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Shiva Grings - This is what we do for a living

Shiva Grings - This is what we do for a living

By Shiva Grings
The life and times of a street theatre artist in Europe. What is street theatre, where does it take place and who on earth would do such a job? Find out in these episodes.

The first season (five episodes) are excerpts from my book of the same name.

Afterwards, in the Quarantine Sessions, you can find out how other artists are making it through the pandemic.

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The Quarantine Sessions - Steve Stergiadis
In this final episode of this season of the Quarantine Sessions, I chat to once-upon-a-time ice hockey player, stockmarketeer, circus teacher and all round fascinating performer,, Steve Stergiadis, who talks about  his roots in Toronto, Canada to his participation in festivals all around the world. Check him out here   This podcast has been a labour of love for the scene of which I am happy to be a part of - even more so after making these interviews. Even so, I would love to have the equipment to make further podcasts when the time arrives. You can support me by buying the street theatre novel/documentary "This is what we do for a living" via this link (or on Amazon), or by dropping something into my paypal account via Feel free to send me comments and information via There are still so many great performers in Freiburg to talk to, so maybe if I ever have time again, there'll be more episodes!
February 06, 2021
The Quarantine Sessions - Inga Siebel
In this episode I have the pleasure of interviewing comedy waitress and clinic clown, Inga Siebel, comparing the uncertainties of street theatre with the balances of comedy waitressing and other interactive performance styles. We met up in my third studio (after my living room, kitchen and rehearsal space were all too noisy) aka the back room of my rehearsal space. More on Inga here Feel free to support me by ordering the street theatre book, "This is what we do for a living" here  More information can be found at
January 30, 2021
The Quarantine Sessions - Rita Bückert
Today I meet up with Rita Bückert, actress, acrobat and clown. She began her career in a circus school in Granada and ended up in Freiburg soon afterwards. Her street theatre show is centre around the helpless figure of Madam Boqu who, by the end of the show, turns out not to be as helpless as she appeared. This episode was recorded in my second sound studio, aka my kitchen with the fridge turned off. Be sure not to miss it! And check out Rita's And please support the podcast (I still need to get my own sound equipment instead of borrowing everything :) head over to www, and buy the book!
January 23, 2021
The Quarantine Session - Len Shirts
Director, actor, mask-maker; Len Shirts is active in many fields and dabbled in many more. I caught up with him in the studio of Random Acts of Beauty, the company he runs together with Franziska Braegger.  The space is nestled alongside the railway, so we have some romantic track noises to add atmosphere.
January 16, 2021
The Quarantine Sessions - Anita Bertolami
In this episode I take maximum use of the quarantine rules to interview my partner and wife, Anita Bertolami, a puppeteer and actress. As well as gaining an insight into her take on theatre and her course to get there, we discuss the role of women and the dominance of the male solo show.  Not to be missed! Want to support me and the podcast? Then drop over to my homepage and order the book!
January 09, 2021
The Quarantine Sessions - Peter Weyel
Today I chat to an old master, Peter Weyel, aka Herr Hundertpfund, a man famous for his provocation and for getting people undressed in public. Peter has gone off in new directions recently, working in an old people's home and driving a rickshaw in Freiburg. This interview was taken in my living room - erm, I mean, in my  studio. Don't miss it. Check Peter out here and here And check me out (and order the book) Feel free to send you feedback and share the episode!  
January 02, 2021
The Quarantine Session - Franziska Braegger
In this episode I talk to Franziska Braegger in her studio alongside the train-tracks of Freiburg. An actress, teacher mask performer and much more, Franziska started her career in Switzerland back in the golden eighties. Now in Freiburg,  she works together with Len Shirts as one one half of "Random Acts of Beauty" aka Theater RAB.  Interested in the company? Would you like to support me and the podcast? Then you can do so by buying the book, "This is what we do for a living," on my site:
December 19, 2020
The Quarantine Session - Julian Bell
In this, our first episode, I meet up with Julian Bell aka Ernest the Magnifico, aka Prof.  Bubbles, aka a pretty creative fellow all around. I caught up with him  in his not-so-dingy cellar to talk about starting out in Australia and  ending up in basement surrounded by camera equipment. For further information on Julian, check out his homepages or or And for further information concerning myself, head over to where you can also buy the book, "This is what we do for a living" - a collection of biographical stories concerning street theatre.
December 12, 2020
Teaser for the Quarantine Sessions
The Quarantine Session are short interviews with different theatre and street theatre artists, exploring their lives as artists and how they are creatively dealing with Covid19. Based in the little street performer haven of Freiburg, I have a host of great artists to talk to. Come and join me shed a little light on a grey winter!
December 08, 2020
Saint Peter
In this, the final episode of the series, we head to Russia to discover how Chinese take-away can taste the same when served in different locations and how the Russian street theatre scene can - if one is not careful - end with a great deal of vodka. If you enjoyed this miniseries, why not consider buying the book. It comes out today, on the 20th of May 2020. It's available via or via 
May 20, 2020
On ice
It's not all about standing on squares and pulling a crowd. There are times in a street performer's life when you get hired to do shows in places you didn't even know existed. In today's episode we learn a thing or two about ice skating. This is the forth of five episodes rom the forthcoming book, This is what we do for a living,  Find out more under or buy the book from the 20th of May onwards on
May 13, 2020
False Teeth
In this, the third episode of the forthcoming book, we are taken on a day trip to that most beautiful of capital cities, Bern. But all that glitters is not gold, as we soon find out once a pair of teeth find their way into the story. Further info under
May 06, 2020
Oliver Twist in Liverpool
In this second instalment of the novel, "This is what we do for a living," we return to the early days of street theatre: those gentle first encounters,  experiences in drawing a crowd and the occasional murder attempt...
April 29, 2020
Hanging around
The first chapter of the upcoming book, "This is what we do for a living," In this chapter we land in the rather quirky world of street theatre, in the middle of a rather prickly situation... Buy the book from the end of April 2020 onwards under and
April 21, 2020