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Sin And Gin

Sin And Gin

By Sin and Gin
Join Victor and the Bully for their Podcast Sin and Gin! Here you will hear the latest updates from the band, interviews, games, facts and all the finest Silliness and Debauchery there is too offer!
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Episode 19: Balamory Gulag

Sin And Gin

Episode 23: Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma
Wassup Weenies! Were back in Lockdown! Booooo! In this episode we talk about Crowboy suddenly becoming Swedish, Vin Diesels Music Career, Frankenjean has gone 'OOP NORF'. Mr Graves nearly gets punched at work and Victor chats about the week of fun writing the new album with Crowboy! Count Factula turned up to bring us facts about Friday the 13th and KI KI KI MA MA MA! We talk about weird fetishes that involve falling down stairs. We discover Beavers Anal Glands and Strange Birthdays! We play a game called Crack or Wack and determine which cool street names there are for Drugs. You will be joined with Hot Lips, Teabag, Funky Gibbon and Long Socks to bring you the hottest sopping news! We find out about the woman called Corona, Pokemon playing Fish, Monkeys loves traffic and Robot Monster Wolves! We of course have the Blank O Mattic to discuss our past relationships!
November 20, 2020
Episode 22: Spookem Spectacular!
Wassup Weenies! In this Spooky Halloween Special Episode we talk about what we like to do for Halloween, we talk about the weirdest Tik Tok trends, and make ourselves look wonderful with face paint, Count Factula brings us some incredible facts about the origin of the Jack O Lantern, The Shark Arm Case, Smelling Fear and the shortest War. We also talk about a great Jack O Lantern substitute. We have have a bonus fact about eating planes and talk about forbidden snacks! We have a new amazing segment called 'Crowboys Haunted House' where we take a journey to try and stay alive in Crowboys Adventure Game! You are joined on Shit News with Hot Lips, Funky Gibbon, Teabag and Long Socks to bring you news about £1 Ouija Boards, Farting in an Uber, Vikings in Lidl and Alpaca Pitch Invaders and of course we finish off with the Blank O Mattic to bring you 7 Things to do before you go out Trick Or Treating!
October 28, 2020
Episode 21: Billy Bobs Broth Brain
Wassup Weenies! In this episode we talk about comparing foreskins, pretending to be George Clooney, playing mini golf with chicken wings, Fish guns, being a boring adult, what our onlyfans content would contain, words we hate, doing a cartwheel in your 30s. Count Factula brings us the latest facts about China's dystopian points system, betting on the dead, the best time to drink coffee and a 200ft rotting rabbit. We play a new game called Craigslist Specialist where we discover some weird things for sale and discuss what we would like at our funerals. We bring you the latest Shit News and step away from lame stream media where we have awful tattoos along with Victors Soap Box, secret man caves, Naughty Parrots and Liquid Brains. As were now in October we will kick things off with creating a Spooky Halloween Night on the Blank-O-Mattic!
October 8, 2020
Episode 20: Tin Foil Testicles
Wassup Weenies! We are here at episode 20!! In this episode we talk about the Latest Victor and the Bully Show, Our experience with MountFitchet Castle, Dying Mr Graves Hair Purple and we reminisce about past episodes! We have Count Factula to tell us facts about MDMA in the Trenches, Religious Virus' and Sexy Underwear Hacking. We discuss the realities of death and how our body would like to be disposed of, Laser Tattoo Removal and pooping out your tattoos. We play a new game with the outstanding name "Up the Bum or No That's Dumb" where we guess items the have gone into the secret pocket. We discuss our unlucky friends bottle incident at a party. There's the biggest and latest scoops about mysterious Hamster DNA, A social distanced football match which didn't go well, a new inventive face mask, disastrous flies and we talk about what Animal we would want to be spliced with. The Blank-O-Mattic gives us a guide to improving your sex life by telling you how to give the perfect Blowjob.
