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Stories from Journey Through Nature

Stories from Journey Through Nature

By Shiv
This is a podcast about me - Shiv - a photographer, film-maker and traveler from Bangalore, India - telling stories about things I encounter, experience and enjoy ( and sometimes not ) during my journey through nature. Sometimes these are recorded during my travel and sometimes when am at the luxury of my studio with all fancy gear. Come along if you want to hear some stories during my Journey Through Nature.
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JTN007 - My golden era of EDM photography

Stories from Journey Through Nature

What’s changed in Wildlife photography?
After a very long time I ended up in Bandipur earlier this week and I was shocked and surprised how much the world of “wildlife photography” has changed or rather evolved in a negative sense. This was not how the whole wildlife photography scene was even like 5+ years ago. Or maybe I have not caught up to the pace of the ever-changing world. Twitter: Instagram: YouTube:  Website: 
November 06, 2021
S2E02 | Alpine forget-met-not by Gowri S
In the second episode of Stories from fellow travellers, I have with me Gowri Subramanya, a photographer and writer based out of Bangalore, India who will be sharing her story from one of her unforgettable trips to Valley of Flowers in North India. She even shares with us a few trivia and a lot of memorable experiences from her trip.  You can explore more of her photography work and her writing over at her website and don't forget to follower her on social media where is quite active. 
August 24, 2020
S2E01 - Chasing an eclipse by Sriharsha Ganjam
In the first episode of the Season 2 of the Stories from Journey Through Nature, I have with me Sriharsha Ganjam from Landscape Wizards and Imagein from Artburt who wants to tell you a little adventurous story about him venturing out to shoot a very unique Astro event. 
August 03, 2020
JTN010 - Thank god(tripod), I am still alive today
Its kind of a milestone episode and I had kept this story aside for last few weeks so that I can schedule it for the 10th episode. A story about how I had risked my life in an attempt to get a good photo of an elusive bird which I had gone to photograph in Ladakh in 2009. Listen to the story and you will realise when and how the tripod will come into the picture.  -Shiv 
June 30, 2020
JTN009 - Spiti Trip - A journey full of adventures
One of the most adventurous trips that I have ever been without any doubt. This trip had adventures and surprises on each and every day. 
June 08, 2020
JTN008 - A fatal decision to go behind colors in landscape photography
Today's story dates back to August of 2009 when myself and my friend Ganesh H Shankar ( ) had gone to Shivanasamudra for a weekend photo shoot and one wrong decision we took that day almost ended up being a fatal one and the lesson we learnt from that. 
May 31, 2020
JTN007 - My golden era of EDM photography
This episode of Stories from Journey Through Nature I deviate a bit from travelling and things around travel/nature photography but talk about a good 2yr stint I had with shooting event photography in the Electronic Dance Music scene in Bangalore/India. How I got into shooting EDM events, the type of experiences I had and why I eventually thought its good to move away from this field. 
May 24, 2020
JTN006 - Italy, experiential travel of a different kind
This episode of Stories from Journey Through Nature is not specifically about photography, but about experiences we get through when we are in trip especially when in International travel. Here I talk about the strange place we stayed and the struggle we had with getting veg food and most importantly the whole story of 3 of us losing our wallets during the trip to the ever so famous pick-pocketers of Italy. 
May 17, 2020
JTN005 - Learning the crucial element of Wildlife photography
A story about how I got to learn the crucial element of Wildlife photography during a trip to Bharatpur from the legend himself Dhritiman Mukherjee.
May 10, 2020
JTN004 - Weekend with Taj , Wah Taj
A story about my bucket list trip to Agra to witness the mighty beautiful Taj Mahal
May 04, 2020
JTN003 - My first tiger safari and my first tiger photo
A story about my first tiger safari and my first tiger photo
April 24, 2020
JTN002 - 24hrs in Paris, my favorite city
A story about why i like Paris and why i planned a second trip to Paris for just 24hrs and what i photographed there. 
April 10, 2020
JTN001 - How I got started in Wildlife photography
JTN001 - How i got started in Wildlife photography 
April 03, 2020
Stories from Journey Through Nature | Trailer
Trailer of what you can expect from "Stories from Journey Through Nature"
March 25, 2020