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Shooting the Breeze with Simone Holder

Shooting the Breeze with Simone Holder

By Simone Holder
I am a stand-up comedian in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I like to talk to other comedians about comedy and life in general. This is Shooting the Breeze.
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Season 2, Bonus Episode: Scott Brown and Jean-François Frenette
In this bonus episode, I spoke with fellow comics and film directors Scott Brown and Jean-François Frenette.   I asked them about the impact their movie "Comedy-19: The Last Laugh" has had on the Canadian comedy community since its release in early March 2021. Of course we went off course and talked about many other topics.   Comedy-19: The Last Laugh: Canadian Comedy Relief Fund:
April 2, 2021
Season 2, Episode 41: Jeff Nixon
In this final regular episode of Season 2, I talk with my good friend Kingston comic Jeff Nixon (IG: @jeffnixonguy, Twitter: @bigfatboxofshi)   Jeff and I talk about comedy, our standup journeys so far, the handling of COVID-19, cancel culture, censorship, etc. He answers a few of my 250 random questions too.
March 30, 2021
Season 2, Episode 40: Oliver George
In this episode I talk with my friend Ottawa comedian, actor, and musician Oliver George (IG: @justchillwitholivergeorge, Twitter: @justchillwithOG).   Buckle up! Oliver and I go all over the place in this one: drinking, interviewing, phobias, dancing, roller coasters, microscopic bugs that live on us, Tiger King.
March 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 39: Liam Rado
  In this episode I talk with Ottawa comic Liam Rado(IG/YouTube/TikTok: @radocomedy). Liam is a new comic who started his comedy career during the pandemic. I asked him about his experiences so far in the standup world. We also talked about finding your voice/niche on stage and our lives outside of standup.
March 23, 2021
Season 2, Episode 38: Al Babcock
In this episode I talk with my friend Kingston comic/producer Al Babcock (IG/Twitter: @ab3comedy).   Al and I talked about the vague, confusing, colour-coded COVID-19 zone designations. We also discussed performing, downtime, people expecting us to be “on” all the time. We also talked about hecklers and people who don’t understand the etiquette of attending a comedy show.
March 20, 2021
Season 2, Episode 37: Christabelle Witt
In this episode I talk with Ottawa comic Christabelle Witt (IG: @creativechristabelle).   Christabelle and I have much in common. Both divorced, we’re in similar lines of work, we're both quiet and introverted, and have dirty standup acts. We discussed the trauma and stigma of divorce and traded dating horror stories.
March 18, 2021
Season 2, Episode 36: Wardie Leppan
I talk with Ottawa comic Wardie Leppan.   Wardie and I talked about comedy, the pandemic, and age. He told me about how he fled to Canada in the mid-1970s due to his work forming unions for Black people in South Africa. He also disclosed his daughter’s stage name suggestion for him.
March 16, 2021
Season 2, Episode 35: Hamilton Burger
  I talk with my friend, Ottawa comic Hamilton Burger (IG: @hamilton_burger). Hamilton and I talk about how difficult the last year has been. We did talk comedy but most of the conversation dealt with working from home, isolation, quarantine, performing post-lockdown, and what we’re looking forward to when (not if) things get better.
March 13, 2021
Season 2, Episode 34: Mike Leblanc
I talk with Ottawa comic Mike Leblanc (IG: @mikeleblanccomedy, Twitter: @mikeleblanchaha)   Mike is one of a handful of Ottawa-area comics who perform in both English and French. He spoke about how he started comedy in Vancouver six years ago. He had a crazy story about his first time on stage at an open mic in Vancouver and other cool stories about doing comedy in LA and NYC. It was a fascinating conversation!
March 12, 2021
Season 2, Episode 33: Dawn Xanklin
I talk with my good friend, former co-host, and comic Dawn Xanklin (IG: @dawnxanklincomedy, Twitter: @dxanklin)   We were co-hosts last year on our podcast “Black Don’t Crack” until the end of the first lockdown last summer. We talked about comedy, lockdown, quarantine, and vaccines. Dawn told me about the cool things she’s been doing since the last time she was on the show. We also shared that neither of us were wearing bras or real pants.
March 6, 2021
Season 2, Episode 32: Lindsay Ventzke
I talk with comic Lindsay Ventzke.  I was fortunate enough to be hosting the show where Lindsay had her first set. She killed it. We talked about her journey into standup comedy so far and what motivated her to start.
March 5, 2021
Season 2, Episode 31: Dylan Black
I talk with radio personality and friend Dylan Black.   We could have talked for hours more! Dylan told me about his almost 25-year radio career. I made him blush by telling him how much I liked his voice.
