a painful secret: she was attracted to girls. When Tina was eighteen her father uncovered the truth about her sexuality. But instead of dragging her to confession or the family priest, her father simply took her hand and said, "I buried my lover, Omar, in the war" making Tina his unlikely confidant and creating a clandestine bond that would evolve into become a web of secrets and lies. On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza interviews Tina Alexis Allen. Tina explains why she chose to write her book now, and details her “she rises” moment. Once she understood herself, Tina was able to write and perform shows about herself. Tina is the youngest of 13 kids and grew up in a devoutly Catholic home. Tina explains her coming out to her father and her father’s big revelation. Giovanna and Tina discuss how relationships changed between Tina and her family when her dad became her confidant. There were more secrets going on in her family life that were not apparent to her. Tina’s father was travelling to Russia in the 1950’s and she starts to put the pieces together. Tina is still waiting for her father’s information to get released to the Secret Archives of the papacy. Tina talks about her writing process and how it unravelled. We have an obligation to see our parents as human beings. The point of the book is to give the reader a sense of freedom to put a mirror up to their own life. Tina talks about where she is now with her relationship to her faith. Tweetable Quotes: I asked myself “If I could be anything, what would I be?” and I gave myself permission to answer. Keeping secrets is intense, you’re hiding beneath the pressure of not being who you really are. Yes, we can see mistakes and learn from them, but it’s not our place to judge. Resources Mentioned: Hiding Out: A Memoir of Drugs, Deception, and Double Lives - book by Tina Alexis Allen
July 17, 2018
On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza recaps her thoughts on the No-Man Diet, and how she experienced “No-Manorexia.” Giovanna recaps the episode of She Rises where she interviews Kendra Cunov. The No-Man Diet allows you to take a break from relationships and see what your patterns are. When Giovanna’s mom passed away she started to ask, “who’s going to love me now?” Giovanna realized that she had toxic love addiction. There’s a pendulum with relationships, you might experience “no-manorexia.” The mission of coming into sacred femininity, you need to be cautious of blocking out opportunity for relationship. Being closed off to relationships changed her levels of creativity and inspiration in business. When we close down feminine energy, that turns into lack of receptivity. Why being off balance could cause you to miss out on life. How to use the She Rises podcast as a conversation starter. Feminine and masculine energy applies to any sexual orientation. Ask yourself how these principles apply to business or even non-romantic relationships. Tweetable Quotes: One of the primary questions I answer in my upcoming book is, “who’s going to love me now?” When you make the commitment to find self reliance, you still need to be open and vulnerable to the masculine. When we close down feminine energy, that turns into lack of receptivity. Resources Mentioned:
July 03, 2018
Kendra Cunov - The Art of Deep Intimacy
Founder of Fierce Grace: Practices of Embodied Wholeness for Women, Kendra Cunov has been studying, facilitating, and (most importantly) practicing Authentic Relating, Embodiment Practices & Deep Intimacy Work for the last fifteen years.  Kendra has worked with thousands of men, women & couples in the areas of embodiment, intimacy, communication & full self-expression. She co-founded Authentic World, as well as The Embodied Relationship & Intimacy Training Salon, and pioneered some of the most cutting edge relation work on the planet. Kendra has consulted for companies such as Genentech & is currently on staff for 4PC, an elite mastermind for the top 4% of coaches in the world.  She works with organizations & leaders, as well as men, women & couples, who know that presence, truth, connection & integrity are our truest access points to success - in business & in love. On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza interviews Kendra Cunov, the founder of Fierce Grace, co-founder of Authentic World and the Embodied Relationship and Training Salon. She works with organizations, leaders, men, women and couples who know that presence, truth, connection, and integrity are our truest access points to success in business and love. Kendra and Giovanna discuss the No-Man Diet. Kendra provides a synopsis of what the No-Man Diet is and how it came to be. Kendra discusses the awarenesses that led her to complete her own No-Man Diet. There are two camps of women when it comes to facing a period of not dating. Learn why there’s a difference between making a conscious choice not to date and not dating because of a lack of opportunity. Discover the two pieces that commonly come up during the No-Man Diet. Learn how to assess whether you could benefit from a relationship detox. Kendra and Giovanna discuss how you may be turning all of your partners into the same kind of person unconsciously. We create spaces in our lives that are known and comfortable, even when they’re not what we want. Why removing the thing you desire makes it more possible in the long run. Learn what people can hope to gain from the No-Man Diet. Doing the no-man diet in an effort to have your dream relationship kind of defeats the purpose. How your relationships with women might change and strengthen throughout the No-Man Diet process. Tweetable Quotes: When we have massive resistance to giving anything up, it points back to addiction. You’ll keep drawing into our life what you have an affinity for. People who truly take the No-Man diet on usually find the partner of their dreams soon afterward. Resources Mentioned:
June 20, 2018
Monique DeBose - Living Fully Expressed
LA native Monique DeBose is an award-winning, multi-talented playwright and Jazz-R&B-pop singer/songwriter, who has toured and entertained audiences throughout Europe, India and Asia.  Her third album–The Sovereign One–is scheduled for release in Fall 2018. A leading vocal improvisationalist (having studied under Rhiannon and Joey Blake of the renowned Bobby McFerrin Voicestra), Monique now leads an international community of over 500 vocal artists throughout the United States and Europe. Inspired by her experience of of what it means to be half African American, half Irish American, she wrote the funny, heart-warming and disruptive one-woman show Mulatto Math: Summing Up The Race Equation in America to initiate conversation and heal race relations in America. She tours around the country, performing the show and facilitating workshops on identity, race and belonging. Monique facilitates experiential workshops as well as individual coaching for people ready to live a fully expressed life. She holds a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology and a BA in Mathematics from UC Berkeley. Monique calls LA home, is married to a Brit and is raising two compassionate, culturally intelligent boys. (for a June 15-17, 2018 workshop for women) On this episode of She Rises, host Giovanna Capozza interviews Monique Debose, LA native, award winning multi talented playwright, and jazz R&B pop singer-songwriter who has tour across India and Asia. She now leads an international community of over 500 vocal artists across the U.S. and Europe. Monique discusses how she wanted to be seen growing up and came to realize she wasn’t showing up. Monique talks about what happened between growing up and becoming a successful playwright and jazz singer. We are often living lives of quiet dissatisfaction with is a tiny death to the soul every day. You have to keep taking steps forward even when it feels painful and raw. You can live so much in your own world that you forget what people see on the outside. You don’t need to spend your time fitting into something that is not you. One of Monique’s super powers is being observant. If you’re not belonging somewhere, is it because it’s not the place for your soul’s journey? Monique talks about bridge culture and how two polarities come together. Answer who you are in the world to activate the parts inside that need to be awoken. Monique talks about the value of community and sisterhood when taking the time for yourself. Learn how to explore deeper layers of self-expression. Tweetable Quotes: Things happen in their perfect timing. I cannot not express, my life literally and figuratively depends on it. Michelangelo didn’t carve David, he just removed what was holding it back from its full potential. Resources Mentioned:
June 06, 2018
Sandra Elia - When Food is the Drug
On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza speaks with Sandra Elia, certified food addiction counselor, CTI certified wellness coach, radio show host, and vice-chair for Toronto chapter of Canadian Obesity Network. Our brains are being constantly transformed and programmed and are prone to addiction. Sandra used food to feel numb and escape and it made it the darkest time of her life. Sandra and Giovanna talk about how to assess whether you’re a food addict or not. Our food system is being engineered to be addictive. Food hits all three neurotransmitters: dopamine, serotonin and endorphins, most drugs only hit endorphins. The two biggest recovery tools can be exercise and meditation. There’s a spectrum with food addicts, then in a different class are emotional eaters, how do you know the difference? Food addiction touches four parts of our brain – learn how to know the difference between the two. Sandra explains “food pushers” and how to deal with them. There are no downsides to eliminating ultra-processed foods. See food as food and see the rest of the junk as chemically engineered food-like substances. Start an unconditional love affair with yourself. Tweetable Quotes When you try to stomp out sadness, depression, loneliness, you also stomp out joy, happiness and feeling. Today the food industry is pouring billions of dollars to make sure food is highly addictive. We can only control our behaviors, we can never control the number on the scale. My weight is none of my business. Everybody flourishes in an environment that is gentle, kind, and encouraging. Resources Mentioned She Rises Website – Sandra’s site, get 5-steps to succeeding right away.
May 17, 2018
Suzi Kory - Becoming a Rockstar
It’s hard to believe that it was just over a year ago that Suzi Kory recorded her first songs with producer John Angus MacDonald of Canadian rockers The Trews. Since then, she has played the Whisky a Go-Go in Hollywood, opening for LA Guns as well as having played a festival in Brazil ! In less then a year, Suzi has made a name for herself in Los Angeles as well as back home in Toronto and has Canadian Music insiders taking notice. As a mother of two teenage boys with a full-time job as a Customer Service Manager its hard to believe she still has time to be a Rockstar, but is she is proving how it can be done! Suzi is currently working with producer Brent Woods in Los Angeles on a full length album and has her sights set on no less then a Grammy come 2020. On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozzaspeaks with Suzy Kory, member of the band the True’s and full-time customer service manager and mother of two. Suzy talks about how she became a rock star in her 40’s. When Suzy told her parents she wanted to be a performer at a young age, they were not at all open to that. When she got married and had kids, everything she had planned for herself got put to the wayside. You have to take the first step of making your path clear and taking small actions to achieve your goal. Suzy tells the story of how she met Axl Rose from Guns N’ Roses. If she can achieve something people thought was crazy, everything else is within reach. Anything is possible if your faith, courage, and conviction is aligned in your soul. Suzy got to meet Steven Tyler and spend time with his entourage – this was when she realized she was manifesting these amazing experiences. People often tell her she’s so lucky, but she’s working constantly – people don’t see what goes on in the background. Whatever you plan can come back way better than your original plan. When you take a step forward in faith the universe gives you your desires and then some. You don’t have to take your passion on a public level, you can do it just for yourself. Tweetable Quotes Who we are is who we are, and our parents can’t change that about us. A little bit of our soul dies when we don’t honor our calling. When you make that realization that you are the one who decides where your life is going, that’s when all the doors open. When you’re fulfilling yourself, the rest of your life lights up. Resources Mentioned She Rises Website
May 01, 2018
Corinne Zupko - Transcend Anxiety Now
Author Corinne Zupko, a licensed counselor and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction teacher, undertook her study of psychology out of necessity when debilitating anxiety threatened to derail her life. Seeking ways to do more than temporarily alleviate her symptoms, Corinne began to study A Course in Miracles (ACIM), mindfulness meditation, and the latest therapeutic approaches for treating anxiety.  As Corinne healed her own mental anguish, she compiled the perception-shifting process she describes in the enclosed advance reading copy of From Anxiety to Love: A Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace (New World Library, February 14, 2018). “In these pages, I describe the process I used to work myself out of terror and into an anxiety-free life,” writes Corinne. “And by working that process, I’m now doing things I never thought I would be capable of: taking plane trips fearlessly, and without medications, by myself; speaking confidently in front of large audiences; traveling into New York City by myself without feeling completely overwhelmed; sleeping like a baby instead of having horrible insomnia; and awakening without early-morning anxiety. If I can experience such radical changes in my life, so can you.” From Anxiety to Love helps readers learn to undo anxiety-based thinking by internalizing the teachings of ACIM, fostering mindful shifts in their thoughts and actions, and connecting to their Inner Therapist, the deeply gratifying, enormously comforting inner voice that affirms our safe oneness with the universe rather than our ego’s perception of danger and separation. Whether struggling with everyday stress or near-crippling discomfort, readers will find that Corinne’s approach offers a new way of healing from — rather than just coping with — fear and anxiety. “Inner peace is not an event: it’s a process. It’s not something we attain once and keep forever, but rather an experience that continues to deepen to the degree to which you’re willing to get out of the way and allow peace to move through you,” writes Corinne. “I promise that you are worth the effort. I’m imagining that we’re holding hands in our shared commitment to undoing anxiety. Let’s do this.” Corinne Zupko, EdS, LPC, is the author of From Anxiety to Love. As a licensed counselor and keynote speaker, she has helped thousands of individuals through her one-on-one counseling, weekly meditation classes for corporations, and the largest virtual conference of ACIM in the world, through the organization Miracle Share International, which she cofounded. She lives in New Jersey. Visit her online at On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza speaks with Corinne Zupko, author of From Anxiety to Love, a Radical New Approach for Letting Go of Fear and Finding Lasting Peace. Corinne was stuck in anxiety for most of her life and was diagnosed with separation anxiety at a young age. After crippling anxiety attacks in college, she found A Course in Miracles and she began to peel herself out of anxiety. Most people have at least low-level anxiety even if they’re not always aware of it. We have to be honest with ourselves, and then we have to find our willingness to bring out miracles. Giovanna and Corinne discuss New Age Guilt and how the Course’s teachings are actually leading us out of guilt. In our experience of love and peace, that’s where trust builds, and anxiety has to fall away. Spiritually bypassing our feeling doesn’t work, we have to fully acknowledge and fully feel our feelings. Your anxiety and fear are a projection of the part of your mind that is in wrongmindedness and is syncing with the ego. Corinne talks about calling forth witnesses for fear and love and provides an example. We have the choice to repurpose every experience we have in our lives to be used by the ego thought system or the inner therapist. Even good experiences can keep us identified by the small self, not just bad experien
April 10, 2018
Silvia Christmann - The Entrepreneurial Journey
On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza speaks with Silvia Christmann about living her dream while being conscious of her wellbeing. Her core values revolve around two defining factors – her need for adventure and personal freedom. Silvia began creating her own reality from a very young age – a self-described opportunist. She was picked up by a serial entrepreneur and discovered that building businesses was her sweet spot. Silvia talks about the chaos she’d invited in leading to her grounded spiritual journey. She was a sickly child and has always had a fragile immune system, making her an outsider. Silvia talks about making the choice between her ambition and her wellbeing in New York. Women are living in a world where they’re asked to submit to a patriarchal system that tries to stop them from following their ambition. You have to step back, slow down and make sure what you’re doing is aligned with your sense of joy and wellbeing. Silvia talks about things that get in her way other than ambition and making her “hell yes” a more thought through reaction. She works with both high-achieving people and people dealing with scarcity mindset and fear. Silvia discusses how women need to believe that their time and contributions are valuable. A lot of the problems around unconscious bias is just that, it’s unconscious. Tweetable Quotes: People tell you that you can’t travel around the world by yourself as a woman, I’ve never found that to be true. If you listen to your body whisper, you’re never going to have to listen to it scream. I find great joy in living dangerously. Dream big, but run the numbers. Resources Mentioned: She Rises Website She Rises Facebook group
April 06, 2018
The Science of Fulfillment
