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Shimmering Light

Shimmering Light

By Felicia
Shimmering Light is a Holistic, Wellbeing and Spiritual Company. We have decided to create this platform to share meditations, guidance and offer information and share knowledge to help our customers, clients and listeners

We like to give you a solid foundation when it comes to your spiritual and wellbeing needs.
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8.8.21 - Leo New Moon + Lionsgate Portal
Before you start you will need paper, a pen and if you wish some colours.   This New Moon falls on the 8th and 9th of August which falls in conjunction with the Lionsgate Portal - the link to our spiritual sun - Sirius.  The New Moon in Leo is asking you to nurture yourself, love yourself unconditionally, wholly and completely. Allow yourself to be selfish and tender to your needs. The Leo energy is encouraging you to allow your creative juices to flow and allow your inner child to be free and to play.   The Lionsgate Portal is asking you to connect to your higher self. The veil between yourself and your spiritual team and higher self is at its thinnest. During this time you are open to downloads, DNA activation, and for you to connect to that inner lion/lioness energy that resides within. When connecting to your spiritual sun, we do so by connecting through our hearts. This helps us to unlock a greater awareness and possibly a new layer to souls contract. But we need to give our soul the space to talk and for us to listen.   With the Lionsgate portal, Sirus and the New moon this is a great time to set intentions for manifestation. When doing so you must Think it, Feel it and Speak it.   Afterwards, allow yourself to journal - write or draw. See what flows creatively over the next few days. Enjoy
August 07, 2021
Capricorn Full Moon Meditation - June Super Moon
Happy Full Moon to you!   This June full moon falls in the sign of Capricorn. Capricorn is an Earth-based signed (a little mistake in the recording I said air!). The Capricorn energy is coming to remind us of the things which stand the test of time.   Things that nurture us and what might be brought to the forefront. Under this full moon, it brings our attention to release past regrets and asks us to move into a place of forgiveness - not just for others but for ourselves.   You may be feeling:  - Mixed emotions and frequencies - You're unsure how you should be feeling - Being pulled in opposite directions - Unsure how to progress   You're being invited to look from a different vantage point. Claim back your power. Reflect on goals. To remember responsibilities to others is equally important to the responsibilities to ourselves.   In this meditation, you are asking to be honest with yourself and to explore any emotions of regret and how to bring forgiveness into that space to help with the release. Remember - There is a softness to be found when we are ready to surrender.   Sun Sign: Cancer | Element: Water | Represents: Responsibility, maturity & Discipline (with a touch of TLC thanks to Venus)  Moon Sign: Capricorn | Element: Earth | Represents: Structure & Order (with a touch of tough love)  Planets Retrograding: Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto
June 24, 2021
Sagittarius Blood Full Moon Meditation
Hello and Happy Full Moon,   This Super Blood Moon is in the signs Scorpio and Sagittarius. In this meditation, we will be working with two main energy centres - the third eye and the heart. We will also be working with both elements of Scorpio and Sagittarius signs and the planetary notes of Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.  During this moon phase you may feel emotions and situations magnified not only because of the eclipse but also because of Jupiter. This is the start of the eclipse season and the portal season - which increases the state of consciousness and can stir up deep emotions and reduce the sight of the path ahead.  This moon asks us to surrender and trust in the journey ahead and asking our spiritual team to help us through these times by guiding us. It is the time to let go what we have out grown - letting go of any stagnant energy and remembering to honour our emotions, truth and the changes within our mind, body and soul. With the help of Mercury and Venus, this encourages us to speak from the heart, with compassion and to come from a place of love and not fear.   I do not own the rights to the music.  The music played in the meditation is listed below  music: Your loving kindness place by the Hollywood Talent Group and Ultimate Spa Relaxation - Healing Music   Amazon Music Album: Sleep Music: Lullabies to help you relax, sleep, meditate and heal with relaxing piano music, nature sounds, and natural noise - Deep Sleep Songs: meditation 0:00-3:00mins & Sleep 3:00-19:48 mins
May 25, 2021
New Moon in Taurus Meditation | 11.05.21
The energy from the New Moon is about giving to self and noticing your values. In this meditation you will journey inwards to the heart centre and into your inner garden. Where you will plant seeds of self-Value and love. You will be guided to meet your higher & inner self and a spirit animal. All will give you guidance in how to work with this New moon.  If you like you can get a paper and pen so you are able to write down your journey.   Happy Journeying   I do not own the rights to the music - Soft and Gentle - Piano music for the senses
May 11, 2021
Chakra: Heart Meditation
Connect to your heart centre, meet your higher self and members of your spiritual team. Take a journey inwards; allowing yourself to be honest and authentic. How is your heart feeling? Allow space for both your shadow and light self to be seen and heard. Keep a paper and pen nearby so you can write about your journey.
March 28, 2021
Journey: To Your Lower Worlds
This is a light meditation that guides you down towards the more Earthily vibrations.  This meditation was guided (by Spirit) for my Spiritual Development group to help them ground before the session. To let them feel more connected into their body and be present. Allow yourself to explore and be free. Have a paper and pen to hand for afterwards so you can write/make note of your journey. Enjoy 💕✨
March 27, 2021
Chakra Meditation 🧘‍♂️: Grounding (ROOT)
This meditation is designed to help you come more into the present moment. Make sure you find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. This exercise can be done either seated or laying down. If you choose to lay down, you feel deeply relaxed and fall asleep. This is also fine. The associated chakra is the Root Chakra. The Root Chakra is all about foundations and security. It is the centre where we draw strength from. Its the centre that assures our safety and our connection to the Earth. When you feel ungrounded you may feel like: Uprooted Floaty/light Scatty/busy mind Lack of security, safety Feeling over tired This meditation is not to replace any medical advice. There is some deep breathing exercises in this meditation, if you start to feel dizzy or light headed. Stop the deep breathing and return to normal regular breathing - the meditation will still work.
January 13, 2021
Full Moon Meditation: October Blue
The Micro Blue Moon which falls on both Halloween and Diwali comes to teach us about ourselves. How much do we see, hear and feel but also how well do you know yourself.
October 31, 2020
Meditation: Lions Gate 8.8
A high vibrational meditation recorded over the lion gate portal. The lion gate portal connects you to that higher consciousness. It is when you physical star (the Sun) shines bright and is I. Alignment with out spiritual star (Sirius). With these two stars in an alignment it creates downloads and insight. They are also aligned to the great pyramids of Egypt.
August 21, 2020
Full Moon Meditation: in Aquarius 3.8
Opening the space for the full moon in Aquarius. Help you to connect to your heart centre, that space of love. Journey to your heart cave. The meditation was recorded over the full moon but can be used when you're called too. - 3rd August 2020
August 21, 2020
New Moon Meditation: in Leo
Connect to the lower vibrations of self. Plant your intentions and allow the spirits of the realm to give you a symbol to depict the vibration. The energy of this new moon calls you to either release or to create. Whatever you are called to, trust the flow.
August 21, 2020