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Sheltered Spring

Sheltered Spring

By UC Santa Cruz Campus Natural Reserve
COVID-19 has the world sheltering in place. Here in our place of coastal California, spring is happening. Eight undergraduate students from University of California, Santa Cruz lift the blinds and peel back the petals. These students are your guides as we ponder springtime happenings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Join us as we explore intersections of humans and nature in the lockdown era. We’re stuck inside, but spring is happening outside. This is Sheltered Spring.
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4. Sam Episode 2: Streams and Dreams
Sam here, after exploring my sit spot I decided to reach out of my environment and take on the lens of the Lagunitas wildlife. Animating the creeks and scenery, I examined the water quality and integrities Lagunitas Creek has. In this episode I research and analyse the importance the creek carries for the endangered coho salmon. With special guest Eric Ettlinger, I tackle previous questions on my observations that I have made in relation to human to environment relationships. Featuring: Eric Ettlinger: Aquatic Ecologist, Marin Municipal Water District Braiding Sweetgrass narration by Kelley Tillman Resources on the Matter: Three sites mar otherwise Glowing beach water quality. (2020, February 06). Retrieved March 01, 2021. County of Marin - news releases - BEACH water quality. (n.d.). Retrieved March 01, 2021. Kimmerer, Robin Wall. 2013. Braiding Sweetgrass. Milkweed Editions, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Music : Resonance of the Gods by anankalisto cloth_music.aif by james_longley Piano - Fairy Tale Intro.wav by GregorQuende Vibrant Steps: Sparkling Indie Shoegaze Intro Music by jjmarsan Wind_magical_Aeolus_soaring.aif by Dynamicell Soundscape: underwater ambience by akemov
April 16, 2021
3. sound(e)scape: Sam/Lagunitas Creek
Lagunitas Creek Recorded by Sam Carreno Winter 2021
April 16, 2021
2. Sam Episode 1: Bridged Waters
In this episode I invite you to join me at a destination spot I hold dear to me. I’m Sam and I’d like to take us on the journey of exploring my sit spot and all it has to offer. In this episode I walk through my processes of capturing the thrill of the swimming holes called The Inkwells. I examine it during two different seasons and dive into the importance it carries within its natural ecology.From swimming holes to spawning creeks, let’s observe the relationships between humans and the environment. Music: Grahams Jam by Graham Davis Soundscapes: Rain Fall Through Trees by acollier123 Birdsong and crows in fog.aiff by andymanister CafeAmbience.WAV by nickrave Gravel path countryside ambience.mp3 by watercool People talking loud in the distance at late night - Outside Ambience by clawbase Lagunita Creek Flow Lagunitas,CA By Samantha Carreno Rainfall Lagunitas,CA By Samantha Carreno Inkwells intro audio By Samantha Carreno
April 16, 2021
1. Sheltered Spring Season 3: Winter
We're back with our third season, with new UCSC undergrad podcasters Meg, Ajith, Sam, and Matt. Listen in on an introductory conversation and get to know them a bit before their own Season 3 episodes, where they will immerse you Arcata's Community Forest, Santa Cruz's Natural Bridges and Pogonip, and Sonoma County's Lagunitas Creek and their experiences of intersecting their human with the nature of those places during the tail end of COVID-19 Year One. We're kind of not stuck inside anymore, it's (or it was) winter outside, and this is still Sheltered Spring. Written and produced by Alex Component loop and sound effect credits: fream by nightingale wet sounding bass by pablo21 funkee harmonics 90 bpm A by skyrider r a i n d r o p by renegadeonthebeat downtempo drums by danke old school drums by pacosferreira driveby hip hop drums by doku soft lo-fi rhodes by thechokehold lo-fi modern hip hop xylobells by thechokehold drums sad rap pop by mefbeats boo 4 disapproval by jayfrosting audience unison yes by unchaz lexie nope by javapimp read my lips no by nuncaconoci dangerous stranger by nightingale overtone 1 by jadrian
April 11, 2021
15. sound(e)scape #14
