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She Will Rock You

She Will Rock You

By shewillrockyou
Rock and roll is not dead. It’s very much alive and well. Listen along as Bethanne Tarpley and Leah Jones discuss the history and cultural impact rock music has had on their lives and the world.
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Episode 28: What is This That Stands Before Me?
That's right fam, SPOOKY SEASON IS BACK! Last year we summoned a demon, so this year we're going to try for round two by covering Black Sabbath and all the chaos that comes with them. 
October 16, 2020
Meet the Artist: Pepper Rose of Spirit Machines
Join us on our journey as we talk to Pepper Rose of Spirit Machines about their music, being acknowledged by Tool and sandwiches. 
October 9, 2020
Episode 27: Space Guitars
This week we are talking about the epic guitar battle between Fender and Gibson. And space guitars. 
October 2, 2020
Episode 26: giveitawaynow
Join us this week for the long, somewhat sad tale of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Featuring fun snippets about our role model, Flea. 
September 18, 2020
Muses Will Rock You
In this crossover episode we join forced with Chanty and Lynx from the Muses podcast and discuss 5 quick facts about 4 artists and muses! 
September 3, 2020
Episode 25: Tutti Frutti
Join us this week as we discuss the late rock and roll legend Little Richard. 
August 21, 2020
She Will Rock You Trailer
Wondering what we're all about? Check this out. She Will Rock You is a bi-weekly rock history podcast. But, we do things a little differently. 
August 8, 2020
Episode 24: Rage Against Taco Bell
We're back! Sorry to keep you waiting. This time we are raging against the machine. And Taco Bell. 
August 7, 2020
Not All Length is Good Length- with Quan McLaurin and Thomas Starchia
This week, we passed our mics over to Quan McLaurin and Thomas Starchia. #blacklivesmatter
June 19, 2020
Episode 23: Pour Some Sugar On Me
Leah and Bethanne continue the obsession with British bands by talking about Def Leppard. 
May 29, 2020
Episode 22: I Feel the Earth Move
After a minor pandemic related break, we are BACK and better than ever. Ok, we'll let you decide that part out for yourself. This week we're talking about Carole King and her amazing contributions to music as we know it. 
May 15, 2020
Meet the Artist: Luke Spiller of The Struts
We sat down with frontman extraordinaire Luke Spiller of The Struts and chatted about tour life, tie-dye cats, the writing of "Low Key in Love" and "Nobody Does it Like You" and most importantly, cereal.
May 13, 2020
Meet the Author: Carmela Carr
Welcome to the Stay at Home version of She Will Rock You! This week, we sat down with Carmela Carr, founder and author behind Generation Clash. We talked about her extensive record collection, her upcoming book and even played a game of Quarantine MASH.  Find Carmela at @retronautqueen and @generationclash Find us at:  Instagram: @shewillrockyoupodcast @leahelizabeth.j @bethannetarpley Facebook: She Will Rock You Podcast Twitter: @shewillrockupod Email:
April 3, 2020
Episode 21: Blue
Part 2 of our Women's History Month Series is on Joni Mitchell!  Instagram: @shewillrockyoupodcast @leahelizabeth.j @bethannetarpley Facebook: She Will Rock You Podcast Twitter: @shewillrockupod Email:
March 14, 2020
Episode 20: Black Makes Me Look Thinner
Join us for part 1 of our 2 part series celebrating some badass ladies in celebration of Women's History Month. Up first: Stevie Nicks.  Instagram: @shewillrockyoupodcast @leahelizabeth.j @bethannetarpley Facebook: She Will Rock You Podcast Twitter: @shewillrockupod Email:
February 28, 2020
Episode 19: The Stroke's the Word
In this short and sweet episode we cover the life of a man who's career was short lived: Billy Squier.  Instagram: @shewillrockyoupodcast @leahelizabeth.j @bethannetarpley Facebook: She Will Rock You Podcast Twitter: @shewillrockupod Email:
February 14, 2020
Interview with Rev. Carl Hutcherson
In this special bonus episode, we interview Rev. Carl Hutcherson about life in Lynchburg and music during the Civil Rights era.  Instagram: @shewillrockyoupodcast @leahelizabeth.j @bethannetarpley Facebook: She Will Rock You Podcast Twitter: @shewillrockupod Email:
February 7, 2020
Episode 18: Pantera is Adorable... Sorry
Bet you never knew that a medal band could have a cute side.  Instagram: @shewillrockyoupodcast @leahelizabeth.j @bethannetarpley Facebook: She Will Rock You Podcast Twitter: @shewillrockupod Email:
January 31, 2020
Episode 17: "Jiminy Cricket Was My Christ"
Join us as we rock and roll all night and party every day with the legendary band that is KISS. Instagram: @shewillrockyoupodcast @leahelizabeth.j @bethannetarpley Facebook: She Will Rock You Podcast Twitter: @shewillrockupod Email:
January 17, 2020
Episode 16: And Bing-o Was His Name-o
So, why exactly didn't we talk about Bing Crosby in the Christmas episode? Let's talk about it.  Instagram: @shewillrockyoupodcast @leahelizabeth.j @bethannetarpley Facebook: She Will Rock You Podcast Twitter: @shewillrockupod Email:
January 3, 2020
Episode 15: All I Want for Christmas is You
This week brings us a hodgepodge of your Christmas favorites including our Queen, Mariah Carey. Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram (@shewillrockyoupodcast. @leahelizabeth.j and @bethannetarpley) or on Twitter @shewillrockupod.  Be sure to subscribe and leave us a review! 
