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By Sidney St. James

Sidney St. James abandoned his corporate career to become a digital nomad and full-time writer of fiction and creative historical nonfiction novels. He's an avid blogger, podcaster, and, of course, a teller of stories and writer of novels. Along the way, he’s an author helping other writers, bloggers, and podcasters achieve their self-publishing goals while turning out three to four new novels per year. Join him at BeeBop Publishing Group, where he shares tips, advice, and lots of inspiration to self-publishing authors with an independent spirit.

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Season 3 Episode 6: The Love Story of Samson & Delilah, with Appearances by Allyssa Struss, Dylan Struss and their BFF Gabby Elita
SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 1375-1300 BC Samson and Delilah's Shocking Love Story From the Book of Judges in the Bible Hello everyone. Your host Sidney St. James with you today. I had been "clicking" up a storm on my novel No. 51, a murder mystery called "Murder in the Prairie Edge Museum," when suddenly, a thought hit me. I don't understand why this occurs, but I was way up in the present day in my hometown murder mystery when I thought of another loving relationship from way back in 1350 BC. I know… how in the world could a romance mystery novel written in 2022 have anything to do with a romance so far back in Biblical Times. Right? Well, I think of all sorts of romances when writing a book and the one I wish to talk to you today about is a duzzy. And you think Judas was an awful betrayest. You've got another thing coming today. In my first episode of Season 3, I mention that most of my novels have some sort of input from the Bible. Maybe it's only a prayer, dream, or thought before pulling a trigger, but there's always something. Oh, and yes, even Satan and Archangel solving a disagreement in my Storm Lord Trilogy Series. So, when I finish the novel, you will see something in "Murder in the Prairie Edge Museum,"scheduled for release in the Fall of this year, that brings out a specific scene from something from the Bible. My story comes today from taking my infamous time machine back… way back to the 1300s before the birth of Jesus Christ. I've never gone so far back before, but I think I'm ready for the test. (TICKLE. TICKLE. TICKLE) We have stopped. The sun rises on the Book of Judges, which can be difficult to understand sometimes about how Righteousness in a World Without Rights or Wrongs can possibly exist. When we point to wholesome examples of relationships in the Bible to strengthen our own relationships or marriages, we obviously don't mean to talk about the so-called "love story" between a man and woman known as Samson and Delilah. However, until this broadcast, I didn't know that. For those unfamiliar with the story... Samson, a judge God had appointed over Israel, decided to disrupt every rule in the book. Even though his family took a Nazarite vow, he didn’t follow the guidelines by any stretch. Instead, he wreaked havoc and revenge on the Philistines in often violent ways, but worst of all…he fell heads over heels in love with Delilah.
May 26, 2022
Season 3 Prequel: OPERATION MAGIC CARPET Tribute on Memorial Day 2021... A Replay Before This Year's 2 Part Special Memorial Tribute to the USS Houston and its Crew in 1942
A REPLAY: Memorial Day Tribute to Friendship & Patriotism 'Home Alive By ‘45’ Operation Magic Carpet 2021 Operation Magic Carpet was the most extensive combined air and sealift ever organized during wartime. Elmer A. Struss, my father, was an officer in the Navy, one of many assigned this task and helped bring back home millions of soldiers at the end of WWII. It was called… by all the servicemen and women as the scope expanded worldwide as “Home Alive By ’45!” My special presentation on this Memorial Weekend is of the First Nighttime Torpedo Drop in Naval History, Operation Magic Carpet, and action in the theater of Northern Africa. Today, my words are a tribute to the patriotism about Eagle Lake, Texas’ Three Musketeers, as they were known in school in the 1920s and 1930s… Robert Jack “Coogie” Ney, Elmer Struss and Freddie Frnka.. Over my entire life growing up, I heard some pretty wild stories of these three men who fought for our country during World War II. The stories I heard and some treasured pictures from the 1920s dug out of Antonio & Cleopatra cigar boxes go way back before the War. As a matter of fact, before relating their wartime contributions, I want to talk about something else amazing between the three… their FRIENDSHIP with each other. Let’s first talk about friendship and the differences in levels of friendship. Good friends are those that care for each other…close friends really understand one another… but ladies and gentlemen, TRUE FRIENDS, stay forever…beyond all words and beyond all distances, beyond all boundaries… wherever they might move to and between one another and absolutely beyond time itself…! You know, speaking from personal experience, we all have made friends in our lives over the years. I suppose I got started in Mrs. Mina Kveton’s Kindergarten Class in 1956, and still to this very day, some of those friends I made then as a six-year-old are true friends… even though we lost contact with each other as we grew older. We make as adults and stay in touch with other friends as long as we live close to, and it’s convenient to stay in touch, but then over time, one moves away, or busy schedules slowly pull us apart, and we start to lose touch.  Those friendships fall into what I call the good friends' category. But then, there’s that last group of friends – those we all call our true friends or, in my granddaughter’s language of today, BFFs – they are those we have a mutual caring about. We understand each other’s hearts, and where bonds are formed between us that span any distance in proximity… from one side of the world to the other and where the bonds run so deep that no amount of time apart or lack of words being said between us, will change the way we feel about those friends. These, my loyal listeners, are our true friends, and when one comes into your life, cherish it for all its worth!
May 13, 2022
Season 3 Episode 8: The Abraham Lincoln Assassination Series - CONSPIRACY THEORIES
Season 3 Episode 8 Who Really Shot Abraham Lincoln at the Ford Theater? Bam!!! The other shot heard around the world. The Civil War in America had just ended, and all the major newspapers around the North and South began printing their stories. However, when the dust cleared enough to see, John Wilkes Booth was designated the fall guy of this historical event. Hello everyone, Sidney St. James here with my podcast on writing the Abraham Lincoln Assassination Series several years ago. Some of you have learned that I have got this niche of being able to go back in time "in my virtual time machine" and put myself in peoples' shoes. I did this many times in my genealogy studies and did this when I wrote the five-book series on the Lincoln Assassination. It was the evening of April 14, 1865. According to the Northern newspapers, the War Between the States had ended, and Washington City celebrated. President Abraham Lincoln entered the balcony at Ford's Theater to a standing ovation: a sign of a return to everyday life in America. The following morning, just a few minutes before 7:30, President Abe Lincoln was dead, and assassin J. Wilkes Booth became one of the, if not THE most, infamous figures in all U. S. history. But now, 157 years since the one-shot from a derringer pistol, conspiracy theories still abound in America. I suppose you can say it was one of the most egregious "fake news" cover-ups in all of American history. "What if I were to come right out and tell you John Wilkes Booth didn't fire the gun that killed President Lincoln? What if I was to say to you he actually died in Oklahoma many, many years later? What if I tell you the Secretary of War was secretly in on the plot to kill the President? What if I were to tell you the Catholic Church was knee-deep in all of it from the start? All these questions come from the writing of the actual court transcripts and autopsy reports, and other items of interest in a five-book series, "The Lincoln Assassination Series." Since going to college in my early days, I have been a historian. I love history, either from the Bible or our own American History. Although I majored in History at A&M for a few semesters, I graduated without a degree in that field, but I still remain very interested in the Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. My 5-book series, which would be 6 books, began at President Lincoln's bedside when he passed away on April 15, 1865, at 7:22 in the morning. I know you might go out and find that there is not a sixth novel. This is because I elected to not write the one on the conspiracy theories. However, I will say there is much evidence in all the digital archives that will make you think that there was more to only one man pulling the trigger on a single-shot derringer pistol! In my review of the piles of digital archives when investigating the President's death and going over eyewitness reports to write the original five novels, there are actually pieces of this evidence that going reveals a "secret shooter" and cover-up that stretches from Washington City all the way to the Catholic Church. So, thank's for joining me today as I discuss briefly the many areas that don't make sense… there's still more to the story!
May 09, 2022
Season 3 Episode 11: A Tribute to My Mother on Mother's Day
SEASON 3 EPISODE 11 MOTHER'S DAY – A TRIBUTE TO MY MOM Hello everyone. Sidney St. James, your host for today's show. It's the time of year when we stop and pay honor to the first woman we have ever loved, our mothers. Mothers are superheroes... our greatest American Hero. They do it all.  No matter how challenging life gets, moms have a way of making everything so much better. As most of you probably already know, my mother, Dorothy (Dot), has now gone to Heaven, as I've discussed her on other broadcasts. I even nicknamed her the Queen of the House. She could light up a room with her broad smile. Mom raised me up to love the Lord and be tough, so when I came up against hurdles and fell, I could get back up, brush myself off, and keep on with my race.  I could count on my Mom for anything, and she had the best sense of humor, which I am happy I inherited. My Mother, DOROTHY MAUREEN SLATON STRUSS, is no longer with us, but every year on Mother's Day, I can't help but think about her and all the fun times growing up with her in my mind and my heart. From planting tulips around the house to the Blue Lilly of the Nile in various places of the yard. Today, Mother's Day, I would like to open up with a passage about Mother's Day, found on Page 313 in my Novel "Faith – Seventy Times Seven." Again, thanks for joining me on this special day as we all celebrate our mothers and stepmothers, past and present!
May 08, 2022
Season 3 Episode 10: A Prequel to Mother's Day - The Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds, the First Lady of the Louisiana Presbytery... the Fifth Woman Ordained in the United States
IF WOMEN HAD JUST KEPT SILENT IN THE CHURCH… THERE WOULDN'T BE A CHURCH. STRONG STATEMENT… BUT THAT'S THE FACT, JACK!!! SEASON 3 EPISODE 10 PREQUEL TO MOTHER'S DAY PODCAST THE TRUE STORY OF THE REVEREND MRS. ADA CASTON SLATON BONDS OF THE CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH (A MOVIE ON THE SILVER SCREEN SCRIPT ALMOST COMPLETE... WATCH FOR IT IN THEATERS IN 2023) In yellowed and dogeared Red Chief notebooks dating from 1914 to the 1960s, she told a part of her memoirs of the difficulties of being accepted as a woman in the church. One Sunday, a man walked out of her church, the Progress Cumberland Presbyterian Church, outside the small town of Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. Having not researched the congregation before visiting, he was apparently appalled to discover the pastor of this tiny house of worship was a woman. Yep, that’s right… a woman preaching the Word of God. Can you imagine that? He wrote to her later to explain that if she would just go and STUDY THE BIBLE, then she would come to the understanding that women were not allowed to teach men about Christ. This was in 1918 when the Progress Cumberland Presbyterian Church was celebrating its 8th Birthday. This same woman applied for ordination with the Presbyterian Church in 1914 at this same church when it was only four years old.  According to her writings, it didn't bother her as she had dealt with this kind of mentality for the last 6 years. In her own words, she said, "That's how long it took for the Cumberland Presbyterian Church to give me my ordination as a minister in the church after my first application. That's how long it took for me to pass every known obstacle they threw at me. How did the stranger put it, "GO AND STUDY MY BIBLE." The full true story can be found in FAITH - SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN. Caution must be exercised because some of Ada's struggles are quite graphical and in some cases, violence will break your heart! This story is true! One that ends with the Ku Klux Klan No. 60 taking matters into their own hands to protect who they called the Mother of All Presbyteries... the woman they said reflected PURE WOMANHOOD!
May 06, 2022
Season 3 Episode 9 DID YOU ALWAYS WANT TO BE A SUPERHERO WHEN YOU WERE GROWING UP? Hello everyone! Sidney St. James here with another exciting and different kind of subject matter than I usually talk about on my podcasts. Last night, I had a dream… a dream that seemed so real. Not the kind Martin Luther King had, but one that was totally different. As I always do during such a dream, after I wakened in sweat and threw the covers off me, I jumped up and ran to my computer and began typing. I learned from attending one of Stephen King's webinars that is where his best stories come from. So, I rushed to my laptop at 2:30 in the morning and began writing. Whatever IT was, a red glow hung above my three brother's beds in what our dad once called the mule stables. It was 1965. Then, my brothers all started screaming, and then suddenly, there was total silence. The red glow disappeared. I sat in bed with my knees up, held by my two arms, rocking back and forth. It was then that I began my next novel, my version of "The Body Snatchers! – It Happened One Night" Well, that's not what this post is about, but it does deal with dreams. In my case today, it deals with dreams of flying and superheroes. I sometimes wonder if this kind of post is a good idea. Self-disclosure can be a dominant teaching aid when applied judiciously, and I've used it with my kids and, believe it or not, with my employees from time to time in the earlier businesses I once owned.  But, after all the years I've lived on this Earth, I find that it gets a little eerie when splattered about on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and I end up learning way too much about some people, more than we would probably like to know.  Many of us feel like we're the only one experiencing a situation. We are surprised to learn that others have gone through the same darn thing or something much similar.  So, at the peril of appearing self-absorbed and egotistic, I share experiences and hopefully lessons learned from my own life, hoping that it may help someone else who might be struggling with their own issues.  I bet you're like me if you will just admit it. I often used to ask myself what my ole Dad would do. After he told me, I would immediately run, and I did the opposite.  See, right there, I listened and learned! So, again, thanks for joining me for my broadcast today. I hope you enjoy my story of my brothers and me, who once were the Greatest of American Superheroes!
May 06, 2022
Season 3 Episode 7 - THE POWER OF PRAYER - Our Fiercest Weapon Against the Enemy and All Things in This Fallen World
Top of the Day, Everyone! This is Sidney St. James, your host today, as we talk about the POWER OF PRAYER. Sometimes I think the most challenging part of being a Christian is acknowledging that there are many of our friends and family we hold deeply in our hearts who do not agree with the same convictions as we do. They don’t recognize Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior; they may not even acknowledge God. It might be parents, siblings, maybe even our children or nieces, nephews, friends, and neighbors. As a Christian, no matter, who that person is, it causes me pain, anxiety, and fear and I am sure it does you to. As a father, grandfather, and Godfather to many little ones, many people do in fact, in my life do fit into the non-Christian type. This, my friends, causes me so much pain, but mostly, it makes me very fearful. I know exactly where I will be when I leave this life, and that thought gives me great pleasure. It really does. But I also know it’s only by the grace of God and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I’ve been given that opportunity. It was handed to me as a choice, and I took it. I chose it. I also know that on that big day of judgment, every knee shall bow, and EVERY tongue will confess. ***** Some Best-Selling Novels from Sidney St. James: A Victorian Romance (Author’s Choice!) I am Woman – Hear Me Roar! I Am Woman – I Am Invincible! A Paranormal Romance: Nevaeh – The Lost City of Nemea by Sidney St. James, Part I Crux Ansata – The Lost City of Ankara Part II A Two-Part Romance Mystery: True Love Ways – Sometimes we Sigh, Part I I Go to Pieces – Sequel to True Love Ways, Part II #christianpodcast #podcast #christian #faith #christianpodcasters #podcastersofinstagram #christianity #god #jesus #bible #christianpodcaster #podcastlife #christianliving #christianbloggers #church #christianblogger #christianpodcasts #jesuschrist #biblestudy #podcasts #christianinfluencer #christianwomen #podcasting #podcaster #inspiration #podcasthost #newpodcast #prayer #christianinspiration #selfhelppodcast #sidneystjamesshow #sidneystjames #eaglelake #columbus #pleasanthill #cumberlandpresbyterianchurch
May 01, 2022
Season 3 Episode 6: A Love Story from the Bible- SAMSON & DELILAH
SEASON 3 EPISODE 6 1375-1300 BC Samson and Delilah's Shocking Love Story From the Book of Judges in the Bible Hello everyone. Your host Sidney St. James with you today. I had been "clicking" up a storm on my novel No. 51, a murder mystery called "Murder in the Prairie Edge Museum," when suddenly, a thought hit me. I don't understand why this occurs, but I was way up in the present day in my hometown murder mystery when I thought of another loving relationship from way back in 1350 BC. I know… how in the world could a romance mystery novel written in 2022 have anything to do with a romance so far back in Biblical Times. Right? Well, I think of all sorts of romances when writing a book and the one I wish to talk to you today about is a duzzy. And you think Judas was an awful betrayest. You've got another thing coming today. In my first episode of Season 3, I mention that most of my novels have some sort of input from the Bible. Maybe it's only a prayer, dream, or thought before pulling a trigger, but there's always something. Oh, and yes, even Satan and Archangel solving a disagreement in my Storm Lord Trilogy Series. So, when I finish the novel, you will see something in "Murder in the Prairie Edge Museum," scheduled for release in the Fall of this year, that brings out a specific scene from something from the Bible. My story comes today from taking my infamous time machine back… way back to the 1300s before the birth of Jesus Christ. I've never gone so far back before, but I think I'm ready for the test. (TICKLE. TICKLE. TICKLE) We have stopped. The sun rises on the Book of Judges, which can be difficult to understand sometimes about how Righteousness in a World Without Rights or Wrongs can possibly exist. When we point to wholesome examples of relationships in the Bible to strengthen our own relationships or marriages, we obviously don't mean to talk about the so-called "love story" between a man and woman known as Samson and Delilah. However, until this broadcast, I didn't know that. For those unfamiliar with the story... Samson, a judge God had appointed over Israel, decided to disrupt every rule in the book. Even though his family took a Nazarite vow, he didn’t follow the guidelines by any stretch. Instead, he wreaked havoc and revenge on the Philistines in often violent ways, but worst of all…he fell heads over heels in love with Delilah.
