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The Simple Electronics Podcast

The Simple Electronics Podcast

By Simple Electronics
A Podcast loosely related to the Electronics hobby and whatever the guests are into! Tune in every 2 weeks for a new guest and a new main topic! If you are into Arduino, soldering, 3d printers or just about anything else related to hobby electronics, you are in the right place!
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054 - Thea Flowers
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, I have a chat with music technologist and synth designer Thea Flowers - also known as Stargirl! We have a chat about her company, Winterbloom and synthesizers in general, her (and her company's) philosophy as far as open sourcing goes, and how an average person can contribute! The conversation doesn't end there so enjoy the episode and make sure to check out her synths, twitter and github - and if you can, become a sponsor!   Find her here:   Twitter: @theavalkyrie  Website:  GitHub: @theacodes  Winterbloom:   Other useful links:   Oskitone for atari punk console: OpenSCAD: Thanks for watching!
September 16, 2022
053 - ElectroBOOM!
On this week's episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, Mehdi from the ElectroBOOM YouTube channel! We talk about what kinds of qualifications he had before starting the YouTube journey, the time he nearly electrocuted himself, and the secrets behind the booms!   Follow him here:   Youtube:  Twitter: Instagram:  Facebook:  Thanks for watching!
September 02, 2022
052 - 2 Year Anniversary! Featuring Another Maker
Welcome to another episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast! In this episode I am celebrating 2 YEARS of this podcast with my most most common guest - my friend Another Maker!  Although this podcast celebrates its own anniversary, I would still appreciate it if you went and subscribed to Another Maker:  Thanks for watching!
August 19, 2022
051 - EL Workshop
This week on The Simple Electronics Podcast I sit down with a fellow Canadian who is working on starting a YouTube channel, Steve, from the EL Workshop! We talk Big Clive livestreams, epoxy, sound systems, lithium batteries and trapdoors! Make sure you follow him on his channel and social media sites so you're ready for him when he gets started!   Follow him here:   Youtube:  Twitter:  Instagram:  Thanks for watching!    Check out my website:  If you feel like supporting the channel, please consider supporting on Patreon:  or get some cool merch!  or buy anything from USA Amazon using my affiliate link:  or buy anything from Canadian Amazon using my affiliate link:  or buy anything on Banggood's site using my affiliate link:  or buy anything using my Aliexpress affiliate link:  and if you feel so inclined, here is my Amazon wish list!
August 05, 2022
050 - Verowak Returns
Welcome to the FIFTIETH episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast! This episodes features the second appearance of my wife, Verowak. We chat about my upcoming videos, her incredible intelligence, our ideas that we have come up with together and most importantly - her new youtube channel! Check out the video below and make sure to share your feedback on it and if you enjoyed it, make sure you are subscribed!  WATCH THIS VIDEO:   But also, follow her here:   Twitch Streaming:  YT Gaming channel:  YT Art channel:  YT Movie React channel:   Twitter:  Instagram:  TikTok:   Thanks for listening!
July 22, 2022
049 - School Is In Session
I'M BACK AT WORK BABY! In this episode I touch on why it is so awesome to be back at work, but at the same time how I have less time for YouTubing! I have a few ideas for series and projects - what do you think about them? Thank you for your support!   Thanks for listening!
July 08, 2022
048 - Cruel Summer
n this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, it's just me! I talk about what is coming up very shortly - mainly my teaching contract - which is not finalized yet. I also talk about what the secret projects have been teased over the last few mailbags as well as some projects worthy of the "dreams" section of my website!  Here are some links to the stuff I talk about:   Dan Fixes Cars YouTube Channel: Dan Fixes Cars Website:  Simple Electronics website:  SE Con Dairy YouTube Channel:  Verowak (my wife) Twitch:  Get Terraria (Game):  Canada: USA & World:  The H3H3 Podcast:  Camping With Steve (Steve Wallis) YouTube channel:  Andy's Fishing Wild Cook YouTube channel:  Thanks for listening!
June 24, 2022
047 - Pileofstuff Returns!
This week on The Simple Electronics Podcast - I sit down with fellow Canadian Kent from the Pileofstuff YouTube channel! We talk about all sorts of things - how his channel is doing and what he is up to next, what life is like in the prairies and what his buying strategy is like! Make sure to click his affiliate link - a small portion of all your purchases supports him!: Check out his links and subscribe and join!  Thanks for listening!
