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SheBeat's Scottish Music Scene

SheBeat's Scottish Music Scene

By SheBeat Jodie
Music and chat from Scottish and Scottish based artists and bands hosted by singer-songwriter SheBeat.
Best of SheBeat's Scottish Music Scene (May 2022)
Best Of episode of my weekly K107 Scottish Music Scene radio show. Looking back across six months I share clips from chats with The Courettes, Fliss from The Nightingales, Last Night From Glasgow Julia, Ian from The Wendys, Jill from Jill Lorean and The Bug Club.  Music from Jupiter Strange, Wojtek the Bear, The Courettes, Savage Mansion, The Twinsets, Aiitee, TEOSE, The Nightingales, Karine Polwart, Out of the Swim & Laura Hickli, Annie Booth, Jeshua, Daytime TV, Memes, Sons of the Descent, The Wendys, Beerjacket, Yoko Pwno & Acolyte, Jill Lorean, Blush Club, Aberdreamin, Redolent, The Bug Club, Stanley Odd, Serious Adults and SheBeat.  
May 17, 2022
SheBeat's Scottish Music Scene record label special
All the music on this episode of my Scottish Music Scene, recorded in January 2022, is published by record labels in Scotland - past and present. Labels featured include Lost Map Records, Triask Tusk, Chemikal Underground, Postcard Records, Song by Toad, Whanga Records, Last Night From Glasgow, Brawsome Productions, OK Pal Records and more. Featuring brilliant tracks from Delgados, Bas Jan, Savage Mansion, Check Masses, Pictish Trail, Double Lonely, Faith Elliot, Admiral Fallow, bis, Emma Pollock, Meursault, TwinsTown, Maranta, Sister John, St Dukes, Life Model, Sons of the Descent, Broken Chanter, Aztec Camera, Ace City Racers, Daniel Wylie’s Cosmic Rough Riders, Out of the Swim & Laura Hickli, Annie Booth, Lola in Slacks, A A Renton, Social Leopards, SheBeat, Simple Minds, and Mekons.
May 01, 2022
SheBeat's Scottish Music Scene IWD2022 #womeninmusic special
In this episode of SheBeat's Scottish Music Scene women in music special edition I talk to Jill from the fabulous Jill Lorean about the new album This Rock, Julia from not-for-profit label Last Night From Glasgow shares her story plus we hear some great women from their label, and Iona Fyfe tells us what she's up to.  Playlist includes RAAB, Cody Feechan, Fistymuffs!, Annie Booth, Lola in Slacks, Kitti, Evelyn Laurie, The Twinsets, Philomena, aiitee, Manda Rin, Bas Jan, SheBeat and more. 
April 27, 2022