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Showtime Arnett Sports Talk

Showtime Arnett Sports Talk

By Showtime Arnett
NBA, NFL ,WNBA giving you updated information on scores and highlights with good positive vibes!!!
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Aiden Flournoy

Showtime Arnett Sports Talk

NFL sports updates
We talked about how the Colts never came to play against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Mike Evans being suspended one game for on field altercation
September 19, 2022
Colts Segment
On todays episode we talk about the Indianapolis Colts playing to a tie with Houston Texans and Colts also waving Robdrigo Blankenship
September 14, 2022
Countries support Showtime
On today’s episode we have now (22) countries that support Showtime Arnett.
August 30, 2022
NFL Colts
We talk about my colts and the expectations for the upcoming season
August 30, 2022
NFL…College…High School…Middle School…Little League
“I’m happy to announce that Football is back everywhere”
August 12, 2022
Aiden Flournoy
On todays episode we speak with Cathedral’s Freshman Aiden Flournoy
August 06, 2022
NFL Preseason, HIGH School Football, and Team Grindhard
On todays sports talk- the podcast we talk about football on all levels including Team Grindhard Selections..
August 05, 2022
Castor Troy
On today’s episode we speak with Indy Firehawks (DB) Castor Troy, playing semi-pro football and the journey it took to get here from South Shore High School!
July 19, 2022
Derek Anderson
On today’s episode we speak with Derek Anderson about his outlook on society and basketball.
July 19, 2022
Kyle White
On today's episode we speak with Mr Kyle White who plays for the Indianapolis Assassins (DB), he talks about what football and his kids mean to him.
July 15, 2022
NBA Summer league
On today’s episode we talk about a-couple players who were pick in this year nba draft and also the wnba all star game mvp Kelsey plum
July 11, 2022
NBA Draft 2022
On todays episode we discuss which players went where in the 2022 NBA Draft
June 27, 2022
NBA Today
On todays episode we talk about NBA finals, summer school, being safe for the summer, looking out for others on todays show!!
June 07, 2022
Devon Johnson
On todays episode we have Mr Devon Johnson who speaks about what it means to give back to the community in a major way!!
May 31, 2022
Dane Middlebrook Jr
Dane Official signs with Showtime Arnett for Marketing and future NFL endorsement deals. Speaks about what family means to him! Also shares a story about his older sister!!
May 24, 2022
Happy Days & NBA Playoffs
Talk about the series between Dallas & Golden State and also what does Jason Tatum need to do in order or bounce back from a horrible Game 3!!
May 23, 2022
Celtics Bounce Back (Marcus Smart)
Celtics clicking on all cylinders and Golden state takes game 1 of WCF Game 2 tonight!!
May 20, 2022
Suns vs Mavs… Celtics vs Bucks
Giving you scores and updates on the 2022 NBA playoffs!!!
May 16, 2022
Arnett Goes In (NBA Playoffs)
Boston vs Milwaukee, Miami vs Philadelphia and Golden State vs Memphis…
May 10, 2022
Nikola Jokic wins MVP back to back
Jokic wins MVP and fan puts hands on CP3 mom and wife with kids there to witness it!!!
May 09, 2022
Memphis vs Golden State
Dillon Brooks Ejected for flagrant foul on Gary Payton II. Memphis wins game behinds Ja Morant 47 pts 8 rebs 8 asst
May 04, 2022
NBA playoffs (Arnett Goes In)
We talked about the NBA playoffs and what happens next during playoffs.
May 02, 2022
NFL Draft Overview
The names of the players selected in the 2022 NFL draft!
May 02, 2022
NBA Playoff Edition
Scores over yesterday’s playoff games featuring Memphis, Minnesota, Miami, Atlanta, Phoenix, Denver
April 27, 2022
Courvoisier McCauley
We talk about the basketball journey and the new opportunity to showcase his skills at Indiana State
April 25, 2022
NBA Playoffs 2022
NBA playoffs updates!!
April 19, 2022
Tragic Death of Former Ohio State (QB) Dwayne Haskins Jr
Today we talk about domestic violence as part of our serious conversation for the day and also the terrible news of Former QB DHJ.
April 11, 2022
NFL today
Updates of the current NFL players!!!
April 06, 2022
NBA Today Mar 29
NBA Scores and updates!!!
March 29, 2022
Final Four, Cathedral wins State, Miles Turner out, Kyrie back after Mandate!!
On todays episode we talk about basketball around the globe….from high school to March madness to the NBA
March 28, 2022
Arnett “March Madness Predictions”
On todays episode we speak about the 2022 NCAA tournament!!
