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Overcome Babylon

Overcome Babylon

By Simeon Erez
Welcome to Overcome Babylon, where we are exposing the deception of Mystery Babylon AND rejecting mainstream religion while STILL having a deep relationship with God... From being a total conformist to Western Protestantism to escaping and living as an off-grid wilderness enthusiast, Simeon Ojeda throws down his views on the Hebrew roots of Biblical faith, current news, the New World Order, and more. Ready to come out of Babylon? Time is running out, and God's judgment is now being poured out! Getting prepared--spiritually, physically, and emotionally--is at the heart of this podcast.
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Peter's Vision Acts 10 - Why I Left Christianity pt2 [OB#17]
I was taught in mainstream churches that Peter’s vision in chapter 10 of the book of Acts is a primary reason why all of the dietary laws of the Old Testament are “done away with.” But is food really what this vision is talking about? For whatever reason, this was one of the very first places in the Bible that I thoroughly questioned after I left establishment Western religions in 2016. Today, I will break down the major epiphany that I had about Peter’s vision while also allowing the Bible to explain the Bible. I will show you how our God, Yehovah, spoke to the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekiel in a very similar fashion to how He spoke with Peter when He says, “arise, kill and eat.” Today’s episode will connect some scriptures together that you may not have considered before, so get ready to overcome Babylon as we expose more false, lawless Christian teachings.
January 27, 2021
Operation Q, "The Plan" to Save America, Covert Warfare With China Underway [OB#16b]
Do you believe in coincidence? It appears that information coming from the “Q” movement is now playing out behind the scenes with the recent developments in the news from blackouts to troop movements in the US. In this episode, I’ll be breaking down the latest news since the events of January 6th 2021, and I’ll also dive into what exactly what Operation Q is while also sharing a bombshell analysis from Scott McKay of the Tipping Point (see his work at at Studio B), where he really breaks down all of his expertise on this particular subject. Either way you look at it, war with China seems to be inevitable at this point as they are making their moves in pretext to actual invasion of the US.
January 13, 2021
Trump Concedes, Ancient Prophecy Fulfilled, America Is Now China [OB#16]
The dust has now settled after a historic Save America march on Washington DC occurred on January 6th, 2021, where peaceful protesting turned into restlessness, which turned into rioting. Estimates put the number of patriotic Americans at anywhere from 500,000 to one million people, and chaos unfolded as the Capitol was stormed shortly after a major Trump speech, and elected officials were ultimately forced to evacuate. We now have four confirmed dead, one of which was an unarmed woman, Ashli Babbitt, who was shot point blank and executed by DC police. I turn my attention in this episode to Trump’s speech where he openly concedes. I’ll also show you a little known and understood prophecy that has now been fulfilled in Leviticus 26. But get ready… there is still yet more that will be fulfilled from this one chapter from the Bible. The future looks bleak as the US becomes a puppet regime of the Communist Chinese, but there is hope. I not only share with you the incredible challenges we now face, but I provide the simple and powerful solution that supersedes the political system itself. Get ready to overcome Babylon!
January 8, 2021
OB#15 Why I Left Christianity and the False Lawless Gospel
Churches are officially dead. COVID lockdown orders exposed how weak and submissive so called religious “pastors” and “leaders” are to tyranny, but this is only the beginning. Today, I’ll show you how you have been led to believe that God’s laws, statutes, and ordinances are “done away with” under the New Covenant of Christ when this is NOT at all what Yeshua (Jesus) was talking about when He was referring to the New Covenant in His blood… Get ready, this episode will challenge you and show you that there’s much more to being grafted into God’s kingdom than simply having “love” for God and your neighbor—it’s all about obedience to God’s instructions. Faith without works is dead, but what exactly are the works that are pleasing to the Father? What is His will for your life? Let’s dive into this!
January 2, 2021
OB#14 The REAL Reasons Why Churches Are Obeying Covid Orders
⚠️ Don't Be A Victim Of Propaganda, Junk Science, And Fad Diets. Go to to learn the truth about nutrition... AND Get $50 Of Organic Whole Foods For FREE^^^ The year 2020 has revealed the true nature of mainstream churches once and for all. Religious institutions across the US submitted to the tyrannical medical “pandemic” laws of COVID-19 for the first three weeks. And rather than properly investigate the matter from the start, stand in the healing powers of YHVH of the Bible, and openly defy satanic lockdown orders, they submitted above and beyond the first three weeks, and pacified themselves with Zoom meetings and virtual substitutes for physical community. In this episode, I explain WHY churches are so weak, compromised, and dens of thieves and falsehoods. Mainstream 501c3 churches are now officially part of the Mystery Babylon infrastructure and have proven their loyalty once again to their master (hint: it’s NOT the Hebrew Messiah Yeshua). Get ready, this episode is going to explore the two-edge marshmallow sword of conformity!
