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The World According to Sherry Glaser

The World According to Sherry Glaser

By Sherry Glaser
Comediane and award winning actress, Sherry Glaser, brings raw Feminine nature through her radical, outrageous humor to delight, comfort and remind us, We All come from the Mother! and it's time to listen up, walk in her shoes, see life through her eyes & speak up for her. Throughout her 40 year career Sherry has embodied the feminine in every way, playing Mother Earth herself in OMGS! to demonstrating topless at the White House with Breasts Not Bombs. Tired of the male narrative? BE HER NOW.
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Episode 4 - Spring Equinox - Equal Night and Day

The World According to Sherry Glaser

Mothers Days - Episode 7
I advocate for making Mother's day plural. We can celebrate the mother in all her forms for a least a week if not more. This episode wanders down Mammary Lane in a tribute to our delicious and de-lightfull source and sustenance of life particularly our Breasts (Brests). This episode includes my radical herstory that chronicles my theatrical and political adventures regarding my generous bosom. I also feature the #1 hit song (in my mind) Naked, the soundtrack to our Brests Not Bombs Video. Don't miss this installment of the Chicktionary, you'll want to integrate your new spellings asap.
May 10, 2021
Men! Episode 6 (TW)
Trigger Warning. This episode took me an extra week to write and produce because I was afraid to say what I had to say because I don't want to hurt men's feelings, cause them shame or any harm.  The dilemma that I face when saying what I truly think about the dominant male species frightens me because I got some sad truth to tell and we want change and I don't want to fight about it.  But, personal and political events compiled in the last couple of weeks that evoked my fury when it comes how the emotional, physical and perpetual violence of men destroys what little happiness we can find in the world. I've put a TriggerWarning because it may upset wimin who see men in a more favorable light, particulary their own primary male relations. Or it may upset men being called out for doing nothing to interfere with Male driven violence. But I'm 60 years old now and This is the World According to Sherry Glaser and I said it and I meant it. If anyone disagrees or would like to debate me on this, I'm more than happy to discuss it. You can reach me through my website; This episode also contains excerpts from my live performances of Miguel at the Willits Community Theater in Willits CA and Ma in Oh My Goddess at the We'moon 25th anniversary celebration in San Francisco at Dance Mission. Because these excerpts are recorded from a recording please turn up the volume at these segments to hear better.  This is the link I spoke about during the podcast. and here is the link to the Unfound Podcast regarding the 1997 disappearance of my Husband, Greg Howells. 
April 25, 2021
Joy and Pleasure Episode 5
In this Springy episode  I am happy to bring you joy. Have you been missing it? As a comediane, I have a natural inclination to unearth the comedy, the absurdity and the hilarity of life. It's a gift and I want to give it to you. Want a good laugh? Here ya go. This episode is brought to you by Loot and Lore and John T Lombardo's fine foods. You can listen to this podcast here on Anchor and other podcast platforms You can find out more about my world at
April 05, 2021
Episode 4 - Spring Equinox - Equal Night and Day
The flowers are blooming here on the Mendocino Coast and Spring is definitely in the air after a very dark and scary winter. I long for the ultimate balance  and the Spring Equinox is the perfect time of year to reflect on that. In this episode I bring you excerpts of my shows, FAMILY SECRETS & OH MY GODDESS! as well as our continuing segment The Chicktionary, taking the Dick out of Dicktionary and of course my not so humble opinion on the Feminine Nature of the world we live in. Tune and and please subscribe if you can. 
March 21, 2021
That's my Daughter in D'water
Welcome to 3rd Episode of The World According to Sherry Glaser. One again I offer my not so humble opinyoni about my life's experience with a major emphasis on the feminine nature, this time in relationship to my daughters. I'm bringing you two excerpts from my off-Broadway hit, FAMILY SECRETS. This episode features a taste of my character Fern based on my pagan homage to Menstruation and Home Birth and a little slice of my character Sandra based on the battle I waged against my mother when I was 16. You also get another installment of the Chicktionary - where I do my best to take the Dick out of Dick-tionary. My intention in The World According to Sherry Glaser is to praise and elevate the feminine in us all because I believe we are completely out of balance when it comes to honoring the feminine in all her forms. Remember we all have a feminine nature, women and men. It's time reveal, revere and revive HER. You can find out more about me and support my work by checking out my merchandise and supporting this Podcast at 
March 07, 2021
Righteous Indignation
 One thing we all share in common is the emotion of anger. In a world where so much of what is happening drives us mad, I use this episode to dive into the deep end of the pool and get to the bottom of my Fury. Here's my take on how to respect the fire and not burn down the house. I hope this episode pisses you off. (in a good way) Ha! Segment One - Editorial - Righteous Indignation Segment Two - Sunday Sermon Segmant Three - The Chicktionary - Reclaiming the word Justice
February 21, 2021
Welcome to the wild, wicked, Comical world of Sherry Glaser
 If you need a fresh perspective, a good laugh or a good cry, Sherry Glaser will bring it. Sherry has always walked the emotional tightrope and is living proof that tragedy plus time equals Comedy. a saying from her 1980's debut with the feminist comedy troupe HOT FLASHES. She still isn't famous (yet) but she's notorious and has quite a reputation. Whether it's her award winning one-woman shows, FAMILY SECRETS and OH MY GODDESS, TAKING THE HIGH ROAD or her radical peace organization Breasts Not Bombs, Sherry infuses the narrative and with outrageous humor and warmth.  She is a published author, wanna be screenwiter and eternal poet. Her world view is radically feminine as she sees through the eyes of mother earth and her beautiful daughters. Sherry has moved thousands of people over her 40 year career in the live theater with offerings that wake you up and turn the world right side up. 
February 07, 2021