April 23, 2022
Season 3 Episode 5: Archangel Michael and The Making of the Storm Lord Trilogy Series, a Paranormal Romance
Season 3 Episode 5 Finding the Foe for Satan to Battle in "The Three Keys of Armageddon" What Are Archangels in the Bible? How Many Archangels Are There? Welcome everyone today. I'm Sidney St. James, your host. Thanks for joining me in discussing the making of "The Storm Lord Trilogy Series," a paranormal romance. Beginning right away in my opening narrative, I wrote a paranormal romance series where the main characters were Satan and Angelica Thompson, a prolific writer who moves to Black Rock Cove in Oregon. She goes for a walk her first night and experiences something she's just not sure what it was or what really happened. Was it a dream? Was she playing out a part of her new novel? Was it something she ate that gave her hallucinations? While Satan is one of two of the main characters in the book, I had just finished the second book, "Nine Months Will Tell," when I watched the movie Twilight's concluding novel portrayed in that series. Wow, right? That ending was absolutely FANTASTIC! Well, I knew I needed to take my time and develop a dramatic conclusion to my series, as well. So, who better to give Satan a run for his money than his baby brother, Archangel Michael? So, my research began to complete studying the Chief of Angels for God, and today, my notes are presented on What are Archangels in the Bible? Archangel Michael is God's No. 1 Angel, leading all the angels in heaven. He is also known as Saint Michael. Many scholars around the world say that Michael means "Who is like God?" Michael's main characteristics are extraordinary strength and courage. Michael battles for good to prevail over evil and empowers believers to set their faith in God on fire with passion. In addition, he protects and defends people who love God. He is known to help carry their souls to heaven. Wow! Now, that is just the kind of person I needed to fight such great evil as Lucifer. The only thing I needed was an answer from my wife to the question, "People expect Archangel Michael to defeat Satan. Should I have Satan defeating him in the final novel?" Well… she gave me her answer, but I don't always listen to her. In further research, I found the Sword of Defense, which I buried in a cave to be found, but not without Satan almost stopping the discovery. Now get this… my wife sits across from me in her own office and is the go-to person when I am trying to decide if "I kill off a character or let good win or evil." Believe it or not, she reads lots of books and says what's on her mind. If I could, I would dedicate all my novels to her, but she knows that, and that's what matters.
April 21, 2022
Easter Prayer to End the Three-Part Series on Easter
A Prayer to Conclude the three-part series on Easter 2022 by Sidney St. James.
April 17, 2022
Season 3 Episode 4: EASTER SUNDAY - The Resurrection Part 3 of 3
Season 3 Episode 4 EASTER SUNDAY – THE RESURRECTION A SERIES: PART 3 OF 3 APRIL 21, 2022  Welcome, everyone, to my Easter Podcast for this year. This is your host, Sidney St. James. I still remember a small brick building outside Coushatta, Louisiana, called the Bethany Cumberland Presbyterian Church, where I attended my grandmother, the Reverend Ada Caston Slaton Bonds' Easter Sermon. Although there still remain notes from many of her sermons from the early 1900s, a few pages still remained where she spoke of Good Friday and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds put everything she had each year into her Easter sermons. They were always one of the key messages she would preach every year. If your church is like most, you will see the highest number of visitors all year long, whether in person or virtually via Youtube Live or Facebook Live streaming. Many of these guests aren't coming from other houses of worship but are spiritual seekers attending the broadcast to learn why Easter matters. But it's not just about attendance. My Easter Podcast matters because we are celebrating the most climactic event of human history—the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! As I share the Story of the FIRST Easter with you today, you'll have an important opportunity to tell non-believers why Jesus' death, His burial, and His resurrection matters so much to them. My Easter Podcast is significant because of my opportunity to share the gospel, but Easter sermons tend to be more challenging because I have to come up with one every year, unlike fresh subject matter each week. I can't just repeat my Podcast or resubmit an older blog post. I need to develop a new way to engage my listening audience with the same core resurrection message I have given so many times before. So, strap in and get ready for something fresh… something meaningful… something extraordinary as we once again celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ! SOUNDBITE AFTER THE OPENING STATEMENT OF PODCAST. MAIN NARRATIVE STORY And now, on with my Story. Without the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Christian faith hasn't any hope to stand upon. Right? But if God, in fact, raised Jesus from the dead, nothing else really matters, and no one can argue that Christianity isn't true. I know I said "IF," but follow me in my message, and it will all become clear. All Christians doubt their devotion from time to time, for whatever reason it might be. Plus, it's Easter Sunday when I produced this Podcast, and I know I'm talking to non-believers, as well. So, it's an ideal time to help believers and non-believers understand just how reliable the historical accounts of the resurrection are. If this isn’t your first time hearing my show, you already know I'm a history nut. Lol. I know I'm talking history now, and that takes into account more than one reading of each of the scriptures I based my presentation on today. Remember. The first reading is the reflection reading… just what you think you read. Then, you go back and read it more slowly and look at each word as you interpret what you're reading. Because Christ's resurrection is at the hub of the Christian faith, you can locate a variety of scriptures touching on the validity of the resurrection. However, for this Podcast, it's best to narrow our focus to passages highlighting eyewitnesses to the resurrection and those who recorded the gospels who recorded their scriptures from listening to a story two times removed.
April 10, 2022
Season 3 Episode 3: Judas - The Kiss of Death Part 2 of 3 Easter Special
Season 3 Episode 3 On Thursday, Judas – The Kiss of Death A Series: Part 2 of 3-Part Podcast Hello Everyone. Thank you for joining me for Part II of my Easter Series, "Judas – The Kiss of Death." This is your host, Sidney St. James, to give you my ideas of why Judas betrayed Jesus, if he, in fact, betrayed him. Many inconsistencies and irrational aspects of Judas' actions in the gospels challenge his traditional depiction. As I always do, I study the scriptures repeatedly before I comment. First, Judas' can't be proven guilty of betrayal from the accounts in the Gospels. Instead, he is charged as a greed-infested traitor who broke his sacred connection to Jesus. However, one cannot determine Judas' finite motive for betrayal from the Gospel accounts. Why did he do what he did? The lack of agreement in these testimonials does raise many questions about the historical accuracy of 2000 years ago about Judas Iscariot. Although many people followed Jesus throughout his ministry, sometimes providing houses and sometimes caring for his biological needs such as food, most of us know that Jesus had twelve followers he especially selected. These would make up the twelve apostles of Jesus. The most infamous is Judas Iscariot, who, after two and a half years of following Jesus during Jesus' public ministry, turned his very good friend over to the religious leaders to be tried and ultimately crucified. So, again I ask you, why in the world did Judas betray Jesus? After all, if I think back to my high school days at Eagle Lake High School or college years at Texas A&M, I can't help but remember close friends who stuck with me for three-plus years in college and twelve years in high school… even if we had a falling out with them, could I possibly imagine betraying them and leading them to their deaths? I surely hope not! How far past scandalous is the idea that a man who spent every day with Jesus for almost three long years suddenly turned his back on him almost overnight. In this presentation today, we'll discuss why Judas deceived Jesus and why in the world did Judas ended his own life when he recognized the repercussions of his dealings. Let's get on with the show now. And again, thanks for dropping by today!
April 10, 2022
Season 3 Episode 2: THE LAST SUPPER Part 1 of 3 EASTER SPECIAL
Season 3 Episode 2 Jesus Christ's Last Supper with His Disciples Part I of Three-Part Podcast Were You There the Day Jesus Died 17 On the first day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread, the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Where do you want us to make preparations for you to eat the Passover?" 18 He replied, "Go into the city to a certain man and tell him, 'The Teacher says: My appointed time is near. I am going to celebrate the Passover with my disciples at your house.'" 19 So the disciples did as Jesus had directed them and prepared the Passover. 20 When evening came, Jesus was reclining at the table with the Twelve. 21 And while they were eating, he said, "Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me." 22 They were unfortunate and began to say to him one after the other, "Surely you don't mean me, Lord?" 23 Jesus replied, "The one who has dipped his hand into the bowl with me will betray me. 24 The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he were not born." 25 Then Judas, who would betray him, said, "Surely you don't mean me, Rabbi?" Jesus answered, "You have said so." 26 While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying, "Take and eat; this is my body." 27 Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, saying, "Drink from it, all of you. 28 This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. 29 I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom." 30 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.
April 10, 2022
Season 3 Episode 1 - Have You Always Wanted to Publish Your Own Novel? - This Podcast Will Demonstrate a 100% Guarantee for Getting Your Book Published
SEASON 3 EPISODE 1 HAVE YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO PUBLISH A BOOK YOU WROTE OR ARE THINKING ABOUT WRITING? IT'S EASIER THAN YOU THINK! Hello everyone. Welcome to the start of Season 3. Today I thought about changing up a little on what I want to talk about to something that has taken me a lot of years to accomplish, Publish my Own Book. I have often got questions from authors on how to bring a book they wrote to fruition, especially now that I am tying so many podcasts to certain novels I've written. And, a long-lost cousin called me out of the blue and asked me how hard is it to publish a book they had on in their word processor for years about the Olympics. This Podcast today might be something for you or someone in your family or a friend on the Pickleball Court that said they have an excellent idea for a book like my good friend who could easily write a book about the Pharmaceutical Industry, a man who I suggest you don't try to lob the ball over his head in Pickleball. It is nerve-wracking to figure out how to get a book published for the first time, but it doesn't have to be an alarming prospect! There are many ways to publish a book, and it has taken me years to figure just that out. And today, I will share what has worked for me and what hasn't with you. I'm not trying to sell something here. I just know that I will go over the ups and downs and give you what I finally settled on, and it works... 100% guaranteeeeeee! It will clear up all the stress and search and watch one YouTube channel. Stay tuned… How Hard Is It Really to Actually Publish a Book? Writing a novel for the very first time can be arduous! I began to learn genealogy in the 1970s while attending Texas A&M University. Today, I am still learning new things. I studied microfilm ship lists and families from Germany who immigrated to the United States in my research. It was amazing how much adversity my family faced in the horse and buggy days, leaving their homeland and coming to Texas. They were from a small town called Rastedein Oldenburg, Germany. They sailed out through the North Sea, crossed the Atlantic, and came to the shores of Texas near a small town of today called Matagorda, Texas.
March 25, 2022
Season 3: A Very Special Easter Series in Three Parts Coming Soon! A 5-Minute Soundbite
COMING IN ONE WEEK Season 3 Episode 2 Jesus Christ's Last Supper with His Disciples Part I of Three-Part Podcast Were You There the Day Jesus Died 17 On the first day of the Festival of Unleavened Bread, the disciples came to Jesus and asked, "Where do you want us to make preparations for you to eat the Passover?" 18 He replied, "Go into the city to a certain man and tell him, 'The Teacher says: My appointed time is near. I am going to celebrate the Passover with my disciples at your house.'" 19 So the disciples did as Jesus had directed them and prepared the Passover. 20 When evening came, Jesus was reclining at the table with the Twelve. 21 And while they were eating, he said, "Truly I tell you, one of you will betray me." 22 They were unfortunate and began to say to him one after the other, "Surely you don't mean me, Lord?" 23 Jesus replied, "The one who has dipped his hand into the bowl with me will betray me. 24 The Son of Man will go just as it is written about him. But woe to that man who betrays the Son of Man! It would be better for him if he were not born." 25 Then Judas, who would betray him, said, "Surely you don't mean me, Rabbi?" Jesus answered, "You have said so." 26 While they were eating, Jesus took bread, and when he had given thanks, he broke it and gave it to his disciples, saying, "Take and eat; this is my body." 27 Then he took a cup, and when he had given thanks, he gave it to them, saying, "Drink from it, all of you. 28 This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins. 29 I tell you, I will not drink from this fruit of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in my Father's kingdom." 30 When they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.
March 25, 2022
Season 2 Episode 25 - Season Finale: Why is it So Important that God Gave Adam and Eve a Third Child, Seth?
Over a decade ago, I produced two large family history books well over 700 pages in length. Then, a man from Denver offered me $30,000 to create one like I did for the Smith Family. The answer to why I turned it down was because the number of hours it took me to finish this family genealogy history was far more hours than what minimum wage would have been on writing the record. Furthermore, I began a significant undertaking and did a genealogy study starting with Adam and Eve in Genesis. There has been a lot written about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and the tragic story of their first two boys. However, much less was said about their son Seth, an obscure Old Testament figure who biblical genealogies demonstrate was an ancestor to some very important people. From Seth, I expanded my genealogy study using Family Tree Maker, which I have been associated with since Day 1 back in the 90s. But, now, let's take a look at what the Bible tells us about Adam and Eve and Cain and Abel so that we understand Seth's connection to God's first human creations. The Story of Cain and Abel While my study is filled with catastrophe, the story of Cain and Abel teaches us an important lesson about living with sincerity. Through their model, we learn how our behaviors and mindsets matter to God. It demonstrates just how devastating sin's consequences can be. It's only through God's mercy that we learn to live with the simplicity and sincerity of God. Not just by human wisdom but by the grace of God. After Adam and Eve were driven out of the Garden of Eden by God, they decided to begin a family. While the number of children they had is unknown, the Bible tells us that their first two were Cain and Abel, both boys. When they grew older, Cain labored in the pastures, planting and harvesting crops, and Abel became a shepherd.