December 24, 2020
OB#13 How To Embrace Death [Reflecting On 2020 And The Will Of God]
⚠️ Don't Be A Victim Of Propaganda, Junk Science, And Fad Diets. Go to to learn the truth about nutrition... AND Get $50 Of Organic Whole Foods For FREE^^^ Today's episode is deep. I'll be going into various topics with a central theme on preparing spiritually for what's coming next, and how to properly embrace death. I share my own story of how I overcame the death of my first child that occurred four months ago and also give my thoughts on the current geopolitical climate. Plus, I share major predictions for the future in 2021 and beyond. Brace yourself for this episode!
December 23, 2020
OB#12 Exposing Christmas - The Most Evil High "Holy" Day Of The Year
⚠️ Don't Be A Victim Of Propaganda, Junk Science, And Fad Diets. Go to to learn the truth about nutrition... AND Get $50 Of Organic Whole Foods For FREE^^^ Exactly how long has “Christ Mass” been going on? Did you know that there are several dozen pagan “gods” with a birthday celebrated each year on December 25th, shortly after the winter solstice? Were you aware that Christmas was illegal to celebrate in the United States when the Massachusetts Bay Colony declared the practice a punishable offense in 1659? Today, I’m breaking down arguably the most spiritually dark time of the year, and the origins of this practice that was written about in Jeremiah chapter 10. Get ready, we are about to expose the Mystery Babylon religious infrastructure for what it really is.
December 22, 2020
OB#11 Understanding the Most Terrifying Verse in the Bible
Have you wondered what the difference is between sin, transgression, lawlessness, and iniquity? Today I’m taking you on a straightforward journey to figure out exactly what “sin” is once and for all while breaking down one of the most terrifying verses in the Bible from Matthew 7:23. This is a HUGE episode. If you figure out what THIS verse is saying, you will NEVER be in a dangerous position where Jesus could tell you "Get away from Me..." or "Depart from Me..."!!! I’ll also show you why most churches, Protestants, and Western religious circles have a really hard time coming to grips with this very simple concept of “sin” while completely botching Matthew 7:23. Trust me, it’s extremely simple! In true religious fashion, people have overcomplicated this subject with their imaginations and ulterior motives. With that said, I’ll show you exactly how I like to pick apart the Hebrew and Greek languages so that you can scrutinize, judge, and research this information for yourself…and whatever other Scriptures you want!
December 4, 2020
OB#10 WARNING - West Coast Chinese Invasion As Soon As 2020
The wars and rumors of wars continue as we approach the end of the age that Yeshua, the Torah, and the Prophets of the Bible told us about. There are eyewitness accounts in Canada that Chinese troops are not only being deployed to the western regions of Canada, but they seem to be actively taking over, thanks to globalist leader Trudeau. They seem to be preparing and drilling for FEMA-style operations including the use of canopy trucks and black helicopters. For more information, visit Dave Hodges article here: --> Strategic Relocation with Joel Skousen The best time to get prepared for what is coming...was yesterday. The second best time is today. Check out Joel's work (both the DVD and books) at the Info wars store by using my link and get FREE shipping: --> Go see Microsoft's mark of the beast, cryptocurrency patent for yourself: WO2020060606 - CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA --> For more videos, articles, and information, go to
November 26, 2020
OB#9 Is the Bible REALLY Gods Word?
People that I've come across over the years that consider themselves atheist or agnostic say things like, "The Bible was written by a group of men that wanted to control and manipulate people using a higher authority than themselves," or some variation of this line. But does this mainstream idea hold up to any real scrutiny? Here's what I'll be showing you today... The Bible is different from any other ancient text because of one reason and one reason alone—the Author is still alive. Not only that, but His arms are wide open, and his desire is to have a relationship with you on a personal level. In other words, don't just believe there is some sort of God. Even demons believe. Rather, choose to really believe IN God, and live to know Him and follow Him. Join me as I discuss three interesting pieces of evidence that showcase the legitimacy of the Bible. I’ll share my thoughts on creation versus evolution, carbon dating methods, Genesis 6 giants, the eternal blessings upon Abraham’s descendants, the destruction of Sodom & Gomorrah, and more… >>> Both documentaries “Identity Crisis” by Jim Staley along with “Sodom and Gomorrah” by Timo Shely are now available on my channel. Make sure you check both of them out! Guns, Germs, & Steel - PBS Documentary Information:
November 25, 2020
OB#8 Why is America Collapsing? - Communist Churches [pt3]
Karl Marx once said "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs". He was talking about the redistribution of wealth through a totalitarian, centralized government with full control over production and markets. What you'll find in this episode is the striking similarity to the doctrines of modern Protestant groups and the teachings of Marx. In this episode, you'll learn about the applied communism ideology that we refer to as "tithing" while presenting Hebrew and Greek studies to get to the root understanding of what God actually expects from His people when it comes to money and "tithing." If you're easily offended, be warned--this could be some of the most triggering content you've heard in a while. Regardless of where you stand currently, I invite you to see a much different perspective on money, wealth, and tithing that is not being taught by hardly anyone today in modern churches.
