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Shout Louder is a podcast for modern punks; we've got interviews, anecdotes and the best underground music. On our radio episodes you can discover your new favourite punk band. In our hour-long interviews you can laugh, learn about the music community and feel like you've made some new friends.

We try to represent the diverse range of genres and individuals involved in the UK DIY punk rock community. All our chats are personal, relatable, funny and full of music banter.

The podcast is just one part of Shout Louder. Check out our books, blog, interviews and more over at
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S3 E7: Joe Tilston from Random Hand & Merch Stall
During the third UK lockdown, Sarah caught up with Joe Tilston - the bassist and organising force of ska-core favourites Random Hand. Joe comes from a musical family and gives a unique perspective, from years of experience on the road with Random Hand, writing as a solo folk artist, playing with Traits as a fun project, and setting up his own business: Merch Stall. Expanding his screen-printing business has kept him busy through lockdown, giving us the chance to discuss how to take the ethos and community of the punk rock world and grow a business from it. We discuss how the musical landscape has changed in the last 10 years, whether making a living from music is still feasible, and what we predict will change in a post-COVID world. We have an honest conversation about the financial hardship and sacrifice of touring with an band that's as active as Random Hand were, and debate whether it's still feasible to make a living from music nowadays. We also play tracks from Random Hand, Traits and Joe's unreleased solo album. For more interviews and opinions, head to
April 22, 2021
S3 E6: Colin Clark from Colin's Punk Rock World
This week's guest is Colin Clark from Colin's Punk Rock World. He's incredibly well informed about the world of underground punk rock, and is one of the most positive and dedicated people in our scene. We talk about how the pandemic has impacted DIY music, the great gigs we've been to in the past, and what it's like to be sober at shows. We cover a lot of ground in the conversation - I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did. Tracks played: Boss' Daughter - Drunken Smiles Fine & Great - Three Sheets To The Wind Free Dogs - The Moon and My Friends Read our interviews, reviews and opinion pieces over at Follow us on social @shoutlouderzine.
December 31, 2020
S3 E5: Lesley-Anne O'Brien from Lockjaw Records
This instalment of the Shout Louder podcast features an interesting interview with Lesely-Anne O'Brien: label manager at Lockjaw Records and guitarist in Midwich Cuckoos. Lesley is an eternally upbeat, enthusiastic and dedicated member of the UK punk rock community who works tirelessly to help new bands get heard. We discuss the impact that COVID-19 has had on small artists and labels, and how using social media can help bands to get out there right now. We also discuss ways to improve inclusivity in the punk scene and make it more open to all audiences. We even get on to what it's like to be a woman in a mosh pit! All our conversation is broken up with fresh new tracks from Borts, Prey Drive and Midwich Cuckoos. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did. Tracks played: Borts - Broke Alone Prey Drive - Shinjuku Midwich Cuckoos - Dutty Love Read our interviews, reviews and opinion pieces over at Follow us on social @shoutlouderzine.
November 9, 2020
Punk Rock Radio - Round #5
On this week's Shout Louder Punk Podcast Sarah's playing lots of new punk rock releases, with a couple of old favourites thrown in for good measure. I've also got tales of portaloo incidents and socially distanced gigs! If you're looking to hear some new music, you're in the right place. These are the tracks we played this week: Teresa Banks - Dead Matador Winning Streak - Stop Screaming The JB Conspiracy - The Long Road To Zurich Abandon The Midwest- Mistreat Yourself Kill Her First- Street Dog vs. Eagle Stöj Snak - Fire Triple Sundae - Dazed Nutshell - Malthusian Trap Hard Girls - Hot For The Halo Modus Fire - Time Flies Douglas Firs - Something In The Trees Joe Tilston - Rains The Fare Punks Share compilation, raising money for Fare Share, can be found here: Read our interviews, reviews and opinion pieces over at Follow us on social @shoutlouderzine.