March 21, 2022
Season 2 Episode 23 - The Sons of God and the Making of the Storm Lord Trilogy Series
Season 2 Episode 23 Who Are the Sons of God "The Making of the Storm Lord Trilogy Series" Who Were the Sons of God and How Did They Play a Part in the Writing of my Storm Lord Trilogy Series, a paranormal romance? THERE WERE GIANTS ON THE EARTH IN THOSE DAYS, AND ALSO AFTER THAT. WHEN THE SONS OF GOD CAME IN UNTO MEN'S DAUGHTERS, AND THEY HAD CHILDREN TO THEM, THE SAME BECAME STRONG MEN WHICH WERE OF OLD TIMES, MEN OF NOTORIETY. WELCOME EVERYONE TO MY SHOW TODAY. I am your host, Sidney St. James. This being the next to last episode of Season 2, I kinda wanted to start going out with a bang. I thought about how I turned to Genesis 6 in the Bible five years ago to learn about Angels for my three-book series. Book 1 - The Flaming Blue Sword,  Book 2 - Nine Months Will Tell, and the conclusion, Book 3 - The Three Keys to Armageddon formed the Storm Lord Trilogy and began from notes from Genesis 6. Wow, it seems like only yesterday we kicked off our second season and are today, our Finale of the season presenting to you from my notes when building the three novels mentioned with, "Who Were the Sons of God?" This question comes from the Old Testament and, as you find out, not Jesus Christ, the only begotten son of God. I will again preempt this broadcast by saying I am not an ordained minister. I am just a fun-loving novelist who interprets certain Bible scriptures to write many of my books, much like journalists did when interpreting the scriptures for their front page newspapers' articles during the civil war. So, today, we will be looking at verses 1 - 6 of Genesis in the Old Testament. I saved my most thought-provoking episode for last, and you will see why. I will do my very best to attempt an interpretation of the verses as I did when I was writing the final episode of my Storm Lord Trilogy Series Battle Scene. But, today, we will tear apart these verses and see, just like our ancestors did in the Civil War in my Lincoln Assassination Series, how the South and the North interpreted the scriptures totally differently. So, my podcast today for today is to provoke thought only. Genesis 6 speaks about the Sons of God who saw the daughters of men and found them beautiful and kind and took them as their wives and married them. So, from this Chapter, we will begin our interpretation and give you a lot to think about. The Final Chapter in my Storm Lord Trilogy Series had its dramatic conclusion from this interpretation. Did God have more than one son? Of course, not. But, if not, then who were the Sons of God as discussed in Genesis 6. Well, my story is about to begin. Thanks for being with me on our Finale of Season 2 of the Sidney St. James Show.
March 21, 2022
Season 2 Episode 24 - The True Story of King David and Queen Bathsheba
Hello Everyone, and welcome to my show today. A longtime friend from Old Progress Cumberland Church near Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, called me the other day and asked me about my Grandmother, the Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds, and how in the world she found forgiveness over and over. They had just finished reading my novel, Faith – Seventy Times Seven. It brought to my mind how we all study the Bible. I remember standing in a jewelry store a few days ago, and a young girl walked up to her mother and asked, "Mommy, why is that man hanging on a cross?" Later that day, I heard a song on a gospel music station called Jesus is King. I never had in the past, but this time I somewhat wondered to myself, "King of what?" And lastly, there was a quote on my Facebook Page that said, "Jesus is the Answer!" I don't know why, but I had to stop what I was doing and contemplate, "What was the question?" Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers to the question let me ask you. "Did King David commit adultery? Did he actually sin with Bathsheba?"  Oh, and yes, King David is the same man who killed the giant with a slingshot! Let me begin by First saying, as a general rule, you read the scripture. This is what I did when I wrote "Genesis," "Seeing the Power of God," "Hallelujah," and "Faith – Seventy Times Seven." After this first time reading the scripture, which is the subject of my Podcast today, King David and Bathsheba, you come away with an individual reflection of what you just read, and this first reflection is how the book was written and how many people define what they read as gospel. But, now, I ask you to go back, start over, and read that same scripture in 2nd Samuel Chapter 11 & 12. Sit there a moment and say to yourself… what else? Let's halt for a second and think deeply about the story of Bathsheba and King David. Your first impression of what you read is always inadequate. This first impression we read is yours… or mine when we read the scriptures. That's an important question… what else? The first time you read the story is usually only the tip of the iceberg. There are so many commentators, college essays, debates, etc. This first reflection is endless on what each person gets from the story.
March 21, 2022
Season 2 Episode 3: The Cross Made a Difference in Me
As an author with over 50+ novels written in various genres, I must admit, the ones that I enjoy almost more so than the others are those written about the Power of God, such as in some of my novels called, “Seeing the Power of God” or “Genesis – Stepping Onto the Shore and Finding It’s Heaven” or “Hallelujah – He is not here, He Has Risen.” I can go through the back of my mind where all my memories lie and remember books that I wrote, church services attended and recall a number of things that dramatically impacted my life, my thinking, my attitude, and my way of living. However, there is nothing that has influenced me more than the Cross and the sermons given every Sunday at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana. The cross is much more than just a symbol that stand in front of a church or high up on the steeple above. It symbolizes the beginning point, the first start of my spiritual journey with Jesus Christ. In other words, it is the beginning point of life for me. The scripture indicates that our Savior had done all that was required to satisfy Divine Justice and had reclaimed the birthright of all humankind right back from that cotton-pickin’ Satan himself. Jesus Christ paid the penalty for all sins. His blood that is shed upon the cross would open the door for whosoever will to come out from the dark… out from the dark into the light, from sin to salvation. Jesus paid a debt that he didn’t owe so that I and all of you listeners could go free… pardoned of your sin. Yep, the cross my dear friend is a true treasure! #christianpodcast #podcast #christian #faith #christianpodcasters #podcastersofinstagram #christianity #god #jesus #bible #christianpodcaster #podcastlife #christianliving #christianbloggers #church #christianblogger #christianpodcasts #jesuschrist #biblestudy #podcasts #christianinfluencer #christianwomen #podcasting #podcaster #inspiration #podcasthost #newpodcast #prayer #christianinspiration #bhfyp #columbus #eaglelake #sidneystjames #thesidneystjamesshow
March 10, 2022
Season 2 Episode 22: The Fall of the Alamo - The Runaway Scrape
SEASON 2 EPISODE 22: THE FALL OF THE ALAMO - THE RUNAWAY SCRAPE In 1899, after living in Texas for over 60 years, Dilue Rose Harris (1825–1914) recorded her childhood memories of the Texas Revolution. Her handwritten account of the Runaway Scrape speaks to the hardship civilian families endured while trying to flee from Texas in 1836, and the actual handwritten copies are with the Bullock Museum in downtown Austin. In addition, I have a copy on yellowed pages that were typed and corrections made by a family member in the early 1900s. In my first edition, The Yellow Rose, and later in the second edition, The Rose of Brays Bayou, I found it more exciting to write about all the women's adversities as they tried to escape Santa Anna's wrath. Just as an example. There was a mention in the book of a man trying to carry his horse across a swollen rushing creek. It mentioned an alligator with its tail in the air. That's all. From duck hunting on the large Eagle Lake that surrounds our small town, I ran into a mother alligator protecting her young more than once. She takes the job seriously. And there were stories of guides crossing the circle they were swimming, and the gator would cut their canoe in half with its tail. I used this knowledge to address a more exciting narrative regarding the alligator in the book. Nowadays, this is called "Creative Historical Nonfiction." The fact or the truth is that a man lost his life cutting across the path of the gator. All the added description was to make it sound more exciting to read. Dilue was 10 years old when her family hurriedly moved east to escape the approaching Mexican Army in March 1836. As rumors circulated that the Mexican Army was approaching, the Rose family began preparing to leave. Dr. Rose finished planting his corn and hid some of the family's nicer furnishings and clothing while Mrs. Rose packed provisions for the journey. When news arrived of the Alamo's fall, the family joined the exodus known as the Runaway Scrape. The Rose family journeyed 60 miles from their home in Stafford's Point, just west of present-day Houston, to Liberty, crossing the San Jacinto and Trinity rivers along the way. Unfortunately, one of Dilue's little sisters became ill during the trip and died, prompting the Roses to remain in Liberty for several weeks to rest and bury their daughter. While there, Dilue celebrated her 11th birthday. The family had barely left Liberty to continue east when news came of the victory at San Jacinto. Jubilant, the family turned around and went home. When they arrived on May 1, 1836, they found their community pillaged and their house in shambles. Thankfully the corn crop was ready for harvest, and the supplies Dr. Rose had hidden were safe. #podcast #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #music #radio #comedy #hiphop #love #applepodcasts #podcasters #podcastshow #itunes #interview #newpodcast #spotifypodcast #entrepreneur #motivation #applepodcast #s #covid #art #radioshow #soundcloud #dj #bhfyp #texashistory #sidneystjames #dilueroseharris #alamo #battleofsanjacinto #bullockmuseum #davycrockett #runawayscrape #sabineshoot
March 02, 2022
Season 2 Episode 20 - Friday Night Lights - Growing Up in a Small Town in Texas
SEASON 2 EPISODE 20 Friday Night Lights At Eagle Lake High School Growing Up in the 1950s and 1960s Hello Everyone. Today we've got a good one for you. Two weeks ago, I did a show talking about the consolidation of small town high schools and its damage to communities. So many have just withered away, and even some have disappeared. The broadcast was about Eagle Lake High School in Texas. Well, my reviews and voice mail filled up after that broadcast. I was surprised by many of the comments. They said, "Sidney, you were too kind." I thought, "too kind," well maybe so. But, the most responses I got was to give a broadcast about the "good ole days" attending Eagle Lake High School in the 1950s and 1960s, something upbeat and not so dreary. One of my listeners wrote, "Coming from a large city outside of the states I've always wondered if the small towns depicted in a show like Friday Night Lights and the show was like all realistic - that being there wasn't a whole lot to do, high school football was huge, everyone sort of knowing each other, and church/religion being important. Any truth to any of these "stereotypes"? Also, is it true that most small towns are dying as people move to larger cities?" So today, I will answer my listener's question. I suppose if my mind was sharper, I could remember more, but for now, my dear friends, I offer you the memories of growing up in a small town and attending what was called a "state-of-the -art architecture of Eagle Lake High School." Of course, that statement was made in 1926. So without further ado, here we go, and again, thanks for dropping by today. #schooldays #school #schoollife #schoolmemories #schoolmemes #memes #schooltime #schoolgirl #love #students #backtoschool #friends #schoolfriends #instagram #memories #teacher #schoolday #teachers #backbenchers #education #student #friendship #fun #funnymemes #college #classroom #schoolfights #schooltrip #studentlife #bhfyp #podcast #podcasts #fridaynightlights
February 27, 2022
Season 2 Episode 19 - THE GOOD SAMARITAN - Why Can't We All Just Stop and Help Someone in Need?
SEASON 2 EPISODE 19 THE GOOD SAMARITAN – A Story from “Seeing the Power of God" by Sidney St. James Hello Everyone.  Today I have a story to tell, one that I wrote about in one of my novels, Seeing the Power of God. I am telling the story because I stopped in a parking lot across the street yesterday and watched a man pushed down into the street and was barely able to crawl back onto the grass median. I watched as numerous people walked by without lifting a finger to help him. Finally, I walked across the street and helped him up. I smiled and felt good that I helped him when no one else would. I gave him five dollars and was on my way. As I drove down the street to the Georgetown Rec Center for my morning Pickleball game, the wheels were turning in my head. I felt so good I was able to help someone and my only thoughts during this time were of Jesus Christ. After all, he has filled my heart many, many times before. Why? Why you might ask did I think of Jesus. Because I thought of his parable, the one about the Good Samaritan in the Bible. And with that, I wish to tell my story about how the one time I was the Priest in the story and another when I was a Good Samaritan… Books Available from Sidney St. James FAITH - Seventy Times Seven (A True Story of the First Ordained Woman Minister in the State of Louisiana) GENESIS HALLELUJAH WEBSITE TO ALL THE EPISODES OF SIDNEY ST. JAMES #christianpodcast #podcast #christian #faith #christianpodcasters #podcastersofinstagram #god #christianity #jesus #podcastlife #bible #christianpodcaster #christianbloggers #christianliving #church #christianpodcasts #jesuschrist #podcasts #christianinfluencer #christianblogger #christianwomen #biblestudy #podcasting #podcaster #selfhelppodcast #inspiration #podcasthost #applepodcasts #newpodcast #bhfyp #sidneystjames
February 12, 2022
Season 2 Episode 18: Mary Elizabeth Surratt - First Woman Executed by the Federal Government (Did Elvis Presley or Clark Gable Have Anything to do With It?)
