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Prodigy's Simply Fit

Prodigy's Simply Fit

By Andrew Hamel
Prodigy's Simply Fit podcast is a unique podcast for those that do NOT have getting good at working out as their primary goal.

It is designed to simplify fitness for the busy adult in the Tri-Valley looking to lose weight, get stronger, and have more energy. So they can simply be fit to do the things that they love to do outside of the gym.
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EP: 015 - The Benefits of Massage Therapy. A Conversation with Gina Marie
On this episode of Prodigy's Simply Fit podcast, I sit down with Gina Marie Woodard.  She is a licensed massage therapist and the owner of Spira Wellness. During our conversation we talk about the benefits of massage, how the pandemic has led to new aches and pains, and how massage therapy can be a integral part of a health and wellness program.
April 15, 2021
EP: 014 - How Nearly Dying Changed His Priorities. A Conversation with Dave Vieler
On today's episode of Prodigy's Simply Fit Podcast, I sit down with Dave Vieler. Dave grew up playing multiple sports as was fortunate enough to play college football at Cal Poly. Like most, as Dave became an adult, started a family, and built a career his health and fitness was put on the back burner.  Dave was one of our very first adult client back in the day.  But, life got in the way and he had to cancel his membership.  Fast forwards 7 or 8 years and a near death experience brought him back to Prodigy.   During this episode, we talk about his journey, making his health a priority and his new lease on life.
April 8, 2021
EP: 013 - Breaking You Big Daunting Goal into More Manageable Pieces. A Conversation with Laura Howard
On this episode of Prodigy's Simply Fit podcast I sit down with Laura Howard.  Laura is arguably one of the most consistent members we have.  Even during the pandemic, she made sure to join our virtual classes at least 6 days a week.  During the episode we talk about her journey, what really helped her gain traction, how she has been able to remain consistent and she gives 3 pieces of advice for those who are struggling and need a little push.
April 1, 2021
EP: 012 - Finding Success with Fitness. A Conversation with Judy Nannini
In this episode of Prodigy's Simply Fit Podcast, I sit down with Judy Nannini who joined Prodigy back in March of 2020.  Judy was an athlete growing up and active her whole life and then life got in the way.  She became a mom, and a busy professional, and her health was put on the back burner.   She decided enough was enough and wanted to make a change and begin investing in her health again.  During her journey she has learned the power of a community, how powerful fitness is for mental health, and how having the right tools to ensure you are successful is crucial.   In our conversation we talk about her fitness journey, how as a busy mom she makes time for herself and she gives a couple of tips for those struggling to "get on the wagon."
March 25, 2021
EP: 011 - Talking All Things Hormones and Vitamins. A Conversation with Jill Nuti
In this episode of Prodigy's Simply Fit Podcast, I sit down with Jill Nuti.  A pharmacist with Custom Care Compounding in San Ramon.   Hormones, are chemical messengers in our body and play a vital role in how our body functions.  The crazy thing is, that hormones, our diet, and exercise are all connected and during my conversation with Jill we discuss the role hormones play in our bodies, tips to improve our hormone levels, and the best vitamins and minerals to take to boost your immunity!
March 18, 2021
EP: 010 - From 1 Pull Up to Crushing Spartan Races. A Conversation with Allan George
In this week's episode I sit down with Allan George.  Allan has been a member of Prodigy Fitness for 3 years and when he started he had a goal of being able to do 1 pull up.  Since he's crushed that goal he has moved on to bigger goals like completing Spartan Races.  Allan's journey is very typical and probably just like yours.  He set New Year's Resolutions every year to get fit only to run out of steam by the middle of January. In our conversation we talk about finding fun with fitness, trusting the process, continuing to set new goals.
March 11, 2021
EP: 009 - Falling in Love With the Journey. A Conversation with Tony Vest
On this week's episode I sit down with Tony Vest.  Tony has been a member at Prodigy Fitness for almost 3 years now and has by far been one of our biggest transformations.  During his time with us, Tony has lost over 70 pounds, increased is strength levels, and continues to set a model of determination for the rest of our members.  As of recording this episode, Tony is 3 months post total knee replacement but doesn't use that as an excuse not to invest in his health. Join me as we discuss setting long term goals, investing your health, and falling in love with the process!
March 4, 2021
EP: 008 - Strong Enough to Handle Anything! A Conversation with Anna Ruotolo
On today's episode of Prodigy's Simply Fit Podcast, I sit down with Anna Ruotolo who has been a member of Prodigy Fitness for about a year.  Anna truly believes that on a couple of occasions, fitness saved her life.  Besides discussing her journey we talk about consistency, developing habits, and making yourself a priority.
February 25, 2021
EP: 007 - Even YOU Can Take Up Running in 2021 - A Conversation with Scout Judd
In today's episode I sit down with Scout Judd, the owner of Fleet Feet in downtown Pleasanton.  During our conversation we discuss 3 simple tips you can do to start running in 2021 and actually be successful with it! If you are looking to take up running in 2021 this episode is a MUST listen.
February 18, 2021
EP: 006 - Getting Simply Fit with Sandi Scheuber
Sandi joined Prodigy Fitness a little over a year ago, but Sandi and I go way back.  Sandi is one of our most consistent member and it has paid off.  She actually has lost 10 pounds during the pandemic!  During our conversation Sandi talks about her WHY, what keeps her motivated, and she shares some simple tips you can use to get started. Sandi is our resident book worm so as a bonus tip she shares a few book recommendations to help you become the best version of you possible! 
February 11, 2021
EP:005 - Healty Eating - A Conversation with Jill Daniels RD
In today's episode I sit down with a long time friend of mine Jill Daniels and we talk about best practices for eating healthy.  Jill is a Registered Dietician with a concentration in Sports Nutrition and Eating Disorders. During the episode Jill breaks down her top 3 tips for when it comes to eating healthy.  The last one will surprise you! Enjoy. P.S. Please take a moment to subscribe to the podcast so that you receive up to date information on when new episodes are released.  Also please take a moment to leave a review and share this episode with a friend or family member who needs it.
February 4, 2021
EP:004 - Dealing with Anxiety and Stress During Stressful Times - A Conversation with Kim Curtis
Now more than ever, we need to focus on mental health.     And in today's episode of Prodigy's Simply Fit I sit down with Kim Curtis a licensed social worker and owner of Bridges Therapy to talk about anxiety, controlling the controllables, and being proactive in dealing with stress. As always, please subscribe to the podcast to stay up to date on the newest episodes as well as please leave a review and let us know what you think!
January 28, 2021
EP: 003 - Creating a Vision for Success
Too often people fall off the wagon because they don't create a vision for what success looks like for their fitness journey. Spending a few minutes figuring out what success looks like will go a long way in you ultimately crushing your fitness goals.
January 21, 2021
EP: 002 - Getting Simply Fit with Shweta Sindhur
Shweta joined the Prodigy Family about 2 years ago.  She's a busy mom, a working professional, and someone who is just trying to figure it all out.   She has gone from someone who dreaded going up the stairs to someone who just crushed the #75hard challenge. We talk about her journey and she shares some simple tips she uses everyday to continue moving forward to her goals of being the best version of herself possible! *Please take a moment to subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you are listening on as well as leave a review.  Thanks!*
January 14, 2021
EP: 001 - 3 Tips You Can Use to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey in 2021 - A Conversation with Rob Medsger
Here are 3 simple tips you can use to jumpstart your fitness in 2021 1. Set a Schedule 2. Keep it Simple 3. Find the thing that will keep you accountable *Bonus Tip* 4. Place an emphasis on Sleep
January 7, 2021