December 20, 2019
Episode 14: Chestnuts Roasting Over an Open Fire
It's the holiday season so we're talking about why Nat King Cole is the true King of Christmas (it's NOT Bing Crosby).  Like us on Facebook, follow us on instagram (@shewillrockyoupodcast) or follow us on Twitter (@shewillrockupod).
December 6, 2019
Episode 13: It's Electric (Light Orchestra)
Talking about Jeff Lyne, a Big Moog, some spaceships and the saga of Electric Light Orchestra.  Follow us:  Instagram- @shewillrockyoupodcast @bethannetarpley @leahelizabeth.j Twitter- @shewillrockupod Facebook- She Will Rock You Podcast Email:
November 22, 2019
Meet the Artist: The 12th Human
We sat down with Eric, Joe and Brett who together make up The 12th Human. We talked about their new single "You Got It From Me", musical influences, Tony Hawk, Oreos and the #MensMojitoMovement.  Find them on Instagram @the12thhuman or on Spotify as The 12th Human Find us on Instagram at @shewillrockyoupodcast, @leahelizabeth.j and @bethannetarpley. Twitter: @shewillrockupod. Shoot us an email at
November 15, 2019
Episode 12: Wouldn't Ya, Barracuda
This time we delve into the story of on of the most badass rock ladies out there: Ann Wilson and the rest of Heart. Spoiler: You're probably not going to like how they treated her.  Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and follow us on social! Twitter- @shewillrockupod, Instagram- @shewillrockyoupodcast, @leahelizabeth.j or @bethannetarpley.  Send us an email at! 
November 8, 2019
Episode 11: You Look Just Like Buddy Holly
In part 2 of Rocktober we talk about the legacy of Buddy Holly, the day the music died and about some pretty creepy premonitions.  Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter @shewillrockupod, or follow us on Instagram @shewillrockyoupodcast, @leahelizabeth.j and @bethannetarpley 
October 25, 2019
Episode 10: Valhalla, I'm Coming
This week things get weird as we talk about Led Zeppelin, possibly summoning some demons in the process.  Follow us on instagram at @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley or @leahelizabeth.j or on Twitter @shewillrockupod
October 11, 2019
Episode 9: Hops & Drops- An Interview with Blake Gederberg
This week, we shake things up a little bit with special guest, Blake Gederberg, owner of Speakertree Records and Backline Coffee.  Follow us on instagram at @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley or @leahelizabeth.j or on Twitter @shewillrockupod
September 27, 2019
Episode 8: Carry on My Wayward Pod
This episode covers the history of Kansas, from photoshoots in a booth at McDonald's to The Urantia Book.  Follow us on instagram at @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley or @leahelizabeth.j
September 13, 2019
Episode 7: Signed, Sealed, Delivered
We're bringing you something a little different this week, and throwing it back to before rock was young. We're covering one of the greats from Motown, Stevie Wonder.  Follow us on instagram at @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley or @leahelizabeth.j
August 30, 2019
Episode 6: BRUUUUUCE
This week, we talk about The Boss, Bruce Springsteen, and his long Monopoly career. Wait. That's not right. Or is it? Follow us on instagram at @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley or @leahelizabeth.j
August 16, 2019
Episode 5: Who Are You?
This week we talk about the explosive history of The Who. That's a joke. You'll get it later. Follow us on instagram at @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley or @leahelizabeth.j
August 2, 2019
Episode 4: Moves Like Jagger
This week we cover the enduring legacy that is The Rolling Stones. Follow us on instagram at @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley or @leahelizabeth.j
July 19, 2019
Episode 3: Dearly Beloved, We Have Gathered Here Today
This week's episode is about the Purple Majesty himself, Prince. Full of the weirdest stories yet. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley and @leahelizabeth.j
July 5, 2019
Episode 2: "Is that Journey?"
Inspired by an episode of Family Guy, we talk about the band Journey, video games and the enduring legacy of "Don't Stop Believin'". Follow us on Facebook or Instagram! @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley, @leahelizabeth.j
June 21, 2019
Episode 1: The Bitches are Back
"For our first full episode, we talk about Elton John and the legacy he has made for himself. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram! @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley, @leahelizabeth.j"
June 7, 2019
Episode 0: Welcome to the Jungle
In this bonus first episode, get to know Bethanne and Leah! We go over what to expect from this podcast, how we got into rock music and what song we would show an alien to introduce them to our planet.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram! @shewillrockyoupodcast, @bethannetarpley, @leahelizabeth.j
May 30, 2019