March 15, 2022
Arnett Goes IN
NFL Combine, Conference Play and High School Sectionals
March 07, 2022
Hans Williams
On todays episode we speak with “Hustle-Hans” Williams who is a Sports Marketing Agent for Checkmate Sports
March 04, 2022
Kendric Reeves (Checkmate Sports Marketing Agent
On todays episode we talked to my checkmate family member Kendric Reeves about the NFL combine, growing up in East Texas and being a outstanding Father to his children
March 03, 2022
Today’s Youth
Today’s Youth
February 28, 2022
All-Star Weekend
Updates on scores from this past weekend and incident with Jawaun Howard Michigan Head Coach
February 22, 2022
NBA Today
On today’s Podcast we talk about the NBA trades, Russ and Edward Davis (CEO) of Checkmate Sports
February 09, 2022
Black History NBA
Giving Scores around the league across the NBA
February 01, 2022
NFL Final Four
On todays Podcast we talk about the final four teams playing for the Vince Lombardi trophy!!!
January 26, 2022
Curtis MookFest Jester
On today’s episode we have Curtis Jester, Champion with the Marion County Crusaders who likes to record music/travel and sell out shows!!
January 24, 2022
NBA coverage
On todays episode we talk about the nba
January 24, 2022
NBA Jan 18, 2022
We talked about the current News across the NBA, scores and the trade deadlines for certain teams
January 19, 2022
Todd Cooper (NBA player development coach)
Todd Cooper joins us on a zoom link to talk about the experience, knowledge and what it takes to be a player development coach. Also, Mr Cooper talks about joining showtime arnett and checkmate sports.
January 14, 2022
NBA Jan 13
On today’s episode we give you the scores from Thursday Night action in the NBA
January 14, 2022
Showtime Arnett (CHECKMATE SPORTS)
We talk about the journey of showtime arnett and what it takes to become a marketing agent with checkmate sports
January 14, 2022
College Football Championship
Alabama vs Georgia (National Championship) NFL season finale and Colts eliminated from Playoffs
January 10, 2022
James Turner & Tevin Studdard
On today’s episode we speak with James Turner and Tevin Studdard about their roles in the community and for the city of Indianapolis..
January 06, 2022
College Football Championship, NBA Highlights and NFL playoff picture!!!
We jumped right into the college football championship being played in Indianapolis. NBA scores and NFL playoff picture
January 05, 2022
Tevin Studdard
On today’s episode we have Tevin Studdard who speaks about his goals, the future and his accomplishments with bringing over 500 Black Business to Indy!!
December 27, 2021
Checkmate Sports Client “Robert Fry II”
On today’s episode we have Robert Fry II…Saint Leo University starting point guard….originally from Indianapolis playing College Basketball in Tampa Bay, Florida
December 23, 2021
Heavyweight Champion “Lamon Brewster”
On today’s episode we have the Indianapolis In native former Heavyweight champion Lamon Brewster in the studios speaking about his foundation and New Coffee brand!!!
December 22, 2021
NBA, Aaron Howard & Gardner Johnson
Score updates from Thursday night in the NBA. Also we have owner Aaron Howard from the Indianapolis Shockers and Gardner Johnson former NFL football player and also Mr Merriweather
December 17, 2021
Checkmate Sports Part 2
Checkmate life stories and the journey!!
December 13, 2021
NBA (TGIF) edition
Scores from across the NBA for Thursdays game !!!!
December 10, 2021
NBA New Look New Flavor
NBA highlights and scores!!
December 02, 2021
Checkmate Sports Journey
The journey starts with an opportunity with Checkmate Sports LLC. Thankful for the blessings and future prayers!!
November 30, 2021
Jerome Cook (Retired Semi Pro Football player.
We have special guest Jerome Cook in the sports studio today speaking about the ramifications of playing football from a young age to an adult
November 24, 2021
Colts NFL week 11
The Colts took control of there dynasty beating the Buffalo Bulls 41-15. Jonathan Taylor was a man on a mission with 32 carries, 185 yards, 4 rushing Touchdowns and 1 receiving Touchdown! Monster Game
November 22, 2021
NBA Drop #13
Wanted to first acknowledge the DEATH OF “Young Adolph”. Give some knowledge about the show and share updates covering the NBA Wednesday night!!!
November 18, 2021
NBA #12
On today episode we talk about the NBA schedule played on Tuesday night! It was only 3 games and Stephen Curry made 9 3-pointers against Nets in Blowout victory!!!
November 17, 2021
NBA # 11
On today episode we talk about Sunday nights game across the league in the NBA
November 15, 2021
NBA #10
On today’s episode we talk about Wednesday night games across the NBA and Russell Westbrook triple double as the Lakers take down the Miami Heat!!!