Red-winged blackbirds settling in for the evening at Kalkar Quarry. Mild mannered humans conversing in the background; try not to get too distracted. 10 October 2020 Santa Cruz, CA Recorded by Alex
January 3, 2021
14. The Past and Present of Kalkar Quarry
What is this place— an abandoned rock quarry? A neighborhood park? Is that pond natural? Were those trees planted? These questions ran through my mind as I first stumbled upon this ”natural” space... Welcome to Kalkar Quarry: a piece of land that has taken on a variety of identities throughout the past 200 years. As I got to know this place, I questioned and analyzed the definition of nature through the eyes of residents to the quarry, local mineralogy records, and even children’s outdoor education programs. Join me as I piece together the evolution of this space, and why it is so important to our past, present, and future community. Check out for a few more things not mentioned in the podcast. Special thanks to Ron Goodman, Kate Jaffe of Santa Cruz Kids in Nature, and Maddie's grandpa. Episode written and produced by Maddie Pyorre
January 3, 2021
13. sound(e)scape #13
3:30 am rain and thunder from the event that sparked the CZU Lightning Complex Fire. Thunder so loud it made my car's "back-off" alarm sound.  16 August 2020 Aptos, CA Recorded by Alex
December 30, 2020
12. Breathe, breathe in the air
At her sit spot in Escondido, California, Jessica notices a strange anomaly for fall 2020--clean air. This sparks some discussion and research into the impacts of climate change on California's now nearly year-round wildfire season. Credits: "The african moon lullaby-for danke" by Orlando51 Boruna, Alejandra. 2020. The science connecting wildfires to climate change. Published online at,they%20have%20in%20the%20past on 17 September 2020.
December 30, 2020
11. sound(e)scape #12
Coyote barks while sitting next to a backyard chiminea fire, wood a little wet (sizzlepops start part way through). 9 Dec 2020 Branciforte Creek, Santa Cruz, CA Recorded by Alex
December 30, 2020
10. Fire and Oak
After smelling smoke from his sit spot in San Francisco, and the subsequent clean air as fall progressed, Razi remembers childhood visits to California Indian acorn grinding rocks. This episode recounts his research into the Traditional Ecological Knowledge and land management practices of California Indians that stewarded oak trees and their acorn crops. Music credits: 1. Soundscape Premium - Nature and birds 1 by MINOR2GO 2. Armando by LiddellC Relevant articles used for research: Frederica Bowcutt "Tanoak Landscapes: Tending a Native American Nut Tree," Madroño 60(2), 64-86, (1 April 2013). Anderson, K. M., & Moratto, M. J. (1996). Native American Land-Use Practices and Ecological Impacts (Vol. 2, pp. 187-206) (United States, USGS). Davis, California: University of California, Centers for Water and Wildland Resources. Anderson, K. M. (2007). Indigenous Uses, Management, and Restoration of Oaks of the Far Western United States (Vol. Technical note No.2) (United States, USDA, NRCS). Davis, California: National Plant Center.
December 30, 2020
9. sound(e)scape #11
Pileated woodpecker feeding pecks on Douglas-fir snag, with lots of bits of tree falling down around the base of the tree and the recorder. "Background" birds: red-shouldered hawk, pygmy nuthatch, chestnut-backed chickadee, American robin. 29 Dec 2020 Nisense Marks State Park, Aptos, CA Recorded by Alex
December 30, 2020
8. Small town, big spill
Hello! I’m Jennifer, please join me on exploring Oso Flaco Lake and its surrounding areas. This podcast will give a general overview on the local oil industry and a specific spill that occurred under Unocal, and it’s relation to the land on the California central coast. This group of small towns have a story that can relate to many worldwide. It’s had to grapple with global struggles of the repercussions of industry and current day efforts for remediation and restoration. If you want to read more depth of the history of the oil spills on the central coast here are some sources that have covered the Guadalupe Oil Spill specifically: “Huge Oil Spill Cleanup Advances” - Sally Ann Connell  “Silent Spill: The Organization of Industrial Crisis - Carol M. Parker Music Attribution: “Nostalgia of an ex gangsta rapper” by deef is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike.