On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza discusses the science of fulfillment. Part of Giovanna’s personality from childhood is a constant underlying dissatisfaction. In the past, being an ambitious woman was not an acceptable thing. Ambition and dissatisfaction made Giovanna a seeker. Fulfillment can have two different drivers/sources: emptiness, A “runaway from” goal is when you’re trying to run away from a feeling, a cup with a hole at the bottom. A “run toward” goal comes from a cup that is fillable and can overflow. The plaster that plugs up the hole in your cup, is your relationship to yourself and the universe. If you don’t have your own sacred sovereignty, you’ll constantly be trying to fill a cup with a hole at the bottom. Start creating a practice of awareness and start noticing if you’re trying to fill a cup with a hole. Find out what the child inside is trying to get filled and validated. Start looking at how the science of fulfillment is manifesting in your life. Studies show that the effects of stress on the body creates inflammation. Tweetable Quotes: “Your ambition to succeed is not bad.” “We lead a life where we’re constantly seeking if we don’t repair the relationship with ourselves.” “Curiosity leaves an open door, judgement shuts the door down.” Resources Mentioned: She Rises Website She Rises Facebook group
March 20, 2018
Christina Miglino - Navigating your Emotions
Christina Miglino is an empowerment coach, spiritual counselor and artist who has traveled all over the country and Canada as a Public Speaker. She has hosted and taught many workshops on empowerment on the west coast. As an intuitive hand-poke tattoo artist too, Christina loves to incorporate the tattooing process into these teachings of initiation for women. Here work has been featured in online publications, blogs, and on multiple podcasts because of her unique story and empowerment work! Christina is passionate about supporting women in gaining emotional awareness, stepping into their power and listening more to their intuition so that they can have the life and business that they have always imagined. She currently has open enrollment for her 6-month, Emotion into Motion, 1 on 1 coaching program! Current project: For coaching info and tattoo and tarot retreat info email: On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza interviews Christina Miglino: Christina discusses her health journey as a child and surviving a deadly brain tumor. As a child doctors tried to modify her behavior to treat her extreme pain instead of treating it. She describes the moment where she shut down and felt that she had no voice. A vision of angels came to her and delivered a message of perseverance. An herbalist woman was able to identify problems and save her life. How it’s taken years for her to get her voice back and how she took steps to do it. Over and over again she does the really hard thing and she perseveres. She’s not finally able to launch her own program and be a spiritual counselor. Her mission is to help female visionaries who are letting empathy hold them back. Her emotion in to motion program helps women move away from defining themselves with emotion. Giovanna and Christina discuss how to unblock emotion and let it flow. Recognize that your emotion is going to change, have no fear and meditate. Tweetable Quotes: “Mental illness is a spectrum.” “What if we lived in faith that things would be okay?” “Women are powerful, and their stories are powerful.” Resources Mentioned: She Rises Website Christina Miglino Website She Rises Facebook group
March 06, 2018
Kelly Lynn Adams-Juggling It All
On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza interviews Kelly Lynn Adams, former corporate fashion industry powerhouse turned certified business, leadership and life coach. Adams discusses how burnout in her corporate job lead to the universe helping her discover how to teach people to juggle it all. Your body will let you know when you’re pushing too hard or doing too much. It doesn’t matter where you are, high-achieving women have a high stress level because we put pressure on ourselves. There’s always going to be where you want to be and where you are and the gap in-between. We’re so focused on the vision that we don’t stop to celebrate. You can still want more for yourself, but not at the expense of your mind and self-esteem. The more you slow down and are present, things start to flow, and people can feel your energy. Focuses on three pillars with the women she works with: mindset, time, monetizing in the business. You can only achieve your business goals if you’re your best asset. The only secret to success is consistency and small, daily, right action. If you take 30 minutes a day and devote it to your business for 90 days, you will see results. If you think there’s something more but you don’t know what it is, do something you love to do as a child and do something outside your comfort zone. Tweetable Quotes: “We need to slow down to speed up.” “You can still love what you do and get to a place where you crash.” “Your destination is a moving target, be at peace and grateful.” “When your mind is at peace, you get divine downloads.” Resources Mentioned: She Rises Website Kelly Lynn Adams Website The Compound Effect Book
February 28, 2018
Terra Winston-Balancing Ambition with Life
Terra Winston, Ringleader of in Terractions and Principal of in Terract Consulting, has dedicated her life to helping her clients unleash the potential of each employee. She a leadership consultant and executive coach with 20 years of internal and external business consulting experience. Terra has a flexible style that has driven results in boardrooms and on plant floors, for Fortune 100 companies and small start-ups, alike. Terra's successful approach comes from her unique blend of "hard'. and %oft. business skills. She holds a BS in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia, an MBA from Stanford University, and coaching certification from The Coaches Training Institute and the International Coach Federation. Prior to founding in Terract, Terra worked at Deloitte Consulting as a consultant on process, strategy, and organizational engagements and as a Director at PepsiCo doing traditional HR and organizational development. With an expertise in leadership development and facilitation, Terra implements a broad variety of solutions for her clients. As a coach she helps leaders make meaningful impact on the. organizations. A .ught after speaker, Terra delivers workshops and keynotes that do more than entertain - they give attendees the tools to change behavior. Her approach has proven to be successful across multiple levels and with clients as diver. as Google, PepsiCo, Fannie Mae, Abbott, Deloitte, MillerCoors, BP, and The Dallas Cowboys. On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza interviews Terra Winston, ringleader of interactions and Principal of interact Consulting. The first time you rise you don’t have any proof that it’s not going to be the end of you, and it can be scary. After a sign, Terra quit her job and rented a studio apartment in Argentina living off the grid for two months. We don’t let ourselves speak out our desires with no consequences like we should. Every time your intellectual choice aligns with the voice inside, you’re likely to be happy with your choice. When you make a plan, you don’t have to renegotiate every day with fear. You have to get over shame, ego and former identities to go for your dream. Your creativity and enjoyment of life can’t come out if you’re living in fear. Whatever you choose is fine, just don’t choose it out of fear. We tend to make things either/or instead of both/and, let’s talk about the next step. Our desires get masked by our dissatisfaction in other areas. Why work-life balance doesn’t work and how work should be in service to the life you’re building. Start with confidence and before you’re ready and the world will open up for you. Tweetable Quotes: “I own all of my decisions, and there’s power in that.” “Some of the wisest people don’t have degrees on their wall.” “Only you can end your story.” Resources Mentioned: She Rises Website Bali Retreat
February 20, 2018
Do You Have an Inner Witch?
On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza talks about the concept of witch as healer. What are the connotations that you have with the word “witch,” is it negative? We use these magical personifications to reflect power that we think is outside ourselves. For centuries witches were healers and went to the natural world for answers. Patriarchal societies demonized witches because they were taught to fear powerful, sovereign women. We tend to compartmentalize the spiritual or witchy side of ourselves. Where have we lost connection with our magical being and how are we numbing her out? The feminine aspect of god that wants to express through you is the “She” in She Rises. Start asking yourself where you’ve neglected your inner healer, witch, priestess, medicine woman, etc. Created a program called Business Magic for the entrepreneurial woman who is ready to own her inner witch. Ask yourself, where is that witch archetype in my life? Is she showing up as the shadow-side and you can’t get where her light is? Start to make peace with your inner witch if you’ve had negative connotations. Write down questions you’d like answered about yourself and ask during meditation, allowing your inner witch to answer. Tweetable Quotes: “As women, we’ve had to live and survive in a very patriarchal world.” “When you tap into her beauty and magic, there’s a deep sense of sovereignty that helps you approach things without being easily ruffled.” Resources Mentioned: She Rises Website Business Magic
February 13, 2018
Lillie Mae- Making it Happen
As President of Lillie Mae PR and Creator of the Glambitious Empowerment Network - Lillie Mae has dedicated her efforts to empowering, recognizing and supporting entrepreneurs of all facets around the world.  From London to Egypt, she has connected with women through podcasts, books, masterclasses, innovative events and empowerment tours, to provide them with unique resources that would elevate them professionally and personally.  Having emerged from very humble beginnings in Winston Salem, North Carolina to becoming a graduate of UNC Chapel Hill; Lillie Mae also travels the country as a motivational speaker empowering people of all facets to overcome obstacles, face their fears and live the life of their dreams. In 2016 she hosted her signature All White Brunch Tour in Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte and Washington DC. She also presented the first annual Glambitious Business Grant to a deserving female entrepreneur.  Her Public Relations efforts have extended nationally for client placements including USA Today, The Hollywood Reporter, Madame Noire & Yahoo News.  Lillie Mae herself has also been featured on TMZ, Huffington Post, The Examiner and more. On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza talks to Lillie Mae, PR Powerhouse. She’s the President of Lillie Mae PR and creator of the Glambitious Empowerment Network. Lillie Mae went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, got an internship at Motown Records – this was the beginning of her career. Her Motown internship helped her develop her thirst and propel her ambition for a thrilling career with a lot of excitement. One of her earliest challenges was to not overthink ideas, causing them to not take risks. Women need to be their biggest fans and their own biggest promoters; consider working with a publicist if you have a budget. To cultivate a successful brand, you have to let people know about your wins. #1 DIY PR tip: If possible, get to know some of the media in your area that speaks to your target demographic. Don’t discount some of the smaller media platforms and don’t be afraid to pitch yourself to bloggers in your area of expertise. The biggest mistake people make in promotions: Promoting themselves to the same group of people, not outside their network. As a business owner, hone in on your skillset, but also think outside of the box. Have a menu of offerings. Lillie Mae has materialized a desire to cultivate success in other women and provide them resources. Her new book, Glambitious Guide to Greatness is written by over 30 co-authors and inspires women in different areas of life, business and personal. Lillie Mae came from humble beginnings, but she knew it wouldn’t be like that forever – she lived by that mindset. Tweetable Quotes: “As women, we sometimes get caught up in self-doubt.” “You have to grow comfortable with the possibility of something not working out.” “The only failure lies in taking the risk, but not getting the lesson.” “This moment is not my forever.” Resources Mentioned: She Rises Website Lillie Mae PR Glambitious Empowerment Network The Glambitious Guide to Greatness
February 05, 2018
Craig Filek- Find Your Purpose
Craig Filek (FY - Lek) is the Founder & Creator of Purpose Mapping.  With over 20 years experience facilitating deep inner work, Craig developed Purpose Mapping to bring his own life into alignment after walking away from a 7-figure business, and what he thought would be his ideal life. Now he guides high-achievers around the world to realize their full potential by  clarifying their purpose, aligning with their flow state by playing to their strengths, and making a meaningful contribution every day, one tiny step at a time. Executives, entrepreneurs, investors and professionals around the world seek Craig’s guidance when making life-changing decisions.  You can begin Purpose Mapping for free at On this episode of She Rises, Host Giovanna Capozza talks to Craig Filek, philosopher and purpose mapper, about finding your purpose. Craig Filek was a philosophy major and has developed a unique system for finding your purpose. Craig applied integral critical thinking to personality information and psychology and philosophy and came up with a few key ideas. Craig experienced an excruciating existential moment of angst that made him say yes to his “call to adventure.” Craig talks about where he guides people when they have an idea of their purpose, but they’re not sure how to fulfill it. There are four quadrants to your purpose, and one of them is your strengths. You need to have a vision for your purpose. You need to have a mission in service of developing your strengths to give your contribution to the world. You need to ask yourself, what’s the one thing I can do today that makes success inevitable? If you don’t care about finding your purpose, you live on the golden hamster wheel until you get fed up with it. Getting good at going through transformational periods is important because they just don’t stop. Craig’s Message: Don’t fight your environment, it’s too powerful – structure your environment to work for you. Craig talks about how building your contribution system around your flow state helps you make money from your purpose. Tweetable Quotes “Purpose is the reason something exists.” “The only thing we can really know is that we exist.” “If you’re always focused on the next right step, you’ll get there.” “You can transform your life and live an authentic life that helps you live in flow every day.” Resources Mentioned She Rises Website Ken Wilbur – Philosopher Purpose Mapping– Craig’s website Tony Robbins Steven Covey Michael Gerber   [coolcastplayer id="43"]
January 31, 2018
Is It Really Burnout? with Mark Ryan
Marc Ryan is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in California and a health expert in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, the autoimmune version of the hypothyroid disorder. His pursuit of alternative ways to seek healing of this disease that he struggled with has led him to write his book How to Heal Hashimoto's: An Integrative Roadmap to Remission, where he shares what he has learned from thousands of hours of research and working with thousands of Hashimoto’s patients. Marc continues to share hope and healing of patients with the disorder through his website, Hashimoto’s Healing  and Facebook group.   Marc joins me on today’s episode to share what Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is, the characteristics of people who are diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, and the difference between having Hashimoto’s and typical hypothyroidism. He also shares tips on how to care for your body and how to determine whether it’s time to see a health professional.   “There’s a big difference between being lazy and being tired.” - Marc Ryan   This week on She Rises: What Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is The functions of the thyroid and how it’s significant in your overall well-being and your business Diagnostic tests for Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis Differentiating Hashimoto’s from other hypothyroidism Where to go if you’re not getting the right treatment from your doctor Why you need to be conscious of what goes on in your body Why he is anti-gluten Why you should take stress seriously How to take care of your thyroid Why having any form of anemia is unacceptable Being lazy versus being tired   She Rises Actionable & Practical Tips: Look at how much sugar and caffeine you’re consuming. Consider these minerals for your thyroid -- selenium, zinc, and iron. Having any form of anemia is a huge deal.     Resources Mentioned: Dr. Izabella Wentz Dr. Datis Kharrazian     Connect with Marc Ryan:   Hashimoto’s Healing Website Hashimoto’s Healing Facebook group How to Heal Hashimoto’s: An Integrative Road Map to Remission book by Marc Ryan   Stop Settling, Start RISING!   Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of She Rises, the podcast dedicated to women who are ready to stop settling and start living their lives by design. If you enjoyed this episode, please head over to iTunes to subscribe and leave us a rate and review. Don’t forget to share your favorite episodes on social media!
January 16, 2018
The UnResolution
Many people are excited about January. For them, it is the time to create new resolutions and make a fresh start. With this excitement also comes anxiety. Many put a lot of pressure on themselves to consistently follow through and achieve these new goals.     With the mixed emotions about the first month of the year, on today’s episode, I share how you can take it easy on yourself in January. I talk about the negative spiral that goes with doing things hurriedly and feeling dissatisfied as you tell yourself that you should be doing more. I also share how you can reposition your energy and how taking a break can benefit you and your outlook.   “The truth is you have the next 12 months to create what it is that you want to create.” - Giovanna Capozza   This week on She Rises: Two things people feel about January The pressures that go with the start of the new year What happens when you do things out of fear What happens when you start judging what you’re feeling Healthy ways to express your thoughts and to-dos   She Rises Actionable & Practical Tips: Slow down. Don’t judge your thoughts and feelings. Breathe. Stop Settling, Start RISING!   Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of She Rises, the podcast dedicated to women who are ready to stop settling and start living their lives by design. If you enjoyed this episode, please head over to iTunes to subscribe and leave us a rate and review. Don’t forget to share your favorite episodes on social media!