SEASON 2 EPISODE 18 WHO WAS MARY ELIZABETH SURRATT, AND WHY WAS SHE THE FIRST WOMAN EXECUTED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT? Hello Everyone. And, in particular, all you women listening. Today I have a big question for you. But, before you listen to this broadcast, you should read my novel, or after listening, go and read it before you give me a more informed answer about MARY ELIZABETH SURRATT, this podcast's subject matter. We have all heard the name John Wilkes Booth many times growing up and taking history classes in school. It is a name our teachers highlight and discuss in those classes all day long in school, but little is taught or discussed about the 300+ other people who were thrown in the "clinker" with ties to the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Then, a final decision was made on who to try in court and all the powerful generals and colonels for the North were assigned to listen to the case and decide who was to be punished. But before I begin my story, I would like to ask an important question to all women listening if they were in high school in the 1950s? Then, how many women listening were in high school in the 1960s? Mary Elizabeth Surratt was executed by the U.S. government for her role as a conspirator in Abraham Lincoln's assassination. Available for review was the entire transcript of the trial from where the story in the fifth novel of the Lincoln Assassination Series was developed. Remember in earlier broadcasts how I have used my genealogy research of behavior patterns to draw a conclusion of what kind of person I was researching. Well, the story of Mary Elizabeth Surratt was no different. When I was finished, I must say that she was not guilty. But, that is my opinion only and I have given it lots of thought of the times and women's rights, which by the way were few and far between in 1865, no matter what the color of one's skin was. See my two-novel historical romance with a setting in the Civil War. It is called “I Am Woman.” Find Mary Elizabeth Surratt on Kindle and Paperback I Am Woman - Volumes 1 and Volume 2 5-Minute Soundbite About the Story of I Am Woman #nonfiction #bookstagram #books #bookworm #booklover #fiction #bookish #book #writersofinstagram #writer #reading #poet #author #bookclub #quotes #quote #bookworms #authorsofinstagram #writing #read #podcast #podcasts #sidneystjames #creativehistoricalnonfiction
February 10, 2022
Season 2 Episode 17: God Calls First Woman to Preach in the State of Louisiana - Reverend Ada Caston Slaton Bonds (Guest Appearance by Dave Henry)
Season 2 Episode 17 God Calls First Woman to Preach in Louisiana Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church Progress Cumberland Presbyterian Church Old Bethany Cumberland Presbyterian Church On December 23, 1969, Reverend Loyce Estes with the Cumberland Presbyterian Church addressed the congregation at the funeral services. "The dignified First Lady of the Louisiana Presbytery is dead. Vibrantly alive are the articles of faith that constitute our legacy. May her mantle fall on us prayerfully." Reverend Mrs. Ada Caston Slaton Bonds is one of the most colorful ministers produced by the great Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Beyond a doubt, she overcame more difficulties and passed through more heartaches than any minister ever known to preach the 'Whosoever Will' gospel. Miss Ada, as all affectionately called her, possessed countless prodigies. By way of the corridors of her ministerial career, she helped shape the lives and mold the character of a great number of young ministers, who, today, rise up and call her 'blessed.' God sent her His Divine calling to preach. She then learned to preach. She carved out a place for herself among the clergy that was unique, without comparison. With bottomless emotion, genuine poise, and true dignity, Miss Ada became the First Lady of the Cloth in the Louisiana Presbytery and had the highest honor bestowed upon her, the title of Mother of All Presbyteries. Brother Kerans finished the Sunday morning services by calling on Reverend Paul Covey Johnson, standing by her frail and physical body awaiting its final resting place in the Old Bethany Cumberland Presbyterian Church cemetery outside Coushatta, Louisiana. He began her final epitaph. "I'm walking along the seashore. A ship is floating near to me, spreading her white sails as it begins a voyage that takes Miss Ada further and further out into the ocean. She's a powerful vessel, one of beauty and strength. I watch her until she looks like a disappearing speck of a fluffy cloud where the horizon of the sea and sky intermingle with one another. Then I realized her diminished size was in me, not in her. 'Look there...She is gone!' Nelson, along with Ada's brother Lilburn were standing together with eager eyes watching from one of the twelve gates to heaven. There are beautiful angels stationed at each of the entrances. Looking more closely, she sees her mother and father standing near Lilburn. There are smiles on all their faces and a happy and content look to their demeanor, standing and waiting there to take up the welcomed shout: 'HERE SHE COMES!' #christianpodcasts #christianpodcast #christianpodcasters #christianity #christian #podcast #podcasts #christianpodcaster #christianpodcasting #faith #christianliving #jesus #christianinspiration #christianblogger #christianquotes #christianposts #applepodcasts #christianwoman #biblestudy #god #christianbloggers #podcastsforwomen #christianbooks #christianblog #hope #christianlife #womenpodcasters #womenministers
February 06, 2022
Season 2 Episode 15: Eagle Lake High School - Gone But Not Forgotten with Special Guest Dave Henry
SEASON 2 EPISODE 15 EAGLE LAKE HIGH SCHOOL, GONE BUT NOT FORGOTTEN The Significance of a High School to a Rural Community Today, most of America’s population now resides in either the urban or suburban areas, and consequently, most Americans don’t struggle with the big question of whether their community can maintain its own high school. Nevertheless, this question continued to confront many rural dwellers in all states, one of these was the folks living in Eagle Lake, Texas. Before undertaking my writing career in full gear, I wrote three books. Book 1 and then Book 2 and 3 of Eagle Lake High School, A Pictorial History. While researching the writing of these books, I came to the 1968 Eagle Lake Headlight, where it showed the town’s people voting to consolidate all the schools in the county. However, this research demonstrated that Weimar and Columbus, Texas elected to keep their schools. During my research, I decided to examine the consequences of the cities in our counties that voted to close down their respective schools. This included those who voted to keep theirs. What follows is an action research project intended to examine the consequences of keeping or removing a school from a rural community, particularly Eagle Lake High School. The subjects in this study are Garwood and Sheridan towns that exist a mere ten miles from one another, and Columbus and Weimar that exist about the same distance from one another. The towns that kept their school today continue to sustain themselves, while the towns that lost their school have almost disappeared, or at least the downtown areas have. Garwood, Sheridan, and Eagle Lake are three small communities that have existed over a hundred and fifty years just a few miles apart along rural Highways 71 and Alt 90. They are relatively typical for rural communities in Texas. They all serve as hubs for area rice farmers for many years, and each had its own schools, banks, churches, department stores, doctors, auto and tractor repair businesses, and other similar kinds of enterprise. The two towns were established by hearty pioneers when five miles was a tiring distance on horseback and a lengthy journey by carriage. It didn’t seem unusual for two cities to exist so close together in the last half of the nineteenth century. The circumstances that make an examination of these two tiny communities so interesting now is that one has declined in population to the point that almost all its businesses and services are gone, at least in the entire downtown districts. Worse yet, it has lost both of its high schools. Nevertheless, it is clinging to existence with the steadfast commitment of a handful of proud citizens who don’t want to lose their town. Dave Henry of the country western singing duo, popular at the Backroom in Austin Texas in the 70s and 80s has made a guest appearance. He will sing a song about small towns disappearing from rural Texas. Steven Fromholz’s “Texas Trilogy” is one of the best works ever written about life in rural Texas. Like all great songs, “Daybreak,” “Trainride,” and “Bosque County Romance” stand the test of time and the perpetual recycling of popular culture. They seem to take on greater meaning as the decades slip by and our modern world explodes with growing conflict and confusion, including what happens to small towns when they lose something so important to them like a High School or a Railroad. Unlike the song, Eagle Lake continues to hang on, but its decayed, in the author's opinion, due to the loss of Eagle Lake High School which has now become Rice Consolidated! #podcast #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #music #radio #love #applepodcasts #podcasters #podcastshow #itunes #interview #newpodcast #spotifypodcast #entrepreneur  #applepodcast #s #radioshow #soundcloud #dj #sidneystjames #davehenry #eaglelake #columbus 
February 06, 2022
Season 2 Episode 13: VALENTINE'S DAY - How to Have Everlasting Love
Season 2 Episode 13 VALENTINE’S DAY 2022 How to Stay in Love for 50 Years! Walking together with a good friend in the darkness is far better than walking all alone in the light! Theoretically, you cannot define LOVE and the trueness in it! You don't have to do many sacrifices to prove that your love is true for that one special person. Because what if life hasn't given you any chances to make any. So, even a simple feeling of extreme care for someone makes you aware that you are all drenched in the rain of true love. Valentine’s Day, like Christmas, has become a commercial celebration with a dozen roses that cost over a hundred bucks, increased pressure on couples to make the day perfect, and most of the time, a heightened desire to “show love” to one another since many (not all) don’t seem to take the time to do that every other day, unlike what my wife and I do. Jules Verne loaned me his time machine. Let’s all hop in and follow me back 48 years. I know that what I will be presenting will no doubt fall in line with many of you listening to my podcast today. I am madly in love with my wedding on the horizon in Austin, Texas. My whole life together is ahead of me. Now Zoom back towards the present several years. After several years of marriage, it can be tough sometimes to remember those head-over-heels feelings you once had. Take off some of my secrets from someone who has been happy and madly in love for years (and years) I am sure is still to come. We keep our love alive by wanting to keep our love alive. We are conscious of what doesn't align with our goal of a loving, happy, and drama-free marriage, and we eliminate that as much as possible. Our secret to staying in love after all these years is knowing what we have in each other—knowing the value that we bring to each other's lives and that we would be less without it. We have so many years of history that talking about old times and doing things from the past brings back fond memories. If you want the top three selling romances from my bookshelves go to: I Am Woman (Part I and II) True Love Ways and the Sequel to True Love Ways, I Go to Pieces - Part 2: Sequel to True Love Ways The Winds of Destiny #romancenovel #bookstagram #romance #romancebooks #love #booklover #books #romancereads #contemporaryromance #bookworm #romancereader #lover #authorsofinstagram #romancenovels #bookish #romancebook #bookstagrammer #romantic #novel #kindleunlimited #booksofinstagram #readersofinstagram #book #romanceauthor #lovefirstsight #lovestory #bookaddict #lovergoals #romanticvideos #sidneystjames
February 02, 2022
Soundbite of Season 2 Episode 15 - Eagle Lake High School - Gone But Not Forgotten
As we wait on my Music Man to come by the recording studio to put the finishing touches on this Episode, I thought I would drop by for just a short and record a 5-Minute Soundbite about what the Show is all about. I hope you will return in the next ten days to hear the complete episode. Thanks for joining me.  Sidney St. James
February 02, 2022
Season 2 Episode 14 - The Ballad of Sam Bass - A Texas Outlaw
Sam Bass - A Texas Outlaw A Dead Man's Hand, Aces and Eights SEASON 2 EPISODE 14 ALERT! $5,000 REWARD. Wanted Dead or Alive. Notorious Badman. SAM BASS, alias Sam Bushon, and Honest Eph. If sighted, immediately call the nearest U. S. Marshall's Office... The Round Rock Shootout in 1878 Hello Everyone. Welcome to my show today. After a month of moving BeeBop Publishing Group to Georgetown, Texas, from Brenham, Texas, I took a ride south on IH-35 from Georgetown to Austin. I couldn't help but notice a large green and white highway sign that said Sam Bass Road. I became interested in where in the world this road went. So I exited and followed it to a road sign for A. W. Grimes Boulevard. I'm not sure why, but I needed to find out who these people were just like I did when I wrote a story about the Runaway Scrape in Texas and discovered Three-Legged Willie's statue, a man who played a part in this novel, on the downtown square in Georgetown. Or captured the memoirs of Dilue Rose Harris in the Runaway Scrape or Mary Elizabeth Surratt in the Lincoln Assassination. I always read all the old newspapers and read the memoirs before writing my stories. I will leave it to you when you read my novel, Sam Bass and his Horse Marines, and decide for yourself if he was a Robin Hood or a Murderer! And, stay with us, and at the end of this podcast, Dave Henry of the 1980s country duo group, Dan and Dave, will join us to sing the famous Ballad of Sam Bass. Now, let our story begin. Sam Bass - A Dead Man's Hand, Aces and Eights A Novel by Sidney St. James Available in eBook, Paperback and Audio #wildwest #rdr #reddeadredemption #cowboy #western #oldwest #rockstargames #ps #reddeadonline #photography #online #cowgirl #outlaw #cowboys #gaming #reddead #playstation #horses #xbox #rockstar #texas #arizona #arthurmorgan #art #gamer #reddeadcommunity #nature #rdo #virtualphotography #sidneystjames #davehenry
January 29, 2022
Season 2 Episode 1 - The Making of the Dan & Dave Duo from the Backroom in Austin, Texas 1980
SEASON 2 EPISODE 1 - THE DAN & DAVE COUNTRY DUO GROUP FROM AUSTIN TEXAS IN THE 1970S AND 1980s An entertaining evening with Dave Henry on the Sidney St. James Show! First, let me tell all the folks out there that it appears almost impossible to talk with people who have ever heard of Dan & Dave (Part I), although they played in front of thousands of people at the Backroom in Austin, Texas, during the late 70s and early 80s. For many years, his partner in crime was no other than Dan Burke, who left us last April 2021. Except for playing at the Aqua Festival once a year, their venue was the Backroom every Friday and many Saturday nights. Dan and Dave (Part II) both were like me when I worked for KOOL99 Radio on the weekend all around Central Texas with the KOOL99 Oldies Road Show. Work 8-5 downtown Monday thru Friday and do gigs all weekend and on Sunday nights, having my own show, Fifties Fun on Sunday Nights. Dan & Dave had a faithful accompanist by the name of Doctor Hans Langshon, who had to drive all the way down from Temple, Texas, where he was a physician at Scott and White Hospital. He played Bass guitar. And then there was Arty Passes, who played the steel guitar. He was with Channel 36 News during the week and on stage on Friday nights with Dan & Dave. About 6 years ago, a steel guitar player named Colm Chomicky from all the way up in Kansas was looking to find Arty and asked if anyone recalled a young steel guitar player who played with Dan & Dave in 1980. Wow, believe it or not, he got his answer when no other than ARTY replied, “Colm… you just made my day. Yes, a young steel player was with Dan & Dave at the Backroom. I’m now an old steel player with Kevin Fowler. That was the most fun I ever had at a gig. I still remember one of their bouncers by the name of Tiny. Yep, on Friday nites was always the Dan & Dave night, and it was always a full house.” Another fellow by the name of Larry Coombs was also young back then and used to walk down to see Dan & Dave every Friday night in 1980. He said, “I’ve got an album by them, a live one. Last we heard, he has moved up the road to Lockhart, Texas." Larry Coombs continued. Now back to just who Dan & Dave were in the Music Capital of Texas. They were best described by a Steel Guitar player from Prairie Village, Kansas. “For those who do not know about Dan & Dave, they have been described as a country “Smothers Brothers.” They played and sang their music between corny jokes about Furr’s Cafeteria. I remember once there was a ceiling fan up on the ceiling behind them on stage, and after each Lone Star longneck, they would flip the empty back over their shoulders, often hitting the rotating ceiling fan.” VISIT THE SIDNEY ST. JAMES SHOW EPISODES AT HIS PODCAST WEBSITE... HAPPY LISTENING #countrymusic #country #music #nashville #livemusic #singer #singersongwriter #guitar #countrygirl #songwriter #musician #newmusic #countrysinger #love #countrylife #countrymusiclover #countryboy #cowboy #s #americana #outlawcountry #rock #classiccountry #concert #tennessee #blues #texas #countryartist #countrymusicsinger
January 29, 2022
Season 2 Episode 11: Poetry Interpretation - The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost
Season 2 Episode 11 THE ROAD NOT TAKEN by ROBERT FROST LIFE IS ABOUT THE PATHS YOU CHOOSE TO WALK THROUGH Walking together with a good friend in the darkness is far better than walking all alone in the light! Did I ever tell you I am a packrat? I never throw anything away. I still got the four-letter jackets I won in high school in football. And, I still have the dried flowers from the Powder Puff Football Game when I was runner-up for Homecoming King. William Brunner won the title. Wow, did my mind whirl around for a moment, and I found myself sitting in the back of the classroom at Eagle Lake High School when Mrs. Elizabeth Booth said she needed one boy and one girl to represent the class in the Regional UIL Meet for Poetry Interpretation. Only one hand went up, and it was the prettiest of all my classmates, and I didn't waste a minute… up went my hand. Gosh, I didn't even know how to spell "Interpretation," much less compete in Poetry Interpretation, but off I went to Victoria, Texas, to compete in the regional competition of Poetry Interpretation. The Poem… The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. It was and probably still is quite a famous poem; unfortunately, its popularity comes mainly from the simple act of misreading the poetry, like I did when I had to first memorize it. I didn't know that I had no idea what I was doing at the first of getting prepared to compete in something. I was like a fish out of water. With this poem, Robert Frost gave the world a piece of writing that every individual can relate to, especially when making choices and opportunities presented to them in life. This poem is often quoted and used with an interpretation that is not precisely "correct." The popular belief is that Frost meant for this poem to be about hope, success, and defying the odds by choosing a path, or a path that was "less traveled by." On the other hand, if the poem is reviewed, it is pretty apparent that it has fairly the opposite connotation. It is Robert Frost's first poem in his book "Mountain Interval" that he wrote in 1916. A popular pleasantly misconstrued poem since its release, its simplicity and way with words demonstrate the skill of this poet's fountain pen. Some Great Novels Available from James: I Am Woman - I Am Invincible I Am Woman - Hear Me Roar The novels above are two parts in a romance series that follows four brave young women through their young life as they all fall in love with four men who fought for both sides in the Civil War. They are available wherever ebooks, paperbacks and audio books are sold. #podcast #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #music #radio #comedy #hiphop #love #applepodcasts #podcasters #podcastshow #itunes #interview #newpodcast #spotifypodcast #entrepreneur #motivation #applepodcast #s #covid #art #radioshow #soundcloud #dj #bhfyp #sidneystjames #poetry #poetryinterpretation Follow Sidney St. James: sidneyst.james on Instagram SidneystjamesA on Twitter authorsidneystjames on Facebook
January 23, 2022
Season Two Special Report: President Joe Biden Wants You to Choose Who to Support - President Jeff Davis or President Abraham Lincoln
I have never published a podcast that deals with politics and it will be a while again before I will do another. I do not like politics. I leave that to the news channels. But this is one I had to stand up and have my say! Season 2 Special Report Make a Choice: President Jefferson Davis or President Abraham Lincoln? President Joseph Biden Asked Who I would rather be for, President Jefferson Davis or Abraham Lincoln? That question alone got me riled up because I lost two of my great-great-grandfathers who answered the call of the South to fight for Jefferson Davis and the Confederacy. Hello, Everyone. I am Sidney St. James, and so many times, history is written by the victors… well, that stops right here, President Joe Biden. I make my choice because I am proud of the job Jefferson Davis did and proud of the man he was! Why is it that we know George Washington so well? Probably because he was the founding father of this here United States of America! Why do we know Abraham Lincoln? Because he was assassinated by John Wilkes Boothe. But did you know that an entire team tried to sneak into the South and assassinate Jefferson Davis first but were unsuccessful? Never mind that. Your answer is probably no that you didn't know that because our history books were written by the victors… In the case of the War Between the States, I found far more books in my writing of the Lincoln Assassination Series on Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, and Abraham Lincoln than those written about Jefferson Davis. So I am here to support why my answer is what it is, President Joe Biden. Let me begin by focusing on the President of the Confederacy, President Jefferson Davis. I am sure, if you are young, you probably said when you heard President Biden ask us to make a choice between Jefferson Davis or Abraham Lincoln, he pretty much was almost begging the South to take its leave and become a Confederacy once more. Heck, he won't even help protect our borders in the South against the Mexican Cartel, making our lives much less secure. But that's not why I’m here. I am here to demonstrate to Joe Biden why I made my choice what it is. Why is Jefferson Davis disliked by so many in the North? Who is he… the leader of the bad guys if you listen to our President today? Let's propose another question. How many know a lot, other than historical scholars, about Hitler, Stalin or Santa Anna… or even Jefferson Davis? Jefferson Davis would love to have a chair at the same table as Joe Biden. Before the War broke out, he knew and was good friends with so many people of the North before the states split and formed the Confederacy. Two Novels Written by Sidney St. James The Lost Cause - The Story of Jefferson Davis Mary Elizabeth Surratt - The First Woman Executed by the Federal Government The Rose of Brays Bayou - The Runaway Scrape
January 19, 2022
Jesus Christ SUPERSTAR - The Greatest Story Teller of All Time
Season 2 Episode 10 Jesus – The Greatest Storyteller of All Time PODCAST INTRODUCTION (0-30) Every day should be a day of Thanksgiving, and what better way to celebrate than to recognize the greatest storyteller of all time. No, it’s not Sidney St. James. It’s not Steve Jobs either or Martin Luther King Jr. (2:30-3:07) It’s Jesus Christ, of course. So today my friends, I will be demonstrating how Jesus uses analogies, or more commonly known as parables, to tell his stories. So, sit back and enjoy the ride as we will kick off this episode with one of the most famous analogies that Jesus used in his story telling, The Prodigal Son. Thanks for dropping by today. MAIN SHOW Two weeks ago, I talked about Forgiveness and last week a story about What Does Heaven Look Like from my knowledge of some of the stories of our Bible. This was in hopes of enabling my listeners to tell them to others if the context was right for them to participate or when teaching at Sunday School Class or a Bible Group. Something always spurs me on a subject matter for my podcasts. This one is no different. I was in Kohl's Department Store shopping for my wife, a new University of Texas Sweatshirt. When I walked up to the clerk to pay, I noticed that the checkout lady had a donations bucket on the counter for a charity that I really cared about. I put the $5 bill I received back in the change into the container.  Almost right away, a person behind me, not paying any attention to social distancing, had the nerve to say aloud in front of everyone, "Why in the world would you waste good money on those folks?  It could buy you an entire meal up the street at Chic-Filet!"  I turned around, smiled, and quickly replied, "As a Christian, Jesus taught us that we are to help others."  At that point, if I knew well enough all the 40+ parables by Jesus, I could have summarized one of the parables, the Good Samaritan, to the scoundrel behind me or told him about the poor widow lady who gave her last 2 cents to God's ministry here on earth.  Or, I suppose I could have paraphrased that story into something we can all understand today yet cannot say aloud on my podcast today.  You can’t tell the Parable of the Good Samaritan or the one about the poor widow or even paraphrase one of those if you have never learned those stories from church services, Sunday School lessons, or Bible Study Groups to understand how to best utilize them in real life the next time someone in your shopping line says that you are wasting money trying to help people in need. Then, I will be better ready the next time, stop the line, and not be embarrassed whatsoever and TELL MY STORY!  The person behind me might very well say, "I’m sorry I asked!” Maybe, just maybe, a seed will get planted, although you’ll never know for sure! God Will! Related Podcasts The Making of the Novel FAITH - Seventy Times Seven Jonah and the Whale - You Can't Run Away from God Seeing the Power of God #christianquotes #biblequotes #motivation #bibleverses #salvation #praise #life #lord #verseoftheday #religion #christians #music #godislove #christianliving #bhfyp #jesusislord #encouragement #holybible #instagood #quotes #jesusisking #christianblogger #wordofgod #holy #art #devotional #family #biblejournaling #christianmusic #christianlife
January 18, 2022
SEASON 2 EPISODE 9 - Have You Ever Imagined What Heaven Would be Like?
