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Sherlyn Mae The Podcast

Sherlyn Mae The Podcast

By Sherlyn Mae Hernandez
Hola! Sherlyn here! I'm an International Relations Professor from Manila, Philippines, and I'm also a passionate travel and street photographer.

I used to (over) share travel and photography content on Instagram, and I just got tired of everyone's highlight reels (including my own, tbh) so I decided to quit. This time I'm sharing my travel stories, my creative journey through photography, and my two cents on random things away from the curated and filtered world of Instagram.

Check out my travel and photography website at
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Episode 1 | Why I Started a Podcast (and Why You Should, Too)
This podcast is two years in the making! After so many hesitations and overthinking, I finally had the courage to start this podcast. In this episode, I talked about the my journey before uploading my very first podcast episode, the three (very personal!) reasons on why I started this podcast, and my opinion on why you should start one, too. While I'm still planning my travel-themed podcast episodes, feel free to browse through my website for my travel articles and photos in the meantime: Enjoy!
January 15, 2021
Sherlyn Mae The Podcast: Trailer
Hello, podcast! Finally, finally! After three years of contemplating about it, I finally had the courage to start this podcast! I am Sherlyn Mae Hernandez from Manila, Philippines, and welcome to my podcast. After deciding to quit social media to focus on my website ( and start this podcast, I have decided to just share here whatever I usually share on my Instagram account. That includes stories from my travels, my creative journey on becoming a better travel and street photographer (and a travel filmmaker in the future, hopefully!), and perhaps my two cents on any topic. Join me in this journey and I'm rooting for your support. Thanks, everyone! :)
January 14, 2021