November 19, 2020
OB#7 How The Bible Predicted Voter Fraud Over 3000 Years Ago
It is now seven days after the election, and the dust is beginning to settle. Massive amounts of Democrat party voter fraud in favor of Biden have been confirmed in key battleground states like Michigan and Wisconsin along with Nevada, Arizona, Georgia, and much more. With true results on the way AND Trump's plan to expose and prosecute voter fraud, major history is happening before our eyes. This reality begs the questions—how long has voter fraud been going on? Why has God been allowing this to happen? Why are such evil, criminal powers constantly attempting to dominate our lives? I will address these questions (and more) as I cover the latest news and developments on this Tuesday 10-Nov-2020 show.
November 11, 2020
OB#6 Why Is America Collapsing? - Abortion to Molech [pt2]
The abortion industry is now responsible for over 61 million deaths in the US according to estimates. However, the number is likely much higher. And what’s worse is that there is an illegal fetal tissue harvesting and sales industry going on behind the scenes that can only be described as pure evil. If it weren’t for the undercover journalism carried out by the Center for Medical Progress, this idea of fetal tissue sales would still be conspiracy “theory” when it is actually conspiracy FACT! Join me on today’s show as I expose yet another one of the main reasons why America must experience cleansing in the form of God’s judgment just like Israel did in the days of Jeremiah the prophet.
November 3, 2020
OB#5 Why Is America Collapsing? - Mystery Lawlessness [pt1]
More chaos is going to continue because lawlessness abounds. But what does the Bible really mean when it talks about “lawlessness”? And why are America and the West no longer receiving protection from the Most High like in the past? Why are we being handed over into His judgement? Today’s episode hopes to shed light on the cancer that has infected mainstream Western religion since the Roman Emperor Constantine’s reign in the year 313. 
November 2, 2020
OB#4 The Antichrist's Identity is Now Clear
With less than 2 days until the 2020 US Presidential election, the Antichrist and his 666 number are now becoming more clear than ever. Daniel was told to seal up the prophecy until “the time of the end.” What does this mean? The truth is that his visions and prophecy could not be understood until now—at the very end of the age. Join me as I discuss the likely identity of the Antichrist (also known as “beast” in Daniel and Revelation), and how exactly the dragon (satan) is giving him power. We’ll also be diving into current events, the rise of communism worldwide, and my strong predictions of what is going to happen in the near future.
November 1, 2020
OB#3 The Mark of the Beast is HERE
Is the Bible still relevant? How can writings from almost 2,000 years ago be so incredibly accurate? Today I’m breaking down one of the passages of scripture that describes the mark of the beast in Revelation 13 while also going deep into the mRNA 666 technology AND the legislation that is currently being developed. My prediction is that large scale manufacturing will be complete soon and the mRNA vaccine will likely be rolled out during 2021 in UN-controlled areas of the third world first before coming to the US and Canada.
October 22, 2020
OB#2 Wake Up & Get Out of Babylon (4th Branch of Government + Nuclear Warfare and more)
Today, I’m sharing with you how I became awake to the New World Order’s agenda. Plus I share my insights on mainstream 501(c)3 churches along with predictions of what is going to happen during a possible nuclear warfare situation. One of the most important things you can do right now is strategically get out of heavily populated areas like cities and suburbs. Relocating to a safe location can take time, an incredible amount of research, and effort. To speed up the process, I highly recommend the book Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen. You can find his book using this link: 
October 21, 2020
OB#1 God’s Seven Promises (If You Overcome…)
The post-America worldwide Babylon is coming, but are you ready? It’s time to surrender to the God of the Bible and seek His face through prayer like never before as our society descends further into tyranny. Yeshua (Jesus) has not one. . . not two. . . but seven promises for those of us that follow Him with our whole heart. Don’t take the mandatory vaccine to buy and sell, and don’t take the chip. These are the mark of the Beast that will cut you off from salvation!
October 21, 2020