February 27, 2021
Season 2, Episode 30: Emmett Morrison
I talk with Ottawa comic and good friend Emmett Morrison.   We met in a comedy class in 2019 and reconnected during the pandemic.  We reminisced about our first forays into standup. I asked him how getting started in comedy during a plague has been.
February 23, 2021
Season 2, Episode 29: Dan Allaire
I talk with Cornwall comic and radio personality Dan Allaire.   Dan and I discussed our love and passion for standup comedy. We talked about how people think we’re crazy for driving for miles to do 5 minutes for no pay. We both started “late” and want to enjoy the ride for as long as we can.
February 23, 2021
Season 2, Episode 28: Victoria Blair
I talk with Montreal comic Victoria Blair.   We met at The Comedy Nest in Montreal after the first lockdown. Victoria and I talked about sexism and ageism in our comedy communities. We talked at length about getting hate and mansplained. She finds it funny while I find it infuriating.
February 21, 2021
Season 2, Episode 27: Ashley Krawchenko
I talk with Ottawa comic and friend Ashley Krawchenko.   Ashley is the only woman so far to have won the Yuk Yuk’s summer comedy competition. I asked her about her prolific TikTok and Instagram posts. We also talked chins and making crazy faces. We discovered that we both have huge pandemic online shopping addictions. We also talk getting mansplained by psychopaths.
February 18, 2021
Season 2, Episode 26: Wafik Nasralla
  I talk with Ottawa comic and friend Wafik Nasralla. Wafik and I got deep talking about lockdown, how we’ve been doing, and what life has been like a year into the pandemic. We did have light-hearted, funny moments like when he told me about his very first set.
February 16, 2021
Season 2, Episode 25: Ashley Perna
  I talk with my close friend Kingston comic and show producer Ashley Perna. Ashley and I are not happy that it’s Valentine’s Day. She tells us about presenting a bill to city council to ban conversion therapy in Kingston. Currently she is working towards getting comedy recognized as an art form in Canada. We also talked comedy, getting stuck in an elevator, people “giving us jokes”, and sex injuries.
February 15, 2021
Season 2, Episode 24: Luke Lynndale
I talk with Toronto comic, improviser, actor, and writer Luke Lynndale.   Luke and I are big fans of online comedy shows. We discussed the pros and cons of online and live comedy. He performs 17-20 online shows a month! He will be producing 50 shows March 8-27! We had a fun, awesome conversation.
February 13, 2021
Season 2, Episode 23: Spence Charles
I talk with Ottawa comic Spence Charles. We talked about the technical aspect of standup it giving away trade secrets or merely breaking down the structure of a joke to non-comedians? We both like the solitary nature of standup. As usual, Spence brings his high energy and positivity to the conversation.
February 11, 2021
Season 2, Episode 22: Rory Gardiner
I talk with Ottawa comic and musician Rory Gardiner.   We talked more about music and being your authentic self than we did about comedy. Rory told me about his journey in music and comedy and his Ted Talk experience. Very engaging and interesting conversation. We literally shot the breeze.
February 9, 2021
Season 2, Episode 21: Melanie Paige
I talk with Ottawa comic Melanie Paige. We started off crusty. We talked lockdown rage and the toll it’s taken on our mental health. We both had apprehension about performing in small towns and were fortunately proven wrong. We also talked responsibility and accountability in standup. Melanie humoured me by answering some of my crazy questions at the end.
February 6, 2021
Season 2, Episode 20: Aaron Hill
I talk with Ottawa comic and musician Aaron Hill. Aaron and I talk about the things we did/learned while in lockdown. We had an in depth convo about tattoos. Aaron shares my enthusiasm for zoom comedy shows! He also released some music! Listen and download here: Video music video for Not Gonna Eat Your Bum:
February 4, 2021
Season 2, Episode 19: Chris Borris
I talk with Ottawa comic Chris Borris. Chris told me how posting tweets and selling photocopiers led to his first standup gig. He is one of the few comics I know who did not have dreams of doing standup since childhood. One of the things we have in common is starting comedy “old”.
February 2, 2021
Season 2, Episode 18: Candy
I talk with the one person who’s known me the longest and knows me best…my sister Candy. Candy gives us some background about her performance experience and how surprised she was when I told her I was pursuing stand up. We also talk about how we think our late parents would have reacted to my material.
February 1, 2021
Season 2, Episode 17: Missy and Lucie
In this special episode, I talk with two of my dearest and closest friends, Missy and Lucie. We’ve been friends since high school and have been through everything with each other. I wanted to know what they thought about my comedy journey so far.
January 31, 2021
Season 2, Episode 16: Lewis Hill
I talk with Ottawa comic and musician Lewis Hill. We talked COVID fatigue, missing comedy, and getting creative during lockdown. Lewis recorded an album while in lockdown!
