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Migrant Mama in Australia

Migrant Mama in Australia

By sheanne Siron
The Migrant Mama in Australia podcast chronicles our family's migration journey to Australia. I will provide inspiration, motivation, stories and information for migrants and hopefuls alike. I will also answer questions on what it’s really like to move to the land down under. Lastly, this podcast will feature guests who will share their experience, expertise and knowledge on motherhood and navigating the Australian migrant life | New episodes released every Monday | Website: | Contact:
Partner Visa in Australia with Nunki Fauser
Being married to an Australian, having an instant daughter by becoming a step mom, living abroad and running a dual culture household, trying to fit in in Australia. Are you curious to find out more about these? Then today’s episode is for you. We have...
July 26, 2020
Our Life in Australia after a year
Welcome to season two of Migrant mama in Australia podcast. It has been awhile since I last recorded an episode and a lot of things has happened since we moved here in Australia. For the first episode of this podcast's season two, I will share an update...
July 17, 2020
Life as an Indian Migrant in Australia
Listen to this episode and learn from Shilpa Agarwal who is originally from Mumbai, India and has been living in Australia since 2014. She works full time running her successful book coaching business and wrote the book want solution which helps readers...
January 26, 2020
Securing a Home Loan w/ Ghia Shrestha
For today's show I have Ghia Shresta, a mortgage broker and owner of SG HOMELOANS. She is originally from the Philippines and has been living in Australia since January 2006.  The discussion I had with Ghia was very insightful and I am sure it will help...
January 19, 2020
Australia Rental Property 101 w/ Seddon Johnston
For today's episode I brought in an expert on house rental in Australia. His name is Seddon Johnston and he is the Director of Ausrental Sydney. A lot of new migrants struggle to find their first rental house in Australia mainly because of lack of...
January 12, 2020
New Year Q&A
I answered some frequently asked questions! Follow our Aussie Life on Instagram:                              Facebook Page:            SHOW NOTES:...
January 5, 2020
The day my husband landed his first job in Australia
I shared the story of how my husband got his job after several rejections from Australian companies because of his lack of local experience. The way he landed the job was totally unexpected and we were in shock after receiving the news. This is the...
December 29, 2019
How to Celebrate Christmas in Australia
From bonbons to prawns and pavlova. How do our fellow migrants celebrate Christmas in Australia? I asked my followers on Instagram on how they spend Christmas in Australia and how is Christmas in Australia typically celebrated.Follow our Aussie Life on...
December 22, 2019
Being a woman in the construction industry w/ Sujitha Kumari
Working as a civil engineer in Brisbane, Sujitha Kumari is representing migrant women in the male-dominated construction industry here in Australia. December 18 is International Migrants Day and this week’s episode is dedicated to this day!  Sujitha is...
December 15, 2019
10 Extremely Helpful Tips to Find Your First Job in Australia
Almost all new migrants will have to go through the daunting task of job hunting in Australia and it is not easy when every employer you speak to requires you to have local experience. Fret not! I prepared this episode with you in mind since we have...
December 8, 2019
Pregnancy and birth experience in Australia w/ Nazmin Akter
having a baby in australia
December 1, 2019
Living and working in Sydney w/ Orsi Toth-Pal
Have you ever wondered how it is living and working in Sydney? I for sure have my own preconceived ideas and to be honest I kind of hesitate to move there mainly because of how expensive the houses are! In Episode 5 of the podcast, Orsi Toth Pal shares...
November 24, 2019
Things to do after arriving in Australia
Things to do after arriving in Australia
November 17, 2019
Things we did before we moved to Australia
Things we did before we moved to Australia
November 10, 2019
Cost of migration, cost of living and how we saved money for the big move
Cost of living and cost of migration in Australia
November 3, 2019
Our Australia Migration Story
Our Australia Migration Story
November 3, 2019
Introduction to Migrant Mama in Australia
Introduction to Migrant Mama in Australia
November 3, 2019