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She's Got GAWL

She's Got GAWL

By Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL)
The Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL) has a rich history of service and advocacy for women and children. Through this podcast we will highlight that work and the women who do it. Prepare to be inspired. Hosted by GAWL West Georgia Chapter.
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She Was The First: Conversations w/Women Trailblazers, featuring Cathy Cox
One of the original 13 colonies, Georgia became a state in 1788. Since its founding, there have been three women elected to hold statewide constitutional offices. Only THREE. Cathy Cox is one of them. In 1999, Cathy Cox made history as Georgia’s first woman Secretary of State. In this first episode of the trailblazers series with Host Ebony Phillips, she shares the story of how she accomplished that historic milestone, including how she defeated a 16-year incumbent during her campaign for the Georgia House of Representatives. A long-time GAWL member, President Cox also discusses lessons learned along the way, the challenges that she had to overcome on her journey to becoming the “first,” and why it’s so important for attorneys to be involved in volunteer organizations like GAWL. What many people don’t know is that law is not President Cox’s first career field. Tune in to find out the other two. One of them was quite dangerous. You will be surprised
September 18, 2022
Give Yourself Time: Self-care Tips For Busy Women
It’s been said that health is wealth.  Yet, how many of us professional women care for ourselves in the same diligent and consistent manner that we care for our families, careers, and clients? It’s not because we don’t want to treat ourselves better. We just can’t seem to fit self-care into our already jam-packed day. On the rare occasion when we have a little extra time, many of us have no idea what to do or where to start. With those challenges in mind, host Ebony Phillips sits down with Dr. Barbara Joy Jones, founder of the Healthy Woman Primary Care. A frequent medical contributor on HLN, CNN, and ABC News, Dr. Jones shares 3 quick and easy things that you can start today to improve your physical health and mental well-being. Tip #2 is so easy it will surprise you. If you’ve ever said that you would take better care of yourself if only you had more time, this episode is for YOU!
September 04, 2022
Meet GAWL President-Valentia Alleyne
Founded in 1928, GAWL will celebrate its 95th anniversary this membership year with Valentia Alleyne at the helm. Through the years, GAWL has consistently lent its voice and leveraged its influence in matters impacting women and children in the community and there is more work to be done. Having served on the GAWL board for over a decade, Valentia is a true servant-leader who is poised and determined to continue GAWL’s undeniable history of advocacy and service. Recently, host Ebony Phillips had the opportunity to sit down with Madam President and chat about all things GAWL, including Valentia’s simple, yet profound, advice for those desiring to assume a leadership position. Valentia also expounded on the wealth of phenomenal programming that GAWL has to offer women lawyers at all stages of their legal careers. Whether it be networking, professional development or social events, GAWL has something for every woman lawyer in the state.
August 29, 2022
Lessons Learned from Women Who Lead Series with Guest Judge Shalanda Miller
GAWL West Georgia Chapter continues the “Lessons Learned from Women Who Lead” series with a podcast interview with Judge Shalanda Miller. As the president of the GAWL Foundation, Judge Miller leads the team responsible for directing GAWL’s philanthropic efforts. The GAWL foundation assists women and children in the community through initiatives that benefit the Girl Scouts, Nicholas House, female law students, and non-profit organizations whose benefactors are women and children.  The GAWL foundation also coordinates community service opportunities for GAWL members.  Throughout the Judge Miller and her team connect GAWL members to service events benefiting organizations such as Trees Atlanta and MedShare.  True to her calling as a servant-leader, Judge Miller leads the effort in training and developing summer judicial interns to accelerate their learning curves and inspire them to a career of service. In this very candid interview with host Ebony Phillips, Judge Miller speaks about her upbringing and childhood years.  During the conversation, she also describes how and when she discovered that her purpose would involve the legal field, two community leaders that she admires and why, and what she has found to be the main component of effective leadership.  Judge Miller also expounds on the importance of remaining one’s authentic self, especially in the legal profession.  Finally, she gives advice on how anyone can emerge as a leader right now, regardless of their current title, position, or role within their organization. In keeping with her humble, unselfish, and approachable temperament, Judge Miller shares her experience and wisdom for anyone aspiring to be and do better.  Tune in!
