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By Sierra Mcbride
This is for those who want to talk about life situations and the society. We will also go over about how to start your business and ways to help finically. This podcast is for both men and women, and any ethnic group
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Five Ways to Cope during 2020 (Two Special Guests) Very Motivational
This episode gives helpful tips and advice on ways to help you cope during the 2020 events. Not only will you be receiving ideas from me, but for my two special guests as well. We hope you take the time to listen and enjoy as we talk, and stay tuned for Part two.
September 8, 2020
Mystery deaths
This is a contribute to those who have died from the past year from now, on January 26th. You will always be remembered and In our hearts. There is a mystery to the tragic death of the accident.
January 30, 2020
How to know when you are in a toxic relationship( my personal experience)
This is my personal life experience dealing with toxic relationships and how I handled it. Those who are dealing with toxic relationships, please don’t hesitate to get help.
January 7, 2020
Are you ready for New Years?
Do you have what it takes to get ready, your on a next level in your life and it’s time to start a New Years resolution. We all have problems in life, but that doesn’t keep us from moving forward. Listen to my podcast to help you focus on you and your goals. Now is the time to start your new goals .
December 24, 2019
Who am I? Learn about who I am
This is for those who don’t know me but soon will learn more once you listen to my podcast. Please stay tuned to my podcast, there will be one at least posted every week and learn something new or something you can relate to while listening. Thanks enjoy!
December 12, 2019