December 27, 2020
7. sound(e)scape #10
Morning birds adajcent to Valencia Creek, Polo Dr. Highway One and Soquel Ave in the background. And camcorder noise too. But hey. It's real life. Oak titmouse, acorn woodpecker, California scrub jay, American robin, oak titmouse, American crow, European starling, and likely other stuff too. 2 November 2020 Recorded by Alex (audio ripped from some acorn woodpecker video footage)
December 27, 2020
6. A Fowl Trick
In the early 2000s, a television scandal rocked the golf world and the bird world alike. What came out of it? *Post-script amendment: 29% of nearly all North American (not global) bird populations have declined since the 1970s (Rosenburg et al. 2019 downloaded at from here). Episode written and produced by Ishana Shukla Special thanks to Sanjana Raman, Isabel Cortez, and Kelli Haupage for providing voice-overs. Credits: Pied Billed Grebe calls by Dennis Davenport Mourning dove by MyBackyardBirding Song Used: In the Hall of the Mountain King - Grieg
December 27, 2020
5. sound(e)scape #9
Rain out the gutter. Finally rain. 13 December 2020 Aptos, CA  Recorded by Alex
December 27, 2020
4. People in Place: Part 2
Hello--it's Jennifer, Maddie, and Maya here, and we'd like to introduce ourselves and our sit spots to you. Throughout this fall quarter, and seemingly never-ending quarantine, we've gotten creative in finding ways to connect with nature! From getting familiar with a coastal lake in southern California to the forests—and even an abandoned quarry— near UC Santa Cruz, we've each learned so much about nature and ourselves. Get to know us, and hear our thoughts on what we find the most interesting about nature at each of our observational sites. (Oh, and stay tuned for our individual episodes included later in this season!). Credits: “Siesta” by Jahzzar is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 “Nostalgia of an ex gangsta rapper” by Deef is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
December 27, 2020
3. sound(e)scape #8
Season 2's return of the sound(e)scape, ag-style. Our sound(e)scape bonus mini-eps are your aural palate cleansers between full Sheltered Spring episodes. 3 minutes of a particular place, at a particular moment. I really screwed up by not having the students record sound(e)scapes from their particular sit spots, which we could have posted following each of their full episodes. Oops.  Some serious ASMR going on here, goat style. Dinner time at the hay racks. Stick around to the end for deep thoughts. 4 September 2020 Mystery Bay Farm Marrrowstone Island, Nordland, WA Recorded by Alex
December 26, 2020
2. People In Place: Part 1
Meet Jessica, Ishana, Grace, and Razi. Meet the places that they decided to visit repeatedly through the fall and get a small taste of their process of getting outside and embarking on--or continuing--their naturalist learning journey. Credits: Ishana: Pied Billed Grebe calls by Dennis Davenport Razi: 1. 0051 Trap Rhodes by TuesdayNight 2. 0039 Trap Synth Chord Progression by TuesdayNight Jessica: 1. “Wild West by Maria mae” by mariamae 2. “Paris in Love” by cobius 3. “Uke sad” by pinkpandah
December 26, 2020
1. Fall into place: Sheltered Spring Season 2
