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SIGSCE Morning Coffee

SIGSCE Morning Coffee

By Mark Sherriff
The show about everything going on at the 2021 SIGCSE Technical Symposium! Find out more at!
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Thursday, March 11 (w/ Leigh Ann DeLyser)

SIGSCE Morning Coffee

Saturday, March 20 (w/ Manuel Pérez-Quiñones and Adrienne Decker)
On the final episode of SIGCSE Morning Coffee, the chairs talk about  their experiences with the conference and then we interview Manuel Pérez-Quiñones and Adrienne Decker from the SIGCSE Board to hear their  thoughts about the conference moving forward and volunteering with the  organization.
March 20, 2021
Friday, March 19 (w/ Larry Merkle and Judy Sheard)
No, that's not a typo! We are interviewing Larry Merkle and Judy Sheard - the senior Symposium and Program Chairs for SIGCSE TS 2022 in Providence, RI! Join us to hear all about how to volunteer, submit, and participate in the next Technical Symposium!
March 19, 2021
Thursday, March 18 (w/ Yolanda Rankin)
Judy and Alvaro chat with Yolanda Rankin, one of the three authors of the Best Paper in the Computing Education Research track (with Jakita Thomas and Sheena Erete), about their important work presented in their paper "Real Talk: Saturated Sites of Violence in CS Education."
March 18, 2021
Wednesday, March 17 (w/ Stephen Edwards)
We sit down with Stephen Edwards, winner of the 2021 SIGCSE Award for Outstanding Contributions to Computer Science Education, to hear his  thoughts on automated testing.
March 17, 2021
Tuesday, March 16 (w/ Dan Garcia)
You won't need your cup of coffee to get you going this morning because  Dan Garcia has enough energy for all of us!  Dan talks to us about how  the board is thinking about virtual conferences moving forward and how  best to nominate your fellow educators for SIGCSE level awards.
March 16, 2021
Monday, March 15 - Bonus Episode!
It's a bonus episode of SIGCSE Morning Coffee!.... or is it?  Mark gets in over his head and has to call in some help!
March 15, 2021
Monday, March 15 (w/ Kristin Stephens-Martinez)
Join us today as Alvaro and Larry talk with Kristin Stephens-Martinez  (Duke University) about how she started The CS-Ed Podcast!  (maybe we  can pick up a few pointers ourselves....)
March 15, 2021
Sunday, March 14 (w/ Cary Laxer)
Alvaro and Pam speak with Cary Laxer, winner of the 2021 SIGCSE Award  for Lifetime Service to the Computer Science Education Community!
March 14, 2021
Saturday, March 13 (w/ Alison Clear and Lauri Malmi)
Mark, Judy, and Alvaro talk with the 2020 SIGCSE Award winners, Alison  Clear and Lauri Malmi, about their life in SIGCSE and the incredible  work they have been a part of.  It's a double-sized episode to honor  these wonderful members of our community!
March 13, 2021
Friday, March 12 (w/ Brett Becker)
Alvaro and Larry speak with Brett Becker (University College Dublin)  about his work with the global buddy program and increasing global  diversity at the Technical Symposium!  Contact for more information!
March 12, 2021
Thursday, March 11 (w/ Leigh Ann DeLyser)
Larry and Alvaro talk to Leigh Ann DeLyser, Co-Founder and Executive  Director of CSforALL, about how she got started in CS education, her  work with CSforALL, and the upcoming Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  panel on Friday, March 12, at 5:00 PM ET.  Also, a question from Twitter!  For more information about CSforALL:  @CSforALL
March 11, 2021