October 19, 2020
Punk Rock Radio - #Round 4
On this week's Shout Louder Punk Podcast Sarah's serving up lots of new tracks, plus some old classics and hidden gems. Want to discover your new favourite band? You're in the right place. These are the tracks we played this week: Rebelmatic - Blood & Gold Pardon Us - Little Demons Aerial Salad - Lazy Incisions - New Day A Wilhelm Scream - 5 To 9 Call Me Malcolm - I Bet They’re Asleep In New York Hoi-Poi Farplane Wind - Whelming The Raging Nathans - One Day Closer (To Death) Ball of Light - Burden The Crash Mats - You’re A Loose Cannon McConagall Camp High Gain - Run The Last Mile - Out of The Woods Swan Prince - You’re Toast Bobby Funk - I’m A Cat Toodles & The Hectic Pity - Sugar Loaf Iron Chic - Every Town Has An Elm Street Read our interviews, reviews and opinion pieces over at
August 25, 2020
Punk Rock Radio - Round #3
This week’s punk rock radio hours is choc full of brand new tunes. I’ve delved into the world of recent releases and collected my favourite new songs, peppered with a few old classics for good measure. This week’s tunes come courtesy of: Burnt Tapes - Get It Got It Good CF98 - Gasoline Devon Kay & The Solutions - WWBCD The Sinking Teeth - Landslide Bates Motel - Last Night High Visions - When I’m Dead, Just Throw Me In Face to Face - You Lied 3dBs Down - Pink Cardigan Twinset ALL - Breaking Up Other Half - Tiny Head Don Blake - Polaroid Rooftape - All My Rage Fair Do’s - Carried Away It’s mid-August at hotter than the fires of hell in Manchester right now, so this was a sweaty recording. It reminded me of festival season, driving hours in burning sun and finding new bands out there in the fields full of drunk punks. Let us know what you think, and subscribe on your favourite platform to ensure you get the latest episodes as soon as they’re released.
August 13, 2020
Punk Rock Radio - Round #2
On this week's podcast I got really damn angry about the UK government, coronavirus, sexism and racism, and I argued with trolls on the internet. I enjoyed the new radio podcast format massively for Round #1, so I thought I'd try it again. I've played some bangers and done my best to give you some solo banter - I've talked a lot more on this episode and I will not be the slightest bit offended if you skip ahead to the juicy punk rock tunes. Here are the tracks we play this week: Swayze - St Angry Jealous - Hypocrite's Oath Bangers - I Don't Feel Like I'll Ever Be Clean Again Trophy Jump - Glass Bell Snuff - Nick Northern Screaming Toenail - IOU Mighty Midgets - Thoughts On Article 19 Ructions - Design Accident Bear Trade -Bleedin' Heart Trouble Punk Rock Covers - I Wipe My Arse With Showbiz (A Wilhelm Scream cover) Dead Neck - The Sickness The Shame (Goodbye Blue Monday cover) Darko - Neo Was An Amateur Polar Bear Club - Living Saints Neurotic Fiction - Assimilate The Arrogant Sons of Bitches - So Let's Go! Nowhere The Slackers - Married Girl Burnt Tapes - Yuzi (acoustic) Head over to for more punk rock news, reviews and more.
August 1, 2020
Bonus: Punk Rock Radio #1
We're trying something a bit different today! Rather than our typical interview format, this podcast is an chance to enjoy some new punk rock releases and some old favourites. On today's show, we listen to the following: Hightime - Quit Ya Job Cigar - Classic You Modern Shakes - Fair Do's Sunliner - Average At Best Lesdystics - Saturday and No Mija Stonethrower - Deadpanning Not On Tour - Therapy Random Hand - Protect & Survive Tim Loud - What Am I? One Hidden Frame - 16 Hours Nosebleed - Scratching Circles Gnarwolves - Smoking Kills Link 80 - Verbal Kint Pkew Pkew Pkew - The Polynesian Free Throw - Two Beers In What do you think of the new format? We'll still be doing interviews, but we'd love to hear what you think. Get in touch over at
July 23, 2020
S3 E4: COVID-19 Drunkcast with Josh Sumner (Fair Do's)
In an effort to bring some light to your locked-down lives, we've recorded an absolute shambling train wreck of a podcast for your entertainment. Josh plays bass in Fair Do's, takes excellent live music photographs under the moniker Cold Front Photography, and is an integral part of the Shout Louder operation behind the scenes. He's also not usually allowed near microphones for reasons that will become immediately obvious. Full of in jokes and with almost no relevance to music whatsoever, we run the verbal gamut of mental health, technology, hygiene, elephants and shitting in salad bowls. We hope that this bonus episode will bring some relief from the lockdown, the coughing and daily enforced viewings of Boris Johnson's droopy mug. Apologies in advance for everything you're about to hear. The Shout Louder podcast has been active behind the scenes, and we promise we'll have some more real, proper, actual episodes for you in the near future. The song featured at the end of the podcast is Candleman by Fair Do's. Go check out Josh's projects: Fair Do's: Cold Front Photography:
April 27, 2020
S3 E3: Ed Hall from All Silk Recording & Mastering
In December 2019, Sarah travelled up to Colne, Lancashire to record a fresh interview for the Shout Louder podcast, with Ed Hall at All Silk Mastering House. Ed is an incredibly knowledgeable, affable audio engineer, who's dedicated his life to recording and working in music. Previously known for his bands A War Against Sound and Egos At The Door, he's now playing with Edgarville but focusing on his business. Ed has recently expanded his business to include All Silk Recording Studio, a new recording space in Rawtenstall, so that they can offer a full recording, mixing and mastering service. They also do live sessions that are an ideal starter for DIY bands. These are the tunes we played: Swears - Cabin Fever Egos At The Door - 9-5 Ethics You can follow Ed at all of the following: All Silk Mastering House: YouTube: Facebook: We'd highly recommend Ed to anyone looking to record. He's based in Lancashire, not far north of Manchester. Be sure to check out his live sessions as well.
