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Sheltered at Home

Sheltered at Home

By Robert Murphy
As a global pandemic unfolds, home is for millions now more than just a place to rest. It's where we work, rest, prepare meals, entertain kids, and everything else we need. This podcast is a personal search for a better way through the challenges that come from adapting to this new way of life. We'll speak to authors, experts, and leaders who will give us insight into what can make the four walls of our homes feel less like a restriction and more like hope.
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When Here to There Becomes Here and Now
Author, science writer, and former Senior Editor of New Scientist, Michael Bond, says our brains are wired to navigate great distances. So what do we do when we can't leave the house? In the inaugural episode of Sheltered at Home, Michael explores our innate ability to navigate and what happens in our brains when we move to a state of isolation. Sharing anecdotes from both his family history and those of famous expeditions immobilized for long periods, Michael ends with coping strategies that help us adapt to long stretches at in one place. Visit for more information in this series. 
March 30, 2020