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ShuiTao life. The way Of water.

ShuiTao life. The way Of water.

By Geoff Mysynuk
Martial Arts, Self Development, Humour, and more...
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Answering a fans question! (Yes I have a fan! Don't be shocked! Lol) and some randomness.
Why am I so negative? I'm not. It might seem like that... But have a listen and find out... And have a laugh too.
September 19, 2020
The (Not So) Elusive Black Belt
Let's approach the argument of "what's a good age for a person to achieve black belt?"... (I tried going unscripted on this one. Hopefully it works out.)
September 15, 2020
Cultural Appropriation in Martial Arts - capitalism vs culture!
What has capitalism done to traditional arts? How has it impacted training? Has it ruined traditional culture? Has it brought any benefits? Let's check it out! Also check out the website, and support us on Subscribe to our Facebook page too!
August 22, 2020
Cultural Appropriation in Martial Arts - Episode 2. How M.A. came to the west.
This episode talks about how martial arts made its way to the west, as well as how the colored belt rank system came in to existence! Http:// or visit our Patreon,
August 11, 2020
Cultural Appropriation in martial arts - Episode 1!
Were going to talk about cultural appropriation in martial arts. The history, the development of the arts, the sharing of the eastern arts with the west, and more! Intro song, I wanna be sedated tribute by The Offspring, and song byte, Time Warp from Roxy Horror picture Show. Check out, as well as my Patreon,
August 7, 2020
The Best Martial Art
What is the best martial art? Is there one? If there is, why? And how do you choose a martial arts instructor? And also some funny stuff about my beginnings in the arts.
August 5, 2020
Intro episode
A little about Shifu, some funny stuff.
August 4, 2020