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Leap to a Superior Life

Leap to a Superior Life

By Simone Gisondi
Join me on a fantastic journey to an amazing life. Hosted by Holistic Health & Transformation Coach, Regenerative Detoxification Specialist & Certified Hypnotist Simone Gisondi, this show is designed to educate and empower listeners from all walks of life to take charge of their mindset and health to become truly alive again, through mindset resetting and holistic detoxification. At the end of each episode, listeners will walk away with tips, tools & strategies they can start incorporating in their lives immediately so they can embark on the journey to transformation & a truly amazing life.
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The best supplement for athletic performance and for helping the body heal
In this episode I interview world renowned functional medicine doctor Sachin Patel.  We discuss what he calls the "software update", what product he recommends and how to integrate the body with the mind for outstanding health.
June 3, 2019
How the Immune System works and How to Detox from Vaccines
The controversy about vaccines continues.   In this show, i discuss the science behind how the immune system works to protect us and what can be done to detoxify the adjuvants found in vaccines. It's the adjuvants that make vaccines toxic and dangerous thus giving them a bad name; adjuvants are what cause the vaccine injuries.  The good news is that there IS something that can be done.  I go over what steps can be taken to prevent and address vaccine injury.  
May 21, 2019
Toxicity - What it is; What it does to the body; What to do about it
How exactly does toxicity affect our health? How do we know if we are toxic? What happens if we are and what can we do about it?
March 23, 2019
Detoxification - The Fountain of True Eternal Health - Episode 1 - My introduction to Detoxification
It usually takes something serious to bring you on a new path. How my stroke at the age of 35 took me on the path of Detoxification. What is it about detoxification that's so important when it comes to health?? In this episode I describe my introduction to the power of detoxification, how detoxification is not only about what we eat, and what dietary changes you can make to start your journey to true, eternal health.
March 6, 2019