April 19, 2020
S3 E2: Summers from Eat Defeat
On our latest episode of the Shout Louder Punk Podcast we have a great chat with Andrew Summers! You may remember him from such bands as Eat Defeat, Kickback UK and The Fractions... as well as his career as a well-respected, Pokemon-obsessed tour manager. We get cosy in his living room in Leeds to talk touring, caffeine and all things ska. Fresh off a USA tour with Eat Defeat, he's got plenty of tales to tell. We reminisce about the noughties UK punk scene, harmless run ins with the police and trips to our favourite tour venues. Eat Defeat have just released a new single Wake Up, which you can hear on the podcast, along with their earlier song Can't Say I'll Miss You.
December 20, 2019
S3 E1: Goodbye Blue Monday
The Shout Louder podcast makes a triumphant return, with Scottish misery-punks Goodbye Blue Monday! Sarah caught up with Graham Lough on tour, to talk about the band's musical origins, the minefield of mental health and The Power of Ska. The whole interview with Goodbye Blue Monday was a right giggle, and will appeal to old fans and new. Give it a listen and get excited for the new season of the podcast! The podcast features some special musical treats from Goodbye Blue Monday, the Garry Biscuits cover band and Terrafraid's 'Control'. Misery-punk may have ruined their lives, but it makes for a hilarious listen.
November 16, 2019
S2 E10: Mute & One Hidden Frame
Over the summer, Sarah got the opportunity to chat with two of the international fast-punk scene's most stunningly melodic acts. Firstly, at Brakrock Ecofest in Belgium, Sarah caught up with Étienne Dionne and Alexis Trépanier from Canadian technical masters Mute, a band who've been stunning audiences with their unrivalled guitar work for 20 years. As true legends of the tech scene they have a brilliant selection of tour tales to share with us. Later, at Punk Rock Holiday, Sarah had a fun chat with Pekka Multaharju and Emil Stenbäck from One Hidden Frame: a brilliant melodic hardcore band from Lappeenranta in Finland and one of Shout Louder's personal favourites. One Hidden Frame have been going since 2002, however some of their best work has come in the form of their 2017 album Harmful Content and their recently released split EP with Thousand Oaks. We were absolutely delighted to get to chat to one another, and no doubt you'll enjoy it too. If you're a fan on technical, interesting melodic hardcore, then you will love this podcast. Even if that's not your bag musically, we're sure you'll love our chat. These were the songs we played: Mute - Fill The Void Adrenalized - Crawling From The Ashes (feat. Étienne Dionne) One Hidden Frame - Exploding Head Syndrome Fullcount - The Motion (feat. Étienne Dionne)
December 15, 2018
S2 E9: Revenge of The Psychotronic Man Farewell Special
A couple of weeks ago, Sarah met up with Andy Davies, Chris 'Big Hands' Hinsley and Matt Woods from Manchester's Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man down the pub. We got pissed and we talked shit... and we recorded the whole thing. Revenge have been a band for nearly 15 years, however they've chosen to call it a day in 2018. We took this final opportunity to celebrate their history as a band, and to say goodbye to an act that have been overwhelmingly influential in the UK punk scene - a shining example of what can be achieved through a truly DIY approach. You can expect talk of human pyramids, tigers, Mr Blobby and Princess Diana... all accompanied by a healthy pint or four. We also have an exclusive announcement: listen up and you'll get to hear the first band announcement for their farewell gig on December 8th. These were the tunes we played: Revenge... - Planet Earth II Revenge... - Another Way Revenge... - Booze Time Bootscraper - Captain Gin vs. Victory Gin Revenge... - Beer For Breakfast (Tim G Remix)
November 29, 2018
S2 E8: Derrick Johnston from Make-That-A-Take Records
2018 has been a busy year for Derrick Johnston. As one of Scotland's DIY musical stalwarts, he's probably best known for running Make-That-A-Take Records and being one of the organisers of Book Yer Ane Fest. His band Uniforms have recently released a new 7'' EP via TNS Records and he's been solidly touring his solo project Tragical History Tour. He's part of a crew that runs Conroy's Basement in Dundee alongside a good ol' regular job. It's been non-stop. Fortunately, Derrick managed to impart some of his wisdom and share some mutual music appreciation with Sarah on today's podcast. With years of experience in booking and playing shows, promoting bands and making the most of what you've got, Derrick's an inspiring individual and a pleasure to listen to. Enjoy today's podcast and remember, even when you're feeling like Sisyphus pushing the rock up the hill, the pure love created by the DIY punk scene is more than worth the effort. These are the tunes we played: - Uniforms - Searchlights - Kaddish - Scattered Islands Of A Shattered Idea - Goodbye Blue Monday - Love Is A Noose For Two - Tragical History Tour - Old Words
November 9, 2018
S2 E7: Punk Rock Holiday Cocktail Special #2