June 10, 2022
046 - The Defpom, Round 2!
Welcome to another episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast! This week I sit down with Scott, from The Defpom YouTube channel. We talk about a ton of topics but chief among them is Scott's beginner series, which you should take a look at, and comment for the algorithm!   Here is the playlist:  Here is my second channel, as mentioned in the episode:  But make sure you check out Scott's links and subscribe!:  Thanks for watching!
May 27, 2022
045 - Gadget Reboot Rebooted
On this week's episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, we have a second appearance of Gadget Reboot, fellow Canadian and Youtuber extraordinnaire! We have a good chat about where the heck he has been for the few months he's been missing, how the move went, what tickles his fancy in the guitar electronics world and whether or not he will be attending maker meetups! Make sure you check him out and subscribe: Thanks for listening!
May 13, 2022
044 - Talking About April
This episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast is a solo one! Is it because nobody wants to be on the show anymore? Nope! I'm just irresponsible and didn't book anyone. So you're stuck hearing about how busy my April has been and will be!   Second channels here:   Dan Fixes Cars:  SE Con Dairy:  Thanks for listening!   If you feel like supporting the channel, please consider supporting on Patreon:
April 29, 2022
043 - Marius
This week I sit down with Marius Heier - a maker from Norway with a very impressive coming-up story! He has worked in tons of surprising positions and has designed an impressive amount of projects!   Find him here:  Thanks for listening!
April 15, 2022
042 - Verowak
This week I sit down with Verowak, a successful Twitch streamer and YouTuber who also happens to be my significant other! We chat about twitch and YouTube and her process, what she was traditionally trained in and what's been up for the last few weeks! Make sure to check out her stuff here:  https://www.patreon.con/verowak   Thanks for listening!
April 01, 2022
041 - Grant - 3D Musketeers
This week I get to sit down with Grant, the head honcho at 3D Musketeers, a firm that does 3d printing, 3d scanning and all sorts of cool stuff like that. We talk small business, making, printing and everything in between! Make sure to check Grant out here:  Thanks for listening!
March 18, 2022
040 - Jaime Van Kessel
In this week's episode, I sit down with Jaime Van Kessel - who is a maker of all sorts but is best known for his work on a tiny project you might have heard of: Ultimaker Cura! We chat about Cura a lot, what it's like to work for Ultimaker and his love of LARPing and propmaking for LARPing.  Check him out here:  Thanks for watching!
March 04, 2022
039 - Anthony (One Circuit)
This week on The Simple Electronics Podcast, I have Anthony on for a second episode!  We talk a bit more about microcontrollers and programming but end up talking about life and what we have been up to! Always good to chat with a friend!   Here is the article we talk about:  Make sure you comment on THIS youtube video:  Also check him out here: Thanks for watching!
February 18, 2022
038 - Steph Piper
This week I sit down with Steph Piper! Steph is a maker who, in my opinion, isn't bound by much at all. She has made cool stuff from aesthetically pleasing PCBs which ended up looking like enamel pins to a giant outdoor art installation that plays Darude's Sandstorm and dances a little lit up character with you! Make sure you check out her Etsy store linked below!   Check her out here:   Thanks for listening!
February 04, 2022
037 - Malware!
On this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast - it's just me! I talk about catching the Human Malware going around, how the next 4 months will be tighter than ever, how I will be trying to increase the content output and how you can support me for absolutely NO COST!   Check out these websites: (Still under construction) (Probably not even a website yet!)   Thanks for listening!   If you feel like supporting the channel please consider supporting on Patreon:   or get some cool merch!   or buy anything on Banggood's site using my affiliate link:   or buy anything from using my affiliate link:   and if you feel so inclined, here is my Amazon wish list!
January 21, 2022
036 - Adam Haile
In this episode of The Simple Electronics, I sit down with Adam Haile - an actual software wizard and maker in his own right! We talk about programming and open-source, a few of Adam's projects - which may or may not involve lasers, and much more! Make sure to check him out at the links below:  and check out Light Burn, which Adam works on/for:  Thanks for listening!
