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The Simply Jamilah Podcast

The Simply Jamilah Podcast

By Jamilah
Becoming an adult while existing as a Black, American woman in the 21st century is not an easy task, and the best way I deal with it is by talking into a microphone. With random tangents, anecdotes, and grammatically questionable sentences, I talk about anything and everything that pops into my mind while accomplishing the day-to-day task of being a woman in this confusing, evolving, scary lifetime.

Welcome to The Simply Jamilah Podcast.

New episodes every other Monday.
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61: the role of a leader
In the event of convenient timing, this is being published right after I got pushed out the door at my job and transferred to a new location. A majority of this episode is spent sharing five standards that make someone a leader, all of which overlap; of course, communication is one of them. Plus, this episode is me saying a tearful goodbye (yes, I cry at the end) and saying everything I somehow managed to hold in on my last day. Since it's been a minute, I also give my thoughts on Jack Harlow's new album (spoiler alert: it isn't pretty). POLL OF THE WEEK Have you ever had a toxic leader? Vote now on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! AS MENTIONED digital distraction page: hi! THE BLOG: Simply Jamilah THE FACEBOOK PAGE: simplyjamilahofficial THE INSTAGRAM: juh.mee.luh
May 17, 2022
60: never-ending disappointment
Everyone has experienced disappointment at some point in their life, and it has been an incredibly prominent emotion in my life for years. I wanted to take some time to talk about disappointment in three categories: the job market, people (especially men), and society. Plus, there are a couple of mini tangents about the love and struggle of having my name and lots of Jack Harlow mentioned (iykyk). POLL OF THE WEEK: Do you disappoint others more or are you disappointed more? Vote now on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! THE BLOG: Simply Jamilah THE FACEBOOK PAGE: simplyjamilahofficial *recognize your privilege*
May 02, 2022
59: before you sign a lease w/ a "friend..."
This is one of my most therapeutic episodes to date. I spill all the tea on my life from February to December 2021, and I share tips on signing a lease with someone who may or may not genuinely be your friend (keyword being "genuinely"). My ex-roommate is not responsible for my unhappiness; the whole thing was a mistake, and I ignored way too many red flags. Take a shot every time I say "I don't care." QUESTION OF THE WEEK How long do you need to be friends with someone or know someone before you're comfortable being their roommate? Vote now on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram The Blog:
April 18, 2022
58: the life & times of an empath
Recently, there was a day where I was in a good mood but thought I should be in a bad mood because everyone else around me was in a bad mood. This brought up the subject of me being an empath. I decided to dive deep into what it means to be an empath, ten characteristics of empaths, and things in my life that make me believe I am one. Plus, I talk a bit about gratitude and how a spirit of gratefulness takes you to where you want to be in life. ARTICLE MENTIONED: Times of India POLL OF THE WEEK: Are you a sympath, an empath, neither, or both? Vote now on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! The Instagram: @juh.mee.luh The Blog: Simply Jamilah
March 28, 2022
57: music & the racial division
I am so tired of people saying I listen to white music. Hearing statements like "you listen to white music" or "you're white-washed" has negatively stayed in my brain and affected my ability to talk to new friends about my interests going beyond music (i.e. television shows, movies, podcasts). I need to get some things off my chest about music having a race, which is exactly what we're talking about today. Well, I'm talking about it. Of course, all this comes after a small rant about weird male friend problems. CONAN GRAY ARTICLE I MENTIONED: POLL OF THE WEEK: Do certain genres of music have a race? Vote now at @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! THE BLOG:
March 14, 2022
56: shift in statistics
Before anything, I share my support for Ukraine and the innocent people of Russia; like millions of other people in the world right now, I'm scared. For the meat of this episode, I wanted to end Black History Month (though Black history never ends) by sharing a few statistics about Black people, recognizing the shift in Black culture, & discussing people capitalizing on Black History Month/Black Lives Matter since the death of George Floyd. ALL THE LINKS: Black People Statistics: KFF Brookings (Unemployment) Pew Research NPR The New York Times Brookings (1998 Progress) From Tangents & Segments: The United States is an Olympics Coward (Sha'Carri vs. Kamila) Post Valentine's Day Blues (about my 11 years of loneliness) 55: friends & boys (last episode) imuRgency (content creator I recommend) POLL OF THE WEEK: Do you research Black history? Vote within the first 24 hours of this episode on Instagram (@juh.mee.luh) ! FIND ME IN OTHER PLACES: @juh.mee.luh (the Instagram) Simply Jamilah (the blog)
February 28, 2022
55: friends & boys
Happy Valentine's Day! Coming from a heterosexual single pringle, I discuss several different topics relating to my love life and friendship with boys... after a small rant about an optometry appointment. Topics include: my first time being friends with a group of guys, the importance of having a friendship foundation for a long-lasting romantic relationship, and accepting my singleness & lack of a love life. ALABAMA FAILING BLACK VOTERS ARTICLES: The Hill: MSNBC: The New York Times: Vox: SJ WRITINGS ABOUT MY NONEXISTENT LOVE LIFE: Feeling Unworthy: I Purposely Put Myself in the Friend Zone: To My [Future] Husband: POLL OF THE WEEK: Have you romantically fallen in love with one of your best friends? Do they know? Vote now on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! THE INSTA: THE BLOG:
February 14, 2022
54: so i accidentally took a month off...
