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Oysterlicious with ShuckerPaddy

Oysterlicious with ShuckerPaddy

By ShuckerPaddy aka P.A.McMurray
The Oyster is 25million years old, with just as many stories. I’m @ShuckerPaddy aka Patrick McMurray World Champion & Guinness Book Shucker, Restauranteur, Publican Author & Seanchaí. I’ve been Shuckin’Around for 35 years and travelled the World for the Oyster. Oysterlicious stories will be told - from Aphrodisiac to Zinc. History, Merroir, Aquaculture, travel, competition, restaurants, F&B and kitchen stories from Behind the Raw Bar. Get involved - want to ask a question? Drop me a line through InstaGram @ShuckerPaddy or Shuckingly yours, Paddy
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North America’s Big 5 Species of Oysters
An Oyster is an Oyster, just grab the sauce and go!...Not necessarily so... There are 5 Species of Oysters in NorthAmerica - and flavour is based on Species, Region and Grower - let’s get Oysterlicious!
August 26, 2020
You always remember your First... Oyster
You gotta start somewhere.... I’ve been asked many time HOW did you, a city kid from Toronto - ever get into the Oyster Biz? - well it’s a bit of a story...or two...
July 24, 2020