We're back with a new crop of UC Santa Cruz student podcasters for our COVID-weary world. Come along for an extended trailer for Season Two of Sheltered Spring. Written and produced by Alex Jones, UCSC Campus Natural Reserve manager Original music by Alex Jones and Jon Weil of Bob's Daughter Coyote field recording: Alex Jones Other sound effects: • Dheming  Breaking_Ice_01.wav   Creative Commons Attribution License • Be_a_hero_not_a_patriot   stone throw on thin ice on lake, ice breaks, water splash, clothes, long - Stereo.wav  Creative Commons 0 License • lwdickens brook winter ice forest_3.wav   • Micndom  Black-capped chickadee - Mesange a tete noire.flac Creative Commons Attribution License • SpliceSound Green frog, croaking.wav  Creative Commons 0 License • Spandau  walkinginsnow.aif Creative Commons 0 License • NALALIONGIRL  aww mom do i have to made by me  Creative Commons Attribution License • NoiseCollector  excited.wav Creative Commons Attribution License • THE_bizniss  car horn.wav  Creative Commons Attribution License • Rasunter255  country morning late September.wav  Creative Commons 0 License
December 23, 2020
15. sound(e)scape #7
Elegant terns by creek mouth on early morning beach. Occasionally freaking out. Them, not me. Well, me too. But only on the inside. Aptos, CA 27 July 2020 Recorded by Alex
July 28, 2020
14. An interview with Dr. Rebecca Hernandez of the UC Santa Cruz American Indian Resource Center
With all the trees and meadows and banana slugs and whatnot, it's sometimes hard to remember that UC Santa Cruz has nearly 20,000 students roaming about. It's just kinda quiet out there. Put on the pandemic, though, and it's even quieter. The students are gone, but how are they doing? And what is life like for them when they are here, if they are members of a group that comprises just 1% of the entire student population? In this episode we speak with Dr. Rebecca Hernandez, Director the UC Santa Cruz American Indian Resource Center, to hear about the AIRC, its students, and how we can increase our sensitivity to what it's like to be Native American at UC Santa Cruz.  Check out the American Indian Resource Center's YouTube page to view recent events and learn more.  Thank you to Dr. Hernandez!
July 28, 2020
13. sound(e)scape #6
Early morning waves on a flat calm day. Aptos, CA 27 July 2020 Recorded by Alex
July 28, 2020
12. An interview with Chairman Valentin Lopez of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band
We are honored that Chairman Lopez of the Amah Mutsun Tribal Band took the time to speak with us on Sheltered Spring. In addition to providing an in-depth history of his people, Chairman Lopez discusses the Amah Mutsun Land Trust and how the Native Stewardship Corp and his tribal members are coping with COVID-19. If you would like to help the Amah Mutsun during this difficult time, please consider donating to the Amah Mutsun Families COVID-19 Relief Fund on GoFundMe ( To learn more about their Campaign to Protect Juristac, one of their most sacred sites, from a sand and gravel mine, please visit  Connect with the Amah Mutsun Land Trust and consider a donation: Thank you to Chairman Lopez. Music: Thinking Music by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Episode by Alex
July 28, 2020
11. sound(e)scape #5
Creek trickle.  I hope this doesn't make you have to pee. Aptos, CA 7 May 2020 Recorded by Alex
June 19, 2020
10. Trendsetters in Social Distancing
Many of us are hearing the term "social distancing" for the first time. However, many different taxa practice social distancing during times of disease, and they might be able to show us how it's done. Featuring guest Dr. Winifred Frick: Please contact Ishana with any questions or concerns at
June 19, 2020
9. sound(e)scape #4
Swainson's thrush and son. And the highway, the ever-present highway. And a few others: Black-headed grosbeak American robin Wilson's warbler Steller's jay Aptos, CA 7 May 2020 Recorded by Alex
