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Shonen Dump

Shonen Dump

By Thomas
A fun podcast covering only the "best" anime in the world.

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Shonen Dump Episode 7: Burn Up
The first new, new episode in a long time. I am joined by Mike Toole (Twitter: @michaeltoole) and we talk about a bunch of stuff including breaking down the end of the Group stage of the Women's World Cup, a little bit of Discotek talk, and a review of 1991's Burn Up (which for some reason started a franchise). More episodes are being planned at the moment so god willing, we'll be weekly for at least a little while. ALSO WE'RE FINALLY ON I-TUNES, a program that will always be around for the rest of time. E-mail: Tell us some shows you'd like to see covered on the podcast or make some suggestions for guests.  Check out our Facebook fan page Shonen Dump or our Twitter page @shonendumppod
June 23, 2019
Shonen Dump Episode 6.5: Reintroduction
Hey WHA HAPPENED? (subtopic: None but check out the Facebook page: )
June 03, 2019
Shonen Dump Episode 6: Pokemon the First Movie
The last of the old episodes I hadn't edited forever. I'm joined by M.O.M. from the Greatest Movie Ever fame as we talk about the first Pokemon movie and all other sorts of nonsense. Enjoy stories about Pokemon Go, baby dinosaurs, and of course the most violent slap fight of all time. (subtopic: the history of Paul Chapman, host of the Greatest Movie Ever
June 03, 2019
Shonen Dump Episode 5: Magnos the Robot
Look, this is a big episode with four co-hosts. Tom, Greg, James, and first time champ Heather talk old Japanese computers and older garbage anime. Two episodes in two days. Its a breakneck pace that is sure to keep up even after I get through the episodes that I recorded a year ago. (Subtopic: Japanese retro computer the Sharp X86000)
June 02, 2019
Shonen Dump Episode 4: AD Police
After a long sabbatical, Shonen Jump rwises fwom its gwave! Oli Bulmer (@invidninja92) joins me to talk is favorite films of 2017 (yeah sorry I hate editing) and the seminal classic AD Police from 1990. Enjoy dogs barking, cats meowing,  and dare I say, the sexiest British accent this side of the Atlantic!  (subtopic Oli's favorite movies released in the UK in 2017)
June 01, 2019
Shonen Dump Episode 3: Dragonball Z Movie 4: Lord Slug
Tom is joined by his nu metal brethren Greg, Patrick, and James to talk about Gohan's sweet whistling in the 4th DBZ movie featuring music from your favorite notebook you scribbled the cool S and skeletons in the back of your high school Biology class. KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (subtopic: wrestling history and Royal Rumble 2018 Predictions)
June 01, 2019
Shonen Dump Episode 2: Senran Kagura
Ruth from THE INTERNET joins Tom to talk about the 2013 anime, Senran Kagura: Ninja Flash. I'm sorry. We're sorry. (subtopic: Nier Automata) Update 1: I think I fixed the audio.
June 01, 2019
Shonen Dump Episode 1: Cosplay Complex
The first episode featuring Cosplay Complex, a largely forgettable anime OVA from 2002. Greg helps Tom break it down as we remember garbage from the US DVD Bubble Era of anime. (Subtopic NFL 2017-2018 Divisional Playoffs)
June 01, 2019