April 13, 2022
Lessons Learned from Women Who Lead Series with featured Guest Christina Baugh, Esq., Partner at Barnes & Thornburg; Past President of GAWL; current President of the Atlanta Bar Association
GAWL West Georgia Chapter continues the “Lessons Learned from Women Who Lead” series with a podcast interview featuring Christina Baugh. Christina is a partner at Barnes & Thornburg and past President of GAWL.  In her current role as President of the Atlanta Bar Association, she leads one of the oldest and largest voluntary bar associations in the state.  Christina is a highly skilled leader who is unselfish with her knowledge and experience. In this very timely interview with host Ebony Phillips, she recounts numerous lessons that she learned on her journey to becoming a partner at her firm.  Christina also explains why it is so important to unlearn the traditional notion of the “elevator pitch” and what aspiring leaders should replace it with.  According to Christina, we should all be re-evaluating our 5-year plans and the reason for this might surprise you. Finally, in a moment of complete transparency, Christina shares the one thing that we all need to do if we ever want to be truly happy.  If you need leadership inspiration or leadership advice, you need to tune in!
March 16, 2022
Lessons Learned from Women Who Lead Series Featuring Jasmine Moore, CEO and Founder of Grateful Hands, Inc.
GAWL West Georgia Chapter presents part 3 of its "Lessons Learned from Women Who Lead" series with a podcast interview featuring Jasmine Moore.  Jasmine is a young change-agent who is striving to make the world inclusive and accessible for all people, especially the disabled.  As the founder and CEO of Grateful Hands, Inc., a local non-profit whose central mission is to move the needle by fostering awareness, Jasmine exudes a combination of boldness and humility exhibited by individuals who are truly walking in their purpose.  In this eye-opening conversation with host, Ebony Phillips, Jasmine shares why the Grateful Hands, Inc., mission is so important, simple ways that we as a society can help change the narrative, and the more dignified phrase that she encourages everyone to replace the word "disabled" with. Not surprisingly, her work has been recognized by the mayor and city council. When we know better, we can do better.  Tune in!
March 01, 2022
Lessons Learned from Women Who Lead Series: Meet District Attorney Dalia Racine
GAWL West Georgia Chapter continues its "Lessons Learned from Women Who Lead" series with a podcast interview featuring District Attorney Dalia Racine.  Dalia is a servant- leader who is renown not only for her legal acumen but also for her “Smart Justice” approach to prosecution. In this candid conversation with host Ebony Phillips, District Attorney Racine shares her personal leadership style, one key thing that leaders need to know prior to assuming a leadership role, and why good leaders should be “humble enough to pivot.”  The Douglas County District Attorney also has advice for those aspiring to assume a leadership role in the near future or even later in their careers.  This 30-minute episode has a whole webinar’s worth of leadership nuggets, so tune in!
February 01, 2022
Women Who Lead: Meet Tina Folsom, Esq.
We're so excited to present our "Women Who Lead" series in 2022, and who better to kick it off than THE Statewide President of the Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL) Ms. Tina Folsom, Esq.!  Her resume is impressive, but her commitment to community and mentorship is what makes her absolutely exceptional.  We throw the word "leadership" around quite a bit, and this "Women Who Lead" series delves into the qualities that make people great leaders, encourage people to follow them, and the special sauce required to keep people fired up to work toward a common goal.  Learn Ms. Folsom's winning formula of "relationships first" that has led to thousands following her lead and supporting the common vision of advocacy and service. Tune in!
January 14, 2022
Turning Passion into Purpose, and Purpose into Something That Will Pay Your Bills!
Do you dream of turning your passion into a profitable business, but don't know where to start?  This episode of She's Got GAWL features the dynamic duo Myesha Good and LaDawn Blackett Jones, partners in the campaign-winning political consultancy PolitaCoach.  Learn how these ladies discovered purpose from their passion for politics, and built a successful company using that passion and purpose to help others run for and win elected office!
October 13, 2021
Miranda Talks Rent with Host Ebony Phillips, Esq. and Guest Attorney Miranda Jordan
Do you know your (rent) rights?  Now that the moratorium has come to an end, Attorney Miranda Jordan (and our chapter's VP!) shares information about tenant rights, the eviction process, and more in this episode of She's Got GAWL!
October 13, 2021
Feedback Isn't A 4 Letter Word
Does your skin crawl when you hear the word "feedback"? Us too! That's why we have this short "Soundbite" from our own Lynita Mitchell-Blackwell, Esq., guiding us through how to embrace hearing things we don't want to hear... but NEED to hear.  And also how to share with people who deserve to hear, but are so nice we hate to share... This is an episode (but not an episode!) you don't want to miss! #shesgotgawl
September 22, 2021
Self Care Strategies for Lawyers with Guest Ebony Phillips, Esq.
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What does self-care look like for busy lawyers juggling work, home, family, civic, spirit, and health responsibilities?  Our guest Attorney Ebony Phillips has three simple and practical steps to ensure you prioritize your well-being, and keep stress from taking over your life.   
September 04, 2021