June 19, 2020
8. Who stays, who goes?
In this episode we explore two spring animal migrations in the Santa Cruz, CA area through a 'shelter in place' lens. I know, it's "not fair": other animals get to move around while we can't. Might as well learn a little bit about them and the research that goes into studying their movements. Special thanks to UCSC undergraduate student Thomas Savoie and Año Nuevo Reserve Director Dr. Patrick Robinson.  Learn more about Northern Elephant Seal research (and more!) at  Intro and outro music by L C Baron.   Hummingbird sounds recorded by Alex Jones.  Male northern elephant seal sound recorded by Caroline Casey and used by permission. Other music credit: Fuzzball Parade by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
June 19, 2020
7. sound(e)scape #3
Perched upon a log, listening to a creek. Aptos, CA 7 May 2020 Birdies: Black-headed grosbeak Pacific-slope flycatcher Recorded by Alex
June 16, 2020
6. Springtime Salmon
Interested in salmonids? Learn about Coho salmon and Steelhead trout life history and behavior during this spring time when most humans are unfortunately stuck inside. We also dive into the interactions that humans have with salmonids in a research setting and how we are threats to them. We offer the question: will the lack of humans in salmonid space have an affect on their population size? We also cover how researchers like Katie Kobyashi have been affected by the shelter in place orders.   Written and performed by Hannah and Nicole Produced by  Alex Jones and to the UCSC Campus Natural Reserve and the Environmental Studies department. Katie Kobyashi website with contact information: Music credit Easy Lemon (30 second) by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: User: ermine - Waves on shingle beach » 061013_felix_waves_10m_ecm957_tr003.mp3 Link: License:
June 16, 2020
5. sound(e)scape #2
Our second 3-minute aural immersion mini-ep, this one from a small creek in Aptos, CA.  Some feathered friends you might hear, listed in order of appearance (a-hear-ance?): Pacific wren American robin Pacific-slope flycatcher Wilson's warbler mourning dove Steller's jay Acorn woodpecker (pecking) Brown creeper Can't get away from car sounds, like almost ever. Funny how you really notice it when you're trying to record "nature."  Recorded by Alex 17 May 2020
June 10, 2020
4. When the Cat's Away
How are animals reacting to a sudden lack of humans during quarantine? On this episode of Sheltered Spring, Dr. Justin Suraci gives us insight into how the world of animal behavior is changing, and how it might impact our future. Featuring guest Dr. Justin Suraci: Please contact Ishana with any questions or concerns at
June 10, 2020
3. sound(e)scape #1
Welcome to the first sound(e)scape mini-ep. Between each Sheltered Spring episode we'll be cleansing your aural palate with three minutes of soundscape recording. This first recording was done at night next to an Aptos, CA neighborhood backyard frog pond. This track features the Sierran treefrog (Pseudacris sierra). Or a bunch of them, that is. Here's what Gary Nafis says on his excellent website: "Advertisement calls are heard during the evening and at night, and during the daytime at the peak of the breeding season. Males produce two different kinds of very loud advertisement calls: a two-parted, or diphasic call, typically described as rib-it, or krek-ek, with the last syllable rising in inflection, and a one-part, or monophasic call, also called the enhanced mate attraction call. They also produce a slow trilled encounter call, a release call, and a land call, which is a prolonged one-note sound that is produced much of the year, especially during the beginning of the fall rains." -- Can you hear any of the calls he describes? Recorded by Alex 24 April 2020
June 10, 2020
2. Shelter in Greenspace
How is sheltering in place affecting traffic in greenspaces? What greenspaces are being visited? Who has access to greenspace, and who does not? This episode investigates trends in the traffic in greenspaces both nationally and locally from the start of the Shelter in Place Mandate until now. I also look at environmental justice issues involving access to greenspace and what that means right now during the global pandemic. Join me as I explore greenspaces that became spring break quarantine destinations, share visitation data from two trail systems in Santa Cruz, and point out issues to greenspace access in the midst of this global pandemic. Written and produced by Stacy Music Credits: Unanswered Questions by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Twisted by Kevin MacLeod Link: License: Tranquility Base by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:
June 10, 2020
1. Sheltered Spring trailer
COVID-19 has the world sheltering in place. Here in our place of coastal California, spring is happening. Eight undergraduate students from University of California, Santa Cruz lift the blinds and peel back the petals. These students are your guides as we ponder springtime happenings in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Join us as we explore intersections of humans and nature in the lockdown era. We’re stuck inside, but spring is happening outside. This is Sheltered Spring.
May 19, 2020