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Six Stages Diversity Framework: Building Bridges of Empathy

Six Stages Diversity Framework: Building Bridges of Empathy

By Dr Shungu Hilda M'gadzah
This podcast explores our understanding and ability to engage and deal with racism.

It brings to you reflections on everyday psychology and explores the impact of racism on different sectors of the community from schools to businesses and charities.

It explores some of the challenges we face as individuals and organisation and offers ideas, support and strategies for being dealing with and challenging racism.

The Six Stages Conceptual Framework is a tool used to assess where individuals and organisations are in their journey and we explore the different concepts within this framework
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On compassion, empathy and humanity: Black people are human beings and we are not animals.
My latest blog has had over 261 views and many have described it as powerful and insightful.  This is the podcast recording of the blog. "Many of us have been watching the trial of Chauvin, accused of killing of George Floyd. This is tough viewing for many people, black and white (and other ethnic minorities groups)...  In Belgium there are similar concerns of violence and the death of black men at the hands of police. We need all need to face up to the realities of racism. Black people need to protect themselves from the trauma of constantly witnessing racism. A key global challenge is hate and bias and discrimination towards those who are different from us. We need to be brave enough to see the reality of racism and we need to be brave enough to call it out when we see it. It is not good enough for the UK Government and other organisations to deny the existence of racism. We need to wake up and face up to the realities of the challenges we are faced with globally, such as the reality of racism. Hate and racism does not just affect black or Asian people. It affects us all. Without empathy and compassion we are nothing but animals." Listen to or read my reflections in my latest blog.
April 11, 2021
Politicians, identities and policies. Implications for selection, recruitment and creating a safe space for black and ethnic minorities.
“We choose our politicians based on their identities and then adjust our interpretations of their policies to fit.” What are the implications of this on recruitment and selection processes and on allowing the space for marginalised groups to speak in meetings? Creating a safe space for the voices of black and ethnic minorities to be heard. Prefer to read the blog:
January 24, 2021
Owning up to our Negative Automatic Thoughts: Diversity and Inclusion in the Boardroom: What's at stake?
When we allow ourselves to be stuck in caves of privilege, safe from the injustice which affects marginalised groups we convince ourselves that Diversity and Inclusion is not our business. However if we do this long enough the damaging impacts are clear to see as we nurture and reinforce messages of superiority and entitlement. We nurture and reinforce messages of intolerance and believe the conspiracy theories we are told. The impact of these repeated messages affects us all (not just those who believe them) as we saw in the Capitol Hill riots. Some will argue this was in America, it cannot happen here. However the truth is it can happen anywhere. Wherever senses of privilege and entitlement are left unchecked and where there is intolerance of difference and an eagerness to blame those who are different such as ethnic minorities. Check out the full article hear: Diversity and Inclusion in the Boardroom Sign up for the Diversity and Inclusion Boardroom training
January 12, 2021
Setting the scene: What are your top 3 Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resolutions or Intentions for the Year 2021?
As we wrap up 2020, I sat down with Kevin Kamau to reflect on the year and discussed at length what that means for EDI resolutions in 2021. Feel free to share your 2021 EDI resolutions in the comment section. Join me in this episode as I introduce my Six Stages Conceptual Framework and why it is an important tool in supporting individuals and organisations to better understand and to deal with racism. The Diversity Wheels are Turning and this is your chance to listen to some new ideas around fighting racism. 2021 is a New Year and we have to be bold and approach things differently. If we do the same as we have always done we will get the same results. We need to be committed to change and the Conversation starts here. Check out the article completed with Kevin Kamau from Canada:
January 03, 2021