January 30, 2021
Season 2, Episode 15: Janelle Niles - Part 2
Although this is a comedy podcast, this episode deals with depression, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, neglect, abuse, and racism. Listener and viewer discretion is advised. In Part 2 Janelle continues to talk about how her difficult, traumatic childhood and strained relationship with her mother has affected her. We talk about trying to fit in, low self-esteem, negative/harmful stereotypes, how not to raise a serial killer, broken friendships, as well as healing and therapy. We ended on a light note by answering some silly questions.
January 29, 2021
Season 2, Episode 14: Janelle Niles - Part 1
Although this is a comedy podcast, this episode deals with depression, suicidal ideation, substance abuse, neglect, abuse, and racism. Listener and viewer discretion is advised. I talk with my good friend, Ottawa comic Janelle Niles. Part 1 deals with the COVID-19 vaccine, how black and indigenous people are treated differently in the health care realm, how people are finally realizing that systemic racism is real, and how much we miss live comedy and hugs. We also talk about the conundrum of being too black or not black enough, the stigma of mental health, and the reluctance to use medication to treat it. Janelle opens up about her difficult childhood and we discuss what being called the n-word feels like. 
January 29, 2021
Season 2, Episode 13: Mitch Muirhead
I talk with my friend, Ottawa comic Mitch Muirhead. We talked recording farts, keeping busy during lockdown, things we miss the most, what/who makes us laugh, and people who order Champagne from Champagne in a dingy, basement comedy bar.
January 26, 2021
Season 2, Episode 12: Jake Daly
I talk with my friend, Ottawa comic Jake Daly. We talked everything comedy for almost 2 hours that I can’t narrow it down. We had a lively in-depth conversation…it was awesome!
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 11: Michaela Chung
I talk with Ottawa comic Michaela Chung. We talked about being a woman in Ottawa comedy, slut shaming, our writing processes, and how we cope while in lockdown. Also Michaela shared an awkward moment involving a cameraman at a JFL show.
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 10: Emile Mansour
I talk with my good friend Ottawa comic Emile Mansour. We talked a lot about comedy and our Ottawa Comedy Community. I think Emile coined a new phrase…“Hierarchy of Laughter”.
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 9: Tom Hills
I talk with my good friend Ottawa comic/musician Tom Hills. We went there. We talked mental health and how we’re handling the current lockdown and stay-in-place orders. Surprise…we’re both over it. We also talked racism, social injustice, and our experiences with it. Still funny tho.
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 8: David Haddad
In this episode, I talk with Ottawa comic/musician David Haddad. We talk lockdown, self-isolating in paradise, and of course comedy. David shares the greatest “best moment in comedy” ever and gets an earful of cat-drama. He also answers a question about the perfect murder weapon…it got dark.
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 7: Pierre Brault
In this episode I talk with award-winning actor, writer, teacher, and comedian Pierre Brault. We talk about his stand up classes, how live stand up has changed, and what he’s learned and seen after 40 years in the biz. I forgot to ask him if was his favourite student ever.
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 6: Pete Egnatoff
I talk with Kingston comic Pete Egnatoff. Pete and I talk performing post lockdown, mental health, and the incident that solidified our friendship. He gets roasted and complimented in the comments and he answers some silly questions.
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 5: Kia Mazhar
I talk with Ottawa comic Kia Mazhar. We talk scooters, favourite local comics, and Kia’s early experiences and pranks that ultimately brought him to standup. Who should play Kia in his bio pic? Also, dumbest injury?
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 4: Scott Brown
I talk with Ottawa comedian, musician, and filmmaker Scott Brown. We discuss the differences between the London and Ottawa comedy scenes, his film “Comedy-19: The Last Laugh?”, and whether he would take on a horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses. Also, did you know that more comics get punched on stage than attacked by sharks?
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 3: JF Frenette
On this episode I talk with Ottawa comedian JF Frenette. We discuss gross pre-COVID-19 habits, pay phones, Monopoly, and Rubik’s cubes. We also talk about the film project JF worked on during the summer with another local comic.
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 2: Jesse Reynolds
On this episode I talk with comedian, host, and actor Jesse Reynolds. We touch on a bit of everything…the disaster that was 2020, Zoom comedy shows, stereotypes and assumptions, and online dating. Take a shot every time one of us says the word “suck”.
January 25, 2021
Season 2, Episode 1: Dylan Parker
The Season 2 premiere episode is with my friend Dylan Parker. We talk about standup during lockdown (we’re in lockdown #3!!), zoom shows, and so much more!
January 25, 2021