January 09, 2018
Encore Episode with Lisa Natoli – A Course in Miracles: Relationships
I LOVE the topic of relationships, in fact of all the coaching that I do, relationship coaching is the most powerful and fulfilling of all! To be a guide to others and bare witness to radical transformation is blessing and a gift. Today I revisit this topic in an interview I gave back in 2015 with one of my spiritual teachers Lisa Natoli. Lisa Natoli is a minister, teacher and healer. She is the author of the best-selling book Gorgeous for God and founder of the 40-Day Program for Transformation, a free online program. She writes and teaches on the topics of transformation, healing and abundance. She is co-founder of the nonprofit organization Teachers of God Foundation which inspires, encourages and supports individuals to go through the transformation from fear to love. She co-hosts a weekly radio show on Unity Online Radio called Living in Joy/Reflections on A Course in Miracles that airs every Friday afternoon at 3pm EST. In this episode, Giovanna welcomes Lisa Natoli to the show. Lisa is a minister, teacher and healer whose main focus is in the area of relationships—a harmonious relationship with one’s self, God, and with others. She opens up about her own broken history in relationships which led to her finding a partner in Jesus. Out of her commitment to her faith and the fullness of love that she found through forgiveness, Lisa was able to open herself up to a new relationship and express to herself what she really wanted. Tune in to find out the miracle of forgiveness, the importance of the Holy Spirit in relationships, and what can happen when you choose to love yourself and God first… Today’s episode guest is Lisa Natoli Lisa is a minister, teacher and healer She also co hosts a radio show, Living in Joy / Reflections on A Course in Miracles It’s important for people to relate to each other Everything is relationships “Love addiction” is a good thing Giovanna finds that there’s a lot of confusion in relationships It was a revelation for Giovanna to see and understand the element of give and take in relationships Lisa lives a luxurious life in Christ and is totally in love with reckless abandon Just like everybody else, Lisa came from relationships that didn’t work Start with your relationship with yourself Lisa believes everything is about prayer The first step to having harmonious relationships is to have one with yourself and with God Accept your new beginning and be willing to do the work If God is not there, people tend to lean on another person to fulfill the need for love in us The starting point is the moment you make a decision to have a new life Most people think other people should change Lisa’s first husband was incredible but when she looked at the marriage, she really didn’t feel complete When they got a divorce, Lisa said she’d never be in a relationship anymore Summer 2010, Lisa felt deep in her heart that she did want a relationship but thought it wouldn’t work out for her anymore Ask for what you want in your heart Lisa believed she had the most amazing partner ever – Jesus She immediately changed and started taking care of herself She loved her life and then a relationship came – she fell in love with her 2nd husband, Bill Come to a place of wholeness and completion; to a place where you are full of love Don’t wait for a partner to feel complete Draw your circle, stand in it, and let everything come to you The training that leads to transformation is to allow the blocks and obstacles to come into full awareness The real work is finding the points of depression, anger, and fear and dissolving it into forgiveness Remember the truth Ego Love vs. Love of God A Course in Miracles is really a course on how to forgive The Mystical Third The first point of change is inviting the Holy Spirit in Open your mind and allow yourself to have experience with the power and presence of the Holy Spirit Lisa shares about conflict between herself and her mother over a ring Giovanna introduces Bill, Lisa’s husband “
November 28, 2017
Allison Crow - Doing It Your Way
Allison Crow is the founder of Soul-Full Living, LLC, a soul-focused coaching company that blends spirituality, energy, and creative coaching with business coaching. She is a Certified Visual Coach, a Certified Expressive Arts Facilitator, and a founding member of 4PC, an international organization of the top 4% of coaches and leaders around the world.   Allison joins me today to discuss how to bring your creativity, authenticity, and soulfulness into everything you do as a female entrepreneur. She shares the turning point in her career that enabled her to rise up to her own creativity and authenticity and explains how to create “soulful success” - which is success that feels good to you, at the soul level.   “Skills + Your Authentic Self = Unstoppable.” - Allison Crow This week on She Rises:   Overcoming the need to “fit in” Being authentic and claiming your “too muchness” How to make peace with your authentic self The connection between vulnerability, creativity, and your business How to apply creative self-expression into entrepreneurship How to incorporate authenticity into your marketing and branding strategies The importance of sharing your creativity and authenticity in your business Overcoming perfectionism through authenticity Her philosophy of frequency over intensity when showing your authentic self   She Rises Actionable & Practical Tips:   Journal every single day. Write a list of your “I am’s.” Fly your “freak flag.” Get creative. Stop Settling, Start RISING!   Thanks for tuning into this week’s episode of She Rises, the podcast dedicated to women who are ready to stop settling and start living their lives by design. If you enjoyed this episode, please head over to iTunes to subscribe and leave us a rate and review. Don’t forget to share your favorite episodes on social media!
November 21, 2017
Myriam Llano - Love Your Body Well
Myriam Llano is an expert on the relationship between women and nourishment. She teaches women globally about nourishing the sacred feminine first, as a way to honor themselves; bridging the gap between emotional eating, nutrition, and spirituality. She is the creator of the Divine Renewal™ program ... a revolutionary program which supports women in creating an intimate connection with food and their body; feeding what they’re truly hungry for in life with spiritual nutrition. After many decades of being on a personal quest to heal her relationship with food, Myriam realized that that the journey starts with honoring both our divine essence and our humanness. When a woman begins to honor herself and let go of shame and old wounds, she can help create a movement ... a movement of women who are at peace with themselves, their bodies, food, and finally begin feeling whole. Every new moon, Myriam offers an episode of the Divine Renewal™ Radio program ~ a collection of spirited conversations with wise women helping you overcome body image and emotional nourishment issues by strengthening your connection with the sacred feminine. Myriam is a registered nutritionist, an emotional nourishment coach, and devoted to the oath of the Divine Feminine. For more information please visit In today’s episode of the She Rises podcast, Giovanna interviews health consultant, nutritionist, and motivational speaker from Toronto, Canada Myriam Llano. Her focus is to: “To help women rediscover their true essence and receive nourishment from the sacred feminine as they experience the Divine Renewal they hunger for". Giovanna talks to Myriam Llano about her Divine Renewal concept of healing the emotional and spiritual cravings that women have when overcoming body shaming, anxiety issues, and depression. Divine Renewal isn’t another dietary program to give up on, it is a woman’s opportunity to reunite herself with her own body; to learn how to appreciate herself as she is. Giovanna welcomes Myriam to the podcast Myriam and Giovanna reminisce on meeting in Toronto several years ago Myriam’s She Rises Story – Relationship with food beginning at age 11 o Arriving to Canada from Columbia, suffering from her county’s drug war o Eating to calm down her anxiety, eating all the time True hunger: hiding to eat so owner of her new house in Canada wouldn’t know she was eating their groceries, eating leftovers from the garbage Discovered the benefits of working out at age 13, binging and purging by age 14 Myriam was a victim of sexual harassment, abuse, and sexual violation Became addicted to working out and dramatically lost weight at 17 Between 17-19 Myriam feeling sad internally and wondered if she died who would notice, started hurting herself (scratching herself) Giovanna asks Myriam how she got out of self-destructive cycle o By 19 Myriam hospitalized because her electrolytes were low, couldn’t walk up the stairs at her house o Put into rehab at Toronto General Hospital, put into eating disorder program, had anorexia nervosa Giovanna asks Myriam what she means by emotional eating in male-dominated medical field Women worldwide struggling with body image issues, longing to feel loved, worthy, satisfied, heard, celebrated, and acknowledged Giovanna addresses the misconception that only overweight women have an issue with food Information and emotion that food holds for us, how/when/why we eat it plays a role in our relationship to it Using food for a drug to heal spiritual and emotional injury Coping with the past Giovanna discussing her first dietary lifestyle change and mistaking anxiety for hunger Macrobiotics taught Myriam about the energies of food, to feel “grounded” eat food from the ground, what are you “fueling?” More words to describe something negative than positive, reuniting pleasure with your sacred self Remembering the “mysteries of the feminine” and needing to redefine feminism – women’s bodies are cyclical and wear different ar
November 14, 2017
Monica Day - Let's Talk About Pleasure
Monica Day is obsessed with the areas of life that invite us to admit our deepest desires, stir our greatest passions, and face our most potent fears. As both a writer/performer and a coach/facilitator, she addresses the areas of race, gender, class, power, and sexuality in myriad ways. Ultimately, she sees these critical issues as holding the key to both our individual and collective freedom. Her performance credits include two solo shows, Song of the Sacred Whore and Falling Into Love, and a collaborative effort, The Secret Order of the Libertines: An Intimate Revolution. She was the creator and host of Essensuality: An Evening of Erotic Expression in New York City and Philadelphia, and the producer and lead coach for the innovative Power of One program, which uses the solo show format as a vehicle for personal and cultural transformation. As a coach, she works with individuals and couples, offers workshops, and regularly offers innovative group programs. In this new episode of the She Rises podcast, Giovanna Capozzainterviews author and life coach Monica Day. Monica has been actively offering transitional coaching, sessions for individuals and groups, as well as apprenticeships for her clients. The focus of Giovanna Capozza’s discussion with Monica Day revolves around Day’s new book called “Play Wide, Stay Safe: The Guide to Giving and Receiving.” This timely guide addresses the importance of rising above sexual shame and gender stereotypes about sexual pleasure and indulging in safe and consensual intimate exploration. Monica Day offers tangible methods to take the embarrassment out of the communication of personal desires and the importance of using polar opposites in your relationship to spark hot sexual energy. Giovanna welcomes Monica to the podcast Monica defines sex as foundational to all of our lives, not relegated to the bedroom Doesn’t consider herself a sex coach or “sexpert” Monica’s “Sex Rises Story”: Monica’s feelings of once feeling unfulfilled: her own business, family breadwinner, raising two kids, putting ex-husband through school Writing erotic poetry after marital separation and depression Monica will have future book about personal coming-of-age sexual desires Monica lost her virginity against her will Sexual and body shame getting in the way of sexual exploration People not being taught the difference between sexual acts and sexual energy Predatory sex Shared ways to express sexual desires as individuals and in relationships Breaking free of societal taboos about sex that create shame Intersection between race and sex Sexual habits and desires leading to self-judgement and fear Performance-based language about sex Distinction between sensation-based language and judgement-based language Popularity of “50 Shades of Grey” and the romance novel industry “Erotic Self” and a “Domestic Self” Communicating sexual curiosities Monica’s advice to remedy a couple’s lack of sexual communication: Slowing down, being playful and curious, taking goal-orientated sex results out of the picture Repression even in a highly sexualized society Monica advising a company how to change their sexualized approach to using desire in advertising The problem with pornography getting in the way of intimacy Where our sexual organs are in our body is where our creativity and life force energy resides, a lot of our shames lives there as well Women shutting down their sexual interests to avoid shame Mastering the powerful fuel of sexual energy “Solo Practice” to explore your own body to learn personal desires Communication to feel full desire Masculine and feminine energy in sexual tension Important polarities to create desire: Leading and Following, Dominance and Submission, Fantasy and Reality Giovanna talks about “The Little Death” an Australian movie about a wife sharing her rape fantasy with her husband “The Primal and the Sacred” as a range for sexual desire Start something new in your relationship before it dies 3 Key Points:
November 07, 2017
Something to Think About Healing Yourself
Healing is not only cured by medicine. Healing also takes place in the mind. We often underestimate the role the mind plays in our healing. Our higher state of consciousness has the ability to influence our health—and this is one topic that can be easily dismissed by mainstream medicine and health systems. Today, Giovanna opens up about her journey as a healer. She explains the role of fear as it relates to sickness and how we can liberate ourselves from this fear. She also discusses the healing effects of being PRESENT in the moment. Today’s episode is partnered with live training on Youtube! This week, we’ll continue with the topic of healing—a very personal topic for Giovanna She believes that we are all healers; part of her purpose is to awaken the healer in you Giovanna is an alternative medicine doctor by trade People seek to solve problems and find a solution, but it isn’t useful when it comes to a higher consciousness Giovanna’s body issues from when she was younger got her on the health track early on Unfortunately, she still felt something was missing She felt a lot of guilt for leaving her career in health There is a missing piece that isn’t talked about in our efforts for true health and healing—that missing piece is our higher self Giovanna became a healer to fix herself and to fix other people, but she burnt out The higher consciousness of every person is pure presence You are NOT a body — you are a presence/consciousness that does not get sick Your ego tends to blame or shame yourself Our bodies get sick because of our thoughts and beliefs; however, only to a degree The mind is powerful; your thoughts and your beliefs create your reality There is only one thought that makes you sick—FEAR Dwelling in the past OR having anxiety about the future will trigger that fear The vital life force is the animating spirit that lives within all of us that is there to heal itself There is a way to speak to your subconscious mind Accessing the power of your healing is accessing the place where the future and past do not matter Giovanna shares about her gallbladder problem that was caused by her stressing and attacking herself Remember that there’s nothing that you need to do except BE PRESENT The new way of healing for us needs to incorporate healing of the mind Accepting the present moment liberates your body True healing comes from remembering who you are Please share this She Rises podcast to your friends! 3 Key Points: You are a neutral presence or consciousness that doesn’t get sick or have fear. Healing comes from within yourself. Liberate yourself by being present in the moment and free yourself from the anxieties of the past and/or future.
November 01, 2017
Jodi Flynn - Women Who Take The Lead
Jodi Flynn is the Founder of Women Taking the Lead, a podcast and community of ambitious entrepreneurial women who want to go BIG. She works with Type-A women who are already successful but have not yet achieved the level of success they want to achieve. Jodi helps her clients to see how extraordinary they are and then set priorities, get organized, in action so they can achieve their biggest goals with ease. She became an Amazon bestselling author with the release of her book, Accomplished: How to Go from Dreaming to doing. Every woman has two sides: the side that she is proud to show to the world and the side that she tends to hide. The part of us that we hide is made up of our insecurities, our struggles, our fears. They are the feelings that arise when we feel what we are offering to the world is just not good enough. Today’s She Rises guest, Jodi Flynn, tackles the insecurities in women that drive them to push harder in their careers and personal life. She helps women develop their confidence and see that they are already amazing—regardless of how much they strive in life. Tune-in as Jodi and Giovanna take us into their own inner struggles of self-confidence, what they describe to be their superpowers and kryptonite, and how all women can be the best version of themselves. For free resources, go to Today’s guest, Jodi Flynn, helps women develop their confidence and help them realize that they’re already amazing Jodi, as a child, was full of insecurities outside of the house She even trained herself to breath silently so she wouldn’t attract attention Growing up, Jodi used her friends as a security blankets These friends left her and it devastated her at the start, but it also encouraged her to reach out to others and form new friendships The women who hire Jodi for coaching are already successful people They may not feel successful though They also can doubt their personal relationships Some tend to struggle with perfectionism Jodi helps them to understand they can delegate their work so they can focus on more important things Jodi shares about one of her clients Her client had to either sell her business or work with a partner She had a lot of options and Jodi told her that they will work their through the options The client had an “aha” moment where she realized her team worked better when she took a break The client didn’t have to sell the business or take on a partner after all The leader, or the owner, can become a “barrier” to the business experiencing success The common factor between all of Jodi’s clients is perfectionism which causes them to hide their problems They don’t want to ask for help; they try their best to do things their own way Hiding keeps people trapped Jodi was trapped at one time herself In business, things will go wrong It should be taken as an experiment where failures are a learning experience The people who are successful are the ones who didn’t hold themselves back “Strive for some excellence, not for perfection” Perfectionism only reinforces “not good enough” ideas and beliefs Jodi believes that every quality has two sides of a coin, the “good enough” and “not good enough” side Jodi wrote her book for the women who believe things are “not good enough” In all things, be aligned with your mission and work at your own personal development There’s work involved when it comes to aligning with your mission and purpose; it requires you to engage in a heart-to-heart with yourself The mission for women is to be the best version of yourself “Be the change you would like to see in the world” If you follow your interests, you’re already in your mission and purpose Women can make a difference and have tremendous power You don’t have to be the next Oprah, you can start with your own community or circle As Roosevelt once said, “Do what you can with what you have, where you are” Doing one small action can create the greatest ripple What to do wit
October 24, 2017
Barry Paul Price - How to Date Men, Not Boys