On today's podcast, we will be whisking you back in time to the beautiful, sun-drenched beach at Punk Rock Holiday. Sarah grabbed Spoilers, Rebuke and Captain Trips for a chat at Slovenia's premier punk festival. Grab a drink, put your feet up and listen to us getting progressively drunker as the day goes on. Ben Davis and Dan Goatham from Kentish punks Spoilers have just released a sterling debut album in the form of Roundabouts. They're a hilarious bunch so we jumped at the change to discuss the album, their summer holiday plans and the magic of Punk Rock Holiday. We speak to Petter Mossberg and Phil Nordling from skate-punks Rebuke. We share a pina colada, discuss their 15 years as a band, the current Swedish music scene and some of the bands they currently admire. Finally, we spoke to Rich Mayor of Portsmouth skate-punks Captain Trips. We were officially 10+ cocktails deep at the time of recording, so it's nice to have a recorded reminder of a conversation we'd no doubt have forgotten. We cover important topics like showering, cress, sweat, flip-flops, Dean Gaffney and solo projects. I highly recommend sticking around to the end, as Sarah's sobriety goes rapidly downhill in quite an amusing way. As Petter quite accurately puts it, "You meet too many cocktails." We play the following songs: - Spoilers - Roundabouts - Rebuke - Take To The Seas - Captain Trips - Bottom Of The River If you enjoyed this, check out our first PRH Cocktail Special with Ducking Punches, The Murderburgers and Dead Neck:
November 3, 2018
S2 E6: Tom May from The Menzingers
While indie-punk heroes The Menzingers were touring Europe this summer, Sarah was lucky enough to catch singer and guitarist Tom May for a fantastic chat about creativity, musical growth and stealing Madonna's tour bus (among other things). We recorded this conversation at Brakrock Ecofest in Belgium earlier this year. Tom’s an inspiring, interesting individual and a great podcast guest; we’re sure that you’ll enjoy listening to this as much as we enjoyed recording it. We managed to cover a lot of ground over just under an hour, plus we play new tunes from The Menzingers, Spanish Love Songs and Triple Sundae. We discussed the journey that brought The Menzingers from Alpha Kappa days up to their current After The Party incarnation, and how their current sound has developed. We covered some van-based hijinks and on-stage food poisoning. We even talked about some of Tom's personal high points with the band, and some of his interests outside of music.  You can listen here or on Soundcloud directly. You can also subscribe to the Shout Louder Podcast on all good podcatchers, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Stitcher and heaps more... We played the following tunes: - The Menzingers – Toy Soldier - Spanish Love Songs - Joana, In Five Acts - Triple Sundae - Indecisive  Cover photo by The Shutter Happy Jose.
October 27, 2018
S2 E5: Tree from Manchester Punk Festival
As DIY giants Manchester Punk Festival have just announced the first installment of their 2019 line-up, we thought it was time for Ian 'Tree' Robinson to join us on the podcast. Tree's a staple of the Northern punk scene, known for booking regular gigs through the Anarchistic Undertones collective and tours via AU Tour Booking. He's got years of experience in DIY bookings, plus a Northern attitude that makes him quite an entertaining guest. We discuss Manchester Punk Festival's changes, what he's learned from 10 years of booking punk shows and some of our current favourite bands and labels. We also talk about Propagandhi. A lot. P.S. The star of tonight's show is our cover model, Bernie, who you can follow on Instagram @dci_burnside. These are the tunes we played: - Main Line 10 - Attitudes - Incisions - War In Your Head - Misantropic - Man Into Beast - Misgivings - Call It Off - Fair Do's - Candleman For more info head to
October 19, 2018
S2 E4: Dan Flanagan of Matilda's Scoundrels
As the guitarist in both TNS folk-punk favourites Matilda's Scoundrels and new sludge punk band Haest, as well as one of the organisers of Wotsit Called Festival, Dan Flanagan is one of the most active members of our current UK DIY punk scene. I've been meaning to catch Dan to record a podcast since we first got started, but we finally managed to make time while both in Slovenia at Punk Rock Holiday! Where better to record than on an deserted beach in blazing sunshine, with our feet dipped in the crystal clear river, surrounded by stunning mountains? Although the scenery is idyllic, you can definitely hear our hangovers in the first section of the podcast, and I struggled a bit with my battered vocal chords. Fortunately, Dan's capable of stringing a sentence together, and we get onto a proper discussion of festival antics. We talk about the joys of Punk Rock Holiday (including Mad Caddies, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Comeback Kid and Almeida), as well as Manchester Punk Festival, Pie Race, Wotsit Called Fest and all kinda of other shenanigans. We begin by saying we're not doing to bad on the hangover front, but you can definitely hear the wear and tear in my battered vocal chords and the difficulty in stringing sentences together. You can hear us verbally wake up about 20 minutes in! These are the tunes we played: - Matilda's Scoundrels - Mr Martyn - Haest - I Didn't Throw A Single Stone And Still I Got Pissed On - Bootscraper - The Family For more information, visit
October 6, 2018
S2 E3: Nuno & Trevor from A Wilhelm Scream