In the month that I accidentally took off from documenting my life with this podcast, a lot happened, and I wanted to take a moment to talk about it. Besides giving a small speech about why a random Black girl from Tennessee loves to podcast, I break down all that moving entailed, give the big reason I disappeared for the month (which has nothing to do with my move), and discuss topics that have been hot on social media. I've also cried my trauma out while watching Euphoria and falling in love with Fez. POLL OF THE WEEK: Do you watch Euphoria? Or do you plan on watching Euphoria?  Vote now on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! Also head over there for this week's Recs & Regrets (and give me a follow if you'd like)! Don't forget to check out the blog:
February 07, 2022
53: the best of 2021
For my final episode of 2021, it only felt right to recap all of the good that was experienced this past year, especially during such a trying time for many. Get ready to attempt to hear me sing and hear my embarrassment over my Spotify Wrapped (yes, I'm exploring that too). FOR EVERYTHING DISCUSSED: SJ Podcast Episodes a chat with Kristen: college: the worst 4 years of my life ft. Miranda: being skinny isn't everything: i am jealous of my friends: Podcasts Here Comes the Break: To Date or Not: The Man Enough Podcast: Binged Shows Tattoo Redo: The Hype: Books This is Major: Notes on Diana Ross, Dark Girls, & Being Dope by Shayla Lawson Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra Jonas Films Billie Eilish: The World's a Little Blurry: Night Teeth: Sounds Like Love: Music Videos "WHATS POPPIN" by Jack Harlow: "Lost Cause" by Billie Eilish: Albums That's What They All Say by Jack Harlow OK Orchestra by AJR 30 by Adele Band COIN (song: "Talk Too Much"): cried to on the way to work ("Runnin' (Lose It All) by Naughty Boy, Beyoncé, Arrow Benjamin): Thank you so much for an amazing year of podcasting! I hope the best for you and your loved, and I will be in your ear with tons to say next year.
December 22, 2021
52: you matter
Through the loopiness that is my brain at 3 in the morning, I dissect my feelings after hearing the verdict of the Rittenhouse trial. This episode is to remind myself and other Black people, especially women, who feel dehumanized that your life matters. You matter. You are valued and belong here, no matter how many times the stupid government tries to prove otherwise. RECS & REGRETS Movie: Eternals Album: 30 by Adele Limited Series: Colin in Black & White Organization: The Black Wall Street Times ( ) If you don't support Black lives, I don't know why you're listening to this podcast. #BlackLivesMatter
December 13, 2021
51: the importance of taking time off
I accidentally disappeared from the Internet there for a bit, but my time away was so incredibly necessary. I wanted to discuss why I took time off (apartment updates, solo trips out of town, taking the next step with friends) and why it is incredibly important for you to take time off (recharging, reconnecting, and remembering). Also, Spotify users can now see my face and fast moving hands, which still blows my mind. LINKS (as mentioned): RadRach: RECS & REGRETS: Movie: Night Teeth Podcast: The Man Enough Podcast Album: Under My Influence by The Aces ("New Emotion" : ) "Comedy" Special: Sex: Unzipped POLL OF THE WEEK: Do you think taking time off is important? Vote now on this episode or on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! If you don't support Black Lives, don't listen to this podcast. 