January 07, 2022
035 - Another Maker Christmas Episode
Welcome to the last Simple Electronics Podcast of the year! Another Maker and I look back on 2021 and talk about our highs and our lows, as well as do some youtubing stuff. We also make bold predictions about 2022 and we try and anticipate where the maker movement is headed. On top of all that, we challenge each other to complete a task in 2022 - or risk having to "suffer the consequences!"   As it is Christmas / the holidays, what we would like from you, the audience, is to subscribe to our channels and leave some comments on some videos of your choice. Barring that, if you want to go the extra mile, here are our wish lists. Either way, thanks for listening!   Another Maker's Wish List: Simple Electronics' Wish List:  Make sure you go check out Another Maker here:
December 24, 2021
034 - Basement Electronics
This week's guest is Curtis from the Basement Electronics Youtube channel! He is a fellow Canadian which lives down the street from me, only a couple of hours away. We chat about microcontroller boards, programming, 3d printing and practical projects!   Find him here: Thanks for listening!
December 10, 2021
033 - Enwi
This week, I sit down with Moritz from the Enwi Youtube channel. We have a chat about some projects that Moritz has been working on in the past as well as the new super secret Christmas project that he plans on selling in kit form! Very interesting to see how difficult seemingly simple things can become with an increase in scope as well!   Make sure to check him out at the links below: And here is the chicken feeding link: Thanks for listening!
November 26, 2021
032 - Dave Jones
This week I sit down with Dave Jones, undisputedly one of the electronics G.O.A.Ts! We talk about - of course - solar freaking roadways, as well as what a typical day looks like for him, the cheapening of electronics components and the impacts of such, electric cars and so much more!  Go check out Dave here:
November 12, 2021
031 - Robert Dunn
On this week's episode, Robert Dunn, connoisseur of exotic cars - but not the kind you think!   Check him out here:  Aging Wheels: Under Dunn: Patreon:  Don't know where to start? check out these recommended videos:  Nissan Figaro:  Kart: Dust Collector: Miter Saw Station:
October 29, 2021
030 - MicroType Engineering
In this episode I sit down with Kyle from MicroType Engineering! Kyle's business caters to nearly all the electronic and product prototyping market - if you need something done, it's likely that MicroType can do it for you! We chat about the challenges in running your own prototyping company, the traits that make someone a good hire for a company like it and the silicon shortage among lots of other stuff! Make sure to check him out at the links below!  Thanks for listening!
October 15, 2021
029 - The Lohin Clan
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, I have Dan Lohin and son Zach on to talk about how much fun kids can have playing with electronics projects and how awesome it is when father and son have something to bond over - and the fact that you can teach your kids some invaluable life skills doesn't hurt either!   Check him out here:  and the channel I was talking about was this one:  Thanks for listening!
October 01, 2021
028 - One Year Anniversary!
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, I look back at one whole year of podcasting and the awesome people and places the podcast has been about! On top of that I give a bit of a channel update, a personal update and some news for the future of the channel!   Thanks for listening!   If you feel like supporting the channel please consider supporting on Patreon:
September 17, 2021
027 - MKme Lab
In this episode of the Simple Electronics Podcast I sit down with Eric, of the MKme Lab - which I have been pronouncing wrongly all time time. We talk about tons of stuff, like his humble beginnings as a licensed automotive technician, his transition to being a wind turbine tech and his open source projects - which have a real impact on real people's lives. Make sure to check out his youtube channel and his socials and make sure to subscribe! Find him here: Thanks for watching!
September 03, 2021
026 - John Park
In this week's episode we have Adafruit legend and true renaissance man, John Park on the podcast! We chat about John's varied background, his work with Make and Adafruit and what his hobbies are like! Make sure to check him out: And the playlist for his amazing show; John Park's Workshop:  Thanks for listening!
August 20, 2021
025 - The Defpom
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast I sit down with Scott, also known as The Defpom! Scott is well known for buying broken test gear (sometimes worth multiple thousands of dollars) and fixing it for his own use. (Seriously, check it out, it is awesome!) We chat about current life in New Zealand, his process of searching for his test gear and what motivates him to find cool broken stuff and fix it! I strongly suggest you go over to his channel and hit the subscribe button!  Check him out here: Thanks for watching!