September 26, 2020
Episode 19: Balamory Gulag
Wassup Weenies! In this episode we talk comparing bums, how professional we are, being stuffed to the gilets with waterfall foam, authentic camping sounds, Steampunk Sanctuary, Ashes Travelling Jeans, Eating Spicy Noodles and the New Victor and the Bully EP. Count Factula brings us the latest facts about Nazi Fanta, Eating for Free for 300 days, origins of sunglasses and a firefighting Great Dane we also discuss embarrassing first band names. We play a new game "Fizzing and Jizzing around the world" where we work out where strange sodas are from, we talk about Crowboys ham obsession and Victor being a Football Bovril Bloke. Shit news brings us your latest news about why Peanut butter means you are better in bed, snake swallowing, glass public toilets and Mr Skullface. Of course we finish off with the Blank-O-Mattic where we have a beautiful Prom in the Balamory Gulag.
September 8, 2020
Episode 18: Jeremy Beadles Runaway Hand
Wassup Weenies! We're on episode 18 now and we talk comparing Mothers Breast Sizes, food nuglets, what happens at chess boxing, bringing back the 80s and Papa John's Tik tok. We have to obviously talk about putting kinder eggs up our bum, Mozarts poo fascination, the town of fucking, shark fighting and the secrets of room 39. We talk about the horrors of marbles and play a new game Wii U or Wii poo. We have to discuss selling body parts, chewbacca revenge, Pubic hair beer, Google map cheaters. Bringing back fingering. We finish off on Blank O Mattic where we go to a baby shower that takes an unexpected turn!
August 22, 2020
Episode 17: I'm The King Of Spain
Wassup Weenies! In the episode we catch up the latest and discuss chess boxing, cringing Tik Tok POVs. We have Count Factula to talk about King Charles II of Spain and his sexy dead dad, fat people in Venice, Bread that can Kill you and make you drunk! We of course have shit news where we discuss marble up a bum, vampire slaying kit and deceiving big cats. We play a new game called "Paint me like one of your French Fries" where we guess if certain fast food is real or not. We finish off with an Outstanding Blank O Mattic where we fight a Dragon!
August 4, 2020
Episode 16: Who's Plumpy Stumpy?
Wassup Weenies in this episode we talk about hair getting caught around our penis, angrily shaking rubber fists and the latest Victor and the Bully News. We of course have Count Factula where we talk about Scary Frogs, Shitting Ourselves, Anti-Sinning Roller coasters, Clever Crows and Bloody Mary! There's a new games called Nature or Blercher (crap name, we know.) We have shit news stories with Mama Mint, Vampire Killings, Chopped Of Penis' and Runaway Pigs. We finish off with an outstanding Blank-O-Mattic where we take a camping trip. But more importantly "Who's Plumpy Stumpy!?". Also Featuring 60% less Ash Breathing.
July 14, 2020
Episode 15: Cedric The Magic Poo Flake
Wassup Weenies, in this episode we talk about Joes upcoming gig since lockdown, Ninja Turtles, Our favourite zoo animals. We have Count Factula to bring you facts on Darkened Genitals, Doomsday Vaults, Mum Jokes and Weird Postal Systems. We play a new game called Crumby or Dummy to guess if weird cake names are real or not! We of course bring you the latest headlines with Shit News where we find out about Ducks, Landmines, Heavy Metal Statues, Creepy Landlords and we discuss Fleshlights!  We also use the Blank O Mattic to tell a story about "My Best Friend The Cannibal"! This was a weird episode!
June 29, 2020
Episode 14: Jingly Jangly Nippies
Wassup Weenies! In this episode we chat Dungeons and Dragons and latest VATB news. We have Count Factula talking about Vegetables, Venom, The Internet and Drag Princess Diana! We have Shit News for all your weird and wonderful news. We discuss having a massage in a paper thong, Spy Pigeons, Broom Sexual Fantasies and Bullet Proof Boobies! We play a new game called Jock, Rock or Cock. We also tell a thrilling pirate dream story in the Blank O Mattic!