SEASON 2 EPISODE 9 HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINED HEAVEN? Hello Everyone. This morning on our way to Pickleball at the Georgetown Rec Center, my wife and I were talking and trying to imagine just what Heaven is like? What brought up our conversation was a song played by a group known as Mercy Me. It was a song that filled her heart from a movie we saw, “I Can Only Imagine.” Then we talked about whether we will have a house there and asked so many more questions, one after another. So, let’s get started. And, Oh, by the way, thanks for dropping by today! Heaven is a subject of wild guesswork. Christians around the world draw up what they think Heaven will be like. What it will be like to live there. Heaven is a real place where we, the people of God, will go after we die. So, it's not a shock that, as Christians, we wish to learn as much as we can about what it will be like. Will there be homes? What will it look like? Will we still have sin? All these questions and many more are answered directly from God’s Word, the Bible. When we go to Heaven, we shall see the Lord face-to-face. The fact that our all-knowing, all-powerful Creator will dwell with us, and we shall know him in an even more intimate way should be sufficient for we Christians to rest assured that we will be satisfied there. When people imagine Heaven, they sometimes picture ethereal images like angels lounging on the clouds or chubby cherubs picking the strings on their golden harps. However, to be motivated to live for the values of Heaven, maintaining a biblical mindset about eternal realities is vital. But maintaining this perspective is difficult when we are bombarded with numerous misconceptions about Heaven in popular culture. Here are three of the most common ideas about Heaven and what the Bible says about them. LISTEN TO THE SIDNEY ST. JAMES SHOW ON SPOTIFY! Great Novels from Sidney St. James Genesis - Stepping Onto the Shore and Finding It is Heaven Hallelujah - He is not Here; He Has Risen (Luke 24: 6) Adversity - Keeping the Faith Seeing the Power of God #christian #christiansofinstagram #livebygrace #encouragement #faithhopelove #christianblogger #Jesus #graceupongrace #dailywisdom #prayer #scripture #biblicalliving #christianity #christianliving #goodnews #jesuspaiditall #faithoverfear #everythingchristian #Godsnotdead #grace #truth #choosejoy #Godslove #Godlovesyou #Godisgood #holybible #Jesus #bibleverse
January 14, 2022
Season 2 Episode 8: A Blast from the Past - Songs that Form the Soundtrack of our Teenage Dreams
Season 2 Episode 8 A BLAST FROM THE PAST – Songs that Form the Soundtrack of our Teenage Dreams Why do the songs we heard as a teenager sound sweeter than anything we have ever listened to as an adult? In recent years, psychologists and neuroscientists have done plenty of research and have confirmed that these oldies but goodies hold disproportionate power over our emotions. And researchers have uncovered evidence that suggests our brains bind us to the music that we heard as teenagers more tightly than anything we’ll ever hear as adults—a connection that doesn’t weaken whatsoever as we age. Musical nostalgia, in other words, isn’t just a cultural phenomenon: It’s a neutronic command. And no matter how sophisticated our tastes might otherwise grow to be, our brains may stay jammed on those songs we obsessed over during the high drama during the years of our adolescence. But memories are meaningless without emotion—and aside from love and drugs, nothing spurs an emotional reaction like music. Many research studies show that our favorite songs stimulate our brain’s pleasure circuit, which releases an influx of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and other neurochemicals that make us feel good. A lot of big words, right! The more we like a song, the more we get treated to neurochemical bliss, flooding our brains. Music lights these sparks of neutronic activity in everyone. But when we were young, the sparks turned into a fireworks show. Between the ages of 10 and 22, our brains undergo rapid neurological development—and the music we love during that decade seems to get wired into our lobes for the rest of our lives. When we make neural connections to a song, we also create a strong memory trace that becomes overloaded with heightened emotion, thanks partly to a surplus of youthful growth hormones. These hormones tell our brains that everything is incredibly important—especially the songs that form the soundtrack to our teenage dreams during those early years. 1995 – The Decade of the 90s - KARS for Kids, Dallas Cowboys Inauguration St. Edwards Training Camp, Austin Live Stock Show and Rodeo, Walk of Life on Capitol Steps, Broken Spoke, Sidney St. James and Fiftie's Fun on Sunday Nights at KOOL99 Radio, and many more functions. Voted as the number 1 Mobile Disc Jockey in Central Texas. So, to end my Podcast today, I will demonstrate one of my most favorite gigs in all of the 90’s. Story of Pecan Street Festival! Johnny Dee and the Rocket 88s… Old Time Rock and Roll by Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band. #podcast #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #radio #music #love #comedy #hiphop #podcasters #applepodcasts #itunes #podcastshow #interview #entrepreneur #newpodcast #spotifypodcast #covid #applepodcast #motivation #s #soundcloud #art #radioshow #entertainment Find Sidney St. James on Facebook Find Sidney St. James on Instagram
January 06, 2022
SEASON 2 EPISODE 7: SEEKING FORGIVENESS - How Difficult is It to Find Forgiveness
SEASON 2 EPISODE 7: SEEKING FORGIVENESS - How Difficult is It to Find Forgiveness Hello Everyone. Today I will be presenting one of the most challenging topics that, over time, I've incorporated into a dozen or more of my novels… FORGIVENESS. I can't seem to wrap my mind around just how in the world people find forgiveness… How do you let go of grudges? How do you let go of bitterness? When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment, and thoughts of revenge — or embrace forgiveness and move forward. What about those cases where YOU have hurt someone? The first thing I learned was to admit that you have hurt another person. As painful as it is, you need to come to the place where you accept the fact that you're guilty… and stop right there with no excuses.  Asking someone to forgive you requires a broken heart and a willingness to repair the damage you have done. It's not just saying, "Forgive me," if you think I happened to have done something wrong. You need to understand the amount of pain you have caused, and step up to the plate and accept responsibility for it. This is so true in my Novel "Faith – Seventy Times Seven," when my Grandmother, who was called by God to preach at 17 years of age, lived for twenty some odd years with an alcoholic, abusive husband. Then, during the turn of the century, she had a place under a large black walnut tree 4 miles outside Mansfield, Louisiana, where she went and asked for forgiveness for the man that almost destroyed their entire family in the early 1900s.
January 04, 2022
Season 2 Episode 6: A Witch Terrorizes President Andrew Jackson
Hello Everyone. Welcome to the New Year 2022. I laid my pen down for the last several months of 2021 and paid more attention to my new Podcast Show, and simply gave a long rest from writing. However, I am not sure what I will be choosing, but if you would like to know what I am working on, I will give you a glimpse of what is yet to be for this coming year. Furthermore, I will be releasing the audio version of The Winds of Destiny, available wherever audiobooks are sold. But for now, let’s get down to a peep of what’s happening in the corners of my mind… or better yet, behind the scenes for one of my next novels in 2022. Who doesn’t like a good Ghost Story!!! The 1800s spawned countless tales of ghosts and spirits and spooky events. Some of them, like legends of silent ghost trains gliding past startled witnesses on dark nights, were so common that it's impossible to pinpoint where or when the stories began. And it seems that every place on earth has some version of a 19th-century ghost story. I seem to have a fetish and am leaning toward my new novel to have something to do with the long-ago history. Take my books, The Guitar, This Old House, or even Belem Towers or Lady in Red. They all have a twist of the supernatural to them. And, let’s not forget the three-book set, The Storm Lord Trilogy… all have the presence of ghosts and the supernatural as part of them. As I get ready to begin typing away on my new novel, let’s look at what follows as some examples of spooky, scary, or weird events from the 1800s which became legendary. They have been chosen as some framework for the novels that will come forth. As an example, there's a malicious spirit that terrorized a Tennessee family, a newly elected president who got a great fright, a headless railroader… and, oh yes, a First Lady of the United States who was obsessed with ghosts. My newest novel will come forth out of the following four ghost stories! Let us begin… #newepisode #repost #dj #live #life #follow #movies #instagram #sports #business #funny #inspiration #horror #podernfamily #instagood #explorepage #film #media #news #podcastlove #podcasthost #artist #mentalhealth #podcastinglife #podcastsofinstagram #podcastaddict #googlepodcasts #linkinbio #ol #explore #podcast #podcasting #podcastersofinstagram #podcasts #spotify #podcastlife #podcaster #youtube #radio #music #love #comedy #hiphop #podcasters #applepodcasts #itunes #podcastshow #interview #entrepreneur #newpodcast #spotifypodcast #covid #applepodcast #motivation #s #soundcloud #art #radioshow #entertainment 
January 03, 2022
Season 2 Episode 4: A Christmas Special - The Twelve Days of Christmas
Christmas Memories with Great Christmas Traditions from Sidney St. James Including… The Twelve Days of Christmas Christmas is stuffed to the brim of memories for most of us. Hopefully, yours are great memories of the family, good food, and if you ate my grandmother's cooking in Louisiana, you would agree,  and unique gifts. Your memories, if they are like mine, might be funny ones— My father installing Christmas lights or Aunt Ida bringing her dreaded jello-salad — but there's no denying that Christmas features looking back at past Christmases and remembering the faults and cherished memories alike. We recognize the people who are present, the people we have lost along the way, and the traditions we hold dear. Christmas memories are important; continuing the memories and making new ones make Christmas a memorable holiday. Many times, the most memorable Christmas moments don't happen on purpose. In fact, at the time, Christmas mishaps feel like a Christmas disaster—a missed airplane flight, a turkey overcooked because the timer didn't go off, frozen pipes from a week-long snowstorm in Texas—but these are the events that a year or two later are remembered with an eye roll and a chuckle, and over time it's these tales that create family lore. But sometimes, Christmas traditions are on purpose, creating meaning and memories around the holiday. So if you're looking for new Christmas traditions to create warm Christmas memories, we have a few to offer.
December 29, 2021
Season 2 - A 5-Minute Soundbite: "I am Woman, I am Invincible" Best Seller
Of all of James' novels, "I Am Woman" won the race as best seller of all. Four beautiful young women, known throughout the novel as the “Four Musketeers,” pledged a lifelong friendship with each other before the beginning of the Civil War and follow their lives of falling in love after graduation from the Hampton Women’s College. They signed their life away to become a slave to their husbands based on our country's laws in the 1860s. Frances “Fran” Meyer, Jackie ‘Bonzo’ Hager, and Debbie “Deb” Keiner all fall in love only to find out the man they loved was a traitor and fought for the Confederate forces. The fourth musketeer, Dianne Jenkins, has a lifelong secret she never reveals and has an extreme dislike for men. Although a strong word, some might even say she hated men. Then, Frances Meyer, who defects from the red, white, and blue, goes with her husband to fight for the South. Bonzo Hager is drafted by the Army of the Potomac and laughed at when she arrived to muster. She then asked her father to subsidize a substitute to fight for her. Then, there’s Debbie Keiner, the daughter of a Lutheran minister. She gives her heart and soul as a Sister of Mercy in the hospitals for many soldiers injured and killed in the war… both the Rebels and the Yankees. She also gives up her love for a man who left to fight under Robert E. Lee and the southern forces of the Confederacy. As sunlight enters into raindrops, so love enters the souls of these young women and emerges as their passions in State’s Rights and Women’s Rights. It is how they find their truth and purpose in life. It’s how the “Four Musketeers” give themselves to others. Throughout this story, they each discover that it’s love, which makes them who they are and how powerful forgiveness can be in their lives. Rights for women in the 1860s were withdrawn when she married. In general, women gave up so many property and civil rights when they said “I do” that it was said they entered a state of “Civil Death!” In 1860, women were trapped in their homes and performed domestic chores and duties. Their roles as a housewife were to bear children, as long as was feasibly possible. Also, to care for the children while submitting to their husbands’ every whim. It was prevalent for a family to consist of twelve or more children in the 1800s. “Women are already born so far ahead ability-wise. The day men can give birth, that’s when we can start talking about equal rights!” --- Chuck Palahniuk, American Novelist
December 29, 2021
Season 2 Episode 5: Merry Christmas - God Humbles Himself at the Birth of Christ!