August 06, 2021
024 - Jonny Bergdahl
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, I sit down with the infamous electronics-stream-attender; Jonny Bergdahl! Jonny is a Swedish electronics enthusiast that works in software and has a love for live entertainment and cars! We chat about projects, life, the famous unreliability of Ford and who his favorite streamers are! Make sure you follow him on the link(s) below! Thanks for watching!
July 23, 2021
023 - One Circuit
Anthony from One Circuit takes some time out of his busy day job to sit down with me and talk about cool stuff such as free-to-us energy - aka harvesting solar power from a QX5252 chip, about optimizing programming for limited flash memory on Atmel's ATTINY series of microprocessors and the journey of building up a Open PDK programmer! Make sure you check out his Youtube channel and his blog! Or treat yourself to some Tindie goodies!   Find him here:   and here is the AVR Sim Anthony raves about:  Thanks for watching!
July 09, 2021
022 - Big Clive
In this episode I have a chat with one of the electronics goliaths on youtube; Big Clive! Clive and I chat about all sorts of things ranging from what kind of software he uses to make his PCBs, the importance of trades in today's society and what the heck compelled him to shove a firecracker up Barbie's you-know-what! Make sure to subscribe to him on his main channel and his livestream channel; if you haven't caught any of his videos yet - what the heck have you been doing all this time?!?!   Find him here:
June 25, 2021
021 - The Project Episode ft. Another Maker
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, I am joined with Another Maker on his third suck of the sav, as some listeners will have heard before. We get to talking about the weather, about my attempt to upgrade a 3d printer, about a bus conversion Another Maker is working on and about some sneak previews for the future of the channel and where my ambitions are taking me. Here are the promised links:  Thanks for watching!    If you feel like supporting the channel please consider supporting on Patreon:  or get some cool merch!  or buy anything on Banggood's site using my affiliate link:
June 11, 2021
020 - The Solo Episode
Welcome back to another episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast. This episode features nothing special at all! There is no cool guest - just me! I deliver a a small channel update, what has been going on as well as taking a verbal walk through a few of my larger ongoing projects at the moment - including my commission project, some 3d printing stuff (both a custom build and an upgrade path) and some upcoming remote control vehicle stuff. I also go though what is upcoming in the near future and tease some distant future stuff!   Here are the add-a-fuse things I refer to: (Affiliate)  Check out some of these channels:
May 28, 2021
019 - Faffa
This week's guest is South Africa's own Faffa! Faffa is a teacher in South Africa's oldest technical school, Daniel Pienaar Technical Highschool, teaching electronics and digital circuits, and is starting up a robotics program using Arduinos and all sorts of awesome gadgetry! I strongly recommend you check out his YouTube channel and subscribe!  Check him out here:
May 14, 2021
018 - The 3D Printing Professor
In this week's episode we have the king of the 3D printing kickstarters - Joe, the 3D Printing Professor! Joe has has the opportunity to work with and review all kinds of machines and his 3D CAD skills are darn good - especially since he's using Blender for his projects. We chat about the genesis of his kickstarter campaigns and the philosophy that is driving the Printablok projects, as well as tons of other cool topics! Go check out his website and his channel and make sure you subscribe to him - or even better - toss a few bucks into the kickstarter campaign and get some awesome STL files in exchange!  Find him here:
April 30, 2021
017 - Matou Makes
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast we have another maker who is making projects 10x better than his sub count - Matou! We chat about all sorts of things including a deep dive into his last two massive projects - the cable cam (sky cam) and the 3d printer that physically plays chess against you! The cable cam is still a work in progress but the concept actually works! The little camera happily glides along over the workbench carrying around a 360 camera, and the 3d printer happily tosses its enemy chess pieces off the chessboard and freaks out when it loses! I hope you will all go and subscribe to Matou's channel! Find him here:
April 16, 2021
016 - Usagi Electric
In this week's episode of the Simple Electronics Podcast - Dave from Usagi Electric! Electric is the correct word because he's been busy making silicon-free logic circuits and attempting to work his way all the way up to a full vacuum tube computer! We talk about what he's been doing since the pandemic started, the motivation for his hobbies and even delve into old cars! Dave is a cool guy and I hope you'll go subscribe to his channel - as his videos punch WAY above his subscriber count!  Find him here:
April 02, 2021
015 - BitLuni
In this episode I get to sit down with ping-pong ball aficionado and overall wirelessly-connected maker, BitLuni! The conversation goes all the way from automotive history, to ride-on projects, to LED wall and everything in between! Please go check out his channel and I am sure you'll find yourself among fantastic content!  - And don't forget to subscribe!   Here is the video BitLuni was referring to:  Find BitLuni here:
