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Watching British sitcoms of the past to see if they've stood the test of time. Hosts: Mark J Winter, Chris Wood & Chris Jones
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12 Days of Shitmas 2019: Part 1 - That's My Boy

The Great British Shitcom

George and The Dragon
Today we’ve released episode 3 of series 5 ‘George and The Dragon’ featuring Sid James. If you’d like to listen, visit the link in the bio, we’d like to hear your thoughts. #sidjames #carryon #dragon #podcast #shitcom #podcastseries #instapodcast
November 23, 2020
The Wackers
Today we’ve released episode 2 of series 5 ‘The Wackers’ featuring a young Keith Chegwin. If you’d like to listen, visit the link in the bio, we’d like to hear your thoughts. #chegwin #keith #wackers #podcast #shitcom #podcastseries #instapodcast
November 16, 2020
Oh No It’s Selwyn Froggitt
Today we’ve launched series 5 with an episode of ‘Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt’. If you’d like to listen, visit the link in the bio, we’d like to hear your thoughts. #selwynfroggitt #podcast #shitcom #podcastseries #instapodcast
November 9, 2020
Series 5 Trailer
We’re back. Shitcom returns next week with series 5. Catchup with all the latest episodes now at #podcast #shitcom #podcastseries #instapodcast
November 2, 2020
NHS Charity: One Foot in The Game (Isolation Special) LIVE: Friday 8th 7pm
Mark will be hosting a live version of One Foot in The Game to raise money for the NHS and you're all invited to play online. It’s free to play but we’re there’s an optional ‘pay what you like’ with all proceeds going to the NHS: We'll cover sitcoms from the past 50 years so there's something for everyone. Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 729 0668 6097 Play along on your phone using Kahoot: Download Kahoot and you'll get a pin on the night to join the fun. Tell your friends and family from a distance of 2 metres or more. I hope to see you there
May 6, 2020
Me & My Girl
It’s the last in the series for Shitcom series 4. This week, we watch Series 1 Episode 4 of Me & My Girl, entitled, Home Help. But what are the pressing issues at hand? Mark remembers hearing about a boy born with no bumhole, Wood has a mixup in a Candy shop and Jones re-enacts Superman 2. Enjoy yourself, don’t forget to subscribe and leave us a review. We’ll be back later in the year probably.
March 9, 2020
For the penultimate episode of Shitcom, we watch Series 2 Episode 4 of Butterflies, entitled 'A Dog's Life'. (Side note - that means 'miserable existence'.)  Listen as the 3 of us desperately attempt to articulate the weighting of drama in a comedy. Such professionals.
March 2, 2020
Bless This House
Sid James stars in Seires 1, Episode 8 of ‘Bless This House’ entitled ‘The Day of Rest’. Find out if we think it stands the test of time.
February 24, 2020
The Strange World of Gurney Slade
Normally, I'd spend time writing something here. But the truth is - I forgot to prep anything. I'm uploading these episodes late. Apologies. I can't remember much about what went on here. Hopefully, you'll enjoy it. We did. I remember that much.
February 17, 2020
Hello campers, its another episode of Shitcom for you. You’re welcome.  This week, it’s Series 1, episode 6 of Hi-De-Hi entitled ‘Charity Begins at Home’.  Mark does the longest blink known to man, Jones hosts Who Wants To Be a Millionaire while Wood wishes for even more Mince Pies.  Su Pollard wows us with some excellent singing and dancing… but we still prefer her work in Penny Crayon.  …Does anyone even read these?
February 10, 2020
On The Buses
WE’RE BACK. 3 barely competent unprofessionals talk about more potentially forgotten sitcom classics.   This week, it’s Series 3, Episode 1 of On The Buses entitled ‘First Aid’  We discuss Star Wars, Massage Parlour-Chip shops and Wood educates Mark on how to win a war.  You won’t be needing your Oyster Cards where we’re going. Boringtown, population - 3. DING DING.
