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Yet Another Tech Podcast

Yet Another Tech Podcast

By Shimon Das
Pretty self explanatory. 🤷‍♂️

It's informal, yet informative.
Voices you recognize, topics you want to know more about.

"What's in a name?", they said.
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EP25: Aviation (ft. Shivam Vahia, GadgetMatch)
Tune in as I discuss about aviation with Shivam Vahia from GadgetMatch! Topics discussed: - Aviation - Frequent Flyer Programs - When to book tickets - Different types of aircrafts Shivam's Twitter: Got questions? Reach out to me: Twitter: Instagram: Support Yet Another Tech Podcast on Buy Me a Coffee: Looking for soundtracks? Check out Epidemic Sound:
December 19, 2020
EP24: Music Production (ft. Louis La Roche)
Tune in as I discuss about music production, how an album comes to life and much more with Louis La Roche! Topics discussed: - Releasing Album during pandemic - Streaming on Twitch - New albums every year - Next Gen Consoles - Movies & TV Series - Music Production - Bringing an album to life - How to support music artists - Mosiac - Multi-track Recordings Listen to Louis La Roche: Check out Louis La Roche's latest single, "Thank Ya": LLR Twitter: Got questions? Reach out to me: Twitter: Instagram: Support Yet Another Tech Podcast on Buy Me a Coffee: Looking for soundtracks? Check out Epidemic Sound:
December 11, 2020
EP23: CES 2020, Ryzen 4000 and more! (w/ Dmitry Novoselov, Hardware Canucks)
Tune in as I discuss about CES 2020, Ryzen 4000, Davinci Resolve and much more with Dmitry Novoselov from Hardware Canucks! Topics discussed: - Transition from Android to iPhone - CES 2020 - Ryzen 4000 - Alienware UFO - Razer Tomahawk - Intel NUC - Full AMD System - Davinci Resolve (Transition from Premiere Pro to Resolve) - Tech to look forward to in 2020 - Foldables - MWC 2020 - Computex 2020 Subscribe to Hardware Canucks on YouTube: Got questions? Reach out to me: Twitter: Instagram: Support Yet Another Tech Podcast on Ko-Fi: Looking for soundtracks? Check out Epidemic Sound:
February 1, 2020
EP22: New 16" MacBook Pro, Moto Razr, Sonic Redesign and more! (w/ Clinton Jeff)
Tune in as I discuss about new 16" MacBook Pro, Moto Razr, Sonic Redesign and much more with Clinton Jeff! Topics discussed: - iPhone 11 Pro Max - Pixel 4 - New 16" Macbook Pro - Apple Arcade - Nintendo Switch Sales pitch - Apple Care - Samsung Galaxy Fold - Foldables in general - Moto Razr - Sonic Redesign - Sneakers - Lion King Support Yet Another Tech Podcast on Ko-Fi: Looking for soundtracks? Check out Epidemic Sound:
November 27, 2019
EP21: Legion by Lenovo, Esports in India and more! (w/ Suyash Singh, Lenovo India)
Tune in as I discuss about Legion by Lenovo, Esports in India and much more with Suyash Singh, Product Portfolio Manager from Lenovo India. Topics discussed: - New Legion products being launched - CTO (Custom to order) available for Legion and Yoga - Thinkpad - "Rise of Legion" - Realm of esports/gaming in India - Future of gaming (AR, VR, cloud gaming?) - What's next for Legion Support Yet Another Tech Podcast on Ko-Fi: Looking for soundtracks? Check out Epidemic Sound:
October 11, 2019
EP20: iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and more! (w/ Rajesh Pandey, iPhoneHacks & Namaste Tech)
Topics discussed: - Apple Arcade - Apple TV+ - Apple Watch -> Wear os, Fitbit, Mi band 4, Pixel Watch, Qualcomm 3100 - iPad - iPhone 11 - iPhone 11 pro - iPhone 11 pro max - LG & HTC innovating but failing to make a dent - Android 10, Gestures, Skins (One UI, Oxygen OS, etc) - Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri - Apple U1 Chip - Android Beam
September 12, 2019
EP19: Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and more! (w/ Evan Blass, evleaks)
Topics discussed: - Brief history about leaking - Waterfall displays on smartphones - Samsung Galaxy Note 10 - Future of smartphones, will we stop carrying rectangular bricks in our pockets? - IoT, Google Home, Amazon Alexa - Movies TV series/ video consumption - Books / Articles - Multiple Sclerosis - Mobile Games / Angry Birds Friends - PC Specs / Internal GPU / External GPU - Taking Twitter Private
August 14, 2019
EP18: Asus ROG Phone II, Razer Woes, Crypto and more! (w/ Mark Burstiner, Baeond)
