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Sheer Will Podcast

Sheer Will Podcast

By Christina Cyphers
I created Sheer Will to share my story with you. To say if I can overcome the obstacles in my path and go do the big scary thing...YOU CAN TOO! As women, we innately feel that we need to always hold it together, we need to always be at our best, and we need to always be in control. Life is messy! Guess's totally okay if we are a little messy too! The world doesn't end if we have a good cry, take time for ourselves, invest in our dreams, or say "I just can't today". Showing up for yourself and loving yourself will completely change every aspect of your life.
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Interview with Mandy Curry
In this emotional interview we talk about surviving rape, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse.  But more importantly, we talk about knowing your worth.Mandy shares her lowest lows and greatest successes in her life in dealing with these issues.  She is definitely someone to be admired for her strength, courage, and kindness. This episode was recorded live so there is a brief Q & A and commentary following the interview.  Support the show (
May 23, 2020
Interview with Karen Stumbo of Cedar Creek Art Studio
In this episode I am interviewing a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and creator and she shares all of the struggles we deal with in those roles.  We also talk about how you find inspiration anywhere and everywhere if you are just open to receive it. Support the show (
October 25, 2019
Interview with Bettysue Higgins
In this episode we are interviewing a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a daughter, and a woman with a past.  We dig deep into how not dealing with trauma can cause us to make choices in our life that are harmful to us and the people that we love.  We talk about how you are not locked prisoner with your bad decisions, you can overcome them and become something more.  Support the show (
October 25, 2019
All The Guilt
In this episode I talk about overcoming guilt.  Most times as women we take on guilt or blame that doesn't belong to us because we have an underlying issue.  All this does is makes it easier for people who probably aren't great for us to keep hold of us in their lives because they simply know what buttons to push.But once you work through the underlying issue, that button gets permanently deactivated and you get your sense of self worth and self esteem back.  And then the sky is the limit!  Once that monkey is off your back, you can do any single solitary thing you set your mind to.  But you have to do the hard work first. Sheer Will is about me, and others like me, sharing our journey with you to give you hope and strength to know it can be different.  It can get better.  You just have to take the steps to make it so.Be sure to follow me on Facebook to see the show recorded live and get the chance to comment or ask questions after the recording.  Or you can view the episodes I live stream on YouTube after they are uploaded.Support the show (
July 31, 2019
Low Down Shame
In this episode we talk about the shame that we all carry over from our past and how it poisons and twists our lives.  By dealing with your shame and facing your fear over it, you can begin to heal.  Understand and remember that you are exactly who God created you to be.  You are in the exact place he wants to be.  Shame and fear only feed your depression and feelings of worthlessness and low self esteem.  Let's share our struggles as women and help to lift one another up out of them to be better and do better for one another. Support the show (
July 17, 2019
Oh, The Grief!
In this episode I talk about my personal experience with grief, loss, depression and how not dealing with any of my other issues all played a part in me having a nervous break down and worse and how I got the strength to rise up out of it.Not dealing with all of the garbage that I carried around because of the prostitution and drug addiction caused me to have a very low opinion of myself.  As a result, I tended to allow the people who claimed to care about me to treat me very badly.  When you mix that with guilt, grief, loss, and depression it becomes a dangerous combination, especially when you hide  it from the people that love you.A lot of people think that pasting a smile on their face and saying everything is ok when it isn't is being strong or noble.  It isn't.  I just makes you feel alone.  Everybody needs somebody.  Had I sought out the support of my family, or my friends, I don't think things would have gotten as bad as they did. But the power of prayer helped raise me out of all of it.  It wasn't easy, and it still isn't all the time, but I get up and show up, and I promise I will never give up, because I know now that I have a purpose and that God isn't done with me yet!If you want to see more of what I do, you can connect with me on my Facebook page.  You can also see live recordings of my podcast on YouTube, or check out my other videos on this channel.   Or you can check out all the things on my website.Support the show (
July 3, 2019
You Are Not Done Yet
In this episode I am talking about coping with and learning to live with a disability.  Where to find resources, how to advocate for yourself, and how to pull yourself out of that depression and overcome that sense of worthlessness by sharing my personal experience with you. You are still breathing in and out so you have not yet fulfilled your purpose in this life.  Support the show (
March 24, 2019
Know Your Worth...And I Ain't Talkin' Dollars
In this episode, we are going to talk about learning your worth, and understanding how to forgive yourself and love yourself, by owning what you are responsible for and putting the blame and shame that belongs to others at their down.  Climb out of it and move on.  Support the show (
January 26, 2019
Why It Had To Be Sheer Will
In this very first episode, I will talk about how I became the Owner and Creator of Olde Made New.  If you don't follow me, you can find me on Facebook at, as well as on the blog I author at'm going to hit just the high points of some of my struggles, and over coming episodes we will dive deeper into those issues.  I want this podcast to empower women and give them hope.  I want us to believe that we can truly overcome anything and if we believe it is possible, we can achieve it. So strap in, and get ready for a roller coaster ride.  But on the other side, I hope you feel all of the hope, strength, faith, and ambition that I do!Support the show (
January 19, 2019