November 11, 2021
NBA #9
On today’s episode we talk about NBA games from Tuesday night action and we discuss today’s games. We look at what teams are winning and losing !!
November 10, 2021
NBA #8
On today’s episode we talk about Sunday’s Night Games in the NBA
November 08, 2021
NFL week #8
On today’s episode we talk about the NFL scores around the the league and what the colts need to do in order to make the playoff.
November 08, 2021
NBA #7
On today’s episode we talk about Wednesday Night Games in the NBA
November 04, 2021
NBA #6
On today’s episode we talk about games played Tuesday Night in the NBA.
November 03, 2021
NBA #5
On today’s episode we talk about the NBA games played Tuesday night and what’s on the schedule for Wednesday Night games
October 27, 2021
NFL week 7 wrap up
On today’s episode we talk about week 7 of the NFL
October 25, 2021
NFL week 6 wrap-up
On today episode we talk about NFL week 6 and what teams are hot??
October 18, 2021
Dallas Mavericks Writer: Grant Afseth
On today's episode we talk to Grant Afseth who graduated from Arizona State. Worked with the Phoenix Mercury (Writer). Along with working with the Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers and Sports Illustrated. It was a pleasure to have him on the podcast!
October 15, 2021
Week 5 NFL wrap up
On today episode we talk about Week 5 of the NFL
October 13, 2021
NBA Media Day
On today episode we talk about NBA media day and the Indiana Pacers
September 29, 2021
Monday Night Game “Cowboys vs EAGLES”
On today’s episode we talk about the Dallas Cowboys beating the Philadelphia Eagles in a LIVE Primetime game on Monday Night
September 29, 2021
Colts NFL weeks 1, 2 and 3
On today episode we talk about the Indianapolis Colts losing their first 3 games and Carson Wentz is not able to perform at QB but we’re still using him
September 27, 2021
Robert Fry II
On today episode we talk to Robert Fry II about verbally committing with Checkmate Sports LLC And Showtime Arnett as his Marketing NBA Agent
September 09, 2021
Michael Clark Jr
On today’s episode we talk about the challenges, obstacles and hurdles that needs to be implemented in life. We talk about what family means and the football mentality when playing.
August 05, 2021
Head Coach Montez Williams
On today’s episode we talk about transitions from coaching one team to another and the leadership qualities needed when coaching. What family means to me? Also, goals for the season and what it means to win a another championship for “C” Nation.
July 27, 2021
On today’s episode we talk about the Fever who’s on a 3-game winning streak, USA Team Sue Bird & Diana Taurasi. Bucks winning Title, Giannas MVP, DPOY, Finals MVP. We talk Packers, Colts, Titans and Texans
July 23, 2021
Dawand Jones
On today’s episode we talk with (The Ohio State University) OL about changing from high school to college work ethics. The expectations that are expected from athletes and how to adapt being a star football player
July 20, 2021
Ronaldo Tomasello
On today’s episode we talk with 3x (football) Champion Ronaldo On his new Contract overseas! Fursty Razorbacks located in Germany is where he takes his talents and skills!
June 07, 2021
Purdue’s (WR) David Bell
We talked with Former Warren Central Champion and Purdue WR about life work ethics and being focused on your craft. Taking this time to visit family this weekend. I had a chance to speak with David about his ongoing success at Purdue University
May 21, 2021
Sean Scott
On today’s episode we talk with Warren Central Champion Sean Scott -who is ring chasing for this season being his Senior Year! He was invited to a selective Camp for Defense Lineman Only and his dedication, hard work and motivation is just the top of the ice-berg.
May 21, 2021
Isaias Ventura
On today’s episode we talk with Basketball standout Isaias Ventura from Bronx, New York about his goals and dreams of playing collegiate Basketball. Giving honors and thanks to Mom & Dad without them the journey wouldn’t be possible!
May 20, 2021
NBA Playoffs
On today’s episode we talk about the NBA playin tournament for teams 7-10. Monty Williams wins NBCA coach of year!!
May 19, 2021
Mark Montieth
On today’s episode on the podcast, we talk with Pacers Sports Writer about Kobe being inducted into HOF, late passing of friend (Bob “Slick” Leonard), the colts and new QB Carson Wentz.