Barry Price is a Dating Mentor and Coachville-Trained Life Coach who used to help his single, successful Mom analyze her dates. He now supports heart-centered, six-figure female entrepreneurs to attract, date and maintain a relationship with the man of their dreams. Though empowering for women, the feminist movement has taken a toll on men. Women stepping up and no longer hiding their power has unfortunately left men questioning where they stand—specifically in the realm of romantic relationships. So how does a woman find a man that they deem a proper fit? How does a woman maintain her femininity WITHOUT giving up her power to a man? These are the questions that will be addressed in today’s She Rises episode with guest, Barry Paul Price. Tune-in to gain a better understanding of the masculine and feminine energies that lie within all of us and how to achieve balance in ourselves before we can even dare to find our match. For free resources, go to Each person has BOTH masculine and feminine energies Today’s guest, Barry Price, helps powerful women date men, NOT boys His message—you can have the love that you deserve He helps powerful women reconnect with their feminine energy Both masculine and feminine energies are powerful – you just have to use the right energy that serves you at the right time Since the age of feminism, women have been able to freely express the power they already have In the 70’s and 80’s, men didn’t know how to respond to powerful women In the 20th century, boys are being brought up by female elders; this is very different from ancient times where they spent their days with male elders The definition of a male role model changed with the industrial revolution In the last 10 years, many have been questioning “Where are the men?” Barry refers to the book, The End of Men, which was written because of the rise of women Some men are having a difficult time coping with women stepping up Barry believes women should feel free to change in ways that allow them to fully connect with their feminine energy WITHOUT sacrificing their power Giovanna states that all people have a deep sense of power within themselves Typical characteristics of boys (not men) can include emotional immaturity, financial instability, being emotionally unavailable, etc. Focus on what you’re looking for as a woman (the kind of man you desire); don’t fixate on the kind of man you’d like to avoid Five “M’s” to differentiate a boy from a man: #1 Maturity #2 Mission #3 Masculine #4 Myself #5 Making you feel safe Barry iterates the importance of starting with YOURSELF If you’re still single, it’s because you haven’t met your ideal match Be authentic and be the BEST version of yourself Having the “I can do it on my own” attitude is effective for feeling safe and secure, but it can also drain your energy Powerful women tend to want control in a relationship; know the times when you need to release that control “There’s nothing less attractive than people with unmet needs, wanting their needs met by you” Don’t be attached to the possible outcomes of a relationship Cultivate your relationship with yourself FIRST “Nobody is here to fill all your needs” What matters is being aligned in every part of you before a man comes into the picture; don’t look for a person to fill in your gaps Being feminine is part of an evolving, organic sense of yourself “The feminine side of understanding a soulmate is really, feeling your way into what that will feel like being around that person” Dancing without any inhibitions or self-judgment can help you tap into your feminine side Beware of The Miss Independent Syndrome, or the “Screw you, I don’t need you” attitude Your identity can make you feel safe, but it can also blind you of your problems Vulnerability is a gift that you give to yourself and to your significant other Barry has immense respect for people who can search within themselves and admit there was something wrong Begin your jou
October 17, 2017
Allana Pratt - The Risk of Vulnerability
Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt inspires open hearted courageous living, with delicious sass. Featured on CBS, TLC, FOX and weekly on the Good Men Project, this cum laude graduate of Columbia University is the author of 3 books, with one in the oven. She’s a coach to celebrities and the Host of the sexy empowering show Allana’s passionate devotion to helping men and women reclaim their joy, freedom and personal power dating and in relationships is rooted in her own experience. Allana endured a brutal custody battle that threatened to compromise her joy, softness and feminine power. Yet Allana sat in the fire, embracing the experience as a spiritual teacher, emerging more courageously vulnerable and radiantly loving than ever before. Now she inspires women to embrace their sacred erotic nature and find strength in their softness to attract all the love and attention they desire. She heals men’s emasculated hearts, cures their ‘nice guy’, and awakens their ‘noble badass’ to create hot, healthy intimate relationships. She pole dances for pleasure, has ridiculous amounts of joy as a mother and inspires reverence for our exquisite sexual nature. With two failed marriages and a lifetime riddled with insecurities, no one person would think today’s guest, Allana Pratt, would rise to where she is now – an intimacy expert who helps both men and women become “radiant sexy women” or “noble badasses. Listen as Allana, with authentic vulnerability, lets us into her life and story. She shares candidly about all of her life’s twists and turns and discusses what it takes to live openly and honestly. Tune-in the learn the value of vulnerability, humility and why others cannot love us right UNTIL we learn how to love ourselves. Today’s episode guest is Allana Pratt Allana is from Canada She hopped into her uncle’s 18-wheeler truck to go to Hollywood She was good enough to dance, but she didn’t have the visa so she took a dancing job in Japan instead That job helped her understand the sacredness and sensual divinity within her body After 4 years of dancing, she met a guy who became her first husband They moved to New York City and Allana went to Columbia University where she graduated Cum Laude Everyone she spoke to in America was skeptical about the dancing career she had in Japan; Allana was so ashamed about it that she had to lie at times They moved to Los Angeles where she didn’t feel out-of-place Her marriage didn’t work out, even after counselling She married her second husband when her mom was passing away To fill the void of her mother, she rushed the process of getting married again Unfortunately, she and her second husband divorced within the year; there was a 12-year custody battle for their son The custody battle opened up a feminine power Allana never thought she had She found her centered place of truth Her ex-husband won 70% custody, but his son didn’t want to live with him Her son spent 3 months with her and said he wanted to stay with her primarily Allana wanted her son to make up with his father; since then, there have been issues with the father that have caused her son to block communication with Allana Allan met a guy a month ago that she is now seeing; she deems him a ‘noble badass’ Allana’s clients hire her because she’s real and she does not judge Vulnerability is one of Giovanna’s issues that she deals with Giovanna is in a place now where she is considering getting into a relationship again If you derive your worth from the outside-in, you’re screwed Derive 100% of your worth from the inside-out People tend to be cruel to themselves Allowance is the first step to vulnerability You can resist to a point where you break When people get into relationships with little parts of themselves, they accept themselves as a whole and they accept themselves unconditionally Because we judge ourselves, we lock parts of our real self down Nobody is going to love the real you if you don’t love yourself Yo
October 10, 2017
Maria Felipe - Live Your Happy
Maria Felipe is the author of Live Your Happy. A Cuban-American born in Miami, she is 5’9” with a towering personality to match.  After experiencing success as a model and actress, including hosting World Wrestling Federation TV shows, she felt called inward and studied to become a reverend at Pathways of Light, an accredited religious school inspired by A Course in Miracles. She leads monthly services in both Spanish and English at Unity Church in Burbank, CA.  All of us seek true happiness in our lives; but, it is the rare few that manage to find it. Maria Felipe, our guest on today’s show, guides us into how one can do just that. Maria believes that cultivating self-love and a feeling of abundance are KEY to finding true happiness. She delves into her life struggle of people pleasing and her general lack of self-love—factors that have contributed to her becoming intrinsically unhappy. Today, she discusses just how she managed to let go of her grievances, cultivate that self-love, and ultimately find that true sense of happiness. Tune-in to learn how your willingness to connect to the Holy Spirit and to your spirit within can help you live your happy. Today’s guest is Maria Felipe Her book Live Your Happy: Get Out of Your Own Way and Find the Love Within is based on A Course in Miracles The books urges readers to live at MAX capacity; be responsible by not being a victim of the world that you see Being FORGIVING, even when and if you do not want to, WILL make you feel better Maria was suffering because she was dissatisfied with the state of her relationships and her career In this world of duality, we are constantly looking for outside validation to be “complete” Was even attending the Course of Miracles in a bid to find happiness Her personal life went through major upheaval in 2009 when she went through a divorce; resorted to drinking and partying to cope up Started to recognize that if she did not mend her ways, she was doomed to die Decided to go to The Pathways of Light, a ministerial program to further her study on the Course of Miracles Opted to go there not to become a teacher, speaker or instructor but to HEAL her mind The Course of Miracles says, “All you need is a little bit of willingness for miracles to happen”; inherently willing, she finally warmed up to the program Tried reading books and listening to CD’s in her self-help and desperation phase, but to no avail Need to EMBODY the teachings and live them in your relationships with yourself and others Realized the futility of looking for love outside of oneself Tranced with the world and caught up in our egos, we have gotten comfortable with being unhappy Being EASY and being HAPPY is the true normal; happiness, our function and inheritance is the true reality BIG DEALS rob us off our inheritance, our happiness—in other words, when we make a big fuss over small issues or catastrophize certain events in our life that end up stealing our peace Cultivate a mindset where you are happy regardless of the outcome; your happiness is not dependent on things outside of you Remember, outside stuff does not define you; GOD does Avoid falling in the ego trap where you think, “You could have, you should have or would have done it better” Avoid being obsessed with your looks and being skinny just to people please or get something else from the outside world Maria’s body is just a reflection of her thoughts Your bank account and your job do not define you; you will not find abundance in your life via monetary gains Your life is inherently abundant since you are God’s creation; you have everything and lack nothing Our ego pushes us to achieve more and more in this consumption driven society Maria beat 500 girls to land a job at World Wrestling Federation; while this job had all the trappings of success, Maria was the saddest she had been all her life The only thing that you want to truly MANIFEST is what the holy spirit guides you to do; look to manifest more internal thi
October 03, 2017
Giovanna Capozza-Decisions, Decisions... Ugh!
Decisions are simply a part of life. There are small daily ones with small consequences. And, there are the life-altering, enormous ones that can cause us a great amount of stress, anxiety and indecision. Since making decisions are inevitable, we need to know how to approach this process—especially if we find ourselves becoming STUCK in our own indecision. In this episode, Giovanna walks us through the process of decision making. She discusses how we can make a decision from a place of clarity and peace instead of one that is influenced by our own ego and rational thinking. She discusses the NEED to tap into our Source, Guide, or Higher Self to seek true direction and encourages listeners in how they can make time in their busy lives to do so. Today’s episode is about decisions Giovanna has been a notorious, neurotic decision-maker A lot of people suffer from the agony of making decisions Please leave a comment or feedback on the She Rises website At the center of all your stresses is YOU Call in your higher self or source Ask yourself a question—a decision that is pending, or something that poses a challenge for you Ask the spirit or higher guidance to come and help us in this process of tapping in How did the process of tapping go for you? How did it affect you? The very place we need to go is usually the place which is the most difficult for us to connect Making quick decisions is something that eludes Giovanna Tapping into yourself is an exercise to know yourself within Cultivate and develop your ability to go into your quiet space People are so entrenched in the external world that they forget to listen to their internal world Your relationship to yourself and your relationship with your source is MOST important Trust in yourself is important for making decisions Giovanna shares a quote from Deepak Chopra, The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life Look at the Universe or Source from a different perspective other than suffering the consequences of making a wrong decision Indecision gets you stuck Where is your indecision keeping you stuck? How is does your indecision manifest in your life? A Course in Miracles’ has a lesson that says, “If I make no decisions by myself, this is the day that will be given to me” In your willingness to find the answer, you need to acknowledge that your ego and logical thinking is actually the one making the decision The decision that is made from logic and intellect is NOT from a place of peace and clarity Learning principles and then, applying principles are TWO different things Take a moment and connect with yourself Write down whatever question comes to you Make 2 columns – write your fears on the left side, and on the right, write the possibilities or outcomes What is influencing your decision-making? Willingness to ask and seek the answer to your questions is very powerful Acknowledge that you do NOT know the answer The sense of “knowing” is in the foreground and the small voice within you is usually placed in the background Indecision is a byproduct of not trusting yourself Intuitive Action and Massive Action should come together in every decision Exercise your decision-making muscle by spending at least 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night tapping into your Higher Self Your mind’s job is to constantly be working Notice your thoughts happening, but don’t shut them down Invite your guide Let go of your decision BEFORE proceeding to try and answer it again Surrendering your decision and asking your guide for the answer is KEY in this exercise When you get distracted, catch that you’ve gone astray and bring yourself back Trust that you can connect with your intuition and Higher Self Simona, today’s caller, is having trouble keeping herself accountable in tapping in and for not being committed in meditation At first, Giovanna had to schedule her tapping so she wouldn't forget She uses an iTunes album called, I Am Wishes Fulfilled Meditation Recordin
September 26, 2017
Shannon Confair - Mastering Visibility
Shannon Confair's journey is one of true inspiration and courage. Shannon was working in the daycare her son was attending when she encountered her first entrepreneurial opportunity—being the photographer at her boss’s friend’s wedding. From that point forward, Shannon learned what it meant to own her craft and BE the professional photographer that she wanted to be as she journeyed onward towards her dreams. Tune-in to learn how Shannon navigated her business while raising her children. She emphasizes the importance of knowing yourself, knowing your target audience, reaching out to your community, and increasing your visibility—all the things that have contributed to Shannon’s success. Today’s episode guest is Shannon Confair Just recently, Shannon had Giovanna on her Facebook live show where they talked about Giovanna’s work surrounding women Shannon has a unique perspective seeing through a photographer’s lens Please send us your feedback and comments at the She Rises website Shannon was a teen mom and has been a photographer for 12 years She took a different path – she worked in the daycare her son went to Her boss knew she loved photography She covered for her boss’ friend’s wedding because they could not afford a professional photographer Her boss told her, “If you want to be a photographer, you have to call yourself a photographer” The wedding was a hit and Shannon started booking business from there Own and claim what you want to be Shannon had two more children and continued building her business while homeschooling the kids Homeschooling gave her the freedom to run her business as a mompreneur Shannon realized there isn’t really any perfect balance She plans her schedule in a way that everyone gets what they need When it feels off, adjust and move on Make priorities, have a vision and figure out the steps to make things happen 7 years ago, Shannon and her family had to make a move to a new area She thought her business would boom, but it fell flat An online ad teaching one how to book brides was key for Shannon to take the next leap The program was $250—which was a large amount for Shannon at the time It was the best investment Shannon ever made for her business Shannon doubled her business that year After a few years, she burnt out on weddings so she dove into the online coaching world Shannon booked her dream brides because she was clear enough about where she wanted to niche down Knowing who you are and who you want to serve can dramatically increase your business She started a brand called Wildly Successful Moms, which she never monetized and came to realize she was missing photography She combined both the things that she loved; this birthed her current business model Shannon, like Giovanna, also had difficulty in putting herself out there Overcoming her visibility problem has allowed Shannon to help so many people One of Shannon’s biggest challenges was people thinking she was a fraud It wasn’t until she immersed herself with women that she realized they were all the same; they were all on a journey Joining certain communities helped Giovanna to step out Create better thoughts Before taking a single photo, Shannon discusses the vision of her clients want and how they want to be perceived by the world Shannon’s brand strategy always starts with a vision She spends a day with her clients to really get to know them “It’s like they finally see themselves for who they really are” Giovanna prescribes a photoshoot to her clients to capture their best moments so they can remember that they ARE that person, even if they don’t feel like they are at certain times Giovanna is an amateur photographer herself See yourself as the beautiful person you are, regardless of whether you’ve put on weight or not It’s important to have a photographer who has experience with women Your weight is NOT who you are. You are not your body. Shannon strongly believes that her purpose is to make a difference in this world Watching people
September 19, 2017
Devon Bandison - The Evolution of Fatherhood
