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Short Story Hunters

Short Story Hunters

By Litopia Flash Club
Flash Fiction
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Short Story Hunters - Trailer #2

Short Story Hunters

Short Story Hunters - Episode 7 - Childhood Homes and Memories
Believe it or not, B and Jonny are still at large. Yes. Apparently there's been a problem with the paperwork and the writs haven't been served yet. So this week they're looking at childhood homes and the memories they hold, with three more short stories based on that theme. Sculpture by J A Babo. App-eals by Stacey Noe and The Layover by Steve Why.
May 14, 2021
Short Story Hunters - Episode 6 - Difficult Decisions
Something ought to be done about these two, but until it is B & Jonny will keep coming back again with fun chat, cake talk and two more great short stories sent in by listeners. So grab a coffee and kick your shoes off and allow yourself fifteen minutes to enjoy, Fried  by Brian Weston and Ten Years From Now by Lisa Heidle.  
May 7, 2021
Short Story Hunters - Episode 5 - Listeners' Stories
B & Jonny are back and the digital postman's been, delivering stories sent into the show from around the world. So in addition to the usual banter and cake talk, why not take 10 minutes to listen to three fabulous flash fiction stories submitted by listeners. 437 Wilton Street (A Brick Story), by Zach Murphy. Luke, by Ree Villaruel. And The Beetle's Mausoleum, by Nick Sweeney.
April 30, 2021
Short Story Hunters - Episode 4 - "Beam me up, Scotty."
"Make it so." As B and Jonny present more fun, laughs and short stories, this time of a sci-fi nature. Those of a faint-hearted disposition should be warned the show features someone who ought to know better, yet still has the front to perform a disco song lyric through the medium of Rap. You have been warned. Short Story Hunters wishes to state it cannot be held responsible for any trauma caused as a result.
April 23, 2021
Short Story Hunters - Episode 3 - Assorted Animals and Anthropomorphism
They're back again. B and Jonny present another coffee break length show of fun and short stories. So put the kettle on and relax for fifteen minutes, then go about your business refreshed, all the better for the experience and with a skip in your step. 
April 16, 2021
Short Story Hunters - Episode 2 - New Beginnings
New Beginnings? Some suggest that would have been ideal as theme for episode one. But Pod Land's first Hiberno-Swiss presenting duo, B & Jonny, laugh in the face of such hidebound convention. They dance to a different drum. And if you'd like to submit your own story, then visit and send us your flash fiction piece of no more than 500 words.
April 9, 2021
Short Story Hunters - Episode 1 - The Kindness of Strangers
Every week B and Jonny present 3 short stories or pieces of flash fiction from writers at Litopia writers' colony and beyond. If you'd like to send us your story (500 words maximum, please) we have an open door policy. If we like them we'll featured them on the show. Visit: QlGai3KK1cxyU7K7lFpL
April 2, 2021
Short Story Hunters - Trailer #2
Launching weekly every Friday from April 2nd 2021. Submit your short story (500 words max)
March 30, 2021
Short Story Hunters - Trailer # 1
Coming soon from Litopia, the Internet's oldest writing community: Short Story Hunters. A weekly show featuring Flash Fiction stories from Litopia's Flash Club, presented by Barbara and Jonny.
March 9, 2021