May 17, 2021
John MudDawg Mudrack
On today’s episode we talk with John about goals, dreams and playing football at the Semi-Pro level. He currently plays for Indiana Tornadoes! A big Star Wars fan with a new added tattoo. (Imperial Insignia)
May 15, 2021
Showtime Arnett Sports Talk
Breanna Stewart (Seattle) WNBA signs signature shoe with Puma, Colts sign OT Eric Fisher (KC) 1yr/9.5million and Russell Westbrook triple double machine 4-5 years breaks Oscar Robertson record. (182 triple doubles)
May 12, 2021
Showtime Arnett Sports Talk- The Podcast
NBA, WNBA & NFL schedule and scores
April 23, 2021
Ronnie Hayes
Founder of Next Level youth football team who attended Cathedral High school. A blessed athlete in the community who is married. Always looking forward to helping and teaching the youth grow and how to maintain good character on and off the field.
March 25, 2021
Damon Frierson
On today’s episode we talked about winning Mr Basketball at Ben Davis and also winning a state championship (1995). Now in his 4th season with Miami of Ohio, he is responsible for budget, team academics and all new comers coming to the basketball program!
March 09, 2021
Keyshaun Pipkin
On today’s sports talk.... we talked about what it takes to be a leader on the North Central Football Team. Playing on the traveling 7 on 7 league that helps getting prepared for the season.
March 08, 2021
Ryan Dobbs
On today’s sports talk-the podcast...we talked to Ryan Dobbs about coaching for the PHENOM 765, winning 2 championships with the Marion County Crusaders and getting married last summer. What’s life like becoming a coach from being a player? The trials and challenges of coaching young kids!
March 05, 2021
Showtime Arnett
On today’s episode, we talked about the NBA AllStar meaning for HBCU and the NCAA men’s and women’s B1G tournament here in Indianapolis. Highlights of scores from last night action!!
March 03, 2021
Paul Funches
On today’s episode we talked to Mr Funches about starting his own Prep school and the hard work it took to get it constructed along with his wife guidance. He played College Football at Franklin College and is a Member of the (2003) Warren Central championship team
March 03, 2021
Mitch “MagicHands” Whitfield
On today’s sports talk-the podcast. We spoke with Mitch and he talked about life as being a Barber, Husband, Father, Cousin and Teammate. We touched basis on joining the Indy Tornadoes and what this season means to him!
February 25, 2021
Kaumarion Primm
Talks about being a student athlete at Pike High School (JR) . Growing up with a older brother and younger sister they always supported his goals. Kaumarion looks forward to the upcoming season and his college interests are (IU) and (Northwestern)
February 23, 2021
Amy Myers
Started Semi-Pro Football as a trainer and then moved to GM being a co-owner with the Crusaders...Recently partnered with Grind Hard Performance and currently writing a Novel about being a female working in a male dominated field!
February 22, 2021
Tony Nibbs
On today’s sports talk....we have the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Tony Nibbs, a husband/father who likes attending family venues. A former (Alumni) North Central Panther and Ball State Alumni (RB). He teaches his 2-sons (Tryeese & Trevor) to be honest with themselves and respectful.
February 18, 2021
Mosi Barnes
Director of Athletics at Arsenal Tech High School. His son Jelaani Davis-Barnes runs track (triple-jump) for Oklahoma in the Long jump and is making his name centered around his talents. Mosi is married with 3 beautiful children and loves to interact with young men/players about dedication and hard work to get to where you want to be!!
February 17, 2021
Delbert Mimms III
Attended Ben Davis high school and from there received a scholarship to play College Football at NC State. A student athlete with plans on taking his play to the next chapter (NFL). He has support from family and friends and that’s the key ingredients when making a name for yourself!!
February 16, 2021
Jerome Cook
Grew up in Louisville Kentucky and played high school football at Shawnee High School. Next, played College Football at Lackawanna College located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Growing up with 9 siblings and now currently playing Semi Pro Football for the Indiana Tornadoes.
February 16, 2021
David Teague
One of Purdue’s top 50 Greatest Player of all time. Head Coach at Purdue Polytechnic (2) season. Speaks about family life and being a father/husband. Talks about childhood experiences and life after playing basketball!!!
February 15, 2021
Rob Fry
Talks about life, family and living on the west coast. Rob Fry II (son) is currently playing College Basketball at Culver Stockton College which is an NAIA school. His oldest Son Darrius lives in Colorado living his dream life. Rob started another chapter in his life by moving away from Indianapolis. Its the best move he made.
February 11, 2021
Armand Harris “Fiff”
2-Champion with Marion County Crusaders. Nickname Fiff because he’s always hott. Growing up on the West Coast living in a gang environment, moved to the Midwest because he wanted to give his daughter a better lifestyle from his growing up!! Getting married son with high expectations of winning his 3rd Championship with the Semi-Pro Marion County Crusaders!!!