November 22, 2021
50: i am jealous of my friends
We've reached fifty published episodes! Now I just need to stop accidentally deleting old episodes by hitting the backspace button. This episode is a mix of hyping people up, celebrating fifty, and exposing my true feelings about my friends. I also give five reasons why I have been/was (and sometimes still am) jealous of my friends, such as having two parents. RECS & REGRETS: TV Show: Pretty Smart Album: Music of the Spheres by Coldplay POLL OF THE WEEK: Do you get jealous of your friends? Vote on this episode or on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram!
October 25, 2021
49: an open conversation about menstruation
Being a very open person when it comes to discussing periods/menstruation/anything involving the uterus, it's important to only have people in my life who are comfortable discussing these topics as well, which is why this is the topic for the week. It's important to note I am not a doctor nor an expert; I just wanted to share my experiences and own period-related health problems. Other things discussed in this episode: examples of how people (especially men) can help girls who are menstruating, different examples of irregular periods, pregnancy, and everything in between. Let's get personal. (for Squid Game discussion) ASHLEY IPPOLITO'S YOUTUBE CHANNELS: Reacts By Ash: ur internet mom ash: Ashley Ippolito: FOOD SHORTAGE DISCUSSION: USA Today: Parade: PAST EPISODES MENTIONED: be like Mr. Walls: being skinny isn't everything: college: the worst 4 years of my life ft. Miranda: RECS & REGRETS: Movie: Sounds Like Love Album: These Things Happen Too by G Eazy Album: Live On Ice by tobi lou YouTube Video: Bailey & Asa's Official Wedding Video: POLL OF THE WEEK: Are you comfortable talking about periods? Vote now on this episode or on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! Wish me luck since I'm supposed to be on my period
October 18, 2021
48: i am guilty
This episode discusses and mentions sensitive topics. Forewarning. I've randomly been feeling guilty for a lot of things recently, so I decided to discuss a list of things I feel guilty for/about. Topics include: drinking soda, having anxiety, and running over already dead animals. All my insecurities and fast talking come out. Listen to me get uncomfy as I expose myself. EPISODES REFERENCED: Friend-flict: I'm Not Sorry: RECS & REGRETS Movie: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Album: War & Wonders by D Smoke Books: Stephanie Perkins Trilogy (Anna and the French Kiss, Lola and the Boy Next Door, Isla and the Happily Ever After) Tech: Anchor Update POLL OF THE WEEK: Are you guilty? Vote on this episode or on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! Excuse all the noises; they make up who I am
October 04, 2021
47: being skinny isn't everything
Society has screwed up the way we should see ourselves, which has created negative relationships with our bodies. Today, I wanted to discuss an article I read called "There More to Life Than Being Skinny" by Grace Haass. The discussion includes my true feelings on the words "fat" and "skinny," not weighing myself, good vs. bad food, and my THAT girl routine. This is a touchy subject, and as someone who is not the best at using her words, please know I did my best to not say anything offensive. Loving your body is not an over night situation, but the journey of body love is beautiful. The article (from my fave Shit You Should Care About): Shit You Should Care About: @shityoushouldcareabout: US BORDER & HAITIAN MIGRANTS: BBC: Business Insider: SHIPPING CONTAINER CRISIS: CNN: Forbes: RECS & REGRETS: Movie: The Starling TV Show: Dancing with the Stars YouTuber: Maya Beatriz ( ) Album: In the Meantime by Alessia Cara POLL OF THE WEEK: Do you weigh yourself? Vote now at @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! EAT WHATEVER YOU WANT!!
September 27, 2021
46: my journey with suicide
Trigger warning: this episode discusses suicide and themes surrounding the topic. In chronological order, I recount the 3 times I tried to commit suicide and how suicide has affected my life. I discuss the feelings of worthlessness and invisibility and lack of value contributing to my attempts. Anecdotes include middle school drama, sad birthday escapades, and The Great Flood of Christmas Eve 2020. GYMNASTS TESTIFY ON CAPITAL HILL: NPR: USports: Gluten Maternity Shoot (as mentioned): RECS & REGRETS (movie edition): Vivo Cruella Happier Than Ever: A Love Letter to Los Angeles Cinderella (with Camila Cabello) POLL OF THE WEEK: Have you had experiences with therapy (whether it's going, thinking about going, or being a therapist)? Vote on @juh.mee.luh on Instagram! When The Met Gala goes wrong, who's to blame: the celebrities or the designers?