SEASON 2 EPISODE 5 GOD HUMBLES HIMSELF ON THE DAY JESUS CHRIST WAS BORN Merry Christmas Everyone and welcome to my Christmas Day Edition of the Sidney St. James Show. Wow, another year has come and gone. When you are much younger, it seems like it takes forever for Christmas to roll around again and again. However, in my family, it’s almost a December Curse. Not Christmas, something unwanted always happens. This year my December Curse is Covid-19. Although I had all three vaccines which includes the booster and, let’s not forget the Flu shot, it wasn’t enough. So, I decided while under quarantine, I would put together this Christmas Day Special. Today I want to talk to you again about my Sunday School class and a familiar story when we were putting on the annual Christmas Eve Services. But before I do, let me make sure we are on the same page. God is All Powerful. After all, he could destroy the City of Jericho at a snap of his finger, or he could open up the skies and make it rain all day and night for 4o days. So, have you ever asked yourself, when he took the flesh form and gave the world his son, Jesus Christ who was born on Christmas Day, why didn’t he come in with a boom! Why wasn’t Gabriel blowing his horn! Why wasn’t Archangel waving his Sword of Defense in the sky. Why… well, I could find a lot of why’s to talk about. Because our Sunday school was not very large, a single girl was chosen to be all the Wisemen, not just one. We all practiced and practiced until everyone had the story ready to perform for the whole congregation in Eagle Lake, Texas at the First Presbyterian Church. The church was full as it always was on Christmas Eve. When it came time for the one Wiseman’s entrance, the young girl majestically swept up the aisle between the pews, draped in a flowing gold robe and all the costume jewelry accumulated over the years by the Women of the Church for various plays during the year. Novels About Faith on the Frontier as Pioneer Women in the 1800s and early 1900s ADVERSITY - Keeping the Faith The ROSE of Brays Bayou  FAITH - Seventy Times Seven SEEING THE POWER OF GOD HALLELUJAH - He is Not Here; He Has Risen GENESIS - Stepping Onto the Shore and Finding Heaven
December 24, 2021
Christmas Soundbite - A Sunday School Lesson from Jimmy Clipson
A 5-minute soundbite of a short story of a Sunday School lesson at the First Presbyterian Church in Eagle Lake.
December 16, 2021
Season 2 Episode 2 Jonah - You Can't Run Away and Hide from God
God called to Jonah one day and told him to go and preach to Nineveh because the people were very wicked. Jonah didn’t like this idea one cotton-pickin’ bit because Nineveh was one of Israel's biggest enemies and Jonah didn’t want anything whatsoever to do with preaching to them! So, Jonah tried to run away from God in the opposite direction of Nineveh and headed by boat to Tar-shish. While crossing the great waters, God sent a great storm upon the ship, waves over 20 feet high and the men decided Jonah was to blame. They threw him overboard. As soon as they tossed Jonah in the water, the storm came to almost an immediate stop. God sent a big fish, some story tellers over the ages have called it a whale, to come and swallow Jonah and to save him from drowning. While in the belly of the giant fish, Jonah prayed to God for help, repented, and praised God. For three days Jonah sat in the belly of the fish. Then, God told the big fish to spit Jonah onto the shores of Nineveh. The Prophet did as God instructed and preached to Nineveh and warned them to repent before the city would be destroyed in 40 days. The people believed Jonah, turned from their wickedness, and God had mercy on them. Jonah now became angry and bitter because God did not destroy the people of Nineveh who were Israel's enemy! When Jonah sat to rest after the ordeal, God provided a large leaf vine to give him shade. The next day, God sent a big fat worm to eat the vine. Jonah now sat in the hot sun complaining and wanting to die. God called out to Jonah and scolded him for being so concerned and worried about just a plant while God was concerned with the lives of 120,000 people who lived in the city of Nineveh. Find more about this story in the novel “Genesis – Stepping on the Shore and Finding it Is Heaven” and “Seeing the Power of God.”
November 23, 2021
Season 1 Finale: Episode 25 - LORD I WANT TO BE LIKE JESUS IN MY HEART
Lord, I Want to be Like Jesus in My Heart? Episode 25: Noah and the Flood: The Gospel in the Old Testament Hello Everyone. I was sitting here this morning after a torrential downfall of rain outside and said to myself, "My God, it's raining cats and dogs… and so… He answered... yes, just like it did almost 4,500 years ago in 2348 BC… That's when I got this vision of what my final Podcast for Season 1 should be. As I stared out the window watching the water run down the street, my thoughts turned back to my Sunday School days when Jimmy Clipson of Eagle Lake, Texas was my Sunday School teacher at the First Presbyterian Church. It also reminded me of these cartoon handouts that told a different story in the Bible every week. Do you remember when you were young singing little kids' songs about the rain that fell for forty days and nights on the Ark, the one that Noah was the captain and hundreds if not thousands of pairs of animals, birds, insects, etc. all walked up the plank inside? Well, that isn't exactly how all that day happened, but my story was taken from my novel, Genesis – Stepping Onto the Shore and Finding It Is Heaven, the first novel in the Sunday School Education Series I wrote about five years ago. Also, parts of this story came from the second novel in the series, Hallelujah - He is Not Here; He Has Risen. (Luke 24:6). Go See the Book Trailer for Faith - Seventy Times Seven, the Memoirs and True Story of my Grandmother, the Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds. Now, for the rest of my story! #Biblestudy #Biblejournaling #womenoftheword #coffeeandJesus #powerofprayer #intheword #Biblestudymoments #devotional #seekHimfirst #shereadstruth #morningprayer #wellwateredwomen #womensbiblestudy #goodmorninggirls #readthroughtheBible #butfirstJesus #intheword #womenintheword  #lampandlight #womenlivingwell #verseoftheday #sidneystjames #podcast #bestsellingauthor
October 19, 2021
Season 1 Episode 24: Does One Have to Believe in Jesus Christ to Have a Pathway to Heaven>
SEASON 1 PODCAST 24:  Is Through Jesus Christ the only Pathway to Heaven? Don’t all religions lead to God? Or, are we, as Christians, really so narrow-minded and intolerant to think so? The Reverend Ada Slaton Bonds read from her Bible while standing at the pulpit at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church on Easter, “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” That brings me to ask myself, what about those who have never heard? The other night while dining with a very dear friend, she said unless man or woman believes in Jesus Christ as the son of God and that he was crucified and died for our sins, then we had no pathway whatsoever to Heaven. This is probably one of the most common questions associated with Christianity. Before going on, think about what I just said for a moment longer…. Now, in other words, is it fair for God to condemn people who never had an opportunity to hear the message of Christ? Books and Trailers Associated with this Podcast: Video Trailer for Upcoming Movie Faith - Seventy Times Seven. Ebook Faith - Seventy Times Seven. Adversity - Keeping the Faith. 
September 15, 2021
Season 1 Episode 23 They're Now Tearing Down George Washington's Statue; Believe it or Not!
Is Abraham Lincoln the next American historical personage to be canceled by the left? Protesters in Portland tore down a statue of the venerated President, and some figures of him are targets for removal in other places. Why is Honest Abe so suddenly so blasted controversial? First, I don’t wish to sit here today and talk “politics.” When I join friends, it is the only subject matter that makes for unpleasant conversation. But, this particular part of so-called politics is destroying your and my Country. So, I couldn’t any longer leave the subject of what was going on lay quiet in my thoughts. So, I ask you today, "What do you think is actually driving this destruction of so much history in our country?" These are groups of people who wish to destroy American history to undermine the people's faith in the system we have here in our free America.  My father, a well-known historian on the Civil War, was very pro Lincoln, although being awarded the highest honors from the Daughters of the Confederacy. He was firm with Lincoln that America is the last, best hope on Earth, a place where freedom exists and flourishes. I feel the same way as him when I say that I think people who want a lot of government control of the populace don't like the symbols of that. Lincoln was one of the noblest symbols.
September 15, 2021
Episode 22: Why Does God Allow So Much Evil in This World?
One of the most significant challenges faced by Christianity and Christians is the reality of evil and suffering. I am writing a screenplay now for Hollywood called Faith – Seventy Times Seven, and I watched another script on television, I Still Believe. Playing the role of Jeremy Camp, the lead character questioned God as to why he let the woman he loved die from cancer at such an early age. He got angry and tore everything up around him. I must admit, at times, even great thinkers are baffled by the seeming contradiction between the existence of a loving God and the fact of evil. Billy Bob Thornton thought this over and over in my novel Seeing the Power of God. In the movie I Still Believe, the lead character shouted, "Where is God?” This is one of the most disquieting symptoms … But go to Him, the young man did, his need is frantic, when all other help is in vain, and what do you find? A door smashed in your face! A sound of gunshots and unbearable pain on the inside." Fortunately, Jeremy Camp came to grips with his grief and, in the end, realized that God not only exists but that He is indeed all-loving despite the sufferings we might have. Let me ask you how you would describe God. I know, what about words like harsh or a Creator who is so difficult to please? Would you use words like angry or forgiving? Or, wait, I am almost there. What about this? Would you describe him as loving, generous or… even Father?
September 07, 2021
Episode 20: Are You a Cemetery Enthusiast or a Tombstone Tourist - A True Family History
THE SIDNEY ST. JAMES SHOW EPISODE 20 – WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE A CEMETERY ENTHUSIAST or A TOMBSTONE TOURIST – A True Family History Story JUNE 2021 As one who has studied genealogy for decades, I suppose you can also call me a cemetery enthusiast. I’ve learned the many ways people around the world honor their dead to put the pieces together across the “pond.” Take the moss-covered mausoleums of Edinburgh to the candle-lit cemeteries around the lands in Italy. In my studies of overseas family members, particularly those living in Rastede and Oldenburg, Germany, and in Jerusalem, I learned of the small stones placed on Jewish graves in Jerusalem and even the walls of urns located in Japan. There’s so much that can be learned from wandering through cemeteries with shady paths that continue to invite us, addicted genealogists, to meander and read the epitaphs to those gone before us. Tombstones often include data in addition to birth and death dates. For example, some memorials contain relationships with parents, spouses, and children. Sometimes the headstones have decorations that include symbols or words about occupations, possibly the cause of death, membership in religious organizations, or even their general philosophies of life, providing essential details into the lives. These are so important because I never settle for a born and death date. That really doesn’t tell me about the person. For many women and children who died before 1850 and children born and died between census enumerations or before vital records were kept, a cemetery may provide the only description of their life. For Ebooks The Lady in Red Mystery For Audio Books The Three Keys to Armageddon For Podcast of Sidney St. James Show
June 28, 2021
Episode 21: A Tribute to Father's Day
Episode 21: A Tribute to Father's Day To my two girls, who are grown-up ladies now. Today, we will go and have Father's Day at a restaurant in Georgetown. Now get this, one will say, "do you remember Dad when you walked up the sidewalk at O. Henry Middle School acting like Frankenstein? Embarrassing back then to no get-out, and they still remember that. Then, I was cleaning a bass I caught on the river, and while cleaning it, I acted like it ate my thumb. Gosh, was that a mistake? They didn't go back in the water for ages! Memories. How 'bout the crazy things my Father did and I did as a Father. But, now that my Father is gone, I think back at those crazy things on Father's Day. I should bring up one of his things; he made us boys go bonkers! He fixed some Sweet Bread for supper. Wow, did we love sweets growing up? Come to find out later, it was Brains and Eggs. Oooooo is right! What an awful trick, but wow, is it one I remember to this very day…. Be sure to join me for my next regularly scheduled podcast in a few days as we will discuss the making of a professional genealogist! How to put the pieces together for your family history...
June 20, 2021
Episode 19 - What is True Love? True Love Ways
Are you in true love? Do you want to truly love your partner? Here are the characteristics of true love you should know and implement in your relationship. In my last two episodes, where I paid tribute to our friends and family in World War II, I spoke of three special friends I called the Three Musketeers of Eagle Lake, Texas. They were TRUE FRIENDS. Today, I will talk about taking that friendship to another level… TRUE LOVE. Love is something that most of us can’t describe in words. One thing is for sure, however, and that is true love is rare to find. When we fall in love, the world looks beautiful. Everything around looks incredible. Our heart fills up with purity. Books written that incorporate True Love...Sometimes we'll sigh... sometimes we'll cry.... Peter & Gordon 1960 I Am Woman - Hear Me Roar I Am Woman - I Am Invincible True Love Ways I Go to Pieces - The Sequel to True Love Ways Great Audio Books from Sidney St. James
June 15, 2021
Episode 17: A Memorial Tribute to All Who Came Home Alive During Operation Magic Carpet Shouting, "Home Alive in '45!"
Operation Magic Carpet was the most extensive combined air and sealift ever organized during wartime. Elmer A. Struss, my father, was an officer in the Navy, one of many assigned this task and helped bring back home millions of soldiers at the end of WWII. It was called… by all the servicemen and women, as the scope expanded worldwide, as “Home Alive By ’45!” My special presentation on this Memorial Weekend is of the First Nighttime Torpedo Drop in Naval History, Operation Magic Carpet, and action in the theater of Northern Africa. Today, my words are a tribute to the patriotism about Eagle Lake, Texas’ Three Musketeers, as they were known in school in the 1920s and 1930s… Robert Jack “Coogie” Ney, Elmer A. Struss and Freddie R. Frnka. "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." - President Ronald Reagan "As we set today aside to honor and thank our veterans, let us be mindful that we should do this every day of the year and not just one." – Beth Pennington "Our flag, Old Glory, doesn’t fly because the wind moves it. It flies proudly with the very last breath of each soldier who died protecting it." - Sidney St. James Anchor.FM Apple Podcasts Google Plays Podcasts Spotify Podcasts Have you ever moved into your new house and found it was haunted? See other novels, This Old House and Guitar by Sidney St. James Also, part of the Home Alive in '45 was Project Sunset! Tags: memorial day, memorial day weekend usa love america memorial, thank you family, #summer, military  veterans, red white and blue memories instagood  instagram #freedom remember, honor, never forget, friends 
May 29, 2021
Episode 16: Have You Ever Moved into Your New House to Find Out it's Haunted? I Did!