February 10, 2021
Diego Fonseca
Mexican Boxer who plays Semi-Pro Football for the 2x Champions Marion County Crusaders...Talks about growing up with his siblings and having a supportive cast in (Daniel Corbin) his nutritionist.
February 04, 2021
Tez & Kendale Williams
Talks about relationships with the Marion County Crusaders. New Opportunities with Circle City Warriors. New Head Coach: Tez Williams Kendale and Girlfriend: Congratulations
February 03, 2021
Chris Graham
The lifestyle of Chris Graham former University of Michigan standout, Warren Central phenomenal and Army Cavscount. He played in the NFL, CFL and GFL.
January 28, 2021
Chad Wheeler- (BUM) ex-NFL player
Chad Wheeler- Weak minded ....Candice Parker going home to play for Chicago Sky, her hometown. NBA scores and highlights and Indiana Pacers Malcolm Bronson sell his Fishers Mansion for $955,000.
January 28, 2021
Kobe Bryant
5x-NBA Champion.......2x- Finals MVP......NBA MVP......18x- All-Star.....2x-Gold Medal....12x-All Defense.....4x-NBA AllStar MVP.....15x-All NBA Team
January 26, 2021
Chris Smith
Talks about growing up with his 2 Big Sisters and what life was like. At 2 years old he use to wear his colts uniform to his big cousin football game. Played for 2-time Champions University of St Francis in Football. Started a movement with #PVO which means: Positive Vibes Only. I like to thank Chris Smith for joining us on the Showtime Arnett Sports Talk-The Podcast
January 26, 2021
Keith B. Scuggs Jr. AKA Clamp Nation
Explores the life of one Mr Keith B. Scuggs Jr. A standout athlete at Ben Davis High School before playing college football 2 years at Toledo. After that transferred to Southern Illinois for another 2 years. Currently Coaching DB at his alumni Ben Davis and playing Semi-Pro Football with Marion County Crusaders and winning 2 Championship with them and looks for another this upcoming season 2021-2022
January 26, 2021
Mason Pryor
Talks about life growing up being Mason Pryor and how his mother met Richard Pryor. His siblings and their views of there late father and Mason being a businessman with the intentions of joining the Army.
January 22, 2021
Hank Aaron (Legend) Died 86
Conference Championship AFC championship and NFC .....
January 22, 2021
Al-Vastia McKeller AKA McNa$tii
University of Indianapolis (3558 yds) with one season left to go. Desmond his big brother by 9 years cloned his little brother Al-Vastia to become a “Dogg” on the football field. The name change comes from being business minded. His impact on and off the field accumulated numerous trophies and MVP personal awards! Hard work pays off and Now 2021 NFL draft will see McKeller!!
January 21, 2021
Will Caudle
Indiana All-Star Selection (2001) (Warren Central High School) while being an awesome asset to Xavier University. Will Caudle won 4 straight Conference Championships and then decided to play overseas for 8 years.
January 20, 2021
Delbert Tardy Sr
Stand-out Basketball and Football player at Manual High School. His Brothers Larry & Earl Tardy played sports with him to make him tough coming from Norwood COMMUNITY. His Son Doc Tardy was best thing living at 19 years old!!! Talked Alabama football, Pacers trade and Victor big night last in his season Debut with rockets
January 19, 2021
Greg Black
Talked about Basketball, playing AAU, being a father and Dallas Cowboy Fan...parents were supportive and loves his Indiana Pacers
January 18, 2021
NBA highlights and scores: Jan 14,
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Details of games and stats from last night action in the NBA..
January 15, 2021
Jets Hire Robert Saleh
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Adrian Peterson Owes $8.3 in loans....Kylie fined $900,000....Urban Meyer likes Trevor....Zion returns against Red 🔥 Lakers team (7-0) on road and a 4-game winning streak...
January 15, 2021
NFL Playoffs
Playoff Football featuring the Elite 8 teams to reach this point. They are as follows: Rams, Saints, Packers, Bucs, Browns, Bills, Chiefs and Ravens
January 14, 2021
Urban Meyer ...
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
NFL playoffs....Lakers (7-0) on road....Dana white (UFC) first time on major network ABC (Saturday) 3pm
January 14, 2021
NBA: James Harden Traded
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
4 team trade deal...James harden to Brooklyn Nets ...Victor Oladipo to Houston....Dante Exum to Brooklyn....Taurean Prince to Cleveland....Rodions Kurucs to Houston...Jarrett Allen to Cleveland....Caris Levert to Pacers
January 13, 2021
NFL and NBA talks...
Giving details about playoff NFL football and NBA basketball...
January 13, 2021
January 13, 2021
January 13, 2021