September 20, 2021
to my husband (you need to know these things)
Jamilah, play this at your wedding reception while you indulge in a beautiful plate of pasta. This is a special, intimate episode of the podcast. I wanted to take a moment, at the ripe ole age of 22, to talk to my husband. Yes, the man I haven't met yet. There are some things he needs to know, and these are things that I don't think will change between now and the future... whenever the wedding is.
September 13, 2021
45: the fundamentals of adulting
Welcome to the out of order step-by-step guide to beginning the journey of adulting. Through mini rants and anecdotes (ya know, the usual), I discuss the fundamentals of adulting--from communication in all aspects to the simple act of cleaning up after yourself. TEXAS' ABORTION LAW The Texas Tribune: NPR: CNN: REMINGTON & SANDY HOOK CNN: History: Time: HURRICANE LARRY NHC: USA Today: RECS & REGRETS Movie: He's All That Album: Mercury - Act 1 by Imagine Dragons TV Show: The Hype Instagram Account: annie_wu_22 POLL OF THE WEEK: Is adulting better than childhood? Vote now on its.essjayy on Instagram!! Can you hear my personal annoyances come out?
September 06, 2021
44: i am flopping as an influencer
Despite interruptions from adorable huskies, I discuss making a name for myself in a small corner of the internet. I checked my analytics on all social platforms and began panicking because the numbers started going down. After sharing my troubles on branding and establishing an audience, I give my definition of the term "influencer" and give advice [that I should follow but don't] on establishing an audience and building a passion. WHAT'S HAPPENING IN AFGHANISTAN Aljazeera: BBC News: Amnesty: RECS & REGRETS Movie: All My Life Album: Solar Power by Lorde Trend: Throwback Tiktok dances Book: Unfinished by Priyanka Chopra Jonas Poll of the week: Is the term influencer derogatory? Vote now on @its.essjayy on Instagram stories! Listen to hear a little black girl's big dream
August 23, 2021
43: self-care vs. taking care of yourself
After politely disagreeing with an article I read on Study Breaks, I give my definition of self-care and taking care of yourself; express the importance of individuality; and give unsolicited advice/words of encouragement/examples for taking care of yourself. Plus, there's a small announcement at the beginning of the episode (like why the heck this is going up on a Monday). Study Breaks article:'s%20look%20at%20%E2%80%9Cself,%E2%80%9Ctaking%20care%20of%20yourself.%E2%80%9D&text=That's%20where%20the%20major%20difference,care%20of%20yourself%E2%80%9D%20comes%20in. HOT THOUGHTS ON HOT TOPICS LINKS Haiti- CNN: DirectRelief: USAID: #FreeBritney- BBC:,conflict%20over%20the%20singer's%20guardianship. Harper's Bazaar: Lebanon- The New York Times: The Nation: RECS & REGRETS Movie: The Kissing Booth 3 (NO) TV Show: Sex/Life (YES) Song: "Rumors" by Lizzo ft. Cardi B (NEED TIME) Book: This is Major by Shayla Lawson (YES) POLL OF THE WEEK- Which is one is more superior: iCarly the OG or iCarly the reboot? Vote now on @its.essjayy on Instagram! BLOG: Listen to your body!
August 16, 2021
42: the beauty of the pandemic
Through the voice of someone with intense dog allergies and a sniffly nose, I wanted to discuss the good to come from the Covid-19 pandemic. After acknowledging the bad, topics that are discussed include: attention to the Black Lives Matter movement, comparing myself to other creators, and self-realizations.  RECS & REGRETS Movie: Space Jam: A New Legacy TV Episode: A BOY IS A GUN (from Grown-ish) TV Show: Never Have I Ever (season 2) Album: Happier than Ever by Billie Eilish Poll of the week: Which one is more superior: iCarly reboot or the original? (vote on the @simplyjamilahofficial Instagram account)
August 14, 2021
41: why do men...
