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Dungeons, Dice & Dudes

Dungeons, Dice & Dudes

By Simon Eustace
Some dudes get together fortnightly to stumble, drink, and put on the most compelling voices you’ve ever heard through a fantastically crafted fantasy adventure.
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DD&D Ep.23 - Ghost n Ghouls
Spooky times ahead! The Death Hums continue on to Merchants Hollow. Whilst on their way, there are revelations from Sylas about the political mess the group left behind them in Luxom. Heroic endeavours on the road are hampered by paranormal foes as the group face their fears.
January 14, 2022
DD&D Ep.22 - The Many Faces of Evil
Fortune and loss strike The Death Hums after the ambush as they slowly realise the gravity of their actions. All the while finding themselves in an all too familiar situation with Ulrick. The group slowly learn more about each other as an evil presence befalls the group!  
December 31, 2021
DD&D Ep. 21 - Crimson Rain
The trap is set, the tension builds, but will our heroes successfully surprise their prey? Or will The Death Hums be the ones on the sharp end of a blade? A truly tense battle episode with plenty of action! Check out our Instagram for pictures of the battle occurring!
December 17, 2021
DD&D Ep. 020 - Bear Necessities
On the road again! The Death Hums leave Mon Ulum to prepare to ambush Ulricks nemesis and follow the pull from his “Tummy Hum”. Will the collective be able to set a trap for their enemies to spring?
December 03, 2021
DD&D Ep. 019 - No Time To Die
The Death Hums lick their wounds after suffering  major losses in the Gauntlet of Kord, unusual alliances are made as the group prepare for their next adventure and Sabine has an all too real nightmare.
December 03, 2021
DD&D Ep. 018 - Gauntlet of Kord pt. 2
*DISCLAIMER* Audio issues were present during recording and were unable to be rectified during post-production. Deepest apologies if this effects your listening experience. The tournament continues as the Death Hums realise strategy and putting their differences aside is the key to victory. But are the stakes too high for this rag tag quintet?
September 17, 2021
DD&D Ep. 018 - Gauntlet of Kord pt. 1
The day of the tournament has finally descended. With the prayers of Ulysses and Owain supporting them, The Death Hums ready themselves among familiar faces, potentially dangerous winnings and terrifying challenges.
July 02, 2021
DD&D Ep. 017 - A Kingly Show
Revelry! On the final night before the tournament, the Death Hums make their way to some much needed entertainment, the circus! However, things take a turn as Ulysses sees this as a way to acquaint the troupe to the locals and garner favour before heading in to the upcoming battles.
June 18, 2021
DD&D Ep. 016 - Retail Therapy
Ulrick tries the local methods of Mon Ulum to help grasp his fate. Sabine and Quinn finally find time and space to enjoy the finer things and Ulysses begins to question Owain's focus. The preparations for the tournament are almost complete, but taking a night off to enjoy the circus looms on the horizon.
May 21, 2021
DD&D Ep. 015 - Fighting In The Name Of
As the adventurers register and begin to gear up for the upcoming tournament, the religious members of the group visit their sacred temples while everyone else takes in the festivities of the local entertainment. 
May 07, 2021
DD&D Ep. 014 - Welcome, to Mon Ulum
The adventurer's arrive at the destination following the path directed by Ulrick’s ‘tummy hum.’ Upon finding their feet and looking for work to help ease their companion in to next life, a challenging opportunity presents itself.
April 23, 2021
DD&D Ep. 013 - Nature of the Beast Pt. 2
Seeing lights in the distance, the adventurers make their way onward in the search of civilisation. As usual, all is not as it seems.
April 09, 2021
DD&D Ep. 013 - Nature of the Beast Pt. 1
With Ulrick's fate inching ever closer the group continues their embarkment after coming face to face with a hydra. Owain and Ulysses discuss their feelings towards travelling with a supposed undead while Sabine and Quinn find ways to comfort their old friend in what may be his final days.
April 09, 2021
DD&D Ep. 012 - Curiosities & Oddities
Gearing up to continue their quest to Mon Ulum, the party ventures to town once more to pick up wares with their living bargaining chip, Owain. The journey continues as truths are shared by the new members of the team, however those differences must be put aside as they discover the forests aren't the safest place to roam...
March 26, 2021
DD&D EP. 011 - Down and Dirty
The adventurers trudge their way through the boggy marsh and make their way to Brightshade where an outspoken champion makes his presence known. With the spare time they have they take the time to acquaint themselves with this larger than life warrior and take in what this new town has to offer.
March 12, 2021
DD&D Ep. 010 - The Good, The Bad and The Grey
After the adventurers make their way out of a tight situation in the hills and make camp before their destination, truths are discovered about their new ally, Owain. The mysteries continue as an ominous presence makes itself known.
February 26, 2021
DD&D Ep. 008 Out of the Fire pt.2
A crowd draws as Reinhardt sentences Ulrick and Fredrick to death. Quill plays his shot while Sabine tackles with her choices.
January 29, 2021
DD&D Ep. 008 - Out of the Fire pt. 1
In the lead up to the public execution, Sabine receives a visit from a mysterious, yet recognisable, visitor. Quinn scrambles to put a plan together and has other plans on how the events will play out. (Part 1 of 2)
January 22, 2021
DD&D Ep. 007 - Bent & Broken
With Ulrik, Fredrick and Romeo being transported across Luxom by the crowns guard to be executed, Sabine and Quinn make a stand to liberate their friends.
January 08, 2021
DD&D Ep. 006 - Best Laid Plans
With Ulrick and Frederick finding themselves locked up in prison, a familiar face of the party reacquaints themselves as they plan to escape capture. Meanwhile, Sabine and Quinn explore options on how to assist their escape, in their own unique ways.
December 11, 2020
DD&D Ep. 005 - Value & Worth
The adventurers deal with the fallout of their most intense battle yet. Sacrifices are made and truths are revealed as the group plan to to make their way back to the city of Luxom.
November 27, 2020
DD&D Ep. 004 - Breaking Point
As the adventures delve deeper in to the mysterious cave, their abilities are pushed to the limit with their hardest test yet!
November 13, 2020
DD&D Ep. 003 Husks & Hives
Our adventurers continue their journey forth, finding themselves scrambling through a labyrinth.
October 30, 2020
DD&D Ep. 002 Remnants of the Past
After gathering information in The Ruddy Hole, the adventurers finally rendezvous with their mysterious contact, Noei.
October 16, 2020
DD&D Ep. 001 Faith No More
In the first episode of Dungeons, Dice & Dudes, acquaint yourself with this colourful gang of adventurers as they find themselves in the fallout of a high stakes battle!
October 02, 2020