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That's A Good Question! Podcast

That's A Good Question! Podcast

By Sheryl Pidgeon
There are two things parents hope to give their children: roots and wings. But it’s often hard to know if the decisions we’re making are the right ones, especially when the world is changing so quickly. Welcome to THAT’S A GOOD QUESTION! where you will hear expert eye-opening advice, tips, strategies, and ANSWERS to uncover the good life.
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Episode 2: Am I stressing my kids out?

That's A Good Question! Podcast

Episode 2: Am I stressing my kids out?

That's A Good Question! Podcast

Episode 6: How can we help our kids battle depression?
Discover free resources and get life-saving support to help youth battle depression, suicide, bullying, and other daunting issues impacting youth mental health. Blanca Garcia, Director of Mental Health Resources for the Grant Halliburton Foundation (GHF), helps us slay the stigma of mental illness and tell us how to get the support we need. Grant Halliburton Foundation (GHF) was established in 2006 in memory of Grant Halliburton, a Dallas teen who battled depression and bipolar disorder for several years before his suicide death at the age of 19. The Foundation that bears his name works to help families and young people recognize the signs of mental illness through a variety of avenues including mental health education, collaboration, encouragement, and information. Grant Halliburton Foundation offers a variety of programs, presentations, and an annual conference on mental health and wellness. The Foundation also developed Here For Texas, which includes, an online searchable database of mental health resources in Texas, and the Here For Texas Mental Health Navigation Line, a free helpline. These no-cost community tools aim to offer easy access for Texans seeking mental health and addiction resources and information. 
January 21, 2021
Episode 5: How does nutrition help young athletes reach their maximum potential?
Why is nutrition considered the missing link to the performance puzzle and what are some of the biggest challenges facing the nutrition habits of our high school and collegiate athletes? Sports dietitian and nutrition consultant, Tavis Piattoly, MS, RD, LDN, sheds important light on what products, supplements, and strategies are best for young athletes.  Tavis Piattoly is the Sports Dietitian and Education Program Manager for the Taylor Hooton Foundation (, where he speaks to athletes, coaches, parents, and healthcare professionals on the dangers of Appearance and Performance Enhancing Substances, dietary supplements and supplement safety, and sports nutrition. He was the Sports Dietitian for the New Orleans Saints from 2006-2013 and New Orleans Pelicans from 2008-2013. He also served as the Sports Dietitian for the Tulane Athletics from 2002-2014 and the Tulane Institute of Sports Medicine’s NFL Players Association Brain and Body program from 2013-2016. He has had the opportunity to design the nutrition programs for a long list of current Olympic, NFL, MLB, and NBA athletes to various college and high school programs. He currently serves on the Science Advisory Board for and Nordic Naturals and was the Sports Dietitian for the Louisiana High School Athletic Association’s Sports Medicine Advisory Board from 2008-2015.
January 21, 2021
Episode 4: How can I find the time to take care of myself in the midst of life's chaos?
In between work and caring for our kids, our aging parents, and our community, many 'Sandwich Generation' parents fail to take care of themselves. In this episode, Deborah Dobbs, Executive Director of The Counseling Place, shares eye-opening insights on how parents can carve out time for themselves and become better parents in the process. The Counseling Place is a Richardson, Texas-based nonprofit organization dedicated to helping families get the mental health services they need regardless of their ability to pay.
January 21, 2021
Episode 3: Why is my child unhappy and what can I do to help?
Life just does what it does," says Eddie Coker, founder of the nonprofit The Wezmore Project, and he has made it his mission is to help families navigate life's twists and turns with honesty, hope, and, yes, laughter.  Listen in as Eddie, a widely known entertainer and songwriter, shares simple tactics to tackle uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and emotions and reunite with our joy.
December 18, 2020
Episode 2: Am I stressing my kids out?
"What happens inside of you, happens inside your child," says Dallas-based learning and behavior specialist, Dr. Sandy Gluckman. In this episode, "Dr. Sandy" tells us why she believes our stress is contagious and shares life-changing tips for how parents can conquer their stress so their kids can live their best lives.  This episode is the tip of the iceberg in regards to understanding the "whole-brain" approach, so if you wish to learn more, go to 
December 02, 2020
Episode 1: How can we help our kids cope with anxiety and depression in the age of Covid?
Let’s face it: there’s nothing simple about being the parent of tweens and teens. One moment they’re totally happy, and the next moment nothing is right, including anything you say to them. Then toss in a worldwide pandemic!  Deborah Dobbs, Executive Director of the Richardson, Texas-based nonprofit organization, The Counseling Place, feels strongly that the psycho-social impact of COVID-19 is pervasive, powerful, and should not be underestimated. “Our mental health determines how we respond and adjust,” she says. How can we help our kids manage their emotions, and how do we know when they need professional guidance for their anxiety and depression. Join us for a frank discussion with Deborah Dobbs in this enlightening episode.
October 29, 2020