March 19, 2021
014 - Scott Shawcroft
In this week's episode, I have a chat with Adafruit's lead on Circuit Python and self-admitted hardware start-up abandoner Scott Shawcroft! Scott and I chat about Adafruit's quest to simplify and streamline the Circuit Python experience, especially for newcomers, his time working on the Google maps team, and why starting a hardware based company is much harder than it seems! Make sure to check him out on his GitHub and have a look at some Adafruit stuff and see if any of it meets your needs!  Find Scott here:  Find Adafruit here:
March 05, 2021
013 - Andrea Richetta
In this episode; a guest especiale! This week I talk to head of IoT and Pro at Arduino, Andrea Richetta! Andrea is coming to us from Italy where he has worked for Ardunio for quite a few years! We chat about how Arduino feels about counterfeit vs clone vs genuine Arduino boards, using Arduino in your commercial products! We also chat about Arduino's involvement in the rise of the maker movement and what Arduino company culture is all about! Andrea is also an electronics Hobbyist with his own weather station type projects and even some modifications incoming to his Roomba!  You can find him on his LinkedIn profile here:
February 19, 2021
012 - Brian Lough
Brian might be one of the spookiest guests to grace the podcast since he is one of those fancy word-weavers that makes machines do his bidding - that's right, a software developer! Brian and I chat about microcontrollers, specifically of the wifi-handling variety, motivation and the importance of getting projects (and code) out there for all to see! We also chat about how his world has become intermingled with another great YouTuber - Destin from Smarter Every Day. Make sure to check out Brian's channel and drop him a subscribe here:  and here are some links to the two videos we discussed in the episode:
February 05, 2021
011 - Make It And Fake It
Should you make it? Should you fake it? You should do both according to this week's guest - Clarissa, who runs the YouTube channel Make It And Fake It! Clarissa and I delve into deep topics such as 3d printing (and share whether we're into them as machines or as the product that they produce), Arduino-ey type projects and all sorts of making, extending to sewing and makeup! You should definitely go over to Clarissa's youtube channel and hit subscribe if you're into great making content delivered with some great humor!   Please note: Adrian Bowyer should be pronounced "BOW-yer"   Check out Make It and Fake it here:
January 22, 2021
010 - Unexpected Maker
You may already know this week's guest if you are part of his fantastic online community or part of his discord server; Seon, the Unexpected Maker! Seon is the owner and operator of his own business, where he creates, assembles, tests and ships his own microcontroller boards! We chat about his journey from maker to more-professional maker, his struggles along the way and the infamous saga concerning the search for a pick-and-place machine. Check out his fantastic work on youtube and his website,  Check him out here: Support the podcast and my channel here: (you get early access to the podcast as well as the regular videos!)  or buy anything on Banggood's site using my affiliate link: or buy anything from using my affiliate link:  and if you feel so inclined, here is my Amazon wish list!
January 08, 2021
009 - Simple Electronics
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, Another Maker takes over the reins and hosts the show interviewing the usual host, Simple Electronics. He grills SE about a lot of stuff including his day job, his daily routine, the podcast and how that's going and a ton more! I want to thank Another Maker for taking the time to organize this conversation and thinking up interesting questions!  Definitely go subscribe to his YouTube channel!   Thanks for watching!
December 25, 2020
008 - Billie Ruben
In this episode I interview the third most famous Billie behind Eilish and Jean; Billie Ruben! She is a rapidly growing star in the 3d printing world with her online persona on Reddit, Twitter and now YouTube! We chat about 3d printing technologies, which printers are recommended for beginners and common printing problems, as well as sharks, geography, and women in making. Her work can be seen on the first page of google as well as all over the 3d printing communities, with an upward trajectory steep enough to give Elon concerns!   Find her here:  Buy her prints here:
December 11, 2020
007 - Gadget Reboot
In this episode of the Simple Electronics Podcast, I have a special guest, Gadget Reboot. Not only does he run a 'poppin YouTube channel (at least I think that's what the kids say) but he was actually a professional engineer in another life! We talk about what his old job used to be all about, arduino, circuit boards, projects and his future move (spoiler! he is now moved out the place he was talking about!) Tune in to find out more about Gadget Reboot and where his channel is headed! Make sure to check his links and subscribe to his channel!   Find him here:   Support the podcast and my channel here: (you get early access to the podcast as well as the regular videos!)