Owing a home is one of our great American dreams, something we all aspire to do in our early years of life. There's something about having a tiny part of planet Earth to call your own that inspires a sense of both security and pride. Getting the keys handed over to you at closing for your very first home is always a cause for celebration: you open the door, cross the threshold, possibly carrying the woman you love in your arms, and go inside your very own castle - whether it be an apartment or a single-family home in a quiet residential subdivision. Have you ever moved into your new house and found it was haunted? See other novels, This Old House and Guitar by Sidney St. James Tell me this. What happens if you are one of those unfortunate new home buyers who makes a bone-chilling discovery that you and your family, not to mention your pets, are not the only ones who reside in your home sweet home? Living in a haunted house can be stressful for many reasons. There's the emotional stress that comes with being continuously in fear of whats just around the corner, as well as the financial stress that occurs when particularly active ghosts wreak their eerie business around the house: they break things and send the energy bill sky high with their constant tinkering with the lights or the air conditioning thermostat! Knocking picture frames off the walls, etc. Moreover, it's definitely unsettling to feel as though you are never alone and always being watched, especially in the one place you hope some privacy. There was one such house near Glidden, Texas that was in such bad shape, the community advertised that on October 31stat 7 pm, a contest to see who could remain in the house all night. Find the Sidney St. James Show @ Anchor.FM Apple Podcasts Google Plays Podcasts Spotify Podcasts Ghost Stories, Mysteries, Faith, Seventy Times Seven #podcasts #podcast #podcasting #podcastlife #podcastersofinstagram #podcaster #podcasters #podcastshow #spotify #applepodcasts #youtube #itunes #music #podcastinglife #podcastaddict #radio #newpodcast #podcastlove #comedy #applepodcast #spotifypodcast #podcastsofinstagram #podcastmovement #podcasthost #love #podcastnetwork #entrepreneur #podernfamily #hiphop 
May 23, 2021
Episode 15: The Long Road to Forgiveness - Faith - Seventy Times Seven
SEASON 1 EPISODE 15 THE THREE DIFFERENT STEPS TOWARDS FINDING FORGIVENESS FAITH – SEVENTY TIMES SEVEN BY SIDNEY ST. JAMES (A True Story of Forgiveness) From the memoirs of the first ordained woman minister in the state of Louisiana, Rev. Ada Caston Slaton Bonds, as Moderator for the General Assembly six years in a row. Given the official title of Mother of All Presbyteries of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Active in the ministry for 55+ years, almost longer than any other woman in the United States. Known throughout the South as the greatest Evangelical minister in all denominations. Given the title of the representative to God for her “Pure Womanhood” by the Ku Klux Klan No. 60. Numerous scriptures were found in her Red Chief Notebooks about Forgiveness. The story of her life written in the creative historical nonfiction genre. How Often Do We Have to Forgive? Matthew 18:21-22. Then Peter came up and said to him, "Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?" Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven." ***** As soon as Jesus rose from the dead and made his first visit to the disciples, he breathed the Holy Spirit on them and then spoke to them about forgiveness. John 20:21-23. Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” 22 And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. 23 If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.” ***** One text that speaks about the consequences of unforgiveness.  Matthew 18:23-35. The parable begins with the King forgiving the debt of one of his servants who cried for mercy. After that this same servant, who was forgiven, mercilessly charged one of his fellow servants. The fellow servant likewise cried for mercy. But it was thrown in the prison by the pardoned servant until the debt was repaid. The King learned of this and was outraged. The outcome of the story is narrated in Matthew 18: 32-35. “Then the master called the servant in. ‘You wicked servant,’ he said, ‘I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to. 33. Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?’ 34. In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed. 35. “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.” The song at the end of the podcast was sung by Fernando Ortega… “Lord, I Want to be Like Jesus in My Heart!” EBook, Paperback and Audio books available at all audio distributor retail outlets: Faith – Seventy Times Seven Seeing the Power of God – Does One Have to Believe in the Bible to be a Christian? Genesis – Stepping Onto the Shore and Finding It's Heaven Hallelujah - He is not Here; He Has Risen (Luke 24: 6) #christianbook #christianbooks #christian #christianauthor #bookstagram #bible #christianbookstagram #faith #christianity #christianblogger #christianblog #jesus #christianwriter #christianwriters #butfirstjesus #book #christianliving #devotional #christianlife #christ #booklover #god #faithblogger #authorlife #bookworm #christianbookclub #books #forgiveness #seventytimesseven
May 16, 2021
Episode 14: The Making of True Loves Ways by Sidney St. James
n 1965, Peter & Gordon sang the song written by Buddy Holly called "True Love Ways." As a youngster, I danced my first slow song with a woman in the Community Center who I decided would be my wife one day. She was from Deer Park, Texas. Funny how life branches out in many directions… it never happened. Our story, much like the song, is unique because it is both romantic and realistic. It recognizes the truth: that sometimes life will be difficult. Our leading characters will cry, but they'll work through it together. It might possibly bring them closer. While this song acknowledges the outside world (sharing joys with those who really care), it is also intimate. "Just you and I" know these ways of true love. I've often thought of this song in terms of a couple starting out – the use of "will by and by," "throughout the days," and "will bring us" suggests that they're looking into the times ahead; yet, it's applicable in far greater scope as seen in the writing of this novel. In our story, Marco Naumann has fallen in love with Simone Wolfensohn in New Orleans. She was most definitely a catch of any young man. However, she lived in high society and demanded that Marco be wealthy before getting married. She found a way by his marrying a dying girl, Miss Kerstin Hoffman, who would soon inherit several million dollars of a magnificent estate in the Dutchy of Oldenburg in Germany. Marco was to marry her, and when she died, take the inheritance, and come back for Simone's hand in marriage. Kerstin laid on her death bed as Marco walked back into her life after a fifteen-year absence. "I love you, Marco like you're the very last of my kind. You speak the same language as me. Oh, God, Marco, to be around you is like finally not being alone…as if all my life I've been isolated in a windowless room. Then, after all these years, you walk through the doorway, across the room, into my life, as if you were strolling over a summer meadow. How is it, Marco, that you are much, much more than sunshine?  How is it you breathe life when there isn't anyone else that can? Tell me, Marco… why is it you are my medicine?  Who could love me more than you? So, Marco, from this moment forward, know this…while I breathe, I am yours in mind, body, and soul. I love you!" Our story has many twists and turns. In the first of a two-part edition, we find that there's another possible descendant, a cousin named Norman Hoffman, who works in a small mining community outside San Francisco. He is the son of the second-born, Florian Hoffman. He gathers all his documents that prove his identity and begins his travel to New Orleans to present his papers to the law firm, Slaton & Slaton, down on Poydras. However, his travels come to an abrupt stop. One will have to wait and find out if the wolves devour him in the forest after a bullet passes through his chest. Lots of questions go unanswered. Does Kerstin Hoffman live or die? Does Marco inherit the great fortune and return to Simone for her hand in marriage. Does Norman Hoffman survive and prove that he is next in line for the grand estate's wealth in Oldenburg, Germany. Coming of Age Fiction (Kindle) Coming of Age Fiction Books Contemporary Women's Fiction Holiday Romance (Kindle Store) Holiday Romance Fiction (Books)
May 09, 2021
Episode 013: The Making of "I Am Woman" - A Story of Women's Rights and State's Rights; Crossing the Threshold and Saying 'I Do" was Committing Civil Death!
Episode 13: A Podcast of the Sidney St. James Show Burn, Baby, Burn! – Take the long-held assumption, found even in some of the most respected history books, that 1960s feminists exhibited against the establishment by setting fire to their bras. I grew up during this era. But where did it all begin? Maybe with Susan B. Anthony and others at the Seneca Falls meeting in New York in 1848? Follow my most exciting new adventure in this fiction novel based on actual facts as Dianne Jenkins loves one man, Russell Keiner, with her heart but despites him and all men with her mind. Follow her as she graduates from college and attempts to fight for Women’s Rights. Our story has its beginning in 1860 with Abraham Lincoln having been just elected president of the United States… the long road to suffrage 1848 to 1920. Let’s find out just what one senator said in 1968, “Feminists are only braless, brainless broads!” I Am Woman - Hear Me Roar, Part I and I Am Woman - I am invincible, Part 2 of this two-part series,  hit the book stores on August 18, 2020, celebrating 100 long years from the passing of the Nineteenth Amendment securing women’s right to vote in the United States of America! In the 1800s, the rights usually enjoyed by women were often taken away when she married. As a matter of fact, a woman gave up so many civil and property rights upon walking across that threshold that she was said to be entering a state of “civil death.” One such woman who would not stand for this inequality was Dianne Jenkins. She loves Reverend Russell Keiner with all her heart but hates him with all her mind. Her moving speech as Magna Cum Laude at Hampton’s College describes her feeling toward inequality while not pulling any punches. Happy Listening! Follow James on Facebook @ Follow James at Blog Site @ Follow James on Instagram @ Follow James Podcast on Apple @ Follow James Podcast on Google @ Follow James Podcast on Anchor.FM @ #genderequality #equality #feminism #womenempowerment #feminist #women #womensrights #girlpower #womensupportingwomen #gender #humanrights #equalrights #empowerment #intersectionalfeminism #sdg #love #metoo #femaleempowerment #covid #pride #empoweringwomen #diversity #education #strongwomen #womenempoweringwomen #lgbt #misogyny #smashthepatriarchy 
May 05, 2021
Episode 12: The Runaway Scrape - The Midwives Who Served at the Birth of the Republic of Texas!
The rush to the Louisiana border was known to the Texans as the Runaway Scrape, the Great Runaway, or the Sabine Shoot. Whatever one calls it, the wild exodus was a nightmare of terror and suffering for women and children across the Lone Star State. It was only their burning desire for retribution that made it possible for them to keep going. REMEMBER THE ALAMO! REMEMBER GOLIAD! COME AND TAKE IT! Dilue Rose Harris told her story for the Eagle Lake Headlight in Eagle Lake, Texas, in 1900. Delicate women trudged from day to day until their shoes were literally worn out and continued their journey to the east with bare feet, lacerated and bleeding at almost every step. Their clothes were scant and provided no means of shelter from frequent drenching downpours and bitterly cold winds. --- Soldier from the Battle of San Jacinto In efforts to escape the tyranny of General Santa Anna, the older men, women, and children found the few ferries to cross the waterways could not accommodate the large volumes of traffic. At Lynch’s Ferry, over five thousand people were waiting to get across. --- Dilue Rose Harris In the group of women with Dilue Rose Harris, one recalled in her memoirs that there were very few white men in the hundreds in her group. The African Americans seemed to be the protectors of most of the families. She had nothing but the highest praise for the Men of Color without whose help they may never have succeeded. --Mary S. Helm Not wishing the women and children to see their homes put to the torch in Gonzales, Texas, Sam Houston led the civilians out of the small community. Then he ordered that no roof large enough to shelter a Mexican’s head should be left standing. Finally, the women of the Runaway Scrape or the Sabine Shoot, or the Great Runaway justifiably could regard themselves as Veterans of the Texas Revolution. They endured dangers and hardships as harsh as those faced by their soldier-husbands. Not as commonly lauded over the last almost two hundred years, their efforts were just as important. Santa Anna had no secret of his objective. He wanted to drink a cup of coffee from the waters of the Sabine River and, on the way, rid Texas of all perfidious foreigners. His campaign ended on April 21, 1836. #texashistory #texas #history #igtexas #travel #traveltexas #easttexas #texastodo #texasphotography #truetexas #sanantonio #visittexas #roadtrip #photography #smalltown #tx #architecture #smalltowntexas #texashighways #houston #exploretexas #texashillcountry More Novels from SIDNEY ST. JAMES
April 28, 2021
Episode 011: Special Edition - Growing Up in a Small Town; A Dedication to Wanda Lynn Smith Center
Growing up in the small town of Eagle Lake, Texas, I always saw myself living in the big city of Houston, Texas where stores are open past five o'clock and inspiration can be found on almost every street corner. Now that I finally made the move, I couldn't be happier with my choice. But growing up in a tiny town made me who I am and I wouldn't trade my small-town experiences and all my lifelong friends I made for the world. One such friend was Wanda Lynn Smith. I received a phone call a few weeks ago informing me she lost her battle with Cancer. I immediately turned to my recording studio and just started recording. No script, just words from the heart. You see, that phone call I received informed me my dear friend for more than half a century was no longer with us. So, I stared out the window of my studio for ten minutes and then began to cut this Special Edition of the Sidney St. James Show. Words Are Tears from the Heart! Stay tuned for Episode 12: The Making of the novel, Gideon Returns - A Damsel in Distress. Website: Instagram: Sidneyst.James New Audio Book Release: Belem Towers - Only Two Will Ever Know
April 22, 2021
Episode 010: The Making of Rosenthall - Bête Maléfique des Bois - The Birth of Detective Vincent James Gideon
Rosenthall - Bête Maléfique des Bois - The Birth of Detective Vincent James Gideon Black Rock Cove, on the coastline of Oregon, has a unique and sinister charm. By day, it is a quaint fishing village and charming resort for summertime visitors, but by night…well, that’s a different story. The murder of Oliver Bateman was purely the strangest of all crimes. A gunshot was heard as he fell dead in the courtyard, but bullet holes were missing from his body. Three deep knife wounds, however, covered his chest. Even stranger, Elizabeth Knight, daughter of famed Nobel Prize winner William Knight, was discovered in her locked bedroom on the brink of death after hysterical screaming and two gunshots were heard. She was found all alone… no assassin present. Find the motive of the assassin, and you locate the criminal. Nevertheless, several people have reasons, which may have led them to the deed. Which one did it? Why did the murderer leave a bloody cow bone in the room? Why was there only one bullet found in the chamber after witnesses heard two shots, and two were expended in the golden 22 caliber revolver found in the room? Also, most of all, how was the crime committed in a sealed chamber? How did the assassin escape? Wait! Did the wrong person lose their life? What will that do? Create more questions? Result in more murders? Will there be other murders? Who’s the mastermind behind them? These questions become the catalyst for a sequence of events that will rivet the readers to their seats. This first novel debuts Vincent Gideon, a young detective making a name for himself solving cold cases. A best-selling author, Abigail Guerin, better known as Abby throughout the novel, adds a twist of romance as she assists him. They must solve the case before the mystery man catches the six o’clock train departing Black Rock Cove. However, no other than the Great Shane Murdock comes to town. He is Gideon’s mentor and has solved more cold cases in America than anyone else. Some have called him in headline news, the Sherlock Holmes of America. He is a household name from his successful endeavors at solving crimes the local authorities can’t. Black Rock Cove, the setting in James’ thriller series, The Storm Lord Trilogy, is still his canvas in his Gideon Detective Series. James unveils a labyrinth of evil constructed by people at the highest levels of power. More secrets are revealed. Is the Bête Maléfique des Bois, the beast responsible for so many deaths? More people continue to lose their lives. You don’t know who can be trusted. Martin DuBois? Terrence McGyver? Chris Darnay? Mother Althena? Could Gideon himself be the mastermind of the crimes? HAPPY LISTENING Coming up next: Episode 11 - The Making of "Gideon Returns - A Damsel in Distress!" #crimefiction #bookstagram #books #crime #mystery #thriller #bookworm #booklover #booksofinstagram #bibliophile #murdermystery #bookish #reading #booksbooksbooks #readcrimefiction #thrillerbooks #crimenovel #bookstagrammer #booknerd #bookclubs #agathachristie #readersofinstagram #fiction #detective #book #writerslife #suspense #writingcommunity #beeboppublishinggroup #eagle lake #columbus #suncity #sidneystjames
April 19, 2021
Episode 009: The Making of the Final Chapter in the Storm Lord Trilogy Series, The Three Keys to Armageddon, a paranormal romance
PODCAST EPISODE 009: The Making of the Final Chapter of the Storm Lord Trilogy, Three Keys to Armageddon! Using the rich background of the spiritual world of Archangels Michael and his Sword of Angels and Gabriel with his trumpet of victory in the background, the Storm Lord Trilogy Series pursues the return of Satan himself with a paranormal bent world of EVIL versus GOOD filled with captivating characters. The ever-moving series’ sharp dialogue, highly original plot lines and stylistic flair is as rhythmic and vibrant as any of his earlier works.  These three novels in the 3-book Storm Lord Trilogy Series, The Flaming Blue Sword, Nine Months Will Tell and The Three Keys to Armageddon are provocative, confrontational and contain highly creative twists and turns into the unexpected, but always with a healthy dose of humor, not to mention romance, no matter how intense the circumstances might become. In this final chapter, Nikki Connors must find the three keys to Armageddon or… all Hell will break loose… literally. One of twelve quests pits our heroine against evil out to destroy the goodness in the world. Nikki, along with her mother Angel Thompson, were propelled into challenges in which they could die at every turn. Action on their part is required every step of the way to keep the world good… balanced… and… in peace! Sean E. Jacobs, author of The Eye of the Storm, was on this show last year and had this to say about the Storm Lord Trilogy Series: “I really enjoy reading books with kick-butt female characters. Nikki Connors is definitely one of them. She’s probably one of the most enigmatic and levelheaded heroines in paranormal romance today. There are so many things I could say about this character… she’s tough… she’s brave and relentless… and, she’s smart. In short, she’s an amazing young woman!” Next week in Episode 10, we will kick off the Gideon Detective Series, cozy mysteries with love and passion, not to mention not knowing whodunnit until the end of the novels, with the novel Rosenthall - Bete Malefique des Bois! Until then… Happy Listening from yours truly, SIDNEY ST. JAMES!