Devon Bandison is one of the most sought after success coaches in the world. He works with Fortune 100 Companies and people from all walks of life, including professional athletes and teams, CEO’s, salespeople, small business owners, the top business and life coaches in the world and parents. Devon was born and raised in New York City and shares the same energetic heartbeat, big personality and commitment to excellence as his hometown. Growing up, his love and hard work in sports resulted in him receiving a basketball scholarship to a school in North Carolina. After graduation he spent years working in the trenches for a non-profit organization, developing programs for youth, families and first-time fathers in some of the toughest neighborhoods throughout NYC. As Director of this organization he supervised social workers, psychiatrists and managers helping to improve the lives of children and families. He also served on various city and state committees to improve service delivery throughout NYC. Devon continued his education by earning a B.A. in Psychology and Masters in Public Administration. Devon is now CEO of the Devon Bandison Company, a global coaching organization that specializes in high performance and transformation. He provides leadership development, training and coaching to professionals who want to achieve more in life, at home, at work and in the world. Devon is an international and TEDX speaker and fatherhood thought leader whose work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, Inc. Magazine and Success Magazine. He is the creator and leader of the Game Changer Mastermind Group and of various workshops for leaders who are ready to play all-out in life and business. Devon is the proud father of three wonderful human beings who teach him way more about life and love then he could ever teach them.  You can catch him with his children at Friday Night Pizza Nights, Basketball for Breakfast, and rap concerts. Connect with Devon at In this episode, Giovanna introduces Devon Bandison, a prominent success coach and Tedx speaker. His book Fatherhood Is Leadership: Your Playbook for Success, Self-Leadership, and a Richer Life provides a fresh, modern take on fatherhood. The role of a father is no longer a no-nonsense, authoritarian approach. Instead, it is about bringing in influence, impact and intimacy into your relationship with your children. While a good father does not shy away from showing his flaws and vulnerability, he is also a role model to his children. Tune in as Devon Bandison, a father of four, shares his own story of discovery into the role of a father and how his insights break the mould of traditional parenting paradigms. Giovanna quotes Kahlil Gibran on raising children which describes the philosophy behind Devon’s book: Fatherhood Is Leadership: Your Playbook for Success, Self-Leadership, and a Richer Life Devon has been invited to this show to discuss his thoughts on fatherhood which are against the age-old paradigms Leave a message for Devon on the She Rises website, or connect with Giovanna or Devon on Facebook Intent of writing this book was to make a positive impact on people’s lives—stupendous response has catapulted this book to number #1 on Amazon bestsellers Devon hopes that his book will help out one father, one family and one community at a time This book manages to elicit tears as well as laughs from Giovanna Realized that women are so wrapped up in their own worlds that they fail to understand the trials of the men in their lives Helped her look at her father as a flawed person, and enabled her to let go of a lot of resentment that she had harbored for years Unable to cope with the death of Devon’s grandmother, his father turned to drugs Devon blamed himself for his father’s plight Relationships with parents majorly impact the decisions you make and stories you create in the initial years of your life Made a promise to himself to be a better fa
September 12, 2017
Giovanna Capozza-Something To Think About
In this bonus episode titled “Something to think about”, Giovanna shares with listeners various ways you can regain your enthusiasm for life. We often move through the ins and outs of life with very little time to reflect. Reflection enables us to look beyond the noise that fills our day, and see the very things that bring us life, joy, enthusiasm, and gratitude. Giovanna invites listeners to stop what we’re doing and ask ourselves the very questions that center us—are we finding joy in what we do? In our work? In our relationships? Tune-in to find the value of a taking a self-assessment and to hear a few guiding questions that will help you along the way. Today’s bonus episode is titled “Something to think about” Sundays for Giovanna Loves quiet Sundays Giovanna has just returned from the market and spent time listening to some inspirational podcasts and read some books She was inspired to reread Paulo Coelho’s Alchemist after listening to his podcast Everyone has a calling, a purpose and mission Not all of us may find our true calling Your mission may be right under your nose and you are just not seeing it The main purpose of every person is to cultivate love and gratitude In this fast paced life, we tend to forget that the purpose of any activity is to bring us joy Are you experiencing joy through your work and relationships? Use enthusiasm as your compass Enthusiasm is a spirit-guided feeling Need to assess whether your enthusiasm for life is intact Take care of your health Indulge yourself with some quiet reflection time Aim to experience moments of gratitude, joy, wonder and inspiration “Life is a mystery and we can just do the best that we can” Take a step back and look at what you are creating in your health, relationships and work Look for avenues that bring you joy and enthusiasm “Create your own compass” External factors may bring you “success”, but not necessarily happiness Avoid inundating yourself with outside noise A “Digital Sabbath” might be a good idea. Try to minimize the use of technology Indulge in honest self-assessment and determine whether you feel joy and gratitude every day Giovanna is off to London for a two-week break “She Rises” will resume in September Share the She Rises website on social media Review us on iTunes 3 Key Points: The main purpose of every person is to spread love and gratitude. Taking a “Digital Sabbath” is a great idea way to center you and give you the time to reflect. Indulge in an honest self-assessment and look for avenues that bring you joy and gratitude. Resources Mentioned: The Alchemist – Authored by Paulo Coelho She Rises Tribe – Facebook Group
August 23, 2017
Arielle Ford - Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate
Arielle Ford has spent the past 30 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. She is the author of the international bestseller, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction. Her book, Turn Your Mate Into Your Soulmate offers a groundbreaking shift in perception showing couples how to have a deeper and more fulfilling relationship. Her latest book is Inkspirations: Love by Design: Coloring the Divine Path to Manifest Your Soulmate the world’s first transformational coloring book. Arielle has been called “The Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love.” She lives in La Jolla, CA with her husband and soulmate, Brian Hilliard and their feline friends. Her website Today’s guest, Arielle Ford, answers the questions that have been troubling couples since the beginning of time: How do you find your soulmate? How do you effectively deal with your differences? Known as the “Cupid of Consciousness” and “The Fairy Godmother of Love”, Arielle shares her relational wisdom with listeners today and gives us insight into her own journey in finding and sustaining love. She’s author of the bestselling book The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of your life with the law of Attraction which provides a step-by-step guide for finding love. Tune-in as Arielle shares various insights which will help you turn your mate into a soulmate. Arielle has spent the last 30 years living and promoting consciousness Check out Arielle’s website to avail of some free goodies Finding true love At the age of 43, Arielle realized that she had spent all her energy towards building her business and ignored her personal life Arielle applied processes and rituals that had helped her with her love life Within six months, Arielle met her future husband, Bryan—they have been married for 19 years now Discovering her lack of partner skills She quickly figured out that bossing around her alpha-masculine husband was not a good idea Growing up in a middle-class, dysfunctional family did not help hone her relationship skills either Committed herself to being a student of love Our relationship skills or lack of them can be attributed to all the role models in our life Having proper communication skills is critical for turning your mate into your soul mate Bryan often complained that Arielle was “not listening” to him Bryan is the youngest child and has a need to be heard Arielle is the eldest child and she is a terrible listener Arielle quickly realized that she had to learn to listen to Bryan Arielle still has a hard time turning her body to Bryan, looking him in the eye and listening in a proper manner Come up with creative solutions to iron out your differences “You can either be right or you can be in a relationship” Avoid correcting your partner “It is absolutely normal to have differences in a relationship” “Every couple has a minimum of 9 irreconcilable differences” Creative solutions, not compromises, will help you deal with differences In a compromise, one partner tends to let go, whereas a creative solution is a win-win situation Arielle favorite line from the A Course in Miracles: “The only thing that can be lacking in a given situation is that which you were not given” Thinking positively will surely help you find the love of your life “The only thing that keeps us from getting all the love that we desire is our own limiting beliefs” Attempt to consciously get rid of negative thoughts Positive thoughts are much more powerful than negative ones. A few positive thoughts have the power to cancel out hundreds of negative ones “Be the guardian to the doorway of your mind” Having firm beliefs about your love life will affect your actions in a positive way We draw to us the people, places and experiences that match our state of being Your actions are nothing but a reflection of your beliefs Having a firm belief that you are connected with your soulmate will prevent you from
August 22, 2017
Ramona Astrid Bernardi-Girl Talk with Soul
Ramona is a 200hr RYT, and teacher of Embodied Energy Medicine. She has studied alternative health and wellness for over 17 years. ​The time is now for all of us to come together, with our hearts ablaze from the inside out. Activating one another to ever greater levels of peace, love, joy, and connection. Having received several light initiations via deep trance meditation and diving deeply into my cellular matrix, I believe we are ready to ignite our inner diamond fires which will assist in creating a ground swell of vibrant love for this planet and each other. We have come to depend on technology for every aspect of our lives—our social lives, work lives, and day-to-day living involves us plugging into our phones or computers. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of believing we are run by technology, when, in actuality, we still have the power to dictate how and when we employ its use. In today’s episode of She Rises, Giovanna and Ramona Bernardi discuss the importance of replacing media with silence; connecting with one’s self as opposed to connecting to technology. Tune-in to learn why staying in control of technology and its uses gives us the time and space to reflect on the matters within. Giovanna is sharing her recorded conversation with Ramona today Check out She Rises Podcast website and leave us a comment Share the message to your friends! Ramona is Giovanna’s soul sister This weekend, Giovanna engaged in a media blackout, she silenced all her technology As soon as Giovanna disconnected, she felt her breath return She noticed her addiction to food and eating “Boredom itself is disconnection of source” How can you be bored if you’re present in the moment? Giovanna challenged herself to go into the dark for 3 nights Her inspiration for this came from a conversation with a friend; she wanted to connect herself to God Giovanna also recognized she had a trigger point in the dark The first night, Giovanna experienced panic and terror Her third night was the best night for Giovanna Boredom is a coping mechanism—it happens when Ramona is not stimulated “Boredom is just resistance to connecting with yourself” Try to put yourself in silence for a weekend Giovanna shares about the book she read, The Power of Receiving We cannot receiving anything unless we are in a receptive state The word that came to Giovanna when she meditated was ‘receiving’ Ramona experienced so much transformation in the weeks her mother was away for a trip in Europe Ramona learned to embrace her inner child and realized she was growing into a mother herself When her mother returned, Ramona saw that she was becoming more of a woman rather than a child Gift yourself space and reflection to connect to yourself and see what needs healing We aren’t taught how to deal with our feelings We get rewarded for suppressing the feelings Learn to parent the child within Ramona shares about the children’s book, How to Love Myself and Others Fill yourself first, before you give to others Human beings don’t have the skills to really connect with themselves, especially with all this technology and media around us Ramona recognized the toxicity of social media in her life, so she disconnected “It wasn’t an easy transition” How can you remain IN CONTROL rather than be controlled by what’s around us? A Course in Miracles teaches us how to pay close attention of when we allow the ego to take control of us Ramona wants to revive the art of conversation We’re losing the art of conversation as a human race Pop culture is and has always been the focus of young adults’ conversations Giovanna and Ramona miss the freedom of childhood, before the invasion of technology Resistance to technology vs Bridging the gap with technology Beyond the benefits of using technology for emergencies, what do we really need our phones for? Take a breather when you can Allow yourself to rest – it is YOUR right Rest is the only way people can recharge to be the light that they are 3 Key Point
August 15, 2017
Jennifer Racioppi - Know Your Cycles, Know Yourself
Jennifer Racioppi is the founder of the Lunar Logic Revolution, a movement for the modern woman so that she can achieve her dreams in complete alignment with the fullest expression of herself. The Lunar Logic Revolution involves embracing both the spiritual and the scientific—a combination of astrology, intuition, wellness research, and strategic best practices—so that we can emerge from a place of wholeness and steadfast resilience in the face of everything that this crazy magical fast-paced world has in store. Jenn’s methodology helps women access their voice, make sense of their emotions, own their feminine power, and create a foundation of strength and fortitude as they move towards business success, financial empowerment, thriving relationships, and their most significant life goals. In addition to being a sought after astrologer, Jennifer is also a Duke Integrative Medicine Certified Health Coach. She's also studied positive psychology under Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar and Dr. Maria Sirois, as well as women’s health with experts Sara Gottfried and Jessica Drummond. In this episode of She Rises Podcast, Jennifer Racioppi shares her life story fighting ovarian cancer from a very early age, which resulted in a total hysterectomy in her early 20's. With no cycle or road map to navigate... she turned to the sky! This life threatening experience led her to the discovery of astrology. In this episode,  Jennifer breaks down the fundamental concepts of astrology and how it made her stronger after such a devastating blow to her health. She discusses specifically the different phases of the moon in relationship to a woman’s menstruation and ovulation cycles. Tune-in as Jennifer argues that a basic understanding of these concepts will help women gain incredible insight into the hormonal changes and emotions that occur within their cycles. She shares what it takes, as women, to become intentional creators of our lives and why free will—our thoughts, actions, and habits—are the true, determining factors for our future. Jennifer’s battle with cancer led to her discovering astrology Jennifer has an excruciating life story She was tomboyish as a child and as she entered her teenage years, she had a hard time coping with her menstruation Her periods were long and painful which led to Jennifer having a dislike for her gender Doctors failed to recognize that there was something dysfunctional about Jennifer’s body until after graduation, when she suffered from acute pain It was discovered that there a gigantic tumor in her left ovary and she was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer Integrative medicine was not present in the late 1990’s Jennifer unfortunately had to undergo a hysterectomy which rendered her infertile and postmenopausal There was no one there to explain to Jennifer the meaning of menopause She was just a young girl out of puberty Jennifer felt deceived since she was saddled with a bunch of issues due to her cancer treatment Jennifer moved to California in a bid to improve her health She discovered the phases of the moon during this period of life Jennifer’s introduction to astrology Discovering astrology was an intense spiritual experience She learnt about moon phases from her Ayurveda practitioner who is a Vedic astrologer and a Tarot card reader Jennifer learned to track time through planetary rhythms She started making astrological predictions Astrology taught Jennifer how to manifest and see in the dark She was opened to “A life of magic” “Life is about getting stronger” Jennifer started taking astrology seriously after 2009 She found her true calling and has taken up astrology as a full-time profession In astrology, there are four elements: earth, air, fire and water Earth to earth is a manifestation Fire and water is not an easy combination since two different beings are attempting to cooperate with one another Complementary signs, like earth and water, are considered good from an astrological point of view Every sign has a
August 08, 2017
Kelley Olinger - Taming Your Financial Demons
Money. Whether you like talking about it or hate talking about it, the simple fact is money matters. And it matters most when you’re in over your head in debt, swimming in declined credit cards and past due payments. No one knows the humiliation of having a credit card declined in front of friends and family quite like today’s guest, Kelley Olinger, who made a nasty habit of spending more than she earned (even when she was earning a lot!). Today on the She Rises Podcast, Kelley sits down with Giovanna to take a deep dive into the issue of money, and how budgeting is one of those key life skills rarely taught. They will also cover what it’s like growing up with a scarcity mindset, how people can suddenly become irresponsible with their funds, and how you can start climbing out from the pit of debt by making a few simple lifestyle changes. Today’s guest is Kelley Olinger Kelley is the first money guru on the show Learning the hard way is how Kelley created the passion for what she does now Started at residential real estate as an independent contractor Got a mentor to help her with the business But she didn’t learn how to manage the money she was earning Overtime, her debt piled up because of credit cards She couldn’t figure out what went missing and ended up with $77K of consumer debt There was nothing left for her to borrow and nobody knew what was happening to her A friend asked her to write on a piece of paper the amount she owed Her friend, then asked her to write down her expenses Kelley’s friend tried to help her cut down her expenses The internal energy Kelley absorbed from her friend’s push helped her forward Kelley admitted she didn’t know how to manage the money she was earning She wasn’t a bad person—she just didn’t understand the concept of money Most schools and households don’t teach their students/kids about money Always be willing to admit your mistake and ask for help Giovanna grew up in a scarcity mentality Her parents were children from the great depression Their experience made them cautious and fearful about money Giovanna’s parents always argued about money It was a toxic environment at home because of money At 18, Giovanna’s parents went to Italy for vacation She and her sister stayed at home and they were responsible with the bills Giovanna saw how much money her father had in his bankbook She was so angry because of her dad’s behavior of injecting fear of running out of money Kelley never told her mom what was happening to her because her dad had cancer Helping people get out of trouble does NOT create resilience Kelley’s internal energy change played a huge role in helping her get out of debt She worked 2 jobs – she worked in a development company during the day and worked as a server at night Transitioning to work as a server made her feel like she failed in real estate But, she was able to pay off her debts in 1 year and 10 months In real estate, some of Kelley’s clients won’t let her get too close and some will tell her everything The closer Kelley gets to her client, the better she can help them Money needs to be aligned with personal goals Even vet bills and vacation expenses are overlooked Plan for the unplanned When money has a purpose, creating it or finding room for it becomes easier Trim on the expenses that you don’t really care for Spend on the things that you really want People get creative and resourceful when they have a goal to fund If you don’t have a net, you’re forced to figure it out Working with couples is absolutely challenging for Kelley When couples reach out to Kelley, it’s a good sign that they BOTH want to fix something You have to find out the end goal of the couple—that’s the common denominator where budgeting can start A lot of people are arbitrarily freaking out about money because they don’t know their end goal The fear to spend is usually rooted in something Kelley helps couples build their savings for 1 to 2 months and then use the excess to fund something
August 01, 2017
Mary Shores – The Power of Language