Inspired by Vic Styles, this is a mini complain session about the men I've recently encountered in my life. Through a series of anecdotes, I ask several questions I need answers to. As I'll say several times, this is not me attacking or stereotyping all men; the same questions could be asked for women. Topics include: adjusting their junk mid-conversation, feeling intense emotions, and the appeal of toxic relationships (we deep dive here). 0:00- Intro 0:45- Hot Thoughts on Hot Topics (The Olympics, DaBaby, & Kyrie Irving) 4:03- Why Do Men... 39:27- Recs & Regrets 42:17- Outro RECS & REGRETS Podcast: Here Comes the Break Movie: The Last Letter from Your Lover TV Show: Worn Stories YouTuber: Joseph Solomon Poll of the week: Are the Olympics worth watching: Yes or No (vote on the @simplyjamilahofficial Instagram account) Welcome to my rant
July 31, 2021
40: an unconventional q&a
Let's get super personal, blunt, and opinionated. So you can get to know me a little bit better, I decided to answer 15 random questions asked by 3 cool individuals in my life. Topics range from: how I want to die, my meaning of friendship, privilege as an American, what I look for in a guy, and simply being Black (including Black vs. African American). 0:00- Intro 1:27- Hot Thoughts on Hot Topics 5:09- Q&A 46:55- Recs & Regrets 49:41- Poll & Outro RECS & REGRETS (music edition) "People Watching" by Conan Gray CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST by Tyler, the Creator Welcome to the Madhouse (Deluxe) by Tones and I Faith by Pop Smoke Poll of the Week: When it comes to romantic relationships, which comes first: Looks or Personality (vote on the @simplyjamilahofficial Instagram account) Let's listen to me constantly put my foot in my mouth
July 24, 2021
39: financial independence scares me
Now that I've graduated from years of busting my butt for an education, my school stress has turned into financial stress; plus, it doesn't help that my brain does a good job of convincing me that I'm poor. In this episode, I talk all about survival tactics to keep up with the bills, working three jobs, and trying to find time for my passions in the midst of the chaos. Of course, all of this happens after I spend a couple of minutes obsessing over Epidemic Sound (not spons), which I learned all about from Kaiti Yoo. RECS & REGRETS Movie: Fatherhood Game: We're Not Really Strangers Song: "I Want" by ENNY Instagram Account: @crybab.ybk Poll of the week: Netflix or HBO Max (vote on the @simplyjamilahofficial Instagram account!)
June 26, 2021
38: college: the worst 4 years of my life ft. Miranda
As I've mentioned several times in the past, I studied interior architecture in college, and as I've mentioned before, I did not have a great time. Since I've graduated from college now, I figured it was about time to talk about what really went wrong with our program, and Miranda was the perfect person to contribute to the conversation. She is the best thing to come out of my crap four years in the program, and we shared the same feelings about what we were taught. I'm sure you're wondering why we didn't transfer. I don't know about her, but for me, none of the classes in my program would transfer. Since I was relying heavily on federal financial aid to help and only had four years to get it right, I stuck it out. But boyyyyy was it hard. RECS MENTIONED: Movie: 2 Hearts TV Special: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion Song: "Lost Cause" by Billie Eilish Insta Account: @thenotoriouskia For this week's pool and more Simply Jamilah content, check out @simplyjamilahofficial on Instagram and the Simply Jamilah blog.
June 13, 2021
37: so... i'm back. what's up?
Remember when I abruptly ended season two and said I would be back July 3rd? Well, I guess I lied because here we are three months later, AND I AM BACK! I couldn't wait any longer; talking into a mic again felt so incredible. In this super brief announcement episode, I catch you up on how my life is different from the panicky episode I recorded on March 10th. I hope you're ready for another season of Simply Jamilah. IG: simplyjamilahofficial
June 03, 2021
36: an abrupt ending to season 2
Recently, I am constantly physically exhausted and battling my deteriorating mental health. Therefore, we are saying goodbye for a few months. After a major venting session about my retail job where I discuss how tired I am of people valuing money over other people and hiring unqualified people out of desperation, I announce that season 2 is coming to an end, and season 3 will be in your ear on July 3, 2021.  I hope the next few months treat you well, and I can't wait to get back to our therapy sessions (well, my therapy sessions that you listen to).
March 13, 2021
35: hold nothing back
Do you ever have those days where everything you say floods your brain, and you're filled with regret/guilt/anxiety? Because same, and that's been happening to me more and more recently. I've been constantly overthinking every word to come out of my mouth and fearing any potential conflict to stem from it.  To remember who I am, who I'm becoming, and where I am on this journey of self-acceptance, I decided to discuss four tips that I've used over the years to learn to hold nothing back and show the world who I truly am. This is an episode of encouragement that we (you and I) need to accept ourselves and fearlessly do/say whatever we want. Get ready for a bit of redundancy, a few anecdotes, and a deeper look into my personal life. Also, I have to ask: What is the best Step Up movie?