The latest Shout Louder podcast features none other than Nuno Pereira and Trevor Reilly from melodic hardcore legends A Wilhelm Scream! Sarah caught up with the vocalist and guitarist at KNRD Fest, in the beautiful Bavarian woods. We shared a drink and talked a bit about the magic of the music festival, the charm of sweaty club shows and some of the staggering things that have happened to the band on tour over the years. Hailing from New Bedford, Massechusets, A Wilhelm Scream are one of the most influential bands in modern melodic hardcore punk. Since 1999 they've been turning out high-octane, aggressive punk anthems, releasing some of the best albums of the last 20 years, proppelled by unrivalled live shows. We're glad we were able to catch them and we hope you enjoy listening to the episode as much as we enjoyed recording it. Apologies in advance for the phone noise in the second segment - if it's really bugging you then skip on past it to part three. If you're interested in reading more, head to We also play a sterling selection of fast-punk tunes: - A Wilhelm Scream - Ice Man Left A Trail - Living With Lions - Tidal WaveLiving With Lions - Tidal Wave - A Wilhelm Scream - Our Ghosts (Contemporary/Consensual) - Dankeschatz - Am Ende
September 15, 2018
S2 E2 Punk Rock Holiday Cocktail Special #1
Punk Rock Holiday is a brilliant week of bands, beers and beaches in one of the most stunning settings Europe has to offer. The festival also hosts a plethora of bands from around the world, so we couldn't miss the opporunity to speak with a few of them on the Shout Louder podcast! To capture the full Punk Rock Holiday spirit, Sarah recorded a handful of segments while sat on the beach in Slovenia, typically with a cocktail in hand. On this episode she spoke to Dan Allen from Norwich's alt-rock wonders Ducking Punches, Fraser from fiesty Scottish power-pop-punkers The Murderburgers and Andy Dazzler and Jimmy Carrol from Manchester skate-punks Dead Neck. We discussed a whole range of topics including creativity, bees the size of dogs, Glaswegian beatings, rakija and the state of the punk scene today. Perhaps most imporantly, we also try to put out finger on what makes Punk Rock Holiday so special. Keep your ears primed for the other episodes we recorded at Punk Rock Holiday, including discussions with Mute, Spoilers, One Hidden Frame, Captain Trips and Matilda's Scoundrels. We also play a track from each band: Ducking Punches - I Ruin Everything (from their album Alamort) The Murderburgers - Feeling Strangely Fucked (from their Shitty People & Toothache EP) Dead Neck - Baker's Dozen (to be released on a split with Actionmen in future)
August 18, 2018
S2 E1 KNRD Fest Special: Live in The Woods
We are excited to share our latest podcast featuring chats with not one but four bands! We chatted literal shit with After The Fall, The Human Project, Forever Unclean and The Affect Heuristic! KNRD Fest (pronounced 'conrad') is a magical skate/melodic punk adventure in the Bavarian woodlands, taking place near Nuremberg, Germany. It's a wonderful weekend of bands, banter and excessive boozing that we've attempted to capture in audio form for you! We've aimed also aimed to answer some essential questions for you, including: How much do you remember from last night? Whose anus is a “literally like an ex-soviet airbase’s windsock”? Why should you always check the pockets of a pair of pooed-pants? What event nearly killed After The Fall? How do Forever Unclean turn all bad times into good times? What do Sean Arnold's nipples taste like? Who won't 'doink' with The Affect Heuristic? Who's the most socially flamboyant person at KNRD Fest? And of course, what's your personal worst tour story? We recorded four segments across the Saturday of KNRD Fest and, as they progress, you can also enjoy hearing Sarah and her guests getting progressively more drunk! We also play a track from each band: The Human Project - The Rhetoric After The Fall - Patroon Island Forever Unclean - Weird The Affect Heuristic - Vessel
August 3, 2018
S1 E10 Fair Do's Talk Leopards, Foxes and Sasquatches
On today's thoroughly entertaining episode, Sarah is joined by Danny Cummings and John Holt from Fair Do's. These tongue-in-cheek Northerners have been an important part of both the UK DIY punk scene and the wider European skate-punk scene since 2009 so we were delighted to speak to them, especially as they get set to unleash their stunning new album Leopards (which you can order here We learn why their bassist is a weasel, why a stage catching fire doesn't mean the end of a show, and they share the story of their foxy new video for their single, Closing In. We also discuss KNRD Fest, touring with After The Fall and Death By Stereo and, erm, morris dancing. Finally, they also completely throw their bandmate Dave Speechley under the bus on the personal worst section of the podcast, telling two fabulously embarassing tour stories. Probably serves him right for being such an disgustingly good guitarist. These are the songs we played: Closing In by Fair Do's (from the album Leopards) Bates Motel by Mute (from the album Thunderblast) Cents Less by After The Fall (from the album Eradication) We strongly recommend that you all pick up the new Fair Do's album Leopards from Lockjaw Records right now: If you enjoyed the podcast, why not also check out our written interview with the band:
July 26, 2018
S1 E9: Faintest Idea's Worst Tour Stories!