Mary Shores is the founder and CEO of a multi-million dollar business, one of the most unique collection agencies in the country. Recognized as a leader of innovative thought, Mary has spent over a decade teaching businesses and individuals how to inspire others, create new ways of thinking, identify and achieve their goals, and take action to create truly meaningful results. She is the revolutionary founder of the groundbreaking Conscious Communications system, which produces positive results through positive action. Mary travels across the nation giving lectures and teaching courses, and has been featured on local and national radio and television shows, podcasts, and blogs. Choice—it’s something many of us forget we have. The choices we make are bricks, bricks that can be used to pave a road heading towards our goals or away from them. But making the right choice isn’t always easy. It takes alignment. It takes affirmation. It requires a willingness to look at situation objectively and say, is this a choice that will cleanse my life or clog it? And no one knows this better than today’s guest, Mary Shores. An author, entrepreneur, and firm believer in the power of positive thinking, get ready to hear Mary discuss the power of gratitude, the danger of disempowering thought, and the concept of cleansing versus clogging. Mary’s book Conscious Communications is a spiritual journey of self Mary always wanted to write a book Prior to publishing her book, Mary was the CEO of a debt collection agency The question she constantly asked herself: “How am I going to take the spiritual path when my career is in conflict with it?” Eventually Mary realized she needed to bring her eternal gift to the debt collection’s industry It started with making people feel good about paying their debt Mary’s publisher is Hay House Hay House won’t publish business books so Mary wrote a personal development book On Mary’s journey to enlightenment, she came to understand a lot of things The true meaning of alignment: getting your focus, thoughts, feelings, actions and words going in the direction of your goals and dreams The concept of alignment is very important for Mary The ‘Power of Now’ The Power of Now is tied to choice Every choice you make needs to backed by action Make your choices connect to your dreams One of the chapter in Mary’s book is “To Cleanse or Clog?—That is the Question” Cleansing is about connecting to things that are already in your vibrational escrow Abraham Hicks is famous for his teaching of Law of Attraction where he used term vibrational escrow was used Mary sees Vibrational Escrow as the bank account for life—everything you ever thought of or experienced is stored there We connect to our Vibrational Escrow account through alignment, the Power of Wow, and our choices Mary learned about this idea thanks to Tony Robbins’ Unleash the Power Within Cleanse or clog will work in every area of your life Create a connection or drive a disconnection Before making a choice, ask yourself if it is a cleansing choice or a clogging choice The 80/20 principle In a diet, if 80% is cleansing, you still have room for treat once in a while Make 80% your choices cleansing ones, and you’ll see dramatic changes in your life Bruce Lipton’s The Honeymoon Effect Mary has done tons of research in neuroscience In 1992, Mary’s child was born with severe brain damage There was no internet then, so Mary had to study about brain science by reading books Mary believed there a way to heal her child’s brain We have some neuro pathways in our mind that are created by genetics and some that are created by our experience Neuroplasticity is the ability to rewire our own brain Mary has a couple of chapters in her book that are dedicated to rewiring your brain through affirmation Mary writes new affirmations every day The power of gratitude also helps in rewiring your brain Mary has a Facebook group called Declaring Gratitude People in the group text each oth
July 28, 2017
Giovanna Capozza - Your Inner GPS – The Ego vs God
In today’s busy world, we rarely find a chance to stop, breathe and reflect on the driving forces in our lives. Are we guided by our ego—the part of our mind that is inclined to fear and doubt? Or are we tapping into our inner place—a place where we find strength, peace, and a wisdom for the day? In today’s episode of She Rises, Giovanna takes us into the journey of discovering our own inner GPS (God Positioning System). When we stop, mediate, and look within; we are able to access our GPS and find exactly what we need for the day. Tune-in to learn the value of quiet meditation, what it means to invite the spirit in, and the impetus to act when we know what it is we ought to do. Giovanna is a former homeopathic doctor, holistic nutritionist, and alternative, health-care practitioner who is now a transformational life coach for women The show is dedicated to everyone who seeks to live the best version of themselves For more information and free offers, register at The topic for today is accessing your inner GPS (God Positioning System) Put away your distractions—inhale, exhale, and be present Using breath is one of the most powerful ways to tap into our inner guide Take deep cleansing breaths and be conscious Set an intention of what you would like to take on this call Call your highest guide, your spirit, to guide the way to information Giovanna meditated several times to reflect on how she could bring information to her audience The message to create a radio show came back to her several times This is a part of Giovanna learning to connect with her GPS We are all familiar with “internal battles” that come from self-doubt when we have to make decisions There is an inner place of knowing within you, that is there to be your guide That inner place is waiting for an invitation The reason why we don’t listen to our intuition is because we let our ego mind interject Rationalization is great but NOT at the expense of that inner voice Not listening to our inner voice is one way that we betray ourselves Many years ago, Giovanna’s spiritual teacher said that the key to hearing is to get quiet The spirit cannot speak to us if we’re too busy First thing to practice is finding your quiet time You can be present in the moment when you connect to your body Take time and give yourself the moment you need When your ego is speaking, there will be an emotion attached to it – fear, hesitation, or any emotional charge When you hear a message that has no emotion, that is just peaceful, it’s your GPS When you can find a quiet place and time, just say (in your mind or verbally), “I’m inviting you in” The invitation is like setting the intention Allow your thoughts to pass through – don’t fight them “The mind is always thinking” Our job in meditation is not to stop the thoughts, but to let it pass through us Check yourself at night and see where you were guided in the day Making the invitation is NOT enough, you have to jump into faith and trust, and start taking action Sometimes it takes a long time to find that place of peace Practice taking action We don’t realize that faith is a muscle that you have to use and practice In your morning ritual, remember to take action on what you hear “You take the step and the bridge will appear” Faith is acknowledging that you have a guide leading the way Giovanna is a student of A Course in Miracles “If you knew who walked with you at all times, you’d never have fear” GPS Checklist Get still and quiet – do this at least twice a day Use your breath and breathing Make the invitation Have your pen and paper handy Keep in mind that you may not get something all the time There is a big difference when you’re in alignment with your ego and when you’re in alignment with your inner self When you’re aligned with your ego, you are in fear Anything that is not of peace, joy or love is the ego Ego inhabits our stories and belief systems Without GPS, Ego tends to run our whole life We are not al
July 18, 2017
Bernardo Mendez-Getting the Love you want
Why do women settle in life, in marriage, in relationships? According to today’s guest, Bernardo Mendez, it’s because they lack a sincere understanding of their worth. There is a temptation to settle for less when you don’t quite know what you, YOURSELF, can bring to the table. Bernardo’s greatest passion in life is to help women find this self-worth and the ways to achieve what they really need from within. Tune-in as Bernardo also shares the role energy plays in relationships, why TODAY is the best time to be a woman, and the 3 ways to finding your true light. Today’s episode guest is Bernardo Mendez Relationships are one of Giovanna’s favorite topics Bernardo stepped into relationship coaching because it’s one area that affects everything else in a person’s life It impacts how a person shows up Many people don’t realize that the old paradigm of relationships is not working Bernardo’s decision to start relationship coaching When he finally found something powerful that worked for him, he wanted to share it with people in a meaningful way He started coaching his friends and friends of his friends Working with women is more exciting and challenging than working with men He recognized it was an area that makes a difference for him “The key to fearing out relationships is fearing out yourself” Bernado finds that one of the biggest reasons why single women don’t find the love they want is because they’re not feeling their sense of worth Women are sometimes doubtful of what they bring to the table Giovanna also gets stuck and doubtful in regards to what she brings Bernardo helps women raise their vibrations to a sense of knowing their worth There are two levels of worth: questioning if you’re special enough to do things and being the vessel of a light The purpose of anyone’s gifts and lights is to expand it and share it to other people When someone can hold you in the light of who you are, eventually you start to believe and see it for yourself Bernardo’s work is about helping women find the way to meet their needs that fulfills them in the long-term “‘Void summoning’ literally means that you summon a partner from your void” If we learn to fill the emptiness in ourselves, we don’t have to take the crap that we’re presented with What a man really wants is for a woman to bring her light Giovanna, in the past, felt she had to dim her light She molded to what she thought people wanted her to be How you start a relationship is how it’s going to contain you 2 ways to enter a relationship is by entering full OR by entering with a lesser version of yourself If a man doesn’t want the REAL you, you don’t need him in your life Let go of that thing that hinders you from getting the best that you deserve “Expressing your truth is part of getting uncomfortable at the risk of getting rejected for something better” One goal for adults is to re-parent themselves The most common form of self-love is self-care There are times that you just have to say NO “It’s easy to confuse fear from intuition” There is a lot of growth from discomfort “We’re in a culture that recycles relationships” Figure out what you want, who you must be, how can you step into it, and how you can create fulfilment in the process If you start a relationship from lack, then that’s what you’ll feel Right now is the first time in history that women can have it all “You are not an outcast if you’re not married these days” Bernardo’s grandma’s job description was do everything her husband wanted and to take care of the household and kids Before, women serve their husband and family first and themselves, last Most women prefer to not have to take charge all the time It’s exhausting for feminine energy to be doing masculine activities Women who are more masculine attract more feminine men Masculine, in its truest essence, would be the absence of feeling The healthy masculine has the ability to stand in his truth and listen to his woman when he needs to The healthy feminine has th
July 14, 2017
Brandilyn Tebo - Is Perfectionism Killing You?
Brandilyn Tebo is an acclaimed transformational coach, writer and speaker. Once a type-A perfectionist who struggled with anorexia, she knows firsthand how destructive attachment to external validation can be. Through years of inner work and deep meditation, coach trainings, and the study of eastern and western transformational philosophies, she learned how amazing life can be once you let go of fear, limiting beliefs and false identification with achievements. She has traveled the world to teach empowering workshops in high schools, prisons, Fortune 500 companies and colleges. Today, she coaches clients on how to remove internal barriers to following their hearts and be the fullest expression of themselves! There are many reasons why we do the things we do. Perhaps we’re in a job that we don’t actually feel passionate about, but we excel at and are validated day-in, day-out. This validation fuels our perception of ourselves. We feel needed, important; perhaps, even loved because of the things that we do. But, the question is: are we making decisions from a place of our insecurities or are we motivated from a place of passion and inspiration? Today’s guest, Brandilyn Tebo began as a model who found herself chasing the validation of others to the point she was not even present in life. She decided to take a turn, find help for the damage she caused her body and mind, and became a transformational coach. Tune-in as she shares about her journey and how she encourages her clients to find their “should” and live and breathe from a place of inspiration. Today’s episode guest is Brandilyn Tebo Brandilyn is a transformational coach and she hosts workshops and retreats Brandilyn is also writer and is in the process of writing a journal Brandilyn approaches transformation in different ways Prior to being a transformational coach, Brandilyn was constantly doing things just to feel better about herself It manifested on Brandilyn’s previous job as a model where she became anorexic One day, Brandilyn realized that she wasn’t present in life and was only thinking of other people’s perception of her Brandilyn had therapy for her eating disorder and her therapist encouraged her to explore spirituality Brandilyn started coaching to share what she’s learned and wanted to help in changing people’s lives; she was doing it for free for a while Brandilyn realized that coaching and transforming lives was what she wanted to do Brandilyn left the corporate world to become an entrepreneur Brandilyn developed her program and workshops and started coaching online Brandilyn was at a point where she doesn’t want to go back to school because she was an overachiever Brandilyn’s mission is to help people find their “should” Brandilyn now has a client who’s doing something because of the validation she gets from it The client is doing really good at her job The client’s dream is actually to make a difference in someone’s life The client turned down her promotion, quit her job and went to just trusting what she really wanted What’s in front of us now constrains us from what we really want Brandilyn told her client that her understanding of herself will change drastically if she turns down the promotion Brandilyn and her client talked about the possibilities for her client now that she quit her job In just 4 days, the client received an offer of a job that she really wanted Don’t be afraid if your coach tells you to quit your job We are scared to admit that we’re afraid of letting go of something that is our sense of security When we’re attached to what we think we’re supposed to be or do; we think that if we let go of that, we lose love The fear keeps us in a prison When we identify ourselves to the title, the money and other things, we think that these are the reasons why people love us When we let go of that identity that we think we should have, we realize that those aren’t the reasons why we are loved People love us not because of what we have The cure t
July 04, 2017
Crystal Andrus Morissette – Life and Power After Tragedy
From life as a homeless teen to coaching A-List celebrities, from developing abs of steel and competing in the Miss Galaxy pageant to weighing 220 pounds after becoming a mother, Emotional Age and communication expert and women’s advocate Crystal Andrus Morissette is now a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation. A media darling, she has been called upon by Oprah, CBS, FOX, the Daily Mail and more. Crystal is the founder of the S.W.A.T. Institute (Simply Woman Accredited Trainer), an empowerment coach certification exclusively for women that she created with fellow female visionaries such as Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson and Dr. Christiane Northrup. She is the author of four best-selling books, including her latest release, “The Emotional Edge.” She is also certified in nutrition and sports medicine. A woman’s past does not determine her future – today’s guest is proof of this very truth. Crystal Andrus came from a very difficult past—after her parents’ divorce, she experienced many trials including sexual abuse and blows to her physical health. She had a choice of whether she would remain as a victim or rise up to who she has become now—a leading voice in self-discovery and personal transformation. In this episode, Giovanna welcomes Crystal Andrus. Tune-in as Crystal shares about her journey of forgiveness and surrender. She also discusses key lessons that have changed her life including the concept of the Holy Spirit in our lives, mindfulness, and self-love. Today’s episode guest is Crystal Andrus Crystal is the author of the books, Simply… Empowered!: Discover How to Create and Sustain Success in Every Area of Your Life, ..Woman!: The 12-Week Body/Mind/Soul Total Transformation Program and Transcendent Beauty: It Begins with a Single Choice…to Be! She is a worldwide leader in the field of self-discovery and personal transformation She is the CEO and founder of Crystal Andrus Production and the W.A.T. Institute Crystal believes it’s important to learn the lesson from a story For Crystal, being introduced to the concept of the Holy Spirit made her feel important and loved Grace comes from a higher level of consciousness Crystal’s parents divorced when she was 12 years old Being a wounded woman herself, her mom put Crystal and her siblings in harm’s way many times Crystal experienced a lot of sexual abuse and rape because of her mom’s choices Her mom kicked her out of the house at 15 and so she lived alone “I went through way too many years of being a victim” At 17, something clicked, and Crystal believed it was the Holy Spirit telling her to make a change She went to have herself checked and found out she had an STD and early signs of cervical cancer She went through a couple of years of dealing with cervical cancer alone as a teenager At 21, Crystal had a traumatic head injury She made a change in her 20s She had kids at age 25 and it opened her heart to love and experience more love Having kids was an epiphany for Crystal She left her marriage later on Crystal is now the happiest she has ever been “Talking about your past all the time doesn’t mean you’ll know yourself better” Have the courage to stop getting caught up in the blame Make peace with your past Allow yourself to be guided People misunderstand the true meaning of surrendering – it’s seeking truth over compliance Let go and follow the signs, they’re there Take advantage of the circumstances Don’t mistake signs for fear The first lesson in the book, A Course in Miracles, is “Nothing I See Means Anything” Our purpose here on Earth is to expand our lives If you desire is powerful enough, it won’t contract Giovanna feels empowered because she can trust herself and her higher self “We have a long way to go for the empowerment of women” Dalai Lama said, “The western woman would heal the world” Women have the ability to expand their consciousness Crystal told her husband she wanted to be his equal Don’t be power-hungry Women ar
June 21, 2017
Jivi Saran – Your Corporate Soul