March 07, 2021
34: Black game changers
First and foremost, Black history goes beyond the 28 (sometimes 29) days of February, which is something I will always and forever repeat like I did in this episode. I wanted to end Black History Month by sharing a few Black game changers from six different categories (music, film industry, podcasts, content creators, bloggers/fashion icons, & businesses) who you definitely need to know. Honestly, this is pretty much me hyping people up and giving them an ounce of the recognition they one thousand percent deserve. In the beginning of the episode, I mention my Freedom Fighters playlist, which is a collaborative playlist dedicated to songs that speak on the fight for equality and true freedom and the fight against racial injustice. Check it out on my Spotify: itsmilahh
February 27, 2021
33: a chat with Kristen
In an era where social distancing is highly recommended, I wanted to hang out with my friend Kristen, a girl who is obsessed with Blown Away, over Zoom. February is the shortest month of the year but holds so much significance (Black History Month, Valentine's Day, etc.), and we talk about it. There's lots of laughter, lots of controversial opinions, and an overall insight into what it's like to hang out with us. Sit back, relax, and enjoy this special Galentine's Day episode of the Simply Jamilah Podcast.
February 13, 2021
32: you look better when...
Through a few anecdotes, I decided to vent about people, complete strangers, feeling the need to verbalize their negative opinions about someone else's appearance and choices; I don't see how people changing their physical appearance affects other people to the point where people think their opinions matter (how many times can I use "people" in one sentence?). Plus, I drop a small amount of knowledge about black and share my reasoning for wearing weave. As a black woman, all I know is black hair so get ready to hear those two words a bunch. // Instagram: simplyjamilahofficial
January 25, 2021
31: every day things for every day routines
After lost service because of a Christmas Day explosion and accidentally giving myself a concussion on the final day of 2020, I am back with Simply Jamilah's first episode of 2021 (recorded before the events of 01/06).  A new year means creating and improving new habits. This is the year to take time to take care of yourself so I share some simple every day things that you can incorporate in a potential routine to show yourself a bit more love. Even though this episode will sound super sponsored, I promise it's not. @simplyjamilahofficial
January 09, 2021
30: perfect last minute young adult gifts
After giving a bit of a life update (where I discuss my minor foot injury and minor progress with my mental downward spiral), I share a list of last minute gifts you could give the young adult in your life. From period panties to a therapist, this is a hodgepodge of different gifts mixed with a whole lot of rambling. Per usual, I hope you do not find anything in this episode to be offensive. ♡ 
December 19, 2020
the 2020 Spotify Wrapped
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Yep, Spotify Wrapped has been released, and since I am obsessed with music and pretending to be a radio DJ and seeing growth within myself, I decided to share all the music and analytics from 2020 Spotify Wrapped. I was not expecting my #1s to be my #1s. ♡
December 17, 2020
29: i hate me.
Welcome to my online therapy session where I talk about something I’ve been battling for a couple of months while trying to hide from everyone I love. I hate myself. ♡
December 15, 2020
28: the dating app meant to be deleted
Cuffing season is among us, and I decided to spend some time talking about it, including the different types of people during cuffing season. However, this episode is all about my short-lived experience on the dating app Hinge, including my answers to prompt questions, similarities between the guys, and a story of the time I got into a car without a complete stranger to avoid Great Danes. ♡ 
November 28, 2020
27: nothings mean something
WARNING: I recorded this on a day when my interior architecture program broke me (yet again), and I have a venting session about it since it relates to taking time off to recover and do better. This episode is all about the importance of taking time off working and hustling to develop, grow, recover. Yes, the term “hustle culture” makes an appearance. Also, this episode may seem sponsored by Dash & Lily, but I swear it’s not; I just really love the show. ♡
November 14, 2020
songs that make me...