November 27, 2020
006 - Tim from Don't Give Up
Welcome to another episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast! In this episode, I have a special guest; Tim from Don't Give Up! Tim is a British pensioner who started electronics relatively recently and in this episode we have a great discussion about topics such as the affect of aging on the learning process, which YouTube channels are worth checking out for learning electronics and even a bit of motivational messaging for those of you who are thinking of starting your own YouTube adventures: GO FOR IT!   Find Tim's YouTube channel here:  also check out some of the YouTubers we are referring to:
November 13, 2020
005 - Dad's RC Workbench
In this episode of The Simple Electronics Podcast, I have a special guest, Stephen from, RCtinkerer and Dad's RC Workbench! He is a great overall guy who tinkers with his RC crawling cars and enjoys the outdoors in the form of hunting and fishing. We go over a few things, like his integration of a Arduino-compatible circular board into his rock crawling hobby to add functionality - in this case, a sensor to show if the tilt of the RC model when it becomes excessive, and displays it on a LED light car integrated into the bumper. Stephen is a self-admitted beginner but the projects he have attempted and completed successfully are impressive even for a pro!   You can and should subscribe to his YouTube channel here: and on Instagram here:
October 30, 2020
004 - Dave Bodnar
In this episode, I am joined by a special guest; Dave Bodnar! Dave is a Youtuber, retired teacher and electronics and model railroad enthusiast. In this episode we chat about a huge range of topics from PIC to Arduino, to teaching, to DIY brushless motors from fidget spinners! Dave is a self-taught electronics hobbyist who recalls starting out with basic microcontrollers, then moving onto the pic and picking up Arduino after its release. His perspective on electronics has lead him to make such elegant projects as a simple lightning and thunder generator, brushless motors from fidget spinners, and fully scratch built trolleys!   You can find Dave on his YouTube channel and his personal website:
October 16, 2020
003 - PileOfStuff
In this episode, special guest PileOfStuff and I discuss a ton of topics from mailbag videos, to operating systems to projects and everything in between! PileOfStuff is a Youtuber extraordinaire with a penchant towards teardowns and electronics projects with the occasional sprinkling in of model railroading. His fans tune in in large numbers to watch what he has purchased on eBay and then return to see what he has planned for those parts. We chat about our professions as well - he being a technician for a telecom company and myself being a professional mechanic and professor of mechanics.   Make sure to subscribe to PileOfStuff's Youtube channel here:  or support him on his Patreon here:
October 02, 2020
002 - Another Maker
In this episode, special guest Another Maker and I discuss all sorts of topics from programming to Arduino, to tools and everywhere in between! Another Maker runs two YouTube channels, and owns and operates his own company. He also is the creator of User Spice, a piece of open source and free to use software used by millions of users today! The conversation takes us to come interesting places, such as the challenge of sensing temperature in a ton of buildings and how Ryobi has a bunch of oddball tools available for purchase! We hope you enjoy the show!  Find Another Maker (and subscribe to him) here:
September 18, 2020
Pilot Epidode - Junk From Work
Welcome to the first episode of the Simple Electronics Podcast! In this episode, special guest, Junk From Work and I discus mainly our perspectives on the automotive industry! Junk From Work is a YouTuber with a channel focused mainly on tools and such but does dive into electronics, mainly those that pertain to automotive components. He is an apprentice mechanic in British Columbia, Canada and is an overall great and knowledgeable guy. In this podcast we go over mainly the current state and the future of the automotive industry, what the car as a concept will become in the near and distant future and some tools of the trade!  Thanks for listening!   Find Junk From Work Here:  @Junk_From_Work on instagram Support the podcast and my channel here: (you get early access to the podcast as well as the regular videos!)
September 04, 2020
Podcast Trailer
Just a quick intro to get the juices flowing, hope to see you listening to the podcast!
September 02, 2020