A true Corporate Mentalist, Author Jivi Saran uses insightful business strategy, her highly developed observational skills, and mental perception of thought processes for discerning the truth about an organizational team to gain powerful creativity, focus and productivity. She has an extraordinary mind for improving conditions across an organization and has developed some of the most sophisticated and powerful models of Leadership, Organizational Strategy and Mindset Improvement through her Corporate Soul program.  Jivi Saran and her unique set of skills and offerings is changing the game for organizations around the world and is revolutionizing the way organizations create business strategy. In this episode, Giovanna interviews Jivi Saran. Jivi describes herself as a corporate mentalist. She uses insightful business strategy, highly developed observational skills, and the mental perception of thought processes for discerning the truth about an organizational team. The aim in this is to gain powerful creativity, focus, and productivity. Listen as Jivi shares what a corporate mentalist is, what a corporate mentalist can offer your workplace, and why it’s important for leaders in the workplace to understand the whole person when it comes to their employees. Today’s episode guest is Jivi Saran Jivi is a corporate mentalist Her background is in healthcare and she spent 3 decades in strategic leadership roles She had the luxury of experimenting with a particular team to ensure they were performing at their highest While she was experimenting, Jivi was also in a spiritual journey herself Jivi got intrigued by who she was in the workplace She found out that people were not leaving their problems at home In her last decade of work, she experimented with what it would look like if people accepted the whole person in the workplace It started a 6-year project where Jivi started a mindfulness program As they nurtured the individual, the individual started to nurture the business strategy Their program allowed people to be authentic and creative 2 years ago, Jivi left her role in healthcare to be a corporate mentalist The idea of leaving your problems at home is unrealistic “We are human beings…it’s very difficult to compartmentalize” Jivi’s Corporate Soul Program The soul is an immortal legacy It is what is left behind after your leadership The greatest challenge around Jivi’s work is people’s perception that her programs are luxury items “This is not luxury” What you see in the workplace as poor performance is a symptom of people’s personal problems and the issues that they’re bringing to work If you don’t get to the root, you’ll end up hiring consultant after consultant Jivi educates leaders; it is not a luxury to have a mindfulness program for your employees “This is a necessity in the organization” People usually relate soul to something religious We nurture people as the physical being in the employee benefit program, but how do we nurture them as energy beings? Not everyone can be entrepreneurs, but there’s no reason we shouldn’t be happy where we are Accept where you’re at in that moment of time People use “I’m busy” as a fashion statement As human beings, we are all here to take part in project Earth This isn’t about you or me – it’s about something so much greater Jivi responds to stress by having nausea When you’re working with a leader who is in tune, soul becomes a part of their leadership strategy Realistically, managers are not really trained to help their employees in that regard It’s important to recognize that heart-centered conversations are not off-the-table in leadership “If you do what you do, you get what you get” Speak from the heart and start from kindness in every conversation What you will say if you have 5 minutes to live is probably different from what your ego is telling you Take a step back and pause before speaking Our worklife is no different than our personal life – both comes down to choice People d
June 18, 2017
Catherine Garceau – Swimming Out of Water
Catherine Garceau is an Olympic medalist from Sydney 2000 and the author of Swimming Out of Water. After her career as a synchronized swimmer, which lead her to perform in aquatic shows in Las Vegas, her journey of dealing with disordered eating, hypersensitivities and autoimmune conditions lead her to discover powerful tools and a new purpose – How can top performers and elite achievers be their best WHILE building health and long-term well-being. Since, she’s helped hundreds of women struggling with similar issues, and is now taking this comprehensive coach/healer model to elite individuals like top athletes who have won Stanley cups, majors in the LPGA, and competed in 2+ Olympic games, and entrepreneurs who are building million dollar companies. Catherine uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and other tools including bodywork, to investigate this ‘shadow of achievement’, release limiting patterns, and discover new leverage for growth. Exploring this emotional landscape while activating more presence and proper sequencing in the body is what makes Catherine’s Catalyst Performance System very unique… In this episode, Giovanna shares the mic with Catherine Garceau, an olympic medalist from Sydney 2000 and the author of Swimming Out of Water. When Catherine retired as a synchronized swimmer, her eating disorder became even more out of control and she knew it was time to focus on her healing. Catherine takes us into her journey of finding the root cause of her eating disorder, hypersensitivities, and autoimmune conditions and how she began to find hope in the power of tapping. Listen in as Catherine shares firsthand knowledge and advice about what it looks like to take ahold of your healing and personal health. You’ll learn what it means to replace negative drivers with positive ones and how finding the root cause of our trauma is the gateway to real change. Today’s guest is Catherine Garceau Catherine ended her swimming career with an olympic medal She was team captain for the following 2 years She hit a wall because of her eating disorder She sought help and was put on Prozac While going through the routine, she heard a voice from above that said, “This is your last swim” Catherine retired that day and called for their sports psychologist to come to the hotel She never had regrets retiring because she thought retirement would help her get better Catherine became more out of control with food and gained more weight Dating a chiropractor led Catherine to start reading healing books and explore what caused her system to overload Going back, she thinks her binge eating problems came from her anxiety; this was a result of her experiencing sexual abuse which she only remembered 4 years ago Catherine wanted sugar all the time, so she went through that cycle of gaining and losing weight Through an investigation of her systems, she found problems in her liver The more she investigated, the more Catherine realized how sensitive she was to chlorine and its by-products She became the champion for bringing healthier filtration systems for pools Unfortunately, a lot of pools cannot afford to change their systems Giovanna shares about how she would test off-gassing for allergies when she had a clinical practice “I really believe that our soul has lessons to lessons” Catherine went to OA (Overeaters Anonymous) for a while Catherine acknowledges “the addict” inside her, but it’s just not what she believes she is Along her journey, she found out about tapping – an energy psychology Tapping is getting a thought or the Big T (trauma) When you tap, you steal negative things and shift the energy Tapping helps people acknowledge the Big T and brings in love and compassion to themselves It helped Catherine on her emotional landscape She felt better after every tapping, but went back to binge-eating again A friend told her to investigate tapping further and that she needed to do it in a certain way; she needed to go back to the original cause
June 05, 2017
Emily Bennington - How to Create Miracles at Work
In this episode, Giovanna welcomes Emily Bennington to the show. Emily is a bestselling author and a student/teacher of contemplative practices for both secular and spiritual audiences. She has led training programs on mindfulness and composure for numerous Fortune 500 companies and has been featured by CNN, ABC, and Fox, The Wall Street Journal, Glamour, Marie Claire, and Cosmopolitan. Emily is the author of three books, including Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence. Emily is skilled at presenting complex mindfulness and spiritual topics with logical reasoning, professionalism, and inclusiveness. Emily's website was recently listed, by Forbes, as one of the 100 Best Websites for Women and her blog touches thousands of readers. Today’s guest is Emily Bennington Emily was fortunate to have a boss who became a mentor She learned so much from her as a mentor that they wrote the book, Effective Immediately They toured college campuses to talk about transitioning from school to career When Emily started dealing with management, she noticed people would come to her for help Life problems were always present in every person asking for help so Emily would bring in the spiritual aspect as part of her advice She wrote Miracles at Work: Turning Inner Guidance into Outer Influence Her book is about how we dismantle our thought system based on fear and on love Looking at another person and seeing through your differences unfolds the harmonious connections that you have Take your biases out to make your life more peaceful An Internal Miracle is the shift in perception in love A miracle is expression of love to you Giovanna used to compartmentalize spirituality to the point that she felt unfulfilled Like Giovanna, Emily was in the “God Closet” Mindfulness alone is secular Emily felt she was inauthentic teaching spiritual tools when she calls it secular mindfulness Our spiritual life creates a certain reaction to people and we don’t want to offend anyone The wrong is, we tend to conflate spirituality with religion – it’s not the same thing We use competition in our career that yields to what Emily calls, “Snow-Globe Thinking” A true spiritual practice is what clears out the snow Great leaders don’t have to crawl to the top – they’re carried there Magnitude is the idea of seeing yourself created by God and in a state of spiritual perfection Knowing magnitude creates confidence Emily shares an example of magnitude: Emily had a client who was preparing for a big job interview Her client approached the interview with a tremendous amount of nervousness, anger, and resentment Emily encouraged her client saying that if she doesn’t get the job, that it is NOT a reflection or measurement of her worth Her client had an internal shift in perception from fear to love and she got the job Emily has come to a place where she is far less apologetic in her practice of spirituality Giovanna is not fully out of her “God Closet” It was a disservice for Giovanna when she held back Giovanna has seen the transformations and the relationships that have healed “We’re dealing with a practice a lot of people don’t know about” What helped Emily in the course was creating a container Giovanna was introduced to the course from her mentor 15 years ago Giovanna resisted learning from the course The funny thing was, Giovanna kept attending the course and miracles study groups without opening the book She credits her spiritual mentor for recommending her to read the book, The Disappearance of the Universe It wasn’t until about 4 years ago when Giovanna opened the book The Jesus of the course is different from the Biblical Jesus The Biblical Jesus is in alignment with what the course says As Emily was writing her book, she was aware it could kill her speaking career on mindful leadership What’s interesting was Emily got more engagement after her book was written Emily is NOT a scholar of all religions, but all these things are pointing to LOVE
May 30, 2017
Giovanna Capozza - Why You’re Not Healing
In this episode, Giovanna invites us to take a look deeper into ourselves to find out what is causing dis-ease or in disharmony. Dis-ease is when your life is not at ease—meaning a disharmony or dysfunction between your internal and external self. Why You’re Not Healing is an episode dedicated to addressing the internal world of our lives and how to self-assess whether we are, in fact, sick or diseased. Tune in as Giovanna explores the true meaning of health and healing and how we can achieve this by looking inwards. Today’s episode is about why you’re not healing For Giovanna, it goes back to illness – not just physically, but dis-ease overall Healing has always been Giovanna’s calling There is a “victim consciousness” in our way of thinking What fascinates Giovanna is why she cannot get over certain things She researched functional nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathic medicine to try and understand this At the core of everything, all we are is energy Energy became Giovanna’s primary focus and fascination Your world is 100% governed by what is in your internal world Everybody has their own reality You are the center of your universe Our perceptions are governed by our belief systems We are not healing because we are not fully understanding the nature of dis-ease Health is the ability to go in and out of dis-ease with ease Is your life force healthy enough to help you go in and out of dis-ease with ease? You can have no physical symptoms, and never become sick, but can still be “sick” Disharmony could be in relationships or in your business “True health is the level of vitality or aliveness you feel in your daily life” Take a look at the symptoms in your life Do you get triggered and you can’t let things go? Don’t look from a place of judgement, but from a place of curiosity Most illness started from a mental/emotional area of stuckness or dis-ease that wasn’t addressed This is NOT about self-blame Health and healing are not just about the physical body We are not taught about EQ so that we can pick up those signs and symptoms Healing of a non-physical kind is potentially going to prevent you from manifesting something in your body Give yourself a health assessment “I’m scared to change it” If you change the external side without doing anything internally, it will just manifest again Giovanna lost 70 lbs, but got back into a situation that retriggered tough areas She put on another 15-20 lbs despite how she first lost the weight It’s important to fix the problem internally – get to the ROOT cause Giovanna recommends the book, A New Earth You are a spiritual being having a human experience You’re not healing because you may not be looking at the true dysfunction Life is about polarities There’s always room to assess yourself Stop blaming the external Take 100% responsibility for everything that you created in your world Think about where you want to focus in and make a shift in your life Giovanna has an upcoming program for you! Send an email to Check out She Rises website End of today’s podcast 3 Key Points: Your world, your universe, your life is governed by your internal world. Even if you may not have any physical symptoms of sickness and disease, you can still be “sick” and experience disharmony in your life. Take responsibility for what you have created in your world and do NOT be afraid to change what is causing dysfunction in your life. Resources Mentioned: A New Earth – Book that Giovanna recommends to know more about internal healing
May 23, 2017
Diane Hughes – Emotional Weight and the Journey Back
My story begins in October 2007, I had a tragic event occur in my life.  My parents disowned me because of my interracial relationship with my now husband Keith Hughes. My parents had never met him or even knew his name. The fact that I was so disposable to the two people I love the most, destroyed me. Not knowing how to deal with this heartbreak, I began to consume myself with work to ignore the thoughts and began to feed my emotions with food. In December of 2011, I looked in the mirror and did not recognize the woman starting back at me. I weighed in at over 300 pounds! I was severely depressed, frustrated, stressed, unhealthy, filled with sadness, pain, felt completely defeated, hopeless and had a very bad relationship with food. I knew something needed to change, and I needed to be that change! In January of 2012, I embarked on a journey to lose 100 pounds in one year and regain my life back. My journey wasn’t always easy as I was faced with many challenges and obstacles in my path. My biggest challenge was my career!  I was a corporate professional working as a Senior Software Consultant and my career was extremely demanding, stressful and required me to travel out of state on a weekly basis. I traveled 4-5 days per week throughout the United States and sometimes internationally. I was living out of a suitcase, in and out of hotels and airports, working 12-15 hour days which left me with limited time to focus on myself, my health, my fitness, family and friends. I am so GRATEFUL that I was introduced to Beachbody!  Their programs were perfect, easy to incorporate into my busy schedule, simple to follow and I could do them anywhere! They gave me the structure and knowledge I needed to transform my health and body. I literally transformed my body in a hotel room and learned how to build a healthy lifestyle while traveling! Today, I am proud to say that I have lost over 140 pounds using Beachbody products and have transformed my whole life. Most importantly, I love the woman that I have become in this journey! In 2015, I was chosen and recognized on stage as one of the top 8 finalists of the Beachbody Grand Prize Challenge for best transformation of the year. Needless to say, I am firm believer in Beachbody products and naturally I wanted learn more about the company and become more involved so I joined the Company as an Independent Beachbody Coach so that I could continue to learn and grow in my own journey but more so help other people reach their health and fitness goals.  It has been the most rewarding and purpose filled career choice I have ever made.  Since then, I have decided to continue my education and I am currently pursuing my Health Coach Certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and have co-founded In this episode, Giovanna Capozza interviews Diane Hughes, a holistic health and fitness coach with Beachbody and co-founder of She lost 140 pounds in her own journey and was selected as one of the top 8 finalists of the Beachbody Grand Prize Challenge for Best Transformation of the Year, in 2015. Today, Diane and her husband have dedicated themselves to working with individuals struggling with weight loss. This powerhouse couple helps them reach their goals and create an improved lifestyle filled with happiness, health, fitness and balance. Tune in as Diane shares her weight loss story, how forgiveness played a part in her journey, and the importance of making YOURSELF a priority. Giovanna introduces Diane Hughes Giovanna met Diane and her husband, in Mexico, at a party In 2007, Diane experienced a tragic event in her life: Her parents disowned her She never had something so traumatic happen to her like that She dove into her work and fed her emotions with food It was not until Dec. 2011 that she looked into the mirror Looking at her reflection in the mirror was the biggest “Ah-ha moment” for Diane because she didn’t recognize herself She was too consumed with life and
May 16, 2017
Lisa Berkovitz - From Corporate to Empathic Entrepreneur
In this episode, Giovanna Capozza interviews Lisa Berkovitz. Lisa has straddled the business and spiritual worlds for over 15 years as an MBA high-level project manager for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She’s a master-level NLP practitioner, reiki master, and a master-level coach to executives and entrepreneurs. She has extensive experience drawing out the life’s work of some of the world’s most visionary, passionate, and accomplished change makers. Tune in as Lisa walks us through her journey from being in corporate America to leading a life of spirituality. She will define what empathpreneurs really are and provide us a quick exercise that will help us listen to our inner self and find peace.  Giovanna introduces Lisa Berkovitz  Lisa has been in the business and spiritual worlds for over 15 years  She has worked with Fortune 100 and 500 companies, executives, and entrepreneurs  Lisa’s journey, like others, is evolving  When she was in the corporate world doing project management, she advanced quickly  She came to a point where she became TOO passionate about human potential  She ended up at a self-mastery retreat in Costa Rica  She was in personal development for years until the last 2 years before leaving Corporate America  She discovered the spiritual path after she experienced a heartbreak  When she got to the self-mastery retreat, she had a vision of traveling the world, supporting human potential  She quit her job for this vision and a lot of people didn’t understand  Her spirituality deepened  She freelanced and found out that she was gifted at listening between the lines  Lisa used this gift for 6 years while coaching executives  She discovered her ability to hold space for another person and shape it into something  Lisa comes from the perspective that we know what’s right for us, at all times  For Lisa, it took trust and a knowing that led her to follow the path that felt right to her  At that time, Lisa didn’t think that this journey would be as long as it has turned out to be  Delaying following a path makes the wakeup call louder  Life gives us signs – listen and act early  Lisa engages in deep listening to understand people  Deep listening never fails her to hear clues for what is true for that person  Lisa senses what aliveness is  She listens to the soul’s blueprint through understanding energy  The biggest challenges Lisa sees in her mentees include:  Trusting their own guidance  Letting the mind lead  Letting it be more fun and easy  Lisa is a big proponent of getting quiet  If there isn’t time and space to listen internally, it’s difficult to hear the soul’s truth  Giovanna shares her spiritual hygiene process  Asking “for it to speak to you” – depends on the mentee’s belief system  Lisa always starts with basic energy tools:  Take a comfortable seat  Gently close your eyes and bring your awareness in   Turn your eyes towards yourself  Start with 3 slow deep breaths  Relax your eyes, your scalp, your brain  Make your 3rd breath the deepest breath  Release and give your body permission to completely relax  Turn your attention to the silence  Imagine yourself standing in a place in nature  Imagine your bare feet touching the ground in that place  Allow yourself to connect to the earth  From the base of your spine into the earth  Let yourself feel held by the earth and let any energy that doesn’t serve you draw to the magnetic pole of the earth  See how you feel  In this space, you can hear yourself and your truth  Nourish yourself with silence and ask yourself in that space  The answer will come or trust that it will come at the right time  Empathy is a very significant quality that impacts a lot of things in your life  Lisa’s way of coping with energies when she was young was through isolation and avoidance  It’s a challenge to manage energies  Empathy became a hindrance for Lisa in her entrepreneurial journey  She had a teacher who taught her to manage her energy in a different way  There’s no energy that