 Topics discussed: - Asus ROG Phone 2 - High Refresh Rate Mobile Gaming - Woes of owning Razer products - Cryptography - Cryptocurrency - Baeond, game based on crypto  - IoT, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Google Assistant  Visit and use promo code "shimon" to get 10% off on your orders!
July 27, 2019
EP17: Computex, WWDC and more! (w/ Myriam Joire, Mobile Tech Podcast)
 Topics discussed: - Pixel 3 problems - Ram Boost - Ram Disk - US carrier phone buying - Computex - Taiwan - Qualcomm 8cx - arm processors - Asus Zenbook (Pro) Duo - In Display Selfie Cameras (Oppo, Xiaomi) - OnePlus 7 Pro - Pixel 4 - Phone Colours - WWDC - Macbook Faulty Keyboard - x86 vs ARM 
July 9, 2019
EP16: Indian Cuisines, MKBHD Blind Test, OnePlus 7 Pro and more! (w/ Szymon Kopeć, OnePlus)
 Topics discussed: - Favourite Oneplus phone - Experience in India - Spice Tolerance - poland weather - 4 seasons - Components for next year's flagship (OnePlus 8?) - DxOMark - Process of Camera build, CTS - MKBHD Blind Test - Pixel 3A flip - Pewdiepie - Indian TV series and movies - Netflix - Game of Thrones - Chernobyl incident affecting Poland - Avengers - Music genre - OnePlus 7 Pro - Shimon Szymon, Same Names?
May 31, 2019
EP15: OnePlus 7 Pro, 5G, Oppo Reno and more! (w/ Ricky Villacrez, GSMArena)
 Topics discussed: - Galaxy Fold being recalled - Ideal Foldable Smartphone - LG G8 Hand ID - Phones with movable parts (G5 with modular battery) - Oppo Reno - Poco F1 - Telephoto vs Wide Camera - Crop Factor in DSLRs - 5Ge - Food talks - Tesla and cars in general - OnePlus 7 (pre launch talks) - Nokia 9 fingerprint scanner fail
May 23, 2019
EP14: Cloud Gaming, Mobile Network Providers and more! (w/ Jules Wang, Android Police)
 Topics discussed: - Dual SIM (Physical + eSIM) - Mobile Network Providers - Cloud Gaming (Google Stadia & Shadow) - Mirrorless Cameras - Camera Lenses
May 9, 2019
EP13: Android Q's Gestures, Spotify, and more! (w/ Hayato Huseman, Android Central)
Topics discussed: - Android Q's Gesture Navigation - Spotify - Custom Guitars - PewDiePie vs Tseries - Pixel 3A - Mirrorless Cameras - Shifting from Android device to iPhones (vice-versa) - Mobile Apps vs Desktop Apps
May 1, 2019
EP12: Foldables, Rise of Premium Mid-rangers and more! (w/ Juan Carlos Bagnell, SomeGadgetGuy)
Topics discussed: - Smartphones launched at MWC 2019 - Foldable Smartphones: Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X - Inclusivity & Accessibility in Smartphones - Mirrorless Cameras - Nokia 9 Pureview at BestBuy - Cost of repairing smartphones - Night Sight, one trick pony - THICC BOI Energizer - The rise of premium mid-rangers
March 13, 2019
EP11: Pre-MWC 2019 (w/ Sandeep Sarma, Revatlas)
 Topics discussed: - Devices to be launched at MWC 2019 - Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, S10e - LG G8 ThinQ, V50 - Mirrorless Cameras - Penta lens on Nokia 9 - Using DVDs in Childhood - Subscribe to PewDiePie? - Current Movies and TV Series
February 17, 2019
EP10: Honor View 20 - Hole Punch is the new notch! (w/ Nick Gray, Phandroid)
Topics discussed: - Honor View 20 - Hole Punch vs Notch - CES 2019 - HTC's 2019 Flagship - Case or No Case? - Size of smartphones in 2019
February 1, 2019
EP9: Google for India 2018
Summing up Google for India 2018.
August 30, 2018
EP8: Notch vs Motorized Camera?
Bezel-less Smartphones: Notch vs Motorized Camera?
July 12, 2018
EP7: Are smartphones dumb without internet?
Are smartphones dumb without internet?
July 5, 2018
EP6: Are gaming smartphones really necessary?
Are gaming smartphones really necessary?
May 1, 2018
EP5: Amazon Echo vs Google Home (w/ Kevin Touch)
Amazon Echo vs Google Home!
April 22, 2018
EP4: One notch fits all?
Product launches, Notches and more!
March 31, 2018
EP3: Android P
All about Android P! (Pancakes?!)
March 19, 2018
EP2: Mobile World Congress 2018
All about MWC 2018!
February 28, 2018
EP1: Post CES, Pre MWC
A round up of this week's tech news. With MWC right around the corner, exciting time's right around the corner!
February 18, 2018
EP0: Intro
Hey there, Welcome to Yet Another Tech Podcast! 🙌 This is episode 0 serving as an intro to what this podcast is all about. Yes, it's literally yet another tech podcast where I'll be sharing my thoughts, views and perspectives on latest technologies. Hop along the ride!
February 14, 2018