On this special episode of the Shout Louder podcast, East Anglia's hard-working ska-punks Faintest Idea takeover to tell about all the most horrific things that have happened to them on tour. Sarah is joined by vocalist/bassist, Dani, trombonist, Bobble, and drummer, Jack Brew. They tell us the single most harrowing tour story Sarah's ever heard as well as not one, not two, but five run-ins with the German police. Sarah, discovers that the band have a flagrant disregard for international law (allegedly) and a staggering talent for getting themselves out of all kinds of scrapes. Whether it's human trafficking, getting assaulted by Russian fascists or Little Dan being very late for work, there's apparently nothing that can stop this band. Obviously, all of this is entirely fictional and Faintest Idea would never do anything even remotely illegal. It was all a dream. Allegedly. We play two fantastic tunes from the band: - Bull In A Chinashop from their album The Voice of Treason - No Consequences from their album Increasing The Minimum Rage Both are available on vinyl from TNS Records or from We also recommend that you check out Jack Brew's podcast Nude Beach Ska Podcast!.
July 7, 2018
S1 E8: Crawl-of-Death, Bribery, Masturbation and Unfulfilled Promises
Podcast #8 sees the return of everyone's favourite: Mark Bell! This episode is all excitable Mark and Sarah music banter - we cover a huge range of topics, including all the gigs and punk rock antics we've experienced lately. We've play tunes from Eat Defeat, Wolfrik, SKIV and Hummer. We midly lay into Jimbob from Pizzatramp in a tale that involves a crawl-of-death, public masturbation, bribery and unfulfilled promises. We lament the passing of MySpace as a medium, Mark asks Sarah to dissect some poorly auto-tuned rap lyrics and Sarah shares Personal Worst story from Podstock involving pratfalls, poo and pints. Mark gives us the gossip on Hell Hath No Fury Fest, with Bolshy, Natterers and Brassick. Sarah chats about gigs she's been to in Manchester, including Tim Loud, Custody, Holiday, Bear Trap and Incisions. Songs played: Eat Defeat - A Little Less Than OK Wolfrik - Predator SKIV - Wasteman Hummer - Budweiser and Butter As mentioned on the podcast, we have 10 free download codes for Hummer's Budweiser and Butter album available - first come first served! Get some decent melodic punk in your ears - you can redeem the codes here: nlcj-bn3q lpj7-wjlz e6fd-cg5g gnds-x3n3 ydqe-5sq4 2j8f-bsga dgnl-wlr7 ptdj-hacv 749j-kbl4 xc3r-ghva
June 23, 2018
S1 E7: Dan & Rob from Darko Takeover!