February 3, 2020
Series 4 Trailer
New year, a new decade, same old Shitcom. We'll be back next month with more potentially forgotten sitcoms classics. Much to the disapproval of Lennonmacca (thanks for the hilarious review you left us) we aim to bring you the same level of 'why do I listen to this?' as ever. For now, enjoy some highlights and we'll see you soon. Figuratively. Don't forget to like, subscribe and leave a review on iTunes (even one as stellar as Lennonmacca... seriously, check it out, he spent time out of his day to tell us that. What a trooper) @britishshitcom 
January 20, 2020
12 Days of Shitmas 2019: Part 3 - Still Game
With the first two episodes of Christmas dinner and desert lodged firmly in our swollen festive stomachs, we plough straight on into the cold meat sandwich that is ‘Still Game’. Two Scottish OAP's and their views on how it used to be in the old days and how bad it is now in the fictional area of Craiglang, Glasgow. Join us at the end with a festive edition of One Foot In The Game. Enjoy the official Shitmas endorsed disco classic that is 'Christmas at Home':
December 22, 2019
12 Days of Shitmas 2019: Part 1 - That's My Boy
Merry Shitmas, here's the first of three audible equivalents of Coal under the Christmas tree. For this festive special, we kick things off with 'That's My Boy'. Amongst the traditional Christmas chat, the Shitcom lads talk about past jobs and debate their ability to deal with an unwarranted bird. Enjoy the official Shitmas endorsed disco classic that is 'Christmas at Home':
December 22, 2019
12 Days of Shitmas 2019: Part 2 - Get Some In!
What’s behind the second door of the advent calendar? Why, if it isn’t our old friends Esmonde & Larbey with ‘Get Some In!’. Set in 1955, a sitcom about a group of young men struggling to cope in the RAF. Enjoy the official Shitmas endorsed disco classic that is 'Christmas at Home':
December 22, 2019
Curry and Chips
In the final episode of the series, we decide to watch the video equivalent of Delhi belly in Curry and Chips. An incredibly ill conceived sitcom of good intentions stars a browned up Spike Milligan as half Irish, half Pakistani, Kevin O’Grady.  Following a race riot he was accidentally caught up in, tensions mount amongst Kevin’s co-workers at Lilycrap Ltd, novelty object manufacturers. Through several debates of race we soon move on to religion where the real trouble begins. After a few half pints of beer and what appears to be Guinness in a Sherry glass, Kevin realises he is both Muslim and Catholic meaning he now has 2 heavens. Anger reaches fever pitch where a full on religious riot erupts in the local pub. Why can’t we all just be friends, ay? Play along with this weeks One Foot in The Game - Indian Foods & Phrases. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
June 11, 2019
The Thin Blue Line
Series 1, episode 4 of The Thin Blue Line: Rag Week. Inspector Raymond Fowler (Mr. Bean) has to set up standing order with the bank while having to deal with the shenanigans of local college students and his sex starved partner, Sergeant Patricia Dawkins (PC Wife). His colleague DCI Derek Grim (David Haig - not the boxer) is fed up of his job and the lack of any good crimes to deal with. When a terrorist threat comes in, DCI Grim beams with excitement but is he too happy too soon? Oh, and there’s a bank robbery. But is it what it appears to be? Mark reveals he dislikes animals, Wood questions the millennium and the ice-cream man makes a re-appearance. Play along with this weeks One Foot in The Game - Thin True Blue Line. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
June 4, 2019
Metal Mickey
In series 1, episode 8, Metal Mickey discovers he can make music and becomes a pop star thanks to a song written by Haley & Janey and some shady managing courtesy of  Mr. Jason. Before long the Metal superstar leaves the Wilburforce family behind and moves into his own flat. Wood's cruel ploy of choosing Metal Mickey to annoy Jones reaches its dramatic endgame. Laughter, tears and delirium ensue. The award-winnning pen merchants of Shitcom discuss oil plumbing, endowed robots, and Wood's Wicked Whispers. Play along with this weeks One Foot in The Game - Taking The Mickey Oh Bobby! Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
April 16, 2019
Birds of a Feather