April 16, 2021
Episode 008: The Making of Nine Months Will Tell, a paranormal romance by Sidney St. James (Freddie Krueger, move over. There’s a new name in town! ETHAN KNIGHT)
NINE MONTHS WILL TELL BOOK TWO IN THE STORM LORD TRILOGY SERIES ---a paranormal romance Continuation of the Storm Lord Trilogy in Chapter Two, Nine Months Will Tell, finds Angelica Thompson and Sheriff Kevin Connors expecting their first child. Her pregnancy comes as a surprise to her and Kevin because it is precisely nine months after their defeat of Ethan Knight in Chapter One of the Storm Lord Trilogy series. The question now that arises for the two love-birds is whether the Storm Lord lost his life in their final battle in the first of the series or did he, somehow, miraculously survive the epic encounter. The expecting mother lives with pain day in and day out. She experiences dreams that are, once again, so real, she can never get more than an hour or two each night of sleep. Cherubs appear in her dreams. Demons appear in her dreams. Death appears in her dreams! It was in the last two weeks of her pregnancy she realized her child’s life was being threatened by outside forces. Has the Storm Lord returned to her dreams? Who did she and Kevin kill in their first encounter if it wasn’t the Storm Lord? Unfortunately, their lives, far from being made perfect, become complicated. Angelica continues to be a hostage from the Evil One and his enchantments and sorcery. Kevin continues, along with the shapeshifting sea captain, the one able to wield the massive blue flaming sword, preparing for when they meet again. Because of the nightmares, which don’t seem to end, she never finds a moment to complete her second novel in the Storm Lord Trilogy series. Angel continues to discover more of the enchantments that hold her hostage. Why do all of the villagers in Black Rock Cove turn their backs on her when she comes to town? Why is it the FBI investigators continue to disappear overnight when in town to investigate the disappearance of so many children? Why are her nightmares getting stronger each day as she gets closer to having her first newborn? Why is her amulet beginning to glow again? More noise came from the front porch. Angel reached down and rubbed her pockets on her warmups, looking for her pepper spray, but both were flat! “Jesus Christ! Where did I leave my spray? Kevin is always getting on me for not carrying it with me!” Freddie Krueger, move over. There’s a new name in town! ETHAN KNIGHT. … from Sidney St. James, a paranormal romance of epic proportions! The Storm Lord Trilogy Series: Book 1 - The Flaming Blue Sword, Book 2 - Nine Months Will Tell and Book 3 - The Three Keys to Armageddon Happy Listening from Sidney St. James! #paranormalromance #bookclubs #beeboppublishinggroup #spotify #anchorfm #bookclubs #romancenovels #shapeshifters #sidneystjames #eaglelake #columbus #kindle #book #georgetowntexas #eaglelake #columbus #fantasy #paranormalromancepodcasts #romancepodcasts #paranormalromancenovels #writing #author #paranormalromanceauthor #author #shifterromance #shapeshifting #suncity #bookclub
April 16, 2021
Episode 007: A Long Cold Winter and the Making of The Flaming Blue Sword, a Paranormal Romance
EPISODE 007: The Making of The Flaming Blue Sword Angelica Thompson, an award-winning romance novelist, makes a decision to end her turbulent relationship back home in Denver and heads to a secluded spot on the shores of Black Rock Cove in Oregon. Writer’s block is preventing her from finishing her last novel in her paranormal romance series and is being pressured by her publisher, BeeBop Publishing Group, to finish by the end of the summer. She discovered the first night of her arrival how vividly her mind’s thoughts and dreams came alive. Her imagination of a dead sea captain, a black panther pouncing on her for his evening meal, and falling to her death in a cove hundreds of feet below are only the beginning. An ancient prophecy of destruction has been set into motion, and what destiny has in store for Angelica and the entire village of Black Rock Cove is bigger than anyone could possibly imagine. Experience the power of true love! Feel the intensity of real emotion when one woman loves one man, but powerful forces threaten to keep them apart forever! See real magic. Fear real evil. Find true love. Coming in our next Episode 008 we will visit the making of Nine Months Will Tell, Book 2 in the Storm Lord Trilogy Series. #shifterromance #readersofinstagram #paranormalexperience #reverseharem #vampire #booksofinstagram #writerslife #bookstagrammer #darkromance #paranormalromancereaders #paranormalolaylar #bookish #kindle #romanceauthor #writer #vampires #paranormalromanceauthor #writing #author #authorlife #romancenovels #fantasy #paranormalresearch #reverseharembooks #c #paranormalattack #book #paranormalvideo #haunted #bibliophile#paranormalromance #beeboppublishinggroup #paranormalromancenovels #paranormalromancepodcasts #romancepodcasts #georgetowntexas #bookclubs
April 13, 2021
Episode 006: The Making of Seeing the Power of God by Sidney St. James
Episode 006: The Sixth and Final Novel in the Faith Chronicles by Sidney St. James - Seeing the Power of God! After writing Genesis and Hallelujah, I became one of those people who asked, “Can anyone be a Christian and not believe in the Bible? Is it wrong to question any of the scriptures in the Bible?” Some people believe questioning the Bible, the direction God is going, or even God himself, is blasphemy. Some think it is a sign of disbelief. The mystery of why our main character in the novel has such cynicism is possible because he remembers nothing before his eighteenth birthday. The first book he read after learning to read and write was on Hinduism. His father didn’t know how such a book ended up in his library, but he took it and hid it from his son. Was it too late? Did what he read about Vishnu and Krishna absorb his entire thought process where he never recognized Jesus Christ as the one and only son of God? Who’s right, the father or his son? What was this strange ability he had with being able to communicate with animals, one of God’s creations? Why can’t he remember anything in his life before his eighteenth birthday? Who is his cousin who comes strangely into his life on his twenty-first birthday? Who is the stranger who is hired to come and teach him about Jesus Christ and the Bible? Let’s try to answer the question “Is it wrong for Christians to Question God?” My personal feeling as an author writing this book found three questions one should never ask. One should not ask a question of the Lord because they think they know better than Him. One should never question God’s authority, a big No, No! We should never ask questions of God to try and stall our obedience to the Lord. But, if we are questioning the scriptures in the Bible because we desperately want to know the answer because we are searching out and really want to know our Lord because we want to see the light in so much confusion, then that should be okay… HAPPY LISTENING Tags: #christianbook #christianbooks #christian #Jesus #God #christianauthor #bookstagram #bible #christrianbookstgram #faith #seventytimesseven #sidneystjames #cumberlandpresbyterianchurch #eaglelake #columbus #forgiveness #kukluxklan #progresscumberlandpresbyterian #christianbookclub #christianlife #christianpodcasts #genesis #beeboppublishinggroup #creativenonfiction #sundayschool #bookclubs #acfw #rwa #historicalnonfiction
April 12, 2021
Episode 005: The Making of Hallelujah - He's Not Here; He Has Risen by Sidney St. James
Podcast Episode 005: The Making of Hallelujah – He is not Here; He Has Risen (Luke 24: 6) by Sidney St. James If you're a slow and methodical worker when it comes to creating things, then you'll likely find great inspiration in "Hallelujah," episode five of the Sidney St. James Faith Chronicles Series. In "Hallelujah," James, the best-selling author of Faith, Seeing the Power of God, and I Am Woman, lets his creative nonfiction loose upon how creative writing works. Hallelujah - He is not Here; He Has Risen (Luke 24: 6) is a creative historical nonfiction novel drawn from the New Testament. It is factually accurate and written with attention to literary style. The life story told in this novel begins, primarily, with the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist. It was at this time John announced that Jesus was, in fact, the Son of God. Secondly, Jesus finds his first three disciples. There were finally twelve disciples who accompanied Jesus until the end of his life on the earth. The ministry of Jesus is characterized by many extraordinary and miraculous happenings. At his Sermon on the Mount, he delivered the Beatitudes, which were spiritual teachings of compassion, humility, and love. He fed the hungry. He healed the sick. The more miracles he performed, the more people followed him and listened to his teachings. The life of the Lord is most important to all Christians in each walk of life. Every Christian should know about the life of Jesus Christ and his spiritual leadership. He did so happen to have spent his entire life on earth. Read the stories of Jesus: Changing water into wine. Catching a large number of fish. Healing a leper. Curing a paralyzed man. Raising of Lazarus. Healing a man with a withered hand. Raising a widow’s son. Calming the storm. Walking on water. Restoring a severed ear from a soldier. And on and on and on… And, on conclusion of the “New Testament” in Hallelujah, we will present our last episode No. 6, an exciting conclusion to the series, Seeing the Power of God… Does one have to believe in the Bible to be a Christian? Stay tuned… HAPPY LISTENING. Tags: #christianbook #christianbooks #christian #Jesus #God #christianauthor #bookstagram #bible #christrianbookstgram #faith #seventytimesseven #sidneystjames #cumberlandpresbyterianchurch #eaglelake #columbus #forgiveness #kukluxklan #progresscumberlandpresbyterian #christianbookclub #christianlife #christianpodcasts #genesis #beeboppublishinggroup #creativenonfiction #sundayschool #bookclubs #acfw #rwa
April 11, 2021
Episode 004: The Making of Genesis - Imagine Stepping Onto the Shore and Finding It's Heaven by Sidney St. James
GENESIS – Imagine Stepping Onto the Shore and Finding It’s Heaven is a creative historical nonfiction novel drawn from the Old Testament. It is factually accurate and written with attention to literary style. My extensive research led me into animated descriptions at my desk and emotional outpours to arrive at the truth through shaping the information, molding the narrative so that it reads like fiction. It makes the stories so easy to understand. One of the methods Jesus used in communicating his messages in the Bible was through parables. What is a parable, you might ask? Well, it’s an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. When Jesus started telling parables to the many people along his many paths, his disciples would ask him, “Why do you speak unto them in parables?” I remember the Reverend Ada Caston Slaton Bonds standing up in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Pleasant Hill, Louisiana, or Old Bethany Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Coushatta and every Sunday speaking in parables. In other words, earthly stories with a heavenly meaning. Jesus did the same thing so that his disciples would comprehend his teachings and that those who did not believe would be without any understanding. Those interested in understanding God’s truth of his message would know, while those not interested would remain without knowledge. Stay tuned for Episode 5, Hallelujah - He is not Here; He Has Risen (Luke 24: 6) and Episode 6, the conclusion to the Faith Chronicles, Seeing the Power of God. Tags: #christianbook #christianbooks #christian #Jesus #God #christianauthor #bookstagram #bible #christrianbookstgram #faith #seventytimesseven #sidneystjames #cumberlandpresbyterianchurch #eaglelake #columbus #forgiveness #kukluxklan #progresscumberlandpresbyterian #christianbookclub #christianlife #christianpodcasts #genesis #beeboppublishinggroup #creativenonfiction #sundayschool #bookclubs
April 10, 2021
Episode 003: The Making of Faith - Seventy Times Seven (KJV 18: 21-22) by Sidney St. James
Reverend Mrs. Ada Caston Slaton Bonds is one of the most colorful ministers ever produced by the great Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Beyond a doubt, she overcame more difficulties and passed through more heartaches than any minister ever known to preach the 'Whosoever Will' gospel. Miss Ada, as all affectionately called her, possessed countless prodigies. By way of the corridors of her ministerial career, she helped shape the lives and mold the character of many young ministers, who, today, rise up and call her 'blessed.' God sent her His Divine calling to preach. She then learned to preach. She carved out a place for herself among the clergy that was unique, without comparison. With bottomless emotion, genuine poise, and true dignity, Miss Ada became the First Lady of the Cloth in the Louisiana Presbytery and had the highest honor bestowed upon her: Mother of All Presbyteries. FAITH – Seventy Times Seven is a creative historical nonfiction novel. It is factually accurate and written with attention to literary style. My extensive research led me into animated descriptions at my desk and emotional outpours to arrive at the truth through shaping the information, molding the narrative so that it reads like fiction. Miss Ada set the standards high for being a minister in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. She was an anomaly for her time. Still today, we find the bar for preaching the word of God set high by Ada for all young men and women entering the ministry!  Watch for Episode 4, The Making of Genesis - Stepping Onto the Shore and Finding It's Heaven! Tags: #christianbook #christianbooks #christian #christianauthor #bookstagram #bible #christrianbookstgram #faith #seventytimesseven #sidneystjames #cumberlandpresbyterianchurch #eaglelake #columbus #forgiveness #kukluxklan #progresscumberlandpresbyterian #christianbookclub #christianlife #christianpodcasts
April 09, 2021
Episode 002: The Making of The ROSE of Brays Bayou - God Bless Texas Women by Sidney St. James
FROM THE MEMOIRS OF DILUE ROSE HARRIS (The Runaway Scrape, the Great Runaway or the Sabine Shoot) Creative nonfiction has become the most popular genre in our literary communities.  Recent creative nonfiction titles on the best-seller lists include Laura Hillenbrand's Unbroken or Dave Egger's Zeitoun and, of course, Sidney St. James' The ROSE of Brays Bayou - God Bless Texas Women. James discusses the early stages of writing this creative nonfiction novel and does so in writing scenes throughout the pages which represents the difference between showing and telling. Many books on memoirs will tell the reader about a subject or a place, but Sidney St. James, a teller of stories and writer of novels, shows the subject and place vividly and memorably... in action scenes. In this podcast, The Making of The ROSE of Brays Bayou, James discusses the early stages of happenings that led to the writing of this novel. These happenings are a "True" account of actual ghosts from the Smithson family and others interrupting the contractors on multiple occasions. One such happening was a ghost, her name was "Annie" who wrote her name on the top of a paint can lid in front of the contractor while the room dropped twenty degrees... scout's honor. Sidney St. James was given in 2005 a typewritten manuscript from William Kell who received it from a Harris family member. Kell, in turn, gave it to the author and his wife for their successful completion of restoration of the Smithson-Struss home in Eagle Lake, Texas where Dilue Rose Harris wrote her memoirs of that fearful time in Texas history, The Runaway Scrape. Follow my Podcasts on Spotify, Anchor,  Pocket Casts, RadioPublic or at or on Tags: #scifi #fantasy #romance #texashistory #writing #authors #publishing #creativenonfiction #memoirs #christianity #religion #alamo #ACFW #RWA #sidneystjames #memoirs #podcast #beeboppublishinggroup #eaglelake #columbus #runawayscrape #dilueroseharris #eaglelakeheadlight
April 07, 2021
Episode 001: The Making of Adversity - Keeping the Faith by Sidney St. James
As a three decade professional genealogist I wrote several family history books before continuing my career as a best selling author in creative nonfiction, fantasy, science fiction, detective mysteries and romance novels. The skills I learned in researching family histories and introducing them in my writing of many of 50+ novels was first used in my debut novel, Book 1 of the Faith Chronicles, Adversity - Keeping the Faith. After many years of research in studying my own family history from Oldenburg, Germany to Frelsburg, Texas, beginning in the Texas A&M Reserve Reading Room at the library during my college days with endless strips of microfilm, Adversity had its beginning. It is amazing how, as adults, we struggle during our childhood through the date-pocketed courses of history...bored, disenchanted, waiting only for the end of that cobwebbed test of endurance. In later years, we find that history is the most fascinating and stimulating of all areas of knowledge. We can ask ourselves, why this unfortunate paradox? Has "history" really changed? The answer is...No!” However important dates, names, and places may be to an expert understanding of history, they are not history, but only the checkpoints and framework of history. This novel is about people, real people, blood and bones, loves and hates, strengths, passions, weaknesses, and belief in Jesus Christ, our Lord. History is joys and sorrows, failures and successes, heartbreaks and ecstasies. What is history? History is power, the exercise of power, and the vacuum of power. Please join me and listening to the early foot-work that brought about the beginning of this novel. Happy Listening!  #sidneystjames #creativenonfiction #texashistory #eaglelake #columbus #frelsburg #podcast #romance #mystery #suspense #religion #germanimmigration #yellowfever #writing #beeboppublishinggroup #memoir #RWA #ACFW #texasa&m #religion #jesuschrist 
April 05, 2021