Darko are simultaneously one of the hardest-working and hardest-partying bands we know. They are all dedicated, intelligent and serious musicians... but that doesn’t mean that they’re above telling us about shitting a tent at Punk Rock Holiday. Join us for this special episode of the Shout Louder Podcast with Dan Smith and Rob Piper of Guildford’s melodic hardcore tour-de-force: Darko. We have an in-depth chat, finishing with the most embarrassing Worst Time story we’ve heard yet. We also tell the tale behind the ‘summer cocktail’ bundle they have recently announced, with a gorgeous yellow/pink/blue splatter re-press of their stunning album Bonsai Mammoth, which you can pick up here: You can also enjoy music from Forever Unclean, Money Left To Burn and A Wilhelm Scream. And Rob gets shat on by a bird. You wouldn’t want to miss that. The songs featured in this episode are: - Darko - Life Forms - Forever Unclean - Worthless - Money Left To Burn - Victimized - A Wilhelm Scream - Boat Builders Darko are out on tour with A Wilhelm Scream later in June. Make sure you get down to one of these fantastic shows: June 21st: Glasgow, Nice & Sleazy with Shout Louder’s personal faves The Affect Heuristic June 22nd: Manchester, Star & Garter with Fair Do’s and Throwing Stuff June 23rd: Norwich, Waterfront with Other Half June 24th: London, New Cross Inn part of Polite Riot Festival June 25th: Bristol, Exchange with The Run Up June 26th: Stafford, Redrum with Funeral Shakes and This Is The End June 27th: Southampton, Joiners with Almeida
June 9, 2018
S1 E6: The Bennies, Consumed, SBÄM Fest & El Topo
Episode 4 is packed full of punk rock treats for you! We have an interview with Australian party machines The Bennies, a massive Umlaut Records giveaway to celebrate the new Consumed release and tales of SBÄM Fest and El Topo Goes Loco. We also play new tunes from The Human Project, Youth Avoiders, Tragical History Tour and Consumed! Our highlight was catching up with Anty and Nick from The Bennies in Beligum, and asking them about their worst experience ever! Hold on till the end of the episode for that. Mark and Sarah discuss their recent gigs, including an account Austrian punk festival SBÄM Fest, including talk of Propagandhi, Satanic Surfers, No Trigger, Astpai, Wonk Unit, Donots and The Murderburgers. Sarah gets emotional, has Iron Chic mansplained to her, gains a boob bruise and discovers the perils of getting drunk with Darko two weeks in a row. We also cover Belgian sunny ska/skate romp El Topo Goes Loco, including The Bennies, Beat The Red Light, The Affect Heuristic, Thanx 4 All The Shoes, The Burnt Tapes, Slack Birds, Imperial Leisure and Not Available. Mark also chats about TIE Fighter Pilot, Project Revise and Butt Plug Babies, plus we share a love of a Bangers. Come join us in Sarah's living room, talking faster than light to get through all this awesome content. These are the tunes we played: Youth Avoiders - Ghostland The Human Project - That One Percent Consumed - What Would Cliff Burton Do? Tragical History Tour - Pink Couch Check out for more!
May 25, 2018
S1 E5: Jamie from Aerial Salad Chatting Utter Shite
On Episode #5 Mark and Sarah are joined by the Aerial Salad's loquacious frontman Jamie Munro. If you're not already familiar with Manchester's freshest pop-punks then this is a great chance to get to know them better. Join us in Sarah's living room as we bond over a love of conversational tangents and talk utter shite about the UK punk rock world. Share in the laughter as Mark 'Hunkasaurus' Bell makes a failed attempt to rein Jamie and Sarah in! We cover myriad topics, including Jamie's wholesome adventures in Disneyland, alt-girl-specific paedophilia, drug-induced escapades, an ex-girlfriend crying during Jamie's set and a prediction for Jamie's miserable future. We also share our love for Triple Sundae, Fastfade, Burnt Tapes, Incisions, Clayface, Pizzzatramp, Astpai, Sham City Roasters and many more. We've even got an exclusive unreleased Aerial Salad track and an announcement for their upcoming European tour with The Raging Nathans. We also celebrate the line-up announcement for Polite Riot festival, including the addition of Apologies, I Have None to an incredible line-up that already features Teenage Bottlerocket and A Wilhelm Scream. These are the tunes we played: Eat Dirt - Ballad Two Houses - Brian Wilson The Affect Heuristic - Tightrope Aerial Salad - Intro
May 10, 2018
Bonus Drunkcast: MPF Highlights with Holly from Kiss Me, Killer
Holly from Kiss Me, Killer joins Mark and Sarah for a bonus episode, talking about our highlights of Manchester Punk Festival 2018, recorded at 11am the day after the festival. Things Sarah learned while recording this podcast: - Holly Searle from Kiss Me, Killer is an incredible guest - Podcasting drunk is a lot funnier when the two people with you aren't sober - Never suggest recording a podcast at 11am on the morning after a 3-day punk festival - Never trust your friends to stop you from doing something stupid We talk about our favourite parts of Manchester Punk Festival, including some tunes from Waterweed, Natterers, Ducking Punches and Kiss Me, Killer. We also speak to In Evil Hour, Captain Trips, Aerial Salad and Jochen from Charlie's Big Raygun Records. Other highlights include Propagandhi, Milloy, Beat The Red Light, PMX and a really, really bad joke about the singer from Captain Trips, who wears sandals everywhere. Holly also tells us about Hell Hath No Fury Fest - a women-centric punk event she's hosting in Bristol over the late May bank holiday weekend - Kiss Me, Killer and the struggles of being a woman in the punk scene.
