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Shelf Centered

Shelf Centered

By Lucciano Gamiz
If “learning” is life’s great equalizer, then a good book might be life’s most invaluable asset. Join Lucciano Gamiz as he explores the wonderous world of People, Books, & Ideas that have the ability to create a better you! Each episode is designed to inspire a new insight, idea & belief. It will feature a guest list ranging from incredible achievers, doers, educators, authors and everyday people with brilliant minds. Listen now and tap into the power of creating a new you!
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4. Eddie Zacapa ON: Practicing Nonviolent Communication *In Honor of MLK Week*

Shelf Centered

8. "Money Matters" with Veronica Karas - Financial Literacy Talk
On this Episode of Shelf Life w/ Lucciano, we have a conversation with Veronica Karas. She is a MBA, CFP and Senior Financial Advisor for Captrust. That is not all she is known for. She is a certified Yoga instructor, Certified Life Coach, and Certified Transformational Coach. She is also the author of a series of books called "Money Matters". Our discussion covers the contents of Veronica's first book "Money Matters...Everything You Should Have Learned in School But Didn't". Veronica explains some of the biggest misconceptions we all have around Financial Planning. Such as, if Life Insurance is a good retirement strategy? Can Student Loans hurt you more than serve you? And lastly we touch on the importance of Financial Literacy for our youth! Pick up "Money Matters" on Amazon and be sure to reach out to Veronica Kara's directly or on social media if you have any financial question. 
April 09, 2021
7. Charles Feeney - The Billionaire that went broke...from Donating $8Billion
I highlight an article written by Steven Bertoni at Forbes. This article was distinguished as one of the best articles of 2020 by Forbes.  Steven Bertoni introduces us to "The James Bond of Philanthropy" Charles Feeney the co-founder and CEO of Duty Free Co. At age 89, he finally accomplished his life long dream, of Giving all of his wealth.  Charles, through his Atlantic Philanthropies Organization, was able to give $8 Billion in charitable donations to a multitude of causes.  Charles also was the "Cornerstone" to Bill Gates and Warren Buffet's "The Giving Pledge" started in 2010.  He left himself and his wife only $2 Million dollars to live on retirement.  This incredible story can be found on Forbes - Here Exclusive: The Billionaire Who Wanted To Die Broke . . . Is Now Officially Broke ( 
March 16, 2021
6. "Go For the Big" Author Interview w/ Michael Botts
Michael Botts is a Success Coach, Business leader, and Speaker. He did his first inspirational speech at the age of 17. He is the author to his best-selling book " Escape Average, Go for the Big: It's Time to Break through What's Stopping You "  Our conversation encompasses many aspects such as -   How to overcome Fear.  Change your habits with Gratitude. The best part (in my opinion), how the most Disciplined people are the most Free! Find out more about Michael Botts on his website: You can find his book on Amazon - Here Below Thanks for listening!
February 19, 2021
5. "Love People, Not Pleasure" - Arthur C. Brooks Opinion Piece
One of my favorite New York Times opinion pieces I have ever read. Arthur C. Brooks delivers a compelling piece on how to live a more People Loving life rather than a Thing Loving life.  Love People, Use Things.  Give yourself 10 minutes to spare and read this 2014 opinion piece and introduce yourself to Arthur C. Brooks. Allow him to challenge your conditional programing of what you define as Happiness, or better yet, what you define as your pursuit to Happiness.  Opinion Piece: New York Times - Love People, Not Pleasure  Additional Resources: PANAS Schedule Test pdf
February 06, 2021
4. Eddie Zacapa ON: Practicing Nonviolent Communication *In Honor of MLK Week*
On this episode of Shelf Life w/ Lucciano, Lucciano speaks with Founder of Life Enriching Communication and Certified Trainer at Center for Nonviolent Communication, Eddie Zacapa. Eddie has dedicated his life to nonviolent practices. Lucciano and Eddie have a conversation that will surely bring some light to our chaotic 2020.  Eddie has just release his new book, "Principles and Practices of Nonviolence: 30 meditations for practicing compassion"  Find it here: Amazon  In honor of an historic annual 64 Day Nonviolent Campaign, hosted by Ghandi's grandson, which starts on January 30th. Eddie provides the perfect book to reflect upon during the 64 day campaign.  Find out more on his Blog here:  HarmonyoftheHeart He also created a special website dedicated to the principles and practices in the book. To encourage more actionable steps towards nonviolent communication.  Visit here:  PeaceLoveandNonviolence
January 22, 2021
#3 1st Book Review "The Compound Effect"
I breakdown and review the highly coveted business/motivation/self-development book, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. Darren Hardy is best known as today’s preeminent Success Mentor having been a central leader in the personal growth and success industry now for more than 20 years, leading three television networks and was the founding publisher and editor to the rebirth of SUCCESS magazine. Darren is also a highly sought-after keynote speaker, media contributor, and the New York Times bestselling author of three books, including The Compound Effect and The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster. Resources: The Compound Effect - Daily Task Tracker Article - Will Power & Judicial Decisions Thank you, hope you enjoy!
January 15, 2021
#2 Why Book Clubs Aren't Just For Your Grandma
In a new virtual world, Book Clubs are at the top of my recommendations list,  for what you should do in 2021. I discuss and illustrate the advantages and benefits to participating in a book club. My Book Club : Started in April 2020, we were able to read 6 books (1 in Specialized Real Estate Industry, 1 Non-Fiction, 1 Social Justice Book, and remaining were self development books. ) But, it was the conversations beyond the books that truly changed my life! I reference an article. John Coleman - Writer and distinguished blogger for Harvard Business Review Article : Why Businesspeople Should Join Book Clubs Thank you for listening. Enjoy! And START A BOOK CLUB DAMMIT!!! LOL
January 09, 2021
Why Do We Read?
In celebration of our first episode,  we reference the literary legend, Harold Bloom, and his book "How To Read And Why". I give a quick introduction into who I am, as your host, and my relationship with books and reading! Thank you for the listen, and welcome to the adventure of Shelf Life Podcast!
December 25, 2020