May 09, 2017
Kendra Cunov – The Art of Deep Intimacy
In this episode, Giovanna interviews Kendra Cunov, co-founder of Authentic World. Kendra has been teaching, facilitating, and most importantly, practicing authentic relating and integral circling for the last 15 years. She works with organizations, leaders, and coaches who know that connection, truth, and integrity are points to success. Listen as Kendra talks about the true meaning of authentic relating, the interpersonal activities that create opportunities for genuine connection, and the benefits of investing in both solo and interpersonal experiences. Today’s guest is Kendra Cunov “Kendra is one of the most powerful coaches & leaders I know. If you are looking to deepen your personal relationships, grow your business, build your team, or improve the communication and leadership skills of your team leaders, you would be well-served to work with Kendra. Her guidance has supported me in scaling my events, while simultaneously creating even deeper and more intimate experiences for our participants. Her impact is magical.” – Rich Litvin, Author of The Prosperous Coach & 4PC Founder Kendra is the co-founder of Authentic World She works with people who know that connection, truth, and integrity are points to success She has consulted for companies like GenenTech and the staff at 4PC Learn more about Kendra on her website, Giovanna has known Kendra for a year now Sometimes, even Kendra thinks about how she came into her position right now She was born into a Zen Buddhist Monastery She went back to the monastery and lived there for 3 years as an adult The monastery was her life At 5, Kendra and her mom left the monastery When they moved, her memories became sharp and clear Kendra thinks that intentionally surrounding herself with people who are on the path of personal growth impacted her a lot At 19 or 20, Kendra looked around and saw a group of people dedicated to their awakening and their personal paths Kendra felt a part of her was already curious about this interpersonal experience There’s a dynamic tension between our solo experience and our interpersonal experiences Meditating solo everyday won’t improve interpersonal relationships; working on interpersonal relationships won’t build your inner stamina The test comes when you’re in a relationship – not necessarily a romantic one Authentic relating comes from a myriad of different communities/practices coming together Kendra’s husband and his business partner created the Authentic Man Program – it’s where Kendra first engaged herself in this interpersonal relating Kendra and her fiancé held authentic relating games nights It was creating experiences for people to connect in ways they don’t do on their own When you’re face to face with someone, you can think of your answers to that person, in that moment “It allowed people to share to others in the way that they were longing to” After 3 years of facilitating the game night, they started facilitating events for a dating company The dating company worked with more middle-aged, professional people This opportunity led Kendra to realize that authenticity works for everyone Another key was: “You gave us permission” Giovanna shares her experience with Kendra’s intimacy workshop last year Giovanna believes there was the sense of essential longing that she felt was fulfilled in that workshop Kendra feels fulfillment when people tell her how they felt with her sessions or workshops It’s normal to feel the way you do, especially in a container It takes a setup to play formally or informally “Containers hold us” Container or context is the thing that people say, “You gave us permission” “Set people up so they know what’s happening” Women operate on a deeper level than men Men are single-focused Women have dispersed attention One game Kendra plays is Curiosity Only one person asks, and another person answers for 3-5mins Nothing is off limits “The only rule is you have to be curious” The role of the person answering is
May 02, 2017
Satyen Raja - The Path of the Warrior Sage
In this episode, Giovanna interviews Satyen Raja, a black-belt martial artist and a true Warrior Sage of sex, power, femininity, masculinity, and more. During their intimate conversation, both Giovanna and Satyen explore the disparity between male and female leadership, the importance of presence versus invitation, the fragile magnetism between the sexes, the three sexiest words a man can say to a woman, and much, much more… Discussing The Warrior Sage Satyen is originally from Toronto, but now lives in Vancouver  Discussing Satyen’s experience as a black belt martial artist Satyen felt like the world he was in wasn’t real Satyen studied with Shaolin Monks Satyen studied martial arts for more than 20 years to become a black belt “It continues to be a journey of learning to master the self…and serve others” There are many Warrior Sage influences that have shaped Satyen’s career Currently a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Just because you’ve grown strong in some areas, doesn’t mean you’re strong in all areas The path of the Warrior Sage is a path of equilibrium We all have an incessant and worrisome quantity of fear to deal with Women in leadership versus men  This world his highly masculine The masculine represents the “witness consciousness” 95% of the business world is rooted in the masculine identity The feminine energetic is the LIFE within us Presence is masculine, invitation is feminine Women in leadership go too far into the masculine energy, leading to exhaustion and breakdown Reclaiming the self-empowerment is exhausting The business world is too goal, too “crush-it” oriented We need to better channel feminine replenishment Discussing replenishment in greater detail Look at your body and identify where the tension is The core of why we have tension is because we’re infusing far too much “worth” into things that don’t actually matter Loosen up the tension of control, let go If you need to pick up sand from the beach and take it somewhere—how would you carry it?—too tight and you squeeze it out, too loose and it slips away The warrior sage finds the balance  Female Leaders Versus Male Leaders  Female leaders need much more feminine replenishment Love and connection are two of the highest values for every woman It is only from the freedom and love we have NOW that we can achieve more love and freedom “When you want what you already have, you start getting more of what you want.” Men need to realize they are greater than this illusionary game of “win versus lose” The money you have in the bank, and your professional success, do not equate to personal worth Don’t fill your life with more “doing” in the search of fulfillment—it does not work Your way of being in the world, your lack of “spaciousness,” manifests as illness and degeneration in the body  Let’s talk about SEX  The demand of masculine success crushes and dries out the feminine heart  Communal enjoyment is a massive part of feminine replenishment Generations model their approach on the success of the previous generation  The ones who’ve made it by “crushing it”? Look at their lives behind the scenes…it’s not so glamourous Switching gears for a woman who’s been in “crush-it” mode all day and getting into the feminine mindset is essential to the physical and emotional health of the relationship How Satyen (and his wife) shift gears and get out of “Crush-it” mode  Men need guy-time, women need girl-time Men and women are like magnets—there is a naturally strong attraction, but if paired together for too-long (if denied guy-time and girl-time) the magnetism wanes The passion and the sizzle will diminish Treat the relationship in a “physics” manner It’s about preserving “hey-lover” instead of “hey-buddy” The masculine and the feminine are polarizing Expand your art of transitioning between masculine and feminine  Being wishy-washy isn’t sexy The 3 sexiest words a woman can ever hear from a man are “I got this”  Go beyond the comfort/safe-zones (assuming
April 25, 2017
Layla Saad - The Journey of a Wild Mystic Woman
Layla Saad went from high achiever as a child to Law School as a young adult to wild mystic woman entrepreneur. She shares her journey and tools for personal growth and owning your worth and feminine mystique. Summary: In this episode, Giovanna Capozza interviews Layla Saad, a life coach, a spiritual and business mentor, a certified health coach, a speaker and the woman behind the Wild Mystic Woman. Layla’s mom once told her that things will be more difficult for her because of her race, religion and gender. Listen as Giovanna and Layla talk about the journey to sovereignty, how archetypes can help us become a better person, and the spiritual awakening Layla has gone through that led her to the Wild Mystic Woman.   Show Notes: Introduction to the podcast Introducing Layla to the show Layla and Giovanna connected on Instagram and Giovanna instantly knew that Layla was her soul sister Sovereignty is a meaningful word to Layla because of the things that she had been through Layla shares the journey that led her on the path to sovereignty: Layla lives in Qatar, but she grew up in UK Layla is the oldest daughter and is a high achiever Layla’s mom had always told her that things would be more difficult for her because she’s black, a Muslim and a woman “My sense of worthiness came from my sense of achievement” Layla studied law in University, but she realized early on that it wasn’t for her Layla was trying to define who she was “I don’t have any idea of what I wanted to be” Layla had depression, anxiety and panic attacks As Giovanna would put it, Layla was discombobulated Layla’s darkest period lasted for 3 years Layla’s best friend introduced her to the world of self-development which got Layla out of that period Tony Robbin’s CDs opened up Layla’s eyes Layla decided not to pursue law after finishing her degree Layla believed that she would use her experience during her lowest point to help people Layla ended up in the field of corporate tax Layla went back to Qatar after finishing her degree, when she was 21 The entire time Layla was in corporate tax, she knew it wasn’t her path Layla decided she wanted to go back the UK when she met her husband Layla found out about life coaching Layla studied life coaching after getting married Layla quit the corporate world when she had her first child and started life coaching As passionate as Layla was, she didn’t know how to run a business Layla lost her confidence and gave up just when she was starting out Layla had a cycle of going back to coaching, giving up coaching, working as a part-timer, and going back to coaching again Just before Layla’s 30th, she was miserable and it was killing her to work with other people Layla went to her office early, sat at her desk and suddenly, her soul was afloat and was looking down at her, laughing Her laugh told her that what she was doing there wasn’t her life, her path and job Layla remembered when she was in her 20s, listening to Tony Robbins Layla wasn’t happy and if she continued with her miserable life, that would be her life forever Layla decided that she would continue coaching, throw herself into the business world, and NOT give up Layla started her business doing soulful, business coaching Last year, Layla had an incredible spiritual awakening that birthed The Wild Mystic Woman Layla shares what The Wild Mystic Woman is “It’s so different from the rest of my life” Layla has always been guided by her intuition 2 things happened regarding Layla’s spiritual awakening First, in April of 2016, Layla wrote a blog post that went viral which was unexpected Layla’s blog post was Why those ‘6 figure’ business coaches are failing you The post was shared a thousand times in just one week Strangers have been adding and getting in contact with Layla While Layla’s business was prepared for it, she wasn’t emotionally prepared Layla was uncomfortable and being in the spotlight—it brought her fear The second event was when Layla was on a business retreat Durin
March 24, 2017
Audrey Hazekamp - The Value of Wonder
Audrey Hazecamp co-author of Shake it UP and co-faciliator with the renowned Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD. speaks to us about the wonder as a tool for self-discovery and transformation Summary: In this episode, Giovanna interviews Audrey Hazekamp. Audrey opens up a new world of possibilities using curiosity and wonder. What kind of questions do you ask yourself? What opens up for us and the world when we give ourselves the permission to wonder? Tune in to find out how she considers both her body and emotions as her allies to living a life of purpose.   Show Notes: Introducing Audrey Hazekamp on the show Audrey has always been curious Her level of curiosity became an inconvenience to the adults around her For the longest time, she took her curiosity underground by covering it with facts and science Genuine wonder is a superpower Genuine wonder is a place for Audrey’s intellect to create new possibilities Wonder Builder and Wonder Builder Cards Audrey has a Wondercraft Course Giovanna is a chronic asker of “Why?” What Audrey loves now is using science as a way of supporting her philosophy of wonder “Science is beginning to show up with hard evidence of why wonder and curiosity are evolutionary tools” Audrey encourages you to try and see what happens to your body when you criticize yourself Audrey’s body becomes narrow and she pulls in to create a shield around herself She’s a big fan of letting herself notice the experience Audrey doesn’t ignore self-blame and criticism, but is applying wonder Your body is your ally Transition can be more awkward than elegant when creating your own reality Hold something with an open palm The semantic work The thought follows the experience Physiology is what generates the thought Physiology informs the mind to create critical thoughts The “fear melters” process explained Wonder is a big part of opening space The power of wonder opens up so much The sound of wonder is a really pleasant, vibratory sound Using the sound of wonder and the phrase, “I wonder,” already makes a bridge from fear Your ego will always try to contradict wondering Part of the issue of wonder is that it’s simple Audrey’s favorite question is, “I wonder what is genuinely mine to do?” Audrey was a professional hero for most of her life Her senses opens its doors to invite the resolution The current political situation led Audrey to the thought of her living in an unfriendly universe She wonders how she can be a source of a friendly universe Be courageous enough to ask questions without any direct answer Ask wonder questions with a “How” or “What” because “Why” is tricky “Why is probably the most dangerous question you could ask your brain” Criticizing vs applying wonder and curiosity Audrey loves words that give her a quality, “tuning fork” moment Audrey’s Book, Shake It Up: Refresh and Rediscover Yourself through Wonder and Body-Mind Adventures Audrey thanks Oxana Holtmann, her co-author All the pages of the book are invitations to express appreciation—from blame to wonder The book is participatory Part of Audrey’s resourcefulness is knowing who to ask Learning through wisdom or someone else’s mastery helps you learn without having to create the experience Audrey talks about verbing Verbing is an invitation to try on different action verbs Audrey shares her client as an example Audrey is a fan of the word “engage” “I am my best client” – Am I the living example of what it is I’m talking about? Audrey considers herself a self-appreciation adventurer Audrey had medical issues that caused a lot of trauma in her life She built the “American Dream” everybody wanted to have – she had a great career, home, and living Deep down, Audrey had a sense of dissatisfaction She started asking existential questions “I need to be willing to risk” Part of the Audrey’s essential qualities is to be of service She left her home in Michigan and moved to Santa Barbara Audrey doesn’t recommend her way to everyone “It’s awkward before it’s elegant” All of
March 24, 2017
Crystal Andrus - How to Live and Love Yourself Fully
Founder of the S.W.A.T Institute and author of The Emotional Edge talks about all things self love and acceptance   Summary: In this episode, Giovanna Capozza interviews Crystal Andrus Morissette, a communication expert, women’s advocate and the author of four best-selling books including her latest release, The Emotional Edge. Listen as Giovanna and Crystal talk about self-love and appreciation, how to play with your archetype, and why you have to heal your broken pieces and not just bury them in your subconscious.   Show Notes: Introducing Crystal to the show Giovanna interviewed Crystal before in another radio show Crystal shares about her latest book The Emotional Edge Crystal never thought a project could bring her to her edge “I was pushed beyond my mental capacity” Crystal needed to unplug from the world and went offline for 6 weeks Crystal never knew she was carrying a tremendous amount of guilt and shame Crystal realized that she needed to write a book about everything she was going through and it gave her access to her archetypes Crystal shares how she plays with her archetypes and the idea of a mother and a woman It is amazing when you think that you’re the original inventor of an idea The idea of yang just came to Crystal Yang’s 3 aspects to one’s personality – the ego, the shadow, and the collective unconscious Freud’s Id, ego and superego Id is the most childish and selfish part of you The superego is constantly trying to make you feel better; like a mother archetype within us Ego balances the id and superego Crystal had spent years to see these three elements of the psyche working “We each have a child within us” The woman energy discussed When you come into your human energy, you can come to the greatest expression of who you are Giovanna is constantly repeating to her clients that our most important job is to learn to be parents ourselves There are pieces of ourselves that we judge We break that piece off of ourselves and bury it in our subconscious When you became an adult, you heal the ones you bury, but we usually just forget them By the time that we are old, we can’t recognize ourselves anymore because we buried so many pieces Healing or repairing ourselves is the gentle process of regaining the broken pieces to become whole again Healing is fun We choose our dominant persona to show up and take control of us The reason that we created the dominant persona Our submissive takes so much energy to keep buried Your dominant persona becomes exhausted Crystal shares how she felt when she was 40 Crystal didn’t realize that she didn’t want people to know about her past Crystal needed to let out the shame and sorrow and tell her story “I have forgotten to heal me” “I didn’t realize how I mattered” It was Crystal’s big, mystic moment Crystal feels the need to constantly check herself Crystal tends to get caught up on things “You can’t give what you don’t have” Giovanna admires how Crystal is a great communicator We work to give ourselves a better life The ultimate outcome of your work When you communicate better with yourself, it opens you up to become communicative, vulnerable, honest and transparent with everybody Be more compassionate with your relationships It is easier when you become your best self Don’t seek only for the physical things to make you happy People go after something they think can do good to them Crystal was Miss Galaxy when she decided she wanted to have babies Crystal had all the things she wanted, but still ended up feeling empty inside We’ve all had the same experience as Crystal Crystal watched pregnant Beyonce at the Grammys and she adored Beyonce Beyonce was THE mother, daughter, woman at the Grammys Watching Beyonce made Crystal feel like a queen Beyonce is an archetype “When I share what I share, I hope I touch women in a way that can make them cry” We are teaching women how to rise into their greatness and stand into their power “I’m all things” We can’t keep on pointing fingers Cryst
March 24, 2017