April 28, 2018
S1 E4: Manchester Punk Festival Special
We are so excited to share this with you! Recorded in the extremely silly, hungover aftermath of Dugstock Festival Mark and Sarah discuss all things Manchester Punk Festival in detail. We pick through the whole line-up, talk about the festival's history and give you insider tips on surviving the weekend. Even if you're not attending the festival, it's worth a listen to hear some fantastic punk tunes and to laugh at how tired we are. Stay tuned till the end as we will also be proudly announcing the Friday night headliner of Wotsit Called Festival. These are the songs we played: - Fresh - Get Bent - Eat Defeat - Shortcuts - Start At Zero - Against The Stream - Uniforms - Schoolboy Errors - Wonk Unit - Day Job Wanker
April 14, 2018
S1 E3: Deep Inside I'm A Cynical Fuck
We are excited to share three fresh tracks with you ahead of their release. You can look forward to new songs from Nosebleed, Triple Sundae and Call Me Malcolm. We also have some fast noisy stuff from March and On A Hiding To Nothing. Sarah get annoyed and goes off on tangents, while Mark is there to rein her back in as usual. Mark shares his love of All Saints and displays an incredibly poor knowledge of hip hop, Sarah shares a love of The Strokes and a hatred of Good Charlotte as we discuss some of our musical origins. We also share a mutual story about getting rained on Punk Rock Holiday. After having a good whinge, we discuss some of the most exciting releases of the moment, including Our Lives In Cinema, Eat Dirt, Money Left To Burn and The Affect Heuristic. We take plenty of time to discuss the shows we've been to lately including Shredfest (with No Contest, Laughing In The Face Of, Almeida, Sombulance, LineOut and Dead Neck), Pat Butcher's carrot in a minute gag, Only Strangers, Kiss Me Killer, Honey, The Domestics and The Kirkz. Songs featured: Triple Sundae - Fabricated (due out on Umlaut Records on April 6th) Call Me Malcolm - There's No 'I' In Apocalypse (due out on Be Sharp and Bad Granola on April 16th) March - Head Shears (out on White Russian Records now) On A Hiding To Nothing - London Road, Mate (out now on Umlaut Records) Nosebleed - Scratching Circles On The Dancefloor (out on TNS Records on April 6th)
March 29, 2018
S1 E2: Dinosaurs and Drunken Disasters
What's Sarah's most regrettable drunk-at-a-gig incident? What's Mark's 'death song'? What's the deal with Dugstock's Dug mascot? What's Mark's favourite dinosaur? You will soon find out. We've got music from PMX, Stabbed In Back, Aerial Salad, Lesdystics and Harsh Realms. We also talk in detail about Dugstock 2 (Umlaut Records' 3-day festival over the Easter Weekend). Sarah talks about a gig she recently attended at The Old Courts in Wigan, with Speed Dinosaurs, The Mighty Bossmags, Fair Do's, Roughneck Riot and The Crash Mats. Mark gives a concise, organised description of his current Top 5 favourite bands, while Sarah goes off on a variety of unnecessary tangents. Mark finds a decent song to go down to. Sarah gets overly excited, plays some random songs and misprounces a lot of words. Give it a listen, give it a share and give us a shout! Let us know what you think. Songs featured: PMX - Leave Me Be Stabbed in Back - Why Don't You Dance Any More? Aerial Salad - 97 Lesdystics - Dramacore Harsh Realms - Chemistry Please rate, review and subscribe to the podcast - it helps to promote the show and so that other listeners can find it.
March 17, 2018
S1 E1: There's A Bear in The Circle Pit!
Welcome to Episode 1 of the Shout Louder podcast! This new branch of the Shout Louder webzine is designed to bring new music, gig gossip and amusing anecdotes direct to you ears. Why is there a bear in the mosh pit? What's it like to play to a crowd of deaf people? What waxy horrors lurk inside Sarah's ears? How many tangents can Sarah drift off on? In this episode we talk about some of the bands we've seen recently, albums we're currently obsessed with and the worst gig Mark's ever played. Your hosts are Sarah Williams and Mark Bell. Sarah's the puppet master of the Shout Louder webzine and a certified gig-addict. Mark's an illustrator and guitarist who runs Umlaut Records, along with the other lovely guys from Mug. Check out the webzine for more reviews, opinions and gig guides.Check out for the fast and fun roster of Umlaut bands. Music Featured in this Episode: Arms & Hearts - Fortitude (Available on Real Ghost Records) F.O.D. - 41 (Available on Funtime Records, Effervescence Records, Bells On Records, Bird Attack Records) The Shell Corporation - Rooftops (Available on Gunner Records) Only Strangers - What Happened to You? (Available on Horn & Hoof Records)
March 3, 2018