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
What do Big Sean, Bea Miller, and James Bay have in common? They all create music that evokes different emotions, thoughts, and memories. In this episode of “Jamilah pretends to be a radio DJ,” I share different songs that make me feel varying emotions and remember different moments, from songs of sorrow to a song of appreciation. Check me out on Spotify: itsmilahh ♡
November 11, 2020
26: The Skinny Confidential & authenticity
Most of America released a breath of relief this past week, and though the results were what half of the divided country hoped for, I start this episode expressing how I feel more unsafe and uncomfortable because inner evilness has been exposed and rebirthed. However, the majority of this episode is about my inspiration/role model, Lauryn Evarts Bosstick and The Skinny Confidential, and how authenticity is the key to success. (While editing this, I was trying to figure out new software so advanced apologies for any choppiness). ♡ The Insta: @simplyjamilahofficial
November 09, 2020
25: opinions on thrifted vs. fast fashion
This was recorded right after I watched a live Q&A with Jonathan Van Ness, and the game changed; this episode became about a bit more than fashion. Along with introducing my love for style, I give commentary on male homosexuality and Walter Wallace Jr. without (hopefully) being offensive. However, for the entrée of the episode, I give my thoughts, tips, and anecdotes on thrifting and fast fashion.  ♡
October 31, 2020
24: they aren't who you think they are
Before getting into the real meat of this episode, which is about everyone putting up a front, I briefly discuss my new promotion and a troublesome coworker. Some truths are told and withheld thoughts are finally spoken. Parts of this episode are low key rants/venting sessions. ◉ Simply Jamilah episode referenced: Be Like Mr. Walls  ♡
October 24, 2020
my current life vibe told with music
Episodes with music are only available on Spotify.
Anchor has created a new, fun way to do a better version of YouTube’s playlist videos without being copyrighted, and I had an incredible amount of fun exploring the new feature. This episode is me sharing my current vibe and hints at my life via music-- music from Spotify. There’s some Thirdstory, a little bit of Zara Larsson, and of course queen Meg. Welcome to some of the music that mentally plays on repeat. ♡
October 21, 2020
23: a break from life
I’m back with an unusual amount of energy and another late night recording of me rambling. After raving about Space Art Room (an Etsy shop) for quite a few minutes, I spent the episode going into great detail recapping a much needed trip I took last week. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and I wanted to visit and help out the people in the village who have helped me become the adult child I am. As I recapped the trip, I shared little life nuggets and lessons learned. Somehow in the midst of recording, I began having a random allergic reaction. Enjoy thighs incredibly scatterbrained episode.  ♡
October 17, 2020
22: the Notorious R.B.G.
Things get slightly political in today’s episode, and that kind of scares me. Before talking about the legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg, I wanted to take some time to discuss the U.S. reaching 200,000 COVID deaths and discuss the American justice system failing black people again with the death of Breonna Taylor-- exactly 65 years after Emmett Till’s killers were acquitted. I’m appalled. While not knowing much about being a lawyer and all it entails, I tried my best to honor Mrs. Ginsburg and explain why she is a history-making legend. #cancerisamonster ♡ 
September 26, 2020
21: i'll admit it: i'm shallow
This episode is not a complaint session nor me trying to sound desperate to get a man. I just wanted to talk about boys-- sue me. I’m done lying to myself about physical appearances not mattering when it comes to choosing a life partner. In this episode, I list reasons I keep dismissing the idea of joining a dating app, and I read and add to my list of future husband expectations, which includes some small talk about dating outside of my race. (Take a shot every time I say “like”)  ♡
September 19, 2020
20: episode 7 of Say I Do
Say I Do is a show on Netflix where three beautiful experts give deserving couples the wedding of their dreams; the first season takes place in Cincinnati, Ohio, a city I fell in love with despite it also being a place of trauma for me. When I originally watched episode 7 of the show, I cried my eyes out, and it had nothing to do with the wedding. This episode of the podcast is about Essie, the bride from episode seven, and how much I relate to her. There’s a lot of self-realization I wasn’t prepared for and tears I’m surprised I shed. ♡
September 12, 2020
19: our hero, Chadwick Boseman
My overactive mind won't let me forget that my late night mind kept saying he was in Selma (even though I eventually corrected it to Marshall). After briefly talking about Jacob Black being handcuffed to his hospital bed, the rest of the episode is all about Chadwick Boseman (hence the aforementioned Selma guilt). From a moment of silence to reading Instagram captions that attest to his beautiful spirit, I tried my hardest to honor Chadwick Boseman. Needless to say, the episode ended in several unexpected tears. ♡
September 05, 2020
18: welcome to season two. i rebranded.
