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Human Alchemy Podcast

Human Alchemy Podcast

By Sherri
What happens when we align with our physical-human Self and our spiritual-energetic Self? We have Human Alchemy---the merging of our individual experiences, energy and creativity, a mix that moves us into a state of ongoing transformation. This is a space where we reflect on different holistic, spiritual, wellness, ancient practices and more that are currently bringing change to the planet and the Collective, as well as for the individual. Join us for guest discussions, plus singular considerations from your host, Quantum Energy Practitioner and Spiritual Wellness Coach, Sherri.
Radical Transformation Through Conscious Awakening | Casey Stevens MS, LMFT, MCC, CCHt
Welcome to the podcast.  This is one of those exchanges where my guest and I could have easily chatted for several hours....  Casey Stevens, who is a clinical psychologist and ancient, multidimensional healing practitioner, joined me for a quick, but thorough look at what it means to weave the traditional and mystical, while supporting individuals who are moving through transformation, and the into awakened state.     Drawing on intuition, quantum physics, her training as a therapist, hypnotherapist, and Master Consciousness Coach, she guides her clients into the deeper spaces of expansion.   We cover the importance of shadow work as a gateway to better come to terms with aspects that affect physical and emotional well-being, why embodiment is so important as we move into a more aligned version of ourselves, and the tools that Casey offers to support that journey.    Casey practices in the state of Washington, in the U.S., and is also a mentor, coach and healing practitioner, who works with individuals, couples, families, organizations and businesses throughout the world.  Her clients include people and groups who are interested and deeply vested in shifting deep unconscious patterns that limit their highest potential.   She also offers quantum channeled guided meditations to help you access and transform the subconscious.    CASEY'S INFORMATION:  IG: @shrinkbigger
July 30, 2022
The Missing Link To Immune System Healing
In this conversation I'm discussing several aspects of autoimmune disorders that pretty much never get addressed in the doctor's office.  Energy practitioners, and ancient cultures have been using acupuncture, yoga, meditation and reiki/energy work for centuries to alleviate dis-ease and bring the immune system back into balance.  This is all about bringing a new understanding to the concept of Self-Healing and turning a life-long diagnosis into an opportunity to empower and heal the body.    MY INFO:    ***Check out the Autoimmune Energetics Coaching Program:  Book a discovery call to discuss your wellness plan for massive shifts and thriving.***   Book a FREE 15 min. session with me when you subscribe to my website
June 03, 2022
ATTRACT SOUL ALIGNED CLIENTS: With Spiritual Business Coach & Mentor Ann Fridd Alvarez
If you're a business owner or are Self-employed, and you struggle with going to the next level in your business, this week's guest can help. Ann is a marketing strategist and coach who helps spiritual entrepreneurs up-level their receiving potential, so they can launch and scale their business to true abundance.  Our discussion centers around her awakening, how she merged the spiritual with her old career, and what she noticed was holding back her clients from getting into full on abundance.  Ann has developed a very effective method to go deep into the energetic blocks that create self-sabotaging behaviors, and brings light to the many unconscious fears that entrepreneurs have around running a business.  ANN'S INFO:
May 24, 2022