June 21, 2020
Episode 13: Sticky As Jasmine Rice
Wassup Weenies, in this episode we talk about our aging willies and wrestler intros, we have Count Factula for your latest unresearched facts, we guess Tolkien Character or Anti Depressant and of course we have the Blank O Mattic where we send an angry letter to our neighbour!
June 11, 2020
Episode 12: Professor Elemental Special
In this episode we share the podcast with the glorious steampunk and chap hop legend Professor Elemental! We find out the latest and what's happening in the world of the Prof and we of course have Count Factula for all the Juicy unresearched facts and we play a game called Hero or Zero to test Profs Comic Knowledge!
June 1, 2020
Episode 11: Daddies Fun Jelly
We catch up and put the world to right. We talk about our strip club experiences, find weird reviews for places, we have a imagines about one direction, we let you know the latest weird news stories, obviously we have Count Factula for your unreliable facts and we tell a Wild Fire story using the Blank O Mattic!
May 21, 2020
Episode 10: It's Just Dust Now Julie
We had such fun with "Billy Rebel" last podcast we decided to to it again. Less reminiscing and more of the usual silliness. Obviously we have Count Factula, we tell weird new stories from around the world, we play a new game "Crowboys Car Showroom", we do a Short Story in the Blank O Mattic, we have Unpopular Opinions and we return with Bully's Barbeque! This was a long one but we were having the best time!
May 10, 2020
Episode 9: Billy Rebel Special
On this very special episode we catch up with our former band Billy Rebel! We reminisce about past shows, experiences, debauchery and all the silliness we used to get up to in our first band when we were around 18-22 years old. Of course we have Count Factula to tell us all the latest unreliable facts and we tell a Romance Novel in the Blank O Mattic!  
April 28, 2020
Episode 8: Bing Bong Biscuits
Join Victor and Crowboy in our first fully isolated episode where we are in different homes. We talk weird and wonderful facts we write a Detention Letter using the Blank O Mattic and we have the new Unpopular Opinions!
April 8, 2020
Episode 7: Gintlemans Club
Being stuck in Isolation were going insane! So we needed help, we got sinners to send in their own facts! We use the Blank O Mattic to write a dystopian future story in the year 6969 and we make up recipes to help you through the food struggle.
March 26, 2020
Episode 6: The Incident
We're in Quarantine!! With impending doom happening we needed to cure the madness, we play a new game Hoofer or Woofer, of course we have the worst facts from Count Factula and we use the Blank O Mattic to send a message to our local politician!
March 21, 2020
Episode 5: Mutton Shunters and Alice Amusings
In this episode we chat to Alice's Night Circus, guess Victorian Insults, of course we have the worst facts from Count Factula and we create a Crime Thriller with the Blank O Mattic! There is also a lot of Flatulence..
March 11, 2020
Episode 4: Discussions with Duke
Crowboy is missing! Victor and Halo talk Electric Timebomb, seek out talking to the infamous Duke Box at Surrey Steampunk Convivial, we of course have Count Factula and we use the Blank O Mattic to write a resignation letter!
March 3, 2020
Episode 3: A Paranormal Romance
This episode we are in Bracknell for Enchanted Market, we chat to Baz Cilla from Spriggan Mist, we ask Nancy what's the latest, of course we have count factula and we create a paranormal romance novel which has us crying with laughter.
February 21, 2020
Episode 2: Messing with Monty
Join Victor and the Bully as we catch up with the gorgeous Montague jacques Fromage, we tell you amazing facts with count factula, americans guess cockney rhyming and we interview Frenchy and the Punk!
February 10, 2020
Episode 1: Sin and Gin
The first Podcast from Victor and the Bully! We talk about the latest updates from the band, give you interesting facts, write a dating profile, guess items from wish and talk nonsense!
January 27, 2020