I’m back baby (and you know I’m truly back because you hear how muddled my brain is within the first three minutes, which shows how much of a mess I still am) !!! Although honestly, this is low key an over-explained self promo episode, but there’s still some good stuff. I properly introduce myself, something I probably didn’t do in season one. More importantly, I talk about everything happening with the Black Lives Matter Movement and my initial response during the end of season one. To lighten things up a bit, I share some stories regarding me staying home for my final year of college. It’s all good stuff, and there’s a new intro/outro song by David Sanya. ♡ The Insta: @simplyjamilahofficial
August 29, 2020
17: a farewell to season one & other favorite things
This is the final episode of season one of Simply Special (now Simply Jamilah Podcast), and it took me well over a minute to say goodbye. I share everything I've learned about podcasting over the course of the season, share plans for the second season (because some things are going to change), and share my long list of different recommendations, from podcasts and films to books and beauty. Season one was fun, and I'm sure season two (coming August 28, 2020) will be too.
June 26, 2020
16: the only sober one at the party
After the week I've had, I produced an all over the place episode. The first half revolves around the injustice and death of George Floyd, and the latter half is about how being the only underage person is anything but fun. 
May 30, 2020
15: are my standards too high?
After a tiny break, I wanted to talk about dating, or lack thereof, and all of the weird worries I have about still being single. // Instagram: its_supersimple
May 26, 2020
14: be like Mister Walls
I believe people come in our lives for a reason, and Mister Walls came into my life to show me what it means to be real and authentic. For this episode, I wanted to introduce the world to him and share how our friendship has impacted my life in one of the best ways possible. 
May 08, 2020
13: wear what you want, when you want
I'm sure you could guess this episode has something to do with fashion. During this time of COVID Quarantine, do what you want, including wearing what you want. If you're not leaving the house but still want to toss on a ball gown, wear the ball gown and STRUT! The only person you dress for is yourself. 
May 01, 2020
12: they call me motor mouth
Over the past two years, I went from being an interesting introvert to an eccentric extrovert and decided to talk about the fact that I talk a lot.
April 24, 2020
11: popularity & unpopularity on Instagram
This episode is all about a popular social platform many people avidly use. I'm not talking about TikTok; I'm talking about Instagram, including how I edit my Instagram pictures and the usual anecdotes and random tangents. 
April 17, 2020
10: branding & its challenges
Through the tangents and tidbits of random information, I share my personal struggles with branding, including merging, growth and improving engagement. Also, I feel like I'm super repetitive, so if you're looking for a drinking game, take a shot every time I say "the blog.." 
April 10, 2020
9: the beautiful world of thought spirals
Thought spirals: the noun version of overthinking. There are five things I overthink about: COVID-19, marriage, life after college, money, and my image. Let's talk about it. // Instagram: its_supersimple
April 03, 2020
8: i'm not sorry
This episode is all about being apologetic, especially as women, and how we need to stop. We have no reason to apologize... unless we actually did something wrong like purposely sabotaging a coworker's promotion.
March 20, 2020
7: let women grow hair
It's Women's History Month, and I am living for it!! This is one of my favorite months out of the entire year, and to celebrate, we're going to talk about women. This episode is pretty much all about allowing women to do whatever they want with their bodies, including growing hair. In the last few minutes, we flip the script a bit and talk about the EF-3 tornado that hit my hometown, Nashville, TN.
March 06, 2020
6: embrace all of you
Using learning experiences and events from this past month, this is my unqualified 5-step advice to embracing oneself.
February 28, 2020
5: my story: being a Black, female Tennessean
In honor of it being Black History Month and me being an African-American, this episode is all about my time being born and raised in Tennessee, a very Republican state. If you get offended easily, don't listen to this.
February 21, 2020
4: books before boys because boys bring babies
Happy Valentine's Day!! As a single bean with a history of a non-existent love life, I thought it would be fun to talk about boys and love and romantic relationships; take a shot every time I say "romantic relationship." (Also, yes, the title is a tik tok).
February 14, 2020
3: friend-flict
Definition of Friend-flict: feeling conflicted about a friendship. Yep, this episode is all about friend issues and figuring out who the real ones are.
February 07, 2020
2: money, the ultimate dream crusher
Today's episode is all about money and how it pretty much rules the world. It's hard to accomplish everything you want to accomplish if you don't have any money. At this point in society, it's hard to live without money on the mind.
January 31, 2020
1: may we correct our vision
When I think of 2020, I think of 20/20 vision. With it being 2020, this could be the year to receive clarity on different situations and relationships in our lives, and it's up to us to act upon the clarity we receive. In this rambling session full of tangents, I discuss the vision for 2020... even though we're already a month in.
January 25, 2020