When I'm alone with only dreams of you that won't come true, what'll I do? Listen to this hour of drivel, that's what. The bad boys of podcasting reconvene to expertly and sensitively analyse 'Women's Troubles' - the stunning series 1, episode 4 of Chigwell's very own 'Birds of a Feather'. Whilst Sharon has sex in daring places with new lover Dave, Tracey  believes she is pregnant though when Dorien takes her to see a doctor  and the results of the pregnancy testing kit come through it turns out  to be Sharon who is expecting and who later has an abortion, to her  boyfriend's dismay. (We didn't write this synopsis, we c+p'ed it from Mark's favourite IMDB where it was obviously submitted by someone whose keyboard has a sentient space bar and is missing all of the puncuation keys) Anyway, enjoy. Let's have some fun! Play along with this weeks One Foot in The Game - Birds of a Pleather Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
April 9, 2019
Baddiel's Syndrome
Series 1 episode 9 of Baddiel’s Syndrome: Calligrula. David Baddiel gets all new television channels with a satellite so big it literally (not figuratively, literally) moves the very building its grounded in. His only son goes AWOL and takes up calligraphy after quite humbly bragging his teacher proclaimed him ‘best in class’. Boff. All the while, his ex-wife gets into a bit of trouble from her laissez faire policy on drugs in her club. Do you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit? What is a calligraphy festival? Just what is Baddiel’s Syndrome? Enjoy the 2010 World Cup classic Jones & Winter classic ‘Rooney Can’t Fail’ (Apologies to Joe Strummer RIP) Play along with this weeks One Foot in The Game - Who’s David? Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
March 25, 2019
Miss Jones and Son
Series 1 episode 1 of Miss Jones and Son: From Here to Maternity.  Elizabeth gives birth to baby Roland after a pregnancy so simple, its only narrowly beaten by a medically induced coma. But will life continue to be so simple for this strong independent woman? Is she ready for life as a single mother? With the worlds longest applause separating its two halves, the Shitcom trio embark on understanding yet another sitcom ‘classic’ courtesy of our friends at Thames Television. Thanks, ITV Play along with this weeks One Foot in The Game - Keeping Up With The Jones’. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
March 18, 2019
The Good Life
Series 1 episode 4 of The Good Life: Pig’s Lib. Tom & Barbara test Margot’s patience by adding to their ever growing mini farm in their garden with, you guessed it, pigs. With a fraction of the recording cut off that can only be described as ‘the good half’ the boys find humour in unknown places. A prequel to the huge-faced Confessions of a Window Cleaner (not that Wood would know, he’s too busy watching Red Shoe diaries) this episode raises the question no asked ‘does naming your cow produce more milk’. It also asks the question no one expected - what the fuck are ‘pig eggs’? Oh yeah, Mark stands by his claim that they’re making Poitín. He has zero evidence. Play along with this weeks One Foot in The Game - Kendal, Keith or Kendrick (Lamar). Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
March 11, 2019
Are You Being Served?
I’m Three… Series 3 that is, Shitcom is back and we’re kicking things off with series 3 episode 8 of Are You Being Served?: New Look The staff decide to give the department store a… new look. How is Mrs Slocombe’s pussy? How many times did they say ‘knickers’? Just how did that pork pie get in that hole? Join us for more of the same plus an all new format for the game.  Play along with our new feature, One Foot in The Game. This week the game is ‘Are You Carrying On Being Served?’ Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
March 4, 2019
12 Days of Shitmas: Part 3 - Fresh Fields
Final festive fun with Shitcom... it's Fresh Fields. Anton Rodgers and Julia McKenzie play William and Hester, a couple suffering 'empty-nest syndrome' with their two grown-up children. When their children can't make it for Christmas they invite friends and parents over for a Christmas to remember... with charades. (Apologies for the quality of the recording across these 3 episodes. The laptop had switched mic inputs) Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
December 28, 2018
12 Days of Shitmas: Part 2 - Dinnerladies
So this is Shitmas and what have we done? Another year over, another sitcom of dross. Part 2 we're watching Dinnerladies. Bren, as played by the late Victoria Wood, goes on an emotional rollercoaster on what is not only Christmas Eve but her birthday. Will all Bren's wishes come true? (Apologies for the quality of the recording across these 3 episodes. The laptop had switched mic inputs) Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
December 28, 2018
12 Days of Shitmas: Part 1 - Rising Damp
Ho Ho Ho, Merry Shitmas. Join us for the first of three Christmas specials where firstly we watch Rising Damp. Rigsby, as played by Leonard Rossiter, is feeling lonely on Boxing Day but soon discovers his tenants are also home. With some questionable presents and bad luck under the mistletoe, will Christmas get any better for Rigsby? (Apologies for the quality of the recording across these 3 episodes. The laptop had switched mic inputs) Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
December 28, 2018
Bottle Boys
UP WITH THE LARK. Closing Series 2 for us is Bottle Boys. Series 2, Episode 7 entitled ‘The Milk Cup Runneth Over’ stars Robin Askwith as David Deacon, football-mad milkman. Perhaps more famous for his bawdy films ‘Confessions of…’ …if that’s your kind of thing. Enjoy. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
December 28, 2018
Brush Strokes
Brush Strokes. Series 6, Episode 4 starring Karl Howman as Jacko. The man who ‘appreciates’ women. Will he find true love? We’ll try find out. Be-cos-of you. These things I do… A, woah-oh. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
December 28, 2018
Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em
Do you like penny whistle? Do you like slapstick comedy? Do you like your ears bleeding? You've come to the right place. This week we watch Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em. Starring Michael Crawford as Frank Spencer and Michele Dotrice as Betty Spencer. We’re watching Series 1, Episode 4 entitled ‘Going on Holiday' Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
December 28, 2018
In Sickness And In Health
In honour of the late, great Chas Hodges of Chas & Dave fame, we decided to watch Til Death Do Us Part. Upon realising that's not the right theme tune we instead watched 'In Sickness And In Health'. This weeks episode is In Sickness And In Health, starring Warren Mitchell as Alf Garnett. We’re watching Series 1, Episode 4. Facebook Page: Twitter: @britishshitcom Instagram: @britishshitcom Soundcloud: @greatbritishshitcom Merchandise
December 28, 2018
My Hero
It's Shitcom. This weeks episode is My Hero. Starring Ardal O'Hanlon as Thermoman/George Sunday and Emily Joyce as Janet Dawkins. We’re watching Series 3, Episode 3 entitled ‘Pet Rescue' Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @britishshitcom #shitcom Merchandise Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
One Foot in The Grave
Welcome back to The Great British Shitcom: Series 2. Today we’re watching, One Foot in The Grave that stars Victor Meldrew (played by Richard Wilson); a retiree who attracts bad luck, and his long-suffering wife Margaret (Annette Crosbie). We’re watching Series 2, Episode 4 entitled ‘Who Will Buy?’ Facebook/Twitter/Instagram @britishshitcom #shitcom Merchandise Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
2point4 Children
In the last of the current series of The Great British Shitcom we find the jackpot we’ve wanted for so long, ‘2point4 Children’. Starring Belinda Lang and the late Gary Olsen. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
Home Improvement
 Howdy y'all and welcome to a super special independence day episode of The Great American Shitcom. Today we'll be watching Home Improvement while discussing DIY, socks, and potatoes vs yams. Urhhhhhhh Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
Waiting for God
 Today we blindly choose to watch Series 2 Episode 8 of ‘Waiting for God’. Starring Graham Crowden and Stephanie Cole we very quickly begin to ask ourselves exactly why we chose to watch this sitcom in the first place. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
Men Behaving Badly (Part 2)
 In the second part of a Men Behaving Badly double bill Martin Clunes is joined by Neil Morrissey for Series 5, episode 2 entitled 'The Good Pub Guide' Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
Men Behaving Badly (Part 1)
In the first of a Men Behaving Badly double-bill, we watch Series 1 Episode 2 entitled 'The Bet'. Joined by the usual cast of Caroline Quentin, Leslie Ash, and Martin Clunes, Harry Enfield plays the part of Clunes' flatmate, Dermot. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
 Today we watch 'Dad' Series 1 Episode 4 entitled 'Habadadery' starring Kevin McNally (Alan Hook) and his loveable father George Cole (Brian Hook). Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
The Brittas Empire
 This week on Shitcom we watch Series 1, Episode 2 of The Brittas Empire starring Chris Barrie (Gordon Brittas) entitled 'Opening Day'. Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018
Gimme Gimme Gimme
 Hello and welcome to the first episode of The Great British Shitcom. Today we watch the pilot episode to Gimme Gimme Gimme entitled 'Who's That Boy?' starring James Dreyfus (Tom Farrell) and Kathy Burke (Linda La Hughes) Thanks for joining us... Twitter / Instagram / Facebook @britishshitcom / #shitcom
November 29, 2018