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Homemade Money

Homemade Money

By Shelly Swanzy
Learn How To Make Homemade Money - Monetize Your Knowledge and Your Skills
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What Problems Does Your Business Solve?
If you don't have a solution then you don't have a business. As a marketer it is not your job to be a salesperson.  Your job as a marketer is only to provide knowledge to your audience. The knowledge they receive should provide them with solutions  to the problems that they are seeking to resolve. If you do not really understand what solutions you have. .. .no worries I can help you with that.  Please reach out to me. Shelly
March 27, 2020
Homemade Money - Who I Am
Hello, my name is Shelly Swanzy and I created Homemade Money podcast to help you learn how to make Homemade Money also. Becoming an Empty-Nester was a hard time for me until I learned how valuable my acquired knowledge and skills were... now I make Homemade Money helping others to also make Homemade Money. I will be sharing with you a variety of ways that you can start making Homemade Money.  Homemade Money Podcast will air every Friday at 11:30 a.m. CST.   Looking forward to helping you start